Excellent Wretch!

Perdition catch my soul But I do love thee! and when I love thee not, Chaos is come again. — William Shakespeare, Othello

Melania departing for Asia November 3, 2017

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

Just as a way of bringing the sad pace of garbage caused by SFB on a minute by minute pace to reality:  Anyone remember FLOTUS getting a kidney repair done?

A woman who spent many days beyond day surgery in the hospital?  A woman, we were told, who returned to the WH?  A woman without any public face in two weeks?

Gotta wonder what is going on there.  Even a scribbled note from her handlers, smuggled out by a Secret Service agent would be nice.  Some reassurance that she is okay would be nice.

Speculation grows.  Some think cancer. Others, a facelift or tummy tuck. Some think she “fell down” and has other things going on.  Or even that she found a way to grab Barron and flea the U.S. back to Slovenia.

Nothing is being leaked.  That is beyond strange for this administration, it is unheard of.  To me that means something serious happened and it was not just a kidney thing.  Unless some chemical compound did something nasty to her kidneys.

She had her kidney problem hit right after several months of hearing about the virgin Stormy, hints of other women (hundreds?), paying for abortions and the spectacular flame-out of the “Be Best” campaign.  The only time she looked happy was at the extravagant correspondents dinner.

The only information comes from a man who does not and cannot tell the truth about anything.  He told six lies in two minutes during his word salad to the U.S. Naval Academy graduating class.  He averages more lies per hour than most of us do in a year.

Until she shows up and does an in person interview on WRC television station, the Comcast/Universal/NBC station in D.C., I will not believe she had a facelift or a tummy tuck.

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Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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  1. According to some on the twitter:

    Pesach 'Pace' Lattin 🔴
    Pesach ‘Pace’ Lattin 🔴

    Friend who just retired from Secret Service has confirmed that Melania Trump has moved back to New York for the “foreseeable future” and will now cost us millions in additional protection daily. He said that the agents assigned to her detail have been told to prepare.

  2. bbronc, considering current lifeforms in the wh, “retch” might be a more appropriate word.


    perhaps in addition to facelift and tummy tuck, a check for incipient social diseases?

  3. the guardian:

    Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday that his repeated imputations of a supposed scandal at the heart of the Robert Mueller investigation – which Donald Trump calls “Spygate” – amounted to a tactic to sway public opinion and limit the risk of the president being impeached.

    “It is for public opinion,” Giuliani said of his public campaign of dissimulation. “Because eventually the decision here is going to be impeach or not impeach. Members of Congress, Democrats and Republicans, are going to be informed a lot by their constituents. And so our jury – and it should be – is the American people.

    “So Republicans largely, many independents, even some Democrats now question the legitimacy of [the Mueller investigation],” Giuliani said. “Democrats I would suggest for their own self-interest, this is not a good issue to go into the midterms.”


  4. Good catch BB. I got some twitter blowback recently for bringing up Barron, but still think it would be nice if Melania could find a way to restrict his father’s influence. From what I’ve seen the child who spent the least time with DT — Tiffany — is the sanest of the bunch. Raised by Marla, she has said that while growing up she mostly just saw him at Mar-A-Lago for 2-weeks Summer vacation.

  5. Perhaps mel is in putie’s arms.

    Today is Memorial Day and although I tend to think of my family who served in wars past, I also remember the young men from my high school class who were killed in action.  Although I am not on facebook anymore?  My HS sends emails and this weekend’s mail had those beautiful young men…I remember them almost 50 years later.

    My late BIL is up in Santa Fe National Cemetery.   Although he died in 2007, a doctor, he fought his adult lifetime to get benefits from exposure to agent orange.    His helicopter went down and he laid in agent orange for over two days.   He finally did get disability benefits before his death.  Ironically, my boyfriend in Boulder, Colorado (1977) had also gone down in a helicopter and was the only survivor…he laid in agent orange for over a day before rescue.   Both men struggled by self-medicating with alcohol and drugs.

    If you do link the Santa Fe National Cemetery link?  An interesting read on the civil war and the establishment of the cemetery.

    At the close of the Civil War, the federal government established a cemetery for the reinterment of Union soldiers who died during the brief military activity in the area. The ground initially chosen was located just west of Santa Fe and is currently part of Santa Fe National Cemetery. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Fe, who owned the property, donated the land to the United States in 1870. Santa Fe’s initial designation as a national cemetery was short lived. In July 1876, the War Department decided that, to save expenses, its status should be downgraded to that of a post cemetery. The superintendent was transferred to Mound City National Cemetery, Ill., and the quartermaster was transferred to Fort Macy, a local post in Santa Fe. Nine years later, however, it was re-established as a national cemetery.

  6. From faux news, PTSD and cannabis.

    The veterans and advocates taking part in the Memorial Day Veterans Rally DC hope to change the stigma that surrounds cannabis, the preferred term for marijuana among advocates, by arguing that this alternative medicine is already helping some vets treat issues like PTSD, chronic pain and depression — all without the use of dangerous & addictive prescription drugs like opioids. One of their rallying cries is “plants over pills,” and they’re not just coming from the usual legal pot hot-spots like Colorado.

    I have watched vets go into the dispensaries here in Las Cruces.  Many are Vietnam vets…their jackets with the colorful map of Vietnam on the back…some limping, moving slowly and some in motorized chairs.  I watched a woman in a truck get out and lower a motorized chair from the back –the whole time she had a cig hanging-out of her mouth.  Her husband standing by the passenger door holding on for support.  She got on the ride and drove it to her husband.   After he was seated?  He rolled into the dispensary…the woman stayed behind (she may not have had her license).

  7. BW – It would be very juicy if she is doing a few interviews with Mueller.  I can see why a few people might miss a few of the science questions, their religion or upbringing.

    Did Ms. FLOTUS decamp the swamps of D.C. for the companionship of her Russian and Chinese neighbors in NYC? Sounds like a good bet.  Even when she lived in the tower of shame until the end of the school term, there were people talking.  But, why the absolute silence?  No leaks.

  8. This administration is so thick with corruption, conspiracy, and scandal that Melania is the least of my concerns- i perceive her to be a hostage of the Trump cabal, like the rest of us.

  9. Have a safe day, mixers.  Citizens are dodging lava and floods as the natural world is demanding its attention away from the black, swampy hole of the trumpence junta.

  10. Remember, she had just met the guys who were released by NK a few nights before, in the wee hours.

    It seems like her Be Best campaign started right before she disappeared, as well.

    Maybe she thought it would Be Best if she didn’t have to see Trumpsky every day.

    How would she lose Barron if Trumpsky was doing time?  She probably has some negotiating leverage of her own.

    Hope she is well.

  11. Too bad Good and Mad aren’t around…..they could make an American Hostage video, with a couple of tea party guys behind the hostage.

  12. Of course, the other reason for “no leaks” is the simplest explanation.  It actually was what they said it was, a kidney issue.

    Since it was medical, and Trumpsky doesn’t want to know anything icky, and there’s a HPPA law, maybe what really went on was just none of our business.

    The procedure they commented on could have been due to “female issues,” so maybe fibroids or more.

  13. I hope Melanoma did get a Trumpectomy * — and I hope it is soon public

    That would make him look bad publicly  —

    And he would never take Barron -too much responsibility –

    He never fought for time with the Big Three

    *good one Sturge

  14. He would do it for spite……he’d have to……it’s probably what he’s holding over her.

    “I don’t know what scruples are, but if he’s got ’em—they belong to someone else!”

    If he’s in jail, course, that’s another story……best case for her.

  15. hey folks, don’t forget she is fluent in a few more languages than the twit is….including English.  it is likely she has been a handy interpreter during some of those intimate soirees at mal ego.   those photos of her and vlad lent themselves to more hints of mere hospitality and mere cordiality.

  16. “You got to know when to scold ’em,

    Know when to shun them,

    Know when to obfuscate,

    And know when to Lie”


  17. Kudos to her! She’s doing the right thing for her son, for the staff of the WH, and the people of NYC. Take Barron and go exploring. Ask the guards where ‘we’ should go today. Let Barron choose destinations. Get him a membership at the ‘Y’. Join a bridge club. Get the life that you’ve been denied!

  18. my memorial day thoughts, beside all the ancestors and family including brothers in the air force and marines,  also honor my father who worked building battleships during the war and along with many others lost their lives because of asbestos exposure in those shipyards.   wounded warriors just the same.

  19. “You never count your lies up

    While yer standin’ in the spotlight,

    There’ll be time enough for rue-ing

    When the jailin’s done.”

    —Merle “Bongo” Seville

  20. billboard:

    Willie Nelson Leaves Stage Before Playing a Note at Charlotte Show, Citing Illness

    Willie Nelson walked out on stage Saturday night (May 26) for a date on his Outlaw Music Festival tour at the PNC Music Pavilion, but after picking up his trusty acoustic guitar Trigger and briefly putting it on, he set it back down, flung his cowboy hat into the crowd and left the stage, according to Taste of Country. The 85 year-old singer could be seen walking out of the stage door after what was reportedly his second attempt to take the stage that night. 
    Live Nation Carolina later released a statement chalking up the incident to an unspecified illness. “Due to illness, Willie Nelson was unable to play tonight at the Outlaw Music Festival at PNC Music Pavilion Charlotte,” read the statement. “Fans are asked to please hold on to their tickets until the new date is announced.” At press time Nelson had not commented on the skipped show on social media; a spokesperson for Nelson confirmed to Billboard on Monday morning (May 28) that he was suffering from a “stomach bug” that prevented him from performing and that the Charlotte show will be rescheduled at a later date.


    later, however, this was on twitter:

    Looks like Willie Nelson was able to make it to his show tonight at The Anthem in D.C. so fans can rest assured that his stomach bug has passed and that last night’s show in Charlotte will get a proper make-good.


  21. Aww get well soon Willie!

    As for Mel

    He tried that custody game with Ivana and she said fine take them — he never did

  22. Willie prolly didn’t feel like playing for the soulless bankers and racist suburbanites that populate Charlotte.


    Good thread, yesterday, Sturge- had nothing to add, so i didn’t.

  23. Sorry Trump, gotta stop listening to your drivel–must go outside and raise the Flag to the top of its flagpole.

  24. memorial day

    Gen Barry McCaffrey


    Barry R McCaffrey

    Barry R McCaffrey


    May 27

    Memorial Day. I can see all their faces. The names are fading. Close range brutal infantry combat. Boys really, with courage and a sense of duty. Shredded by high velocity weapons. Rockets. Booby traps. Obedient to our laws they served. Remember.

  25. Sturg, I like his modern voice better than his earlier one. That record from the 60s had him sounding much like a crooner.

  26. That was the Nashville way.    It’s a totally different song if you hear it in Denver or from a Tex-New Mex Western swing band……

    Company town……it was their way or the highway.

  27. Proof of how sordid it really was is that it has evolved over the years into what is now on your FM radio dial as Country Music Stations.

    i.e.    Unmitigated ear-garbage

  28. And that’s why we all loved Willie…..he took their chains from his heart and set himself free.

  29. Cadet Bone Spurs should show troops some respect by not looking for a photo-op.


    Lava is is heading toward a geothermal power plant.

  30. a bit of satire about today’s thread subject 1st written in 2016 and updated 12/7/17 from huffpo:


    The Name is Trump, Melania Trump

    by lev raphael
    Picture this.
    The Russians have a long-range plan to take over the American Presidency, but indirectly. Just make it toothless on the world scene, and have an agent in the White House. Who cares if the U.S. has the greatest military? If our Prez is a complete dunderhead, he’ll be neutralized and nobody will take America seriously. And if he fawns over whoever’s in power in Russia, well, so much the better.
    So they start grooming a candidate years in advance. They don’t pick a politician. That might leave tracks and be too obvious. They choose someone totally unexpected: a loudmouth New York businessman. They set him up with a Czech wife who softens him up surreptitiously to admire the Russian way of life. Not that hard to do since he’s a bully anyway.
    They’re really smart. They make the marriage fall apart in 1991, when Putin supposedly retires from the KGB, and next give their unwitting stooge a real American wife to further disguise what they’re up to. Then they shuffle her off a few years later. His business career is tempestuous but he’s not really a national figure—yet.
    Eventually they throw him prize bait: a Slovenian supermodel even more enticing than the Czech agent—she’s a classic femme fatale not even James Bond could resist. Putin’s been President of Russia for one year by this point. Coincidence?
    Fun fact: Only 5% of Slovenians were Communist Party members when she was growing up—and her father was in that cadre.
    So once she’s by his side, the Russians ply Trump with “secret” information that President Obama isn’t American-born and he goes wild, launching him on the world stage as a major loon but also earning him points with American nimrods.
    Wife no. 3 helps strengthen Trump’s ties with Russia. Putin praises him and they develop a bromance—or so Trump thinks. Egomaniacs can sometimes be easily manipulated.
    Melania suggests her husband proclaim that legal immigrants might be as dangerous as illegal ones. It’s a perfect way to throw suspicion off herself, as good as having a murky immigration story of her own, or faking her college degree when that can easily be discovered, or making sure her nude photos get into print, or stealing lines from the First Lady. How could anyone suspect her of anything nefarious?
    It’s like an Xtreme spin-off of The Americans.

  31. Canada man, Leonard Cohen, paying homage to George Jones and a particular point in time in Nashville.


  32. More

    Dear US Media; if you can spell things like: “Plays loosely with facts” “Demonstrable falsehoods” “Mendacity” “Incessant dishonesty” “Prevarication” “Untruths” “Misinformation” “Fabrications” Or “whoppers” Then you’re able to spell the word “lies.”

  33. I like the way he plays it straight Nashville until he gets to the piano solo where a bit of Ray comes thru, and then back to the formula…..Ray was cool that way……

  34. For a bunch of reasons he might win or lose the pre-nup fight (I had one set aside for non disclosure of assets and unequal representation) and lose the primary caretaker fight (courts don’t like bargaining kids away for money – tends to run counter to sound public policy).  Then again it’s New York and I don’t know what their domestic relations laws are – beyond Kramer vs. Kramer.

  35. I don’t think so he has had his chance for that kind of behavior tried it and failed miserably.  I don’t think he would repeat using Barron as some kind of bargaining chip.   I believe he has no problem with it but just that he has experience with this issue and did not come out well

    Maybe Mel and Judy Guiliani can get a place together

  36. “boarding school. He’d do it.”

    pogo, in a heart beat. in a new York minute. with a pat on the head and kick to the rear (kid gets the 1st and mel the latter)

  37. Her husband called that afternoon and told her to bring Donald Jr. to his office immediately. After spending 20 minutes with his eldest son, Trump called his wife and said, “You are a bad mother. I’m keeping Donald Jr.”
    Ivana was furious, but this tough lady, who was born and raised behind the Iron Curtain, kept her cool.
    “Keep him,” she said. “I have two more to raise.”
    Ten minutes later, Donald Jr. was back in her arms in their penthouse in Trump Tower.
    “I knew Donald would not know what to do with him,” she says. “It was hurtful, but I could not be intimidated.”

    And then, as she told GMA, there was the time that the president protested to naming his firstborn after himself. “I said, ‘Why not?’” she remembered. “He said, ‘How about if he’s a loser?’”

  38. Q. What to do during a break in the rain on Memorial Day 2018

    A. Cut the grass–done without delay

    Grade. B-

    Comment. Grade would have been higher had homeowner dried grass before cutting


  39. Paul Krugman

    Who are these Democrats who aren’t doing anything besides running against Trump? Every actual candidate I know about is talking a lot about substantive issues, especially health care. This is a narrative invented out of thin air. 

  40. wapo:

    The ex-Playmate and the Latin American political operative: An untold episode in the push to profit from an alleged affair with Trump

  41. We were discussing ancestors.  Awhile back I came across this brief description of my great great grandmother and her family.  I had to ask RR what the skill of “double weaving” entailed.

    Lucinda Armstrong Rose:  Born 1811 Tazewell, TN – Died 1891 Comanche, TX

    Lucinda Rose, fourth daughter of Reuben Rose, was a very neat and industrious lady. She was well skilled in all kinds of double weaving. She delighted in this occupation greatly. She wove many yards for her neighbors. When she left this state, she left many nice coverlets and other articles woven by her hands. Her husband was Wesley McKean. They raised several sons. They moved to Texas many years ago. William* McKean, their son, was married to Mary Chadwell, daughter of Jackson and Emeline Chadwell, a very nice young lady. She was a niece of Mrs. Frank Cloud and granddaughter of George Schultz of Sycamore.”*Note: Census records and the “US and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900” show that Mary Chadwell was married to William’s brother, James McKeehan, who moved to Comanche, Texas between 1870-1880.

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