Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

A beautiful and evocative work by Grieg. Perfect for the season and the day. To Spring!

Enjoy the music and by all means enjoy the day, especially all our Trail Mix Moms.🌞

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51 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. a very out-of-character snl open last night….  nary a nasty word (if’n you don’t count the t-word that is)

  2. Mr Sturgeone,
    My fave is the picture of your daughter. Sorry.
    Ordinarily I avoid cute kid pics, in order to maintain my crusty, grumpy old guy persona. However, your kid conquered me.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day.

    The boat has a few serious issues, the main one is the aft stateroom floor rotted out because the aft bilge was allowed to fill with water and never pumped out.  I was able to get the switch to start working and the pump worked for a quite awhile emptying the bilge.  I need to sew new curtains and canvas for the fly-bridge and the sundeck.  When that is completed she will be dry once again.  New drapes, carpet and appliances and she will make a nice snug little home.  Like I said a fixer upper, something to keep me off the streets and out of the bars.

    First purchase for her is a boarding ramp so I can move things out and bring new things on, including a dog and cats.

  4. bbronc, might look into one of those cat toilet trainers so they can use the head.  not sure if there is such a thing for your dog gale but a fortune could be made if you invent one.   2 big  problems with those things is (1) you have to leave the door open and the cover up and (2) critters don’t do flushing that well.

  5. Jace…  wonderful!  It reminds me of hearing the birds sing.

    Sturg…   really, really great pics!

    BlueBronc…  fixing something up and making it your own is a thing not to be missed in life…  enjoy!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. oh yeah…  I almost forgot…

    Pogo…  it’s a minor miracle that the Celtics have gotten this far.  Whatever happens with the Cavs is a bonus.  Here’s to a good hard fought series starting today.

  7. huffpo:

    Der Spiegel Cover Portrays Trump As A Finger Flipping Off Europe


    Germany’s respected weekly news publication Der Spiegel doesn’t much care for Donald Trump. But after the U.S. president announced the nation is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, the magazine pulled out all the stops, portraying Trump on its cover as a blond-mopped middle finger flipping off all of Europe. “Goodbye, Europe!” says the digit.


    The magazine, which hit newsstands Friday, has already triggered an avalanche of comments. A tweet featuring the cover was quickly retweeted by Gérard Araud, the French ambassador to the U.S.


    Washington Post columnist Brian Klaas lamented the fact that the image is how Europe now regards the U.S. “When America First actually means America Alone, the United States is significantly weaker,” he tweeted.


    The cover, created by artist Edel Rodriquez, is accompanied inside by a scathing editorial. “Clever resistance is necessary, as sad and absurd as that may sound: Resistance against America,” states the piece.


  8. Maybe Saturday could be Photograph day……would it break something down blog wise if everyone threw up a favorite photo they’d taken somewhere or other?

    X-Rep……know what you mean…..she’s had that effect on people for 34 years now 🙂

  9. Spent all day yesterday with Harbor Woman at the races.  Love catching up on all the great pictures.  Congratulations on the boat.

    Jace, Wonderful treat for the ears.  Thank you.


  10. Jace… the music as I always do……miss you during the week, but the music is always quite enlightening, and I get exposed to stuff I might otherwise never hear…….so thanks, from a garage band rock&roll veteran…….

  11. Sturgeone,

    A ‘Picture This’ Saturday wouldn’t break down anything – it would build up memories, stories, the bad & the beautiful. Life as a visual, a thousand words. 📷

    Please share more of your life on the road remembrances. Fascinating stuff.

  12. SJWNY, far as I know photographs won’t shut us down. Won’t know until we try. A Saturday Picture Gallery would be fun.

  13. CC…….I’ll make a post for next Saturday…might be something I could actually pull off ……if I were to suggest parameters I’d say they should be one that you’ve actually taken yourself,  and perhaps taken pre-iPhoto, but phone pics , I guess, should not be ruled out……..there are many nice phone pics too……

  14. Lovely Jace and I will echo Sturg’s remarks about missing you during the week

  15. The “echo” word brings to mind a Nietzsche quote, about something Jesus or Zarathustra might have said…….the quote has no bearing upon anyone’s use of the word so far…’s just that the word triggered a favorite quote…….

    “I listened for an echo, but heard only praise.”

  16. Here’s a bar trick for those who might still abuse tobacco:

    straighten out a paper clip… to the side, insert the straightened clip into the business end of a cigarette, all the way in, trying to go straight down the middle……..then, with some people about, light up as usual and proceed to smoke the cigarette…..the ash will not fall, even as you wave it about a bit….sooner or later, as the ash grows and does not fall, the people about will begin to focus on it, and follow it intently till the very end, when the cig is now just a filter with one very long ash.

    Learned that from an aviation electronics instructor at NATTC, Memphis, around ’68……’s positively mesmerizing. He was a Brooklyn guy who sounded just like Arnold Stang.

  17. Exactly, but you can’t cut me off, because it’s Sunday, and the box is fully stocked and ready to rock…….

  18. I’ve started listening  to NPR radio’s classical music station again while in the truck…… Thanks, Jace.    Not much, if any, music in the house, just don’t listen to music any more…..but captive in the truck is another matter……

  19. Wasn’t exactly an A student in the electronics part, but bar tricks was something I could relate to………lol

    However……did learn E = I R, and the first step in repair of a malfunctioning piece of electronics is to give it a good “whop” upside the head…..
    Hence, the old joke: guy calls an electronics repairman over to fix his radio……repairman comes in sets down his bag of tricks, and looks at the radio…..finally he gives it a good whop on the side, and on comes the radio…..the guy says, “That’s great… much do I owe you?” Repairman presents him a bill for $205. The guy says, “$205?? Are you kiddin’ me, all you did was whop it.” Repairman says, “It’s $5 for the whop……it’s $200 for knowing where to whop it.”

    And if you were to turn the capacitor backwards in someone’s test equipment it would result in a nice little mini-explosion.

  20. I tried to sell it during Bush’s attack on regular people, took it to a camera guy, ax him what it might be worth on the open market, he tells me it might be worth 20 bucks for somebody who might want a nice paper-weight…….he could have been jiving me to get me to just keep it, but anyway it didn’t get sold… most everything else did.

    Maybe I’ll get some more film.

  21. Beautiful piece of Grieg, Jace. Mrs P is particularly fond of piano music and that is one beautiful piece.

    That$20 estimate is low Sturge. They are on sale at a couple places – from about $70 to $200, and anywhere between them – with normal lenses. They are the Beetle of manual SLRs. Lotta great pics have come from those cameras.

  22. They may be coming back, like vinyl is….at the time, digital cameras were all the rage, and 35mm SLR’s looked to be totally obsolete….and he might have been jivin’ as well….

  23. In fact, all I had forever was the Camera itself…..I picked up the bag, all those accessories, and a whole ‘nother K1000 at the goodwill for about 25 bucks couple years back…..

    The tag was marked at 50 scratched out, 35 scratched out, and 25 when I got to it…..I glommed onto it

  24. If you can develop the capability of doing your own B&W darkroom work, then keep the stuff and use it. Otherwise, it’ll cost you an arm & leg for uncertain results.

  25. We’re The Eternally Transient.

    It’s why everything is still in boxes. I doubt I’ll have a dark room until I come to ground in the Catskills. We rent furnished apts and are always prepared for bugging out at a moment’s notice…..a life-long habit for itinerant moo-jicians which we carry on our backs into our  present semi-settled state……with actually too much stuff for a u-haul any more—in the shop, in a camper,  a  storage unit…..

  26. Oh, what ho……do I note that it’s time for a Bud?.


    bon chance, buenas suerte, and may the gods watch after yo ass……I’m going to turn around now, muss my hair a bit, and turn back around as………That Comedian playing the Catskills, who couldn’t be funny if he got PAID to be……

  27. X-Rep……if I may be indulged…..that conquering face 30 years later, out standing in her own field…….some parts of life, unlike certain other parts, just can’t be beat……..

  28. Schiff warns of cybersecurity threat from ZTE

    After President Trump vowed to help Chinese tech giant ZTE, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) warns that the firm poses a “major cybersecurity threat.”
    Source: CNN

  29. Sturgeone – for laughs when things were slow around the lab, we would charge up a capacitor and toss it to someone.  Shockingly good fun (only for the tosser).

    Nice photog gear too.  Back in the day (60’s) I would have a couple of 35mms, either a 2 1/4 square or a 4X5 Speed Graphic, and occasionally, if I was doing an ad shoot I would lug around a Polaroid for instant layouts.  Along with a heavy duty tripod and Honeywell flash units.  Not bad for a 17 y.o. high school kid.  But, it all ended when I watched Johnson say goodbye and “. . . if nominated, I will not run. . .” and I realized I was probably not going to survive the draft and the blood of VN was going to see mine.  I wrapped everything up.  Went to college for my 1A, 2S, 1A, 2S, 1A, lottery one number out, letter from lottery stating I had already been drafted, hold out and enlist in the USAF.  At least I did not go in 1968.  Never looked back at photography again.  I liked it, but the constant hustle was something I realized was not conducive for a regular life, except to end up like Rodney Dangerfield in Easy Money.

  30. Just heard a phrase that brought back some chuckles.

    If you are older than 60 did you enjoy “camp”.

    If you are younger than 50 define what you think “camp” is.

    If you are 50 to 60 you might have heard your parents use the phrase in the 70’s so do what you want.

  31. Sturg, that field where your kid is standing looks cold-cold. You sure you’re ready for that?

  32. That pic was up near Schoharie Reservoir, and not even dead winter yet…..
    But I’m no stranger to the ice and snow……did more than a few winters up in cold country……Moose Jaw, Asheville, Denver, NYC , Massachusetts….. all you need is fire and plenty of wood……and an excuse to stay inside. I figure I’ll make radio jingles for local businesses and such……like Grand Gorge Tires…..why that would almost write itself……plenty of fiddle and banjo, and boom…..

  33. BB…….I’m just about a pure “snapshot” photog……seems like I’ve always had some kind of camera handy since the mid-fifties…..Brownie, HawkEye, you remember all those cams…..seldom had a flash unit so learned on them how to make the light work for me….by the time I got ahold of the Pentax, around 78, I was ready for it……but still, all my pictures are basically “snapshots”.

  34. I started with an Argus C3 in the mid-to-late-fifties, my father gave his to me when I was old enough to hold it steady.  From there I moved up to Nikons, along with a Pentax or two which I sold.  When I worked in camera stores I sold boat loads of Pentax models.  Great cameras.  Off topic a bit, in Jake Trappers book Hellfire Club, he notes a Pentax in use in 1954, not possible as the Japanese SLR was just starting and imports were for a different name.  He also uses the name Mustang for a car in 1954, ten years too early.  Again if you are under fifty ask old people to edit your novel if you are period writing.

  35. I remember camp……..hi-camp, and lo-camp……..but can’t remember when it was…

    like the clock striking in “Julius Caesar”.    Or was it Macbeth…..

  36. Yeah, if they’d a had a Mustang in 54 it would have been The Everly Bros or Jimmie Rogers singing Mustang Sally…….

    Or [shudder]……. Pat Boone

    Ye gods and little fishes……what a horrid thought……

  37. Pogo…  yup….  the Celtics played wicked good…

    I expect the Cavs to go gunning for bear in game 2…

  38. renee & pogo, you mean there’ll be a game 2 after that drubbing?  figure the cavs would call in sick and forfeit. why risk a twisted ankle and broken heart for a few dollars more…

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