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  1. from variety on the subject:
    It was unclear if Giuliani misspoke, but his comment on its face would validate an argument that AT&T-Time Warner tried to advance before a recent six-week antitrust trial — that they were singled out for antitrust enforcement by the Justice Department because Trump didn’t want it. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has said that the “elephant in the room” in the Justice Department’s lawsuit is Trump’s influence. Trump repeatedly has bashed CNN, a unit of Time Warner.

  2. we’re married to the mob by maher last night

    In his editorial New Rule, Bill questions how a New York City slicker like Trump became a hero to America’s heartland.

  3. deadline Hollywood: Jordan Klepper To Donald Trump: Dump Rudy, Hire Hottie To Battle “Beefcake” Michael Avenatti


    You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti somewhere in the TV news landscape, Jordan Klepper noted on The Opposition.
    President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, aka “what would happen if Entourage and The Sopranos did a crossover episode,” was “the real deal” in that “he’s not some elitist who went to the best college, he went to the opposite of that,” Klepper noted.
    But Cohen got sidelined after the FBI raided his office and home. Trump hired well-known figure Rudy Giuliani who, in a race with Avenatti, has been running the court, “dancing through arguments like a sack of marbles falls down a flight of stairs.”
    So, why is everyone lauding Avenatti, but attacking Rudy for the same strategy?
    “It’s obviously not because Avenatti brings an endless stream of damaging information about the president, and Rudy sounds like a Halloween-store skeleton running out of batteries,” Klepper insisted.

    It’s because TV is all about one thing: sex appeal. And “beefcake lawyer” Michael Avenatti is hot, Klepper said. Giving  the vapors to The Ladies of The View hot.
    Rudy Giuliani, we can all agree, is not. Klepper has that fixed.

  4. speaking of avenatti, this from politico’s “swamp diary week 51”:

    Every political scandal ultimately turns into a money scandal. The article of impeachment brought against President Richard Nixon included charges that he’d been party to the payment of “substantial” amounts of money to silence or influence potential Watergate witnesses. The Iran-Contra affair sluiced money from illegal arms sales to Iran to finance the Nicaraguan contras. Spiro Agnew resigned from the vice presidency while being investigated for bribery, tax fraud, and extortion.
    This week, the Russia scandal vectored in that direction as Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s financial records ripped a pants seam and news of the ill-gotten cash he had deposited in his shell company, Essential Consultants LLC, gushed out….
    Cohen’s legal nightmare, which commenced last month when the FBI raided his homes and office after a referral from Mueller’s operation, was intensified by the agit-prop freestyling of his legal nemesis—Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti. This week, Avenatti’s release of the documents that detailed the flow of corporate money to Cohen’s Essential Consultants launched searches by a hundred investigative reporters eager to determine how much of this interesting money flowed into Trump entities and exactly what sort of influence it purchased. Avenatti, who has brutalized Cohen in scores of news channel appearances, appeared on CNN Thursday to promise more dirt on Cohen. “We haven’t even scratched the surface with this email today and the information that we released earlier in the week,” Avenatti said. “We’ve got emails, we’ve got text messages, we’ve got other financial information, and people better be very careful in the representations that they make.”
    Judd Legum of ThinkProgress says this isn’t an empty threat. He surmises that the emails that Avenatti has been sharing with the press that document Cohen’s correspondence with attorney Keith Davidson, Daniels’ previous attorney, fell into Avenatti’s possession when Avenatti took over the actress’ case. “If the client decides to seek new representation, the information in the case file is generally deemed to belong to the client, and it’s then forwarded to the new attorney,” Legum writes. Legum assumes that additional materials seized in the Cohen raids will be claimed by Avenatti, U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood permitting.

    The star of the week’s proceedings was Avenatti, who, as the Daily Beast put it, “has vexed the president’s own legal team, getting them to haphazardly admit that Trump knew about hush money payments” and “has exposed a secretive network of finances that allowed Cohen to both pay off Daniels (and, potentially, other women) as well as recruit business for a shadow-lobbying operation during the Trump administration.”

    Our easily offended president hasn’t tweeted at Avenatti and the usual Trump surrogates have remained uncharacteristically still in the face of his provocations. This timidity demands an explanation. Perhaps Trump knows that Avenatti knows what’s hidden at the bottom of all that suspicious money and fears riling him.



  5. Meghan McCain, a political commentator and host of ABC’s “The View,” took on Sadler during Friday’s taping. 
    “The other thing that I want to say is that Kelly — here’s a little news flash and this may be a bit intense for 11 o’clock in the morning on a Friday, but we’re all dying,” she said. 

    “I’m dying. You’re dying. We’re all dying, and I want to say that since my dad has been diagnosed — it’s almost a year, July 19th — I really feel like I understand the meaning of life, and it is not how you die,” Meghan McCain said. “It is how you live.”

  6. more from that azcentral link:
    Graham, a South Carolina Republican and McCain’s best friend, told CNN Thursday that he had recently visited McCain in Arizona and that McCain had improved since their last one, shortly after McCain had surgery related to diverticulitis.
    “When I got there, (he had) gained weight, (he was) eating good,” Graham told CNN. “We watched our favorite Western, ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.’ ”
    Graham told CNN that McCain issued his own “R-rated” commentary on the movie as it played.
    “… It was fun,” Graham said.
    The gravity of McCain’s condition is clear, Graham, said, but the senator and his family are talking about the future — not about planning funerals.

    “We talked about what we could do this summer,” Graham told CNN. “Maybe doing some events, if he gets a little stronger, at the McCain Institute (For International Leadership at Arizona State University). We were talking about the future. We’re not at 2022 yet, but who knows?” He added, “We’re not talking about funerals.”

  7. Sturg, that picture was from 1932. What do you think, an early Leica f8 @ 1/125th? I had a pre-war Leica “D”. It was a wonderfully simple camera with a 3.5 Elmar lens that collapsed flush with the diminutive body. It was a practical pocket carry. Through negligence, I let it become stolen from my Jeep in Uijong-bu.

  8. huffpo:
    Rep. Dan Donovan (R-N.Y.) wants U.S. Postal Service offices to have to hang official portraits of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on their walls.


    Stephen Colbert, however, thinks he has a workaround — should the bill that Donovan introduced this week become law.


    On Friday’s broadcast of “The Late Show,” Colbert suggested post offices could indeed display pictures of Trump and Pence — but in postage stamp size.


    “Bonus, if you lick the back of the Trump stamp, he’ll pay you $130,000 to say you didn’t,” Colbert said, referencing the Stormy Daniels controversy.


  9. I read somewhere that Eisenstaedt went about with two cameras around his neck, and that one was a Pentax loaded with black and white ( which is the camera I still have–Pentax K1000…..fantastic camera ), but I don’t remember what his other was…..but also don’t know how far back the Pentax goes with him.

    guess I’ll go walkabout on the inner tubes…..

  10. I was a big fan of attempting natural light photography with black and white mostly………though some of my best stuff was color……

  11. Dave and Phoenix Mike, at Popeye’s, in Rochester, Mn—–across the street from the Mayo Clinic.

  12. I’ve always been fond of this portrait of Porter Middleton in his store on Wadmalaw……and b’lee me, if Porter didn’t want his picture took he’d let you know way before you took it……lol

  13. Who needs Michael Jackson, we’ve got Moonwalk Rudy… Giuliani walks back Trump-AT&T suggestion.

  14. From the time I got to Nashville, 1979, until I wound up in Denver around 84, I would take pictures with the Pentax…..I couldn’t afford to develop them, so I just threw the exposed rolls into a suitcase…..well, long about 86 a Denver Walgreen’s had a sale for some reason…….develop your pictures for a dollar a roll…..a dollar a roll?  I grabbed my suitcase and hastened forth to Walgreen’s.  Separate envelope for each roll, please.    70 rolls of film, 70 envelopes.

  15. Well, did it again–tipped a cup of coffee on to the keyboard. Spilt one unto the floor yesterday.

    Sturg, that wiki link that you provided is really one of the best I’ve seen. I, too, have a K1000. It has been a real work horse. Bought in Panama City for $100 back in ’75. Next day took my lieutenant downtown and he bought one as well.

    I’ve always preferred natural light as well. Depended on quality light meters and gray-cards to take full advantage of the slow films that I preferred. When I had my own lab, I would use the lens from the Leica in the enlarger–it did very well.

    It’s overcast here with the temperature bouncing between 99 to 103 depending on how much solar hits the sensor. Heat index is only 104–nice spring day! B.B. is probably out on the Bay by now.

  16. Those are just a few I happen to have on the iPad…..bad apple photos of nice pictures…….the gallery is a box in the closet.

  17. sturge, that out to sea friend picture looks like the cover of a great American novel called “my friend McKay”….  you should write it sometime.

  18. Love this pic……gotta do one mo

    wife took this one of me and the baby in Denver.

    last one—-I swear.

  19. Rudee –yeah that’s the ticket demented  – absence of good mental health care

  20. Yup, att & Time Warner ought to launch an appeal with the new evidence that burst from the maw of the usurper’s newest personal attorney. The DoJ swore under oath that the orange extortionist-in-Chief didn’t interfere with the merger. In line with alkie Julie Annie’s blurt is the payment of $600,000 that somehow found its way into the bank account of the former personal attorney and igor of the White House racketeer. att & Time Warner need to put both the bag man and the deadbeat, pussypinching fuehrer on the So Dist of NY witness stand.

    It is good to be alive, just to witness this explosive shit tsunami hit the Oval Office fan.

  21. Bribery, extortion & RICO charges against the bag man and his ‘reality’ show cum russian collusionist should clear up many of America’s problems.

  22. Rudy is a walking talking disaster – as if SFB needs any help generating disasters. From my perspective he does a wonderful job of that without the help of a borderline(?) dementia knucklehead like Dame Rudith.

  23. The technique Avenatti is using is very tricky to do right.  The keys are having a good delivery, oh yeah he is good.  He also is using facts that are solid, no whiffle balls in his bag.  He also has a tremendous set of brass.  And, he is hitting hard with real stuff.

    Right now it looks like SFB is cornered.  One corner is Mueller and his investigation into Russian stuff.  Then there is the SDNY doing in Cohen.

    And, then there is the virgin Stormy.  I think there are others lining up to join the lovely and talented Ms Stormy too.  A lot of others with stories and payments way beyond the demure and shy Ms Stormy experience.

    The real question is whether anyone has a picture, video, tape or even steno notes of SFB possibly “talking” to a female under the age of eighteen.  That is probably what the orange freak is afraid of.   He might need his quack doctor to start prescribing lots of Xanax.

  24. Flatus – I forgot to mention. . . I bought a 1983 Ocean Yachts 46 Sunliner today.  My retirement home fixer-upper. She is a bit of a mess.  But should clean up nice.

  25. B.B., that’s neat! It looks as if you already have utilities routed towards the fo’c’sle, so…

    Tell us more!

  26. So, I’m no lawyer, but Guiliani has incriminated Trump (his client) at least twice on national television.  So, when is Trump going to be indicted, for at least those crimes?

    If Trump isn’t indicted, there is no rule of law, and if there is no rule of law, our governement is impotent, and the U.S.A is a failed state.


  27. Mr Bink, It looks like giuliani deserves a subpoena to appear in NY in the cohen matters. Then, the chief beneficiary of Stormy’s attentions should also appear, just to clarify his role in the illegal contributions scheme.

  28. Mr Sturgeone,

    My fave is the picture of your daughter. Sorry.

    Ordinarily I avoid cute kid pics, in order to maintain my crusty, grumpy old guy persona. However, your kid conquered me.

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