Oh, for the good old days

By Pogo, a Trail Mix Contributor

Remember when presidents used to protect our country?

President Trump on Friday shattered several decades of protocol — and possibly violated a federal directive — by hinting strongly that the monthly U.S. jobs report would be a rosy one 69 minutes before its release.

In an 11-word Twitter post, Trump jolted financial markets and provided the latest example of how he is reshaping the presidency to fit his freewheeling impulses, pushing aside years of tight controls on the public release of sensitive material that were put in place by Republicans and Democrats.


In May 2017, the president revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador during a private Oval Office meeting. Specifically, Trump shared details of an Islamic State terrorist threat, which were believed to have been provided by Israel, a key U.S. ally.

Wapo, ~~thanks~~ for reminding us how far from normal the SFB administration has taken us. 🙄 MAGA?  BS.

Kudlow: ‘I Suppose I Hope’ Trump Doesn’t Talk About Jobs Numbers Early Again

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39 thoughts on “Oh, for the good old days”

  1. pogo,  am fervently hoping that some enterprising investigating journalists and sec folk will be reporting which friends in trumpland made out in the stock market that morning on the insider info.

  2. pogo, at first I thought your thread title was a lament to the “good old days” of civility and polite language, a topic touched upon in the last post on yesterday’s thread which includes a very incisive tweet about cultural differences between us and the aussies.

    but instead of mere culture crassness, we speak today of comm. in chief criminality

  3. Can you imagine what he’d spill if talked to Mueller?  Of course, a lot wouldn’t be true because, you know, the letter from Kim was really nice…but then he hadn’t seen it yet.   Trumpsky is not close friends with the truth/reality.

  4. Thanks for the Post, Pogo.

    This is the new normal. Up is down, down is up, rules – there are no rules except what exists hourly in the head of the President. We are a nation of multi millions yet a situation like this exists. Why? Where is the opposition? Why are people so impotent? If they/we are waiting for Mueller to ride in & do the cleansing best think again: there is a chance nothing may happen to this President legally. He has a knack for escaping the noose. Meanwhile we diddle away Democracy, shocked, SHOCKED, shocked.

  5. Baldwin: What Samantha Bee did is beneath her https://www.cnn.com/videos/cnnmoney/2018/05/31/samantha-bee-ivanka-trump-c-word-baldwin-words-matter-nr-sot.cnn


    Government issues warning about pill pushed on the elderly https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/04/health/nuedexta-government-warning-insurers-invs/index.html


    So many worse things going on than the use of the c-word…like the fact that it isn’t the reason for over-prescribing/harming the elderly that got attention, but that it is costing money/Medicare fraud.

    Just watched a CQ video of Craig tending his garden (McCain, Obama, Hillary).  I’m never sure how YouTube catalogs videos, as there is always so much other stuff mixed in with my actual search.

  6. Etiquette 101. Expelling a flatus when departing a crowded elevator is perfectly acceptable so long as you mumble “excuse me” as the door closes behind you.

  7. Out of intellectual curiosity I looked-up the “c-” word in Webster’s Third International. There is legitimate historical basis for its use as a word for the female pudenda. Modern usage has completely overshadowed that basis. When we read James Joyce in high school, I don’t recall people being offended by its use in his work; we were quite outspoken co-ed.

  8. Send this woman money now.  She’s great but either of the two goopers she might end up opposing are lunatics aping SFB.   One of them is traveling around in a “deportation” bus which he plans to use to round up “illegals.”   The other doesn’t have a bus but has the same idea as a plank in his platform.  I’m not sure but it does seem you could be an illegal even if you are an American citizen.

    Stacey Abrams is a winner and we will all be better off if she is elected.  Send money now.


  9. They just need to keep Trumpsky busy with food & foto ops until after the jobs numbers are released the next time.

    His ego seems to be getting even bigger.  Like a ballon, it’s gonna over-inflate and pop.  I would love to hear what Macron said about Trumpsky after the call ended.

    Folks like Doris Kearns Goodwin should start writing ~fan~ fiction of happy endings for this administration, both as possible maps of the way out, and, to just give us hope that Democracy will survive.

  10. Flatus, while the origin of the C-word may be just fine and even may have had some positive connotations, but I haven’t heard of it being used in any kind of a positive manner during my lifetime. I love Sam Bee, but really….

  11. flatus & pogo & anyone else with an opinion on the “c-word”,

    why are the pejoratives asshole, schmuck, prick and dick  acceptable (at least not bleeped on air) and not fireable offenses?

  12. the guardian:   Parkland students target midterms with summer gun control road trip


    Student survivors of the Parkland school shooting will take their March for Our Lives movement on the road this summer, for a barnstorming US tour.
    The teenagers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school plan to make 75 stops in a 60-day, 20-state bus tour that is set to include meetings with victims and survivors of other school shootings, including the one in Sante Fe, Texas, last month, in which 10 people were killed.
    The aim is to promote gun law reform and unseat politicians tied to the gun lobby through a massive drive to register young people to vote. A simultaneous bus tour in Florida will make a further 25 stops, in each of the state’s congressional districts.
    The students announced their “Road to Change” tour at a press conference at the Pine Trails Park amphitheatre in Parkland, a venue that three months ago served as the memorial site for the 14 classmates and three teachers who were murdered on 14 February.
    “This generation is the generation of students you will be reading about next in the textbooks,” said Cameron Kasky, 17, a leader of the Never Again movement that aims to build on the momentum gained by March for Our Lives rallies held in the aftermath of the shooting.
    “Four million people turn 18 this year and if every single one votes, encourages their friends to vote and their families, we can bring real change in this country.
    “A lot of politicians do not want a lot of young people voting; they want marginalised communities staying out of the polls because they know they’ll be voted out. Our generation can change the game, we do not have to surrender to dirty, awful politics.”
    The student group has made no secret of targeting November’s midterm elections and elected officials supported financially by the National Rifle Association.

    The bus tour will begin on Friday 15 June at a peace march in Chicago led by students from St Sabina Academy, several of whom teamed up with Parkland survivors in south Florida in March to discuss the drive for gun law reform. From there, students will traverse the nation, including stops in California, Iowa, South Carolina and Connecticut.

  13. from the guardian reporting scotus opinion today:

    “The laws and the constitution can, and in some instances must, protect gay persons and gay couples in the exercise of their civil rights,” Kennedy wrote, “but religious and philosophical objections to gay marriage are protected views and in some instances protected forms of expression.”

  14. Patd, it’s matters of degree I guess. At least to me those pejoratives don’t carry the same level of offensiveness as c*nt. I’ve been called all of those, and in my mind they’re at the same level as bitch, and I sorta chuckle at them when I’m called them (not a lot of schmuck accusations in these parts, but it happens). Hell, among my friends “asshole” is effectively a term of endearment – but then most of us are lawyers, so….

  15. I don’t object to the C word at all (deference given to gentler ears) but that probably has something to do with the British connections where it can be a term of endearment as well as Shakespearean usage.

    Shakespeare’s Ten Best Dirty Jokes

    The line would be read, “her very C’s, her U’s, ‘n’ her T’s,” and an Elizabethan audience would quickly realize what he was spelling. He adds an extra punch line with “and thus she makes her great P’s.” Shakespeare: A literary master of both dramatic characterization and toilet humor.

  16. When someone calls you that be sure to ask them if they mean it in the Elizabethan sense of the word

    oh and The Condom is one and not in the Elizabethan sense of the word

  17. RW nuts going crazy(er) over the 2 SCOTUS opinions today. Most haven’t read them apparently, but still ….

  18. he will make anyone a cake  he just won’t decorate it the way you want

    no one should buy anything from him….how could it possibly taste good

  19. Or, as the Pythons’ sketch put it to bypass censors,  “Silly bunt.”


    CEO of Starbucks resigning & may run for Prez.

    Right now, even Pence is looking better than the-law-doesn’t-apply-to-me-cuz-I-am-the-law-Trumpsky.

    Question: Will Donny name himself King or Tsar?

  20. Chaucer used it but he spelled it “Quaint”

    also in the schmuck category is Putz and schwanz…..

  21. During those times when KumCho and I were apart at the convenience of our military we referred to our most personal private possessions by special American first names that reflected how the other’s parts warmed the other’s heart. That shielded the nosy reader from embarrassment should they read our mail by mistake. During those many months apart, we never failed to write each other a daily letter.

  22. “Hell, among my friends “asshole” is effectively a term of endearment – but then most of us are lawyers, so….”

    pogo, not only a term of endearment but of equality without a sexist trace as we all have them even if not of same quality.

    why I asked about those words is because of a quandary: how can I freely toss around and label a man a penis at the same time justify  judging or putting down others for calling a woman a pudendum… given of course they both deserve it

  23. The N word is merely a corruption of the Spanish word for “black”, i e Negro.

    but like the C word it has achieved an evil life of its own having nothing to do with any outmoded meanings they may once have had.

    as far as the question of schmuck et al usage is concerned vs C word…….that’s a damn good question.


    #1 Robert Browning

    Robert Browning once used the word quim in a poem. He didn’t know that a quim is the same as a c**t in every detail. At the time, people who read poetry were too refined and embarrassed to enlighten him regarding quims and their characteristics.

  25. Obrador looks to be the next president of Mexico. He’s out to cleanse Mexico of all the old corrupt & criminal conservatives that are parasites on the body politic. We should do that here.

    Drain the twamp !

  26. the guardian:

    Paul Manafort tampering with witnesses, say Mueller investigators


    In a court filing on Monday, prosecutors working for the special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, said Manafort and an associate “repeatedly” attempted to contact witnesses using his phone and an encrypted messaging application. They allege it happened shortly after a grand jury returned a new indictment against him, violating the terms of his house arrest.

    FBI agent Brock Domin wrote in court documents that Manafort “contacted and attempted to contact” two unnamed witnesses, “in an effort to influence their testimony and to otherwise conceal evidence”. He added: “The investigation into this matter is ongoing.”
    The witnesses, according to the court filings, worked with Manafort in organizing the Hapsburg Group, described by the counsel’s office as “a group of former senior European politicians to take positions favorable to Ukraine, including by lobbying in the United States”.
    One of the potential witnesses told the government that he believed Manafort’s outreach was an effort to “suborn perjury”, a criminal offense to induce a witness to lie under oath. Manafort attempted to contact one of the witnesses in February after a federal grand jury in Washington returned a “superseding indictment”, which accused him of having “secretly retained” a group of European officials to lobby for positions favorable to Ukraine in the US.
    According to the court filing, Manafort called and messaged one of the witnesses on 24 February, the day after his longtime associate and a former Trump campaign official entered guilty pleas to conspiracy and lying to the FBI.

    During one call the witness told the government that Manafort identified himself and said he wanted to give “a heads-up about Hapsburg”. The witness said he hung up because he was “concerned” about the call, according to the affidavit.
    Manafort continued to try to contact him with an encrypted messaging application. Through the app, Manafort sent a link to Business Insider story titled “Former European leaders struggle to explain themselves after Mueller claims Paul Manafort paid them to lobby for Ukraine”. Then he wrote: “We should talk. I have made clear that they worked in Europe.”
    The filing says: “The government confirmed that these messages were sent by Manafort, upon review of Manafort’s iCloud account pursuant to a court-authorized search.”

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