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  1. aloha oe (farewell to thee) background music to read the thread by


    This classic recording of Aloha ‘Oe at an old Hawaiian homestead on Oahu in fall of 1991 features Henry Kapono on the right, Cyril Pahinui, Israel “Iz” Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole and Roland Cazimero.

    Kapono asked Roland Cazimero, Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole and Cyril Pahinui to record “Aloha ‘Oe”, “Waimanalo Blues (Nanakuli Blues)” and  “Broken Promise,” a Hawaiian mele ku’e (song of protest) written by Kaaihue. The project won two Hoku Awards (Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts)  — “Song of the Year” and “Single of the Year” — in 1992. This music video is rendition of Aloha ‘Oe that was part of a television special about the Hawaiian sovereignty movement at the time.

  2. Fire and fury like we have never seen.   Hell shows its face on the Big I.

    Like most disasters, the poor are affected the hardest.  Think Puerto Rico, Haiti. When you have so little to lose, it is devastating.

     Hawaii has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation; in 2016, one in six residents was living in poverty, and, according to Census Bureau data, 30 percent of Leilani Estates’ population (estimated to be around 1,600 people) live below the poverty line.

  3. bw, mother jones also had this to say last week about Wilbur:
    Avenatti’s report could launch a massive case of alleged influence-peddling and may be a real game-changer in the Trump-Russia scandal. Vekselberg, as Mother Jones has previously reported, has an unusual set of ties to Trump and his inner circle. 
    This Russian oligarch was a partner of Wilbur Ross in rescuing and reviving a collapsed Cypriot bank that had been full of shady Russian money. Not surprisingly, Ross downplayed his curious connection to Vekselberg during his 2017 confirmation hearings for the commerce secretary position he now holds.  And after the 2016 election, Vekselberg’s cousin—Intrater—donated $250,000 to Trump’s inauguration committee. Intrater also gave a $35,000 contribution to a joint fundraising committee for Trump’s reelection and the Republican National Committee. He had previously made no large political contributions. 

  4. I am waiting for the big blow up, hopefully all smart people have hightailed it to safety by now.  I love Hawaii and wish Pele a good time doing what she likes to do.

  5. curiouser and curiouser
    the atlantic:
    Mueller’s Probe is Even More Expansive Than It Seems
    The special counsel’s team has interviewed a number of big names. But their interest in more obscure players tells a story, too.
    FBI agents working for special counsel Robert Mueller allegedly detained a lawyer with ties to Russia who is closely associated with Joseph Mifsud, the shadowy professor who claimed during the election that Russia had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.
    The revelation was made in a book co-written by that lawyer, Stephan Roh, and set to be published next month. “The Faking of RUSSIA-GATE: The Papadopoulos Case” is the latest in a stream of books aiming to capitalize on the chaos of this political moment. But it sheds new light on the expansive nature of Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s election interference and possible ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign team and Moscow. It also highlights Mueller’s interest in answering one of the probe’s biggest outstanding questions: whether the campaign knew in advance that Russia planned to interfere in the election.
    Mifsud is one of several key figures among a complicated cast of characters shaping the Russia probe……

    According to the book, Mueller interviewed another Mifsud associate in the summer of 2017: Ivan Timofeev, a program director at a Russian government-funded think tank who Mueller described in court filings as “connected to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” Mifsud connected Timofeev to Papadopoulos by email in the spring of 2016, according to the filings. Over lunch earlier this year, the book says, Timofeev described being stopped by the FBI at JFK in “mid-2017” and questioned about his relationship with Papadopoulos, the DNC hacks, and about the “thousands of emails with dirt on Hillary Clinton.” His cellphone and laptop were seized, too. Timofeev told the FBI that Papadopoulos “put forth the idea of a possible visit to Russia by Mr. Trump or his team members,” but that such a meeting never materialized. He told Papadopoulos that he was awaiting “an official request from the Donald Trump Campaign,” according to the authors.
    Mifsud has virtually disappeared since his name was made public late last year. In their book, Roh and Pastor say that “the head of the Italian secret services contacted the President of LINK Campus, Vincenzo Scotti,” and recommended that Mifsud “disappear.” Since then, Mifsud “has been requested to hide, not to communicate, and not to speak to the press,” Roh and Pastor write. “He has been ‘put away’ and threatened to stay quiet.”

  6. I arrived at Pearl Harbor on the USNS Hugh J Gaffey, a Korean War era troop ship. It was a truly moving experience, creeping respectfully by USS Arizona and her entombed crew, the sheen of the slick from the oil leaking from her tanks causing us to look towards the sky to reassure ourselves that the Zeroes were really gone.

    The bus ride to Schofield Barracks was interesting. It was miles of two lane road with pineapple plantations on either side. That was expected. I was surprised by the color of the soil–it was a rusty red; to my eye, it was clearly volcanic in origin. I wondered why mainlanders wanted to resettle in such an uncertain place.

    And now, I must leave for appointments at the VA, bye.

  7. HONOLULU (KHON2) – Madame Pele or Tutu Pele is revered and respected in Hawaiian culture for her power and force.
    She is the goddess of the volcano and fire.
    To Hawaiian people, Pelehonuamea is the creator of earth.
    UH Manoa Hawaiian language professor Kaliko Baker said that in Hawaiian folklore Pele and her clan were looking for a home.
    They traveled down the island chain starting with Kauai.
    Pele dug deep into the earth on each island, only to hit water.
    Finally, when she arrived at Kilauea on the Big Island she dug deep and found fire.
    That is why she chose Kilauea as her home and has lived there ever since.
    “Pele the goddess and the Pele the lava are one in the same,” Baker said. “It’s important to know that Pele is as natural to us, Hawaiians, the aboriginals of this island, as the wind that blows, as the ocean that crashes on the shores, as the lava that flows out of the volcano. It’s our norm and when Pele comes we just move cause she got the right of way.”
    In Hawaiian culture and folklore, the gods are an active part of nature and are often seen in natural events like the eruption in Leilani Estates on the East Rift Zone of Kilauea.
    There are countless drawings and even photos of lava where people claim to see the face of Pele.
    Baker said it’s not uncommon for cultures or religions worldwide to see images of their gods or deities.
    He added that it makes sense that some Hawaiian people would see the face of Pelehonuamea in the lava.

  8. Holy ZTE.   ross, phones, china, trump…what up (April 16, 2018)?

    The Commerce Department has imposed a “denial of export privileges” against ZTE, which translates to a ban on US companies selling any products and services to the China-based company. The ban lasts for seven years and comes into effect after ZTE allegedly violated the terms of a 2017 settlement, officials from the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security said Monday in a conference call. 
    The Commerce Department said Monday that ZTE officials lied about reprimanding the employees, and even gave some of them full bonuses.
    “Instead of reprimanding ZTE staff and senior management, ZTE rewarded them,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement. “This egregious behavior cannot be ignored,”
    The Commerce Department said ZTE was supposed to fire four senior employees and discipline 35 others, whether by reducing their bonuses or issuing them a letter of reprimand. Bureau of Industry and Security officials said the Chinese company had fired the four senior staffers, but had taken no action against the other 35 employees.

  9. Rick and I spent a magical day on the Big Island in 2006.  We visited the Volcano National Park and the Mauna Loa plantation.  We ate lunch in the shadow of Kilauea.  It feels like you’re on another planet visiting the VN Park.  The volcano has never been dormant.  We could see smoke from lava flowing into the ocean quite clearly.

    Whenever anyone asks what my favorite sites were while traveling this country…  I always say The Grand Canyon and Volcano National Park.   Pictures does neither site justice.

  10. “Therefore, men of Polynesia and Boston and China and Mount Fuji and the barrios of the Philippines, do not come to these islands empty-handed, or craven in spirit, or afraid to starve. There is no food here. In these islands there is no certainty. Bring your own food, your own gods, your own flowers and fruits and concepts. For if you come without resources to these islands you will perish… On these harsh terms the islands waited.”

    James A. Michener, Hawaii

  11. My dad visited Hawaii in 1945 when he was on duty in the Pacific Theater.  His idea of the outdoors was golf courses, fields for hunting pheasant and the Florida panhandle beaches.  He said that Hawaii is the most beautiful place he had ever seen – and I suspect he didn’t get far from Pearl Harbor and Honolulu and the surrounding area. He always said he wanted to go back and take us there but never did.  One of these days…I guess I’ll have to make that trip.

  12. Yes, Poobah, it appears opening our embassy in Jerusalem had an immediate effect on peace in the Middle East.

  13. on the day twit announced his embassy move plan, a December transcript of interview by NPR:
    …Daniel Kurtzer. He served as U.S. ambassador to Israel under President George W. Bush. He is now a professor at Princeton. Ambassador, welcome.
    DANIEL KURTZER: Good morning, David.
    GREENE: Why is this announcement such a big deal?
    KURTZER: Well, it’s inexplicable from the perspective of our diplomacy and our foreign policy, and it’s self-defeating with respect to the president’s stated desire to achieve some progress in the Middle East peace process. The reason we have not moved the embassy in the past or made declarations on Jerusalem is because we have been acting as an honest broker, a mediator, third-party intermediary, and it is such a sensitive issue – the status of Jerusalem, the question of whether there will be two capitals in Jerusalem in the context of a two-state solution. And so every administration until now has wrestled with this issue but come to the conclusion that it would be best for U.S. diplomacy and for the process of peacemaking not to do this.
    [….back and forth with greene and shapiro Obama’s former ambassador.. .]

    KURTZER: David, if the announcement today is nuanced, then, in fact, it could be creative diplomacy. And what I mean by that – and it’s picking up a little bit on what Dan Shapiro said – but I think you need to go beyond that. If the president says that the – Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and we will consider East Jerusalem to be the capital of a future Palestinian state, we’re ready to put our embassy in West Jerusalem vis-a-vis Israel, and we would be ready to put our embassy in East Jerusalem vis-a-vis the Palestinians, then you’re talking about creative diplomacy that addresses the sensitivities on both sides. That’s not likely, however.

  14. Avenatti worked for Rahm Emmanual as an opposition researcher

    All the dead Palestinians are the direct result of the actions of Donald the Dotard and his pal Sheldon Adelson.  American Jews who do not support what Israel is doing need to step up and speak out

    Hawaii is wonderful I even liked Waikiki — trashy but fun. I have visited most of the Islands and every bit of it is worth the visit.
    You can even ski

  15. Just got back from surgeon follow up. All is well (that’s new hip joint on the left), can drive by the weekend, go swimming next week. Can’t believe I hobbled around in pain so long, all gone now.

  16. I really resent Trump’s criminal son-in-law and his vapid, unqualified daughter speaking on my, and your, behalf on foreign soil.  Disgusting.


  17. Hawai’i is amazing, and i wish i was on the big island, right now, but i feel like a white invader when i’m there, because i am!

  18. The average American can’t make heads or tails of American politics, nevermind Israeli/Palestinian political dynamics, so our criminal junta and its Israeli counterpart can do whatever they want without fear of recourse.

  19. Aloha, shalom, feliz navidad!


    Oh, and i do it WITHOUT the paper-clip.  “Ol’ Steadyhand”, they call me.

  20. May First Baptist Dallas Church’s tax-exempt status be revoked, as Pastor Jeffress does nothing but coddle & shill for Trumpsky.

    This is a mean-spirited leader of folks who think this is ushering in the second-coming, because they don’t understand scripture and take everything literally.

  21. I’m back. The Hawaii I saw in that short stay was the one depicted in the 1953 version of From Here to Eternity. When I wandered the streets of Schofield Barracks, it was just as depicted in that film.

    Flew out of the olde terminal at Hickam Field. It was open air with orchids in planters. Absolutely wonderful.

  22. The son went to Hawaii regularly (the not pretty parts owned by the Army) until they closed down the Stryker group.  Now his sons and mother are saying the NEXT major vacation has to be to the pretty parts.


  23. oh boy — “never again unless we are doing it”  Or what we meant all along was when we said never again – we only meant Jews

    I should go to Isreal and chop down all trees planted in my name

  24. This is what Pence wants, too.  Another so-called Christian who is so uneducated and arrogant as to think he can do something to usher in the second-coming.

    Jeffress doesn’t like Mormons, either, and told his flock not to vote for Mittens.   How/why does his church still have tax-exempt status?    He’s spent so much money on  that facility and all of the TV ads to get more folks to go there, so he can their money, too.

  25. I’m rooting for the Evangelicals.  Anything that will bring on the rapture and get that hate filled, bigoted, and just plain aggravating crowd off the planet is starting to sound like a good idea.  There aren’t enough of them to solve the population problem but at least the left behind might be saner.

    Unfortunately they believe in a 19th century invention, so the chances aren’t all that good.


  26. Ha! Rapture already, dang it!

    I’m kind of surprised that Ivanker is still in good stead with Pence since she gave up Jesus for Jared.

  27. more than you want to know from wiki:

    Hawaiian War Chant” was an American popular song whose original melody and lyrics were written in the 1860s by Prince Leleiohoku. The original title of the song was Kāua I Ka Huahuaʻi or “We Two in the Spray.” It was not written as a chant, and the Hawaiian lyrics describe a clandestine meeting between two lovers, not a battle. The English title therefore has nothing to do with the song as it was originally written and performed in Hawaii.


    Kāua I Ka Huahuaʻi, translated as “We Two in the Spray”, is considered one of Leleiohoku’s greatest compositions. The song dates to the 1860s written when the Prince was 10–14 years old . The song became popular around 1930, when Johnny Noble, bandleader at the Moana Hotel on Waikiki Beach, transformed it into the very jazzy: “Tahuwahuwai”, better known as The Hawaiian War Chant. The only reason this song is confused for a war chant is because of its lively melody. Unlike the immortal Aloha Oe of his sister Liliʻuokalani, the original lyrics of this love song are no longer popular but the melody of the song is known as “The Hawaiian War Chant”. The Hawaiian lyrics describe a clandestine meeting between two lovers, which may involve the Prince’s own affair with an unknown woman.


    “Hawaiian War Chant” is a popular and iconic song evoking the sounds and language of Hawaii. The pigs, penguins and Animal performed the song as the opening number in episode 320 of The Muppet Show.

  28. Blonde Wino, thanks so much for your NM “healing” cloth received in mail today just as I got home from positive doctors visit. Feeling the energy!

  29. For the aged amongst us, early black and white TV carried Harry Owens and his Royal Hawaiians featuring Hilo Hattie in the 40s & 50s.

    And there there was always Don Ho starting in the 60s.



  30. msn:
    First lady Melania Trump underwent kidney surgery Monday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center near Washington, DC, according to a statement from her office.

    Trump had been experiencing an issue with her kidney that her office described as benign but requiring medical attention.

    Trump, who turned 48 last month, entered Walter Reed in nearby Bethesda, Maryland, on Monday morning and is expected to remain hospitalized for several days following the operation, according to the statement from her communications director, Stephanie Grisham.

    She is the first US first lady to undergo such a serious medical procedure while in the White House since Nancy Reagan had a mastectomy in October 1987. Rosalynn Carter underwent surgery to remove a benign lump from her breast in April 1977. Weeks after Betty Ford became first lady, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy in September 1974.

    President Donald Trump remained in the White House during Melania Trump’s surgery.


  31. SFB does not like “weak”.  Having surgery must show Ms M is weak.  Besides he has the virgin Ms Stormy on his mind a lot lately.

    Making a new batch of kimchi.  April batch is ready for kimchijjae.

    A picture of the new-to-me boat.  46 footer, 15 foot beam.  It looks like it was taken between 1993 and 1998.  She has about three feet six inches draft.  A lot less then my sailboat at four feet six inches.

  32. BB, looks like a proper cruiser. Twin inboard props or a single?  Can’t really see for the stiles but I only see one shaft.  Always a bit of a challenge to dock.  I can hear the martini shaker now.

  33. This 8th grade math teacher I had at the military school used to take a bunch of kids from school over to Australia to pay his way to see the family in Bendigo where he stayed convalescing from wounds received on New Guinea as a marine in 44…..I made one of the trips..63…..we stopped in Hawaii on the way back…..I saw Diamond Head, some kind of tourist market, the Aloha Tower, the huge cemetery, and the Arizona.

  34. Ah, masts. Those imply being able to pull on ropes and things to raise and adjust sails.  No longer possible, need a new shoulder and digging around to find the tendons that are no longer attached.

    Pogo – she has twin Detroit Diesels, two stroke, four hundred fifty horsepower each, total of nine hundred hp.  She cruises at 25 kph on one gallon per mile (which is good for a boat like her).  I am looking forward to find out what she uses at nine knots, which is about hull speed.  She weighs in at forty thousand pounds.  Nice big solid boat.

  35. Oh…….Major Ted Richardson, USMC……..his son is Terry Richardson, photographer and astronomer at the College of Charleston…….

  36. Terry was my 8th grade football coach……. We had the most God-awfulest football team you ever did see…..somehow thru grit and determination I wound up as quarterback…….,it was a miracle….. Since it seemed that  I could not throw an Un-intercepted pass,  we developed this halfback pass kind of thing where I would lateral to the halfback to pass the damn thing…..he may have been marginally better at it I’m not sure…..but we lumbered along, the bad news bears, until the day Bessinger recovered the fumble.

    Bessinger was a big kid…..his family owned barbecue joints all over SC and he was a large sized individual so naturally he played tackle…….up until the day Bessinger recovered the fumble we’d lost every game……

    i was there, about ten feet from Bessinger when he picked up the ball…..he was momentarily confused and we all hollered, “Go!” And he went………a Vulcan with the ball (greek, not star wars)…….kids were hanging and sloughing off of Bessinger like something you’ve never seen…….75 yards, touchdown.       Terry made Bessinger fullback and we never lost another game.

  37. I mean, it was kind of cruel to ask your average eighth grade guy to try and tackle a Bessinger.

  38. If you’re ever near Summerville, SC be sure and check out Joe Bessinger’s Barbecue joint……it’s pretty damned good.

  39. politicususa:

    Stormy Daniels Lawyer Just Busted Michael Cohen For At Least Two Felonies


    Stormy Daniels’ Michael Avenatti said on MSNBC that Michael Cohen sold access to Trump and did not register as a foreign agent or aa a lobbyist as the law requires.
    Avenatti said, “I don’t think we threatened or insinuated anything. I think we followed it up with some statements that have yet to be refuted. It’s clear that on December 12th of 2016 Michael Cohen who was not registered as a lobbyist and was not registered as a foreign agent is seen taking some very high-ranking Qatar officials up the elevator. They exit about an hour 40 minutes or hour 30 minutes later. Michael Flynn is there at the same time. And we find it very suspicious that Michael Cohen appears to be assisting the Qataris in access to the president this particular day. I don’t think they were going up the elevator to have lunch or dinner.”


    Michael Cohen is in big trouble. Not registering as a foreign agent is what Mueller has charged others in the Russia probe with. Cohen could be going to prison for a very long time, and the whole Stormy Daniels part of this was avoidable. If Trump and Cohen would have waved Daniels’ NDA, this all might not be happening right now. Trump’s always fight and never apologize mantra is taking down Michael Cohen, as Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti are proving to be one of the worst things to ever happen to Trump.

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