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  1. cartoon is spot on about the hating us comment


    politico reported in January:  Poll: Under Trump, global approval of U.S. leadership hits historical low

    Other nations’ approval of U.S. leadership under President Donald Trump hit a historical low of 30 percent in 2017, according to a Gallup poll released Thursday.
    The measure, the lowest since Gallup began tracking it worldwide in 2007, signals an 18-point drop from a year earlier, when 48 percent approved of the national influence under former President Barack Obama. It is the single largest year-to-year drop in approval of U.S. leadership — or of any country examined — to date.


    and the twit doctrine is 180 degrees from  the Truman doctrine defined as the principle that the US should give support to countries or peoples threatened by Soviet forces or Communist insurrection. First expressed in 1947 by US President Truman in a speech to Congress seeking aid for Greece and Turkey, the doctrine was seen by the Communists as an open declaration of the Cold War.

    if Truman’s was a declaration of cold war, would the twit’s be one of hot peace?

  2. “The so-called leaks coming out of the White House are a massive over exaggeration put out by the Fake News Media in order to make us look as bad as possible. With that being said, leakers are traitors and cowards, and we will find out who they are!”

    [guess who]

  3. … and so far they’re getting away with it. Citizens protest when its ‘cool’ to do so with friends, publicity hounds & other like minded lemmings. Hey, look – a clever sign & a funky hat! Fascism has met its match, we have our 15 minutes. Unfortunately the bad guys have the other 23 hours 45 minutes because we let them. We are a country born in violence & revolution, survivors of a civil war, yet strangely neutered as we evolve into a world that willingly yields thought to technology & those who control it. We do not act. We react so will always be a step behind. This is our reality & we let it happen, continue to let it be. Don’t blame Trump & his minions, they’re smart to take all the opportunities presented: this is the result, they don’t care, screw everybody. Worked in 1930’s Europe quite well.

  4. So are there leakers or are they a figment of the fake news media?

    I dont know that everyone hates us, just mostly our former allies and everyone in the Middle East except Israel.

  5. And who could have ever predicted an anti American candidate getting traction in Iraq?  After all we did to… errr, for …. Iraq?

  6. It never occurred to me that Tom Wolfe was 88. I guess most of my favorite artists are probably in the 15 to 20 year older than me category. Sigh…

  7. RIP Mr. Wolfe…  I’ve read most of your books…  enjoyed every one of them.

  8. politico:

    Haspel disavows CIA interrogation program in letter to Dem lawmaker


    Gina Haspel portrayed the CIA’s post-Sept. 11, 2001, interrogation program and its harsh treatment of detainees as a mistake in a letter to the Senate intelligence panel’s top Democrat, Mark Warner of Virginia, whose support she is courting ahead of a committee vote set for Wednesday.

  9. I have a hunch that the twit’s crowing about getting the nobel peace prize and what a great deal maker he is was a bit too much for lil kim. am sure the north and south Korean leaders see themselves more worthy of that prize than they see the twit. such a thing happened* for the mid-east and likewise could happen for the far east.


    *The Nobel Peace Prize 1994 was awarded jointly to Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin “for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East”

    North Korea threatens to cancel summit with Trump over military drills

    The Washington Post ·


  10. As of Thursday morning, I am boarding a train, disconnecting from the world and spending the next 10 days basking on sand, up to neck in pool, or staring at fish.  I only hope the nutcase in the WH doesn’t interfere and Mother Nature doesn’t hold an earthquake in California in my honor.  You folks are on your own for this Saturday’s Preakness.  Fuss amongst yourselves.

    Justify (2-5) Good Magic (7-2) Quip (16-1) Diamond King (16-1) Bravazo (20-1) Sporting Chance (22-1) Tenfold (25-1) Lone Sailor (25-1)

  11. Regarding the bushwarcrime family’s use of torture & cold-blooded murder to achieve amusement, I am reminded of Talleyrand’s remark when Napoleon killed the duc d’Enghien :

    It was worse than a crime; it was a blunder !

    So too, is the US removal of our Embassy in Israel to West Jerusalem, an idiotological blunder.

  12. I’ll put $100 on

    1. Quip

    2. Diamond King

    3. Sporting Chance

    4. Tenfold

    That oughta break the bank, theirs or mine.

  13. Israel Kills Dozens in Gaza as Kushner Speaks in Jerusalem
    The President’s son-in-law had the temerity to say that “peace is within reach,” while the Palestinian-casualty count climbed into the dozens.
    Yes if your peace plan is based on killing all the Palestinians

  14. This is a judge Trump will not be quoting at rallies: “The Special Counsel would have been remiss to ignore such an obvious potential link between the Trump campaign and the Russian government” – Federal Judge Berman dismissing Manafort’s motion to dismiss today.



  15. jamie – Happy trails!

    How could Trumpsky get the peace prize after throwing a stink bomb into Jerusalem?   How could he get the peace prize after stirring up Iran?  How could he get a peace prize for his hate/fear of non-Americans?  NK isn’t in play.  Kim & Trumpsky both play games.

    No peace, no prize.






  16. Like zz top said, every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.   Tom Wolfe was a sharp dressed man.  The Bonfire of the Vanities?  Pure trump of the 80’s.
    “The Bonfire of the Vanities is a 1987 satirical novel by Tom Wolfe. The story is a drama about ambition, racism, social class, politics, and greed in 1980s New York City” 


  17. trump facing legal action over china, phones and Indonesia.
    Donald Trump‘s newfound desire to help save Chinese jobs has critics of the former real estate mogul alleging that the president is acting in the interests of his family business.
    The revelation that the Chinese government extended a $500 million loan to a state-owned company pursuing a major development project in Indonesia that will benefit the Trump Organization has ethics experts warning that Trump is likely in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution.
    ‘See you in court Mr. Trump,’ tweeted Norm Eisen, the chief ethics officer under Barack Obama.

    I think xi is holding kim over trump’s head, too.  China is still in the Iran deal and they can pull the nuclear rug from under trump regarding n.korea.  trump gave-up a darn good nuclear deal with iran and is now is begging kim for a deal on a broken nuclear mountain.  Some deal maker.

  18. why-o why-o did they have to rub it in on the 70th anniversary of kicking Palestinians out their homes?  and to top it off the day before the beginning of Ramadan !

    they could have at least had the decency to announce also an intended embassy for Pal. capitol in east Jerusalem (as planned by multi administrations prior to the twit)

  19. Jamie, have a wonderful time.  take fulsome notes to regale us with upon your return.


    p.s.  quip in the Preakness

  20. Please, no royal wedding news for me. I don’t care who doesn’t show up for it besides me.

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