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  1. God or dog
    I don’t understand the world, or what it is giving
    Should I open my eyes and be there and then living?
    I asked my dog and as memory recalls
    He kept gently but thoroughly licking his balls

    Copyright © D Bronowski | Year Posted 2007

  2. The cartoon = a good reminder of the Sochi dogs & cats. The triumph of $ over humanity & decency. Yeah! Let’s medal in that! I want my endorsements!!


  3. Was fascinated by CNN’s Patty Hearst Series (which continues Sunday.) Kidnapper Emily Harris lived for a time in my hometown in Allegany County, New York. The FBI came there to interview people & stakeout, on the off chance Mrs Harris “came home” with Ms Hearst. This was exciting stuff. The only flaw in the FBI’S reasoning was that this town is one people want to leave, not to return. Honest.

    1974 was a strange ride.


  4. wapo:

    What’s the immigration status of Melania Trump’s parents?

    According to various news reports, the Knavses have been living in the United States at least a year. Since Melania Trump moved into the White House, some reports have suggested they live there. Other reports have said they split their time between the White House, Mar-a-Lago, Trump Tower and Bedminster, N.J. They apparently help take care of Barron Trump. the president’s 11-year-old child.
    “The hyperinvolved Slovenian grandparents currently live with their daughter and grandson in the Trump Tower penthouse and spend most weekends with the Trumps at Mar-a-Lago, or at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey,” Politico reported in June.
    The White House initially refused to comment on their immigration status. “I don’t comment on her parents, as they live private lives and are not part of the administration,” said Stephanie Grisham, spokeswoman for the first lady.
    Here are the possible options, according to immigration experts.
    […notes the possibilities of Legal permanent residence, Extended tourist visa, Parole, and Student (F-1) visa   …..]

    Two of these possibilities are politically troubling for the White House, while two are relatively benign. As we noted, we gave Grisham, the first lady’s spokeswoman, ample opportunity to explain the immigration status of the Knavses. It’s a mystery why the White House refuses to answer such a simple question, given the president’s high-profile demand to limit immigration.

  5. And what about Melanoma’s illegal entry and work history

    And what about the Trump models (sic)  comes pretty close to human trafficking
    oy the hearing with the intelligence community is scary – not much intelligence at all
    Wife beaters the whitehouse hires more of them then any other category

    This is the thinking of the craven, billionaires — the bottom line is all that counts — this will not happen but it’s disgusting that it even lived this long.

    Just when you think he couldn’t do anything worse …replacing food stamps with a box of non-perishable foods.
    Wiping out all the work that has gone into allowing food assistance recipients to shop at farmers markets. He is killing two groups with one blow.

  6. sj – Let us not overlook the dog “meat” trade in South Korea (and other countries).   April will mark my 8th year as a vegetarian.  The Ft. Worth Stockyard Auction & Rodeo was last month.  I can’t even watch the local news coverage; they are so celebratory…but it’s not for the cattle, etc.

  7. You have to remember that Omarosa never forgets the camera is on her, even when she is whispering that it’s not going to be OK.

    So, now she says Trump is better than Pence because Pence thinks Jesus tells him to say stuff, which means she is still playing up to Trump.

    I have no desire to watch the show; any weird details show up on the highlight reel, so there’s no need.



  8. blueINdallas,

    I became vegetarian after seeing news reports of animals in Britain being shot in the head, one by one, simply because they may have been exposed to mad cow disease. It’s not their fault, it’s ours, yet they were the ones being executed. If we’re eating animals, we should include humans as we are animals too.

    I am much healthier, weigh half of what I did & suffer rarely from colds, flu, etc. There are many more pluses than minuses in avoiding consuming the flesh of the dead.


  9. It is insane not to allow food stamps at Farmers Markets.  We have them summer through fall with one per day each in different location around Pierce County.  Many of the elderly depend on them as even Supermarket shopping can sometimes be difficult or expensive for fresh produce.


  10. I doubt it will happen there are too many interests who would suffer besides the food stamp recipients.

  11. how strange (and could there be any connection to the proposed indictment) just a year and a day ago this story ran at alternet:

    Benjamin Netanyahu Is in Bed with the Trump Administration—Almost Literally
    Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has a long history of staunchly supporting Israel’s right-wing elements.


  12. Don’t look at Koreans eating dogs through western eyes. They were not devouring pets. They raised beasts for protein feeding them everything from household scraps to shit. Would they rather have the resources to buy a ham, an arm from octopus, 0r have a full-grown ox that they could use to till a field? You bet. But when folks sre on a virtual starvation diet, even westerners will chew on their buddies’ livers. Just don’t go to sleep nor stare at others.

    And, what’s the Chinese solution for feral cats?

  13. Pat, a number of years ago the New Yorker published all their back issues on CD or DVD. Their idea was to periodically publish addenda to the original set. They did one, which I have, but sales were really low so they quit. And now the speedy webs have completely taken over. I’ll have to find the large binder with more than the first half-century of that fine magazine. Thank you for yesterday’s link–it certainly added meaning and depth to my coverage.

  14. flatus, there was also a fascinating history of chow chows in ancient days being raised not only for food and warm wool-like fur capable of shearing but also for military use as canine warriors.

  15. Flatus…   it’s not just western eyes… it’s also righteous eyes.  I’ve known and met many vegetarians over my lifetime…  and I have yet to know or meet one that doesn’t think they are superior to their meat eating brethren.

  16. bummer, just found out I need a hip replacement to permanently get rid of this nasty pain. Ugh, maybe I’ll just go with the pain.

  17. Craig – sorry to hear about the hip going.  My ortho docs tell me that I will know when it is time for a joint to be rebuilt. There comes a time when it is three am and you are looking at the ceiling and you make a note to call the doc as soon as the office is open in five or six hours.

  18. hip replacement good!   Not a long time in the hospital.   Up and around very quickly and no pain.  You will wonder why you waited so long.

  19. Oh no Craig…   that sucks.  Everyone I know that’s been through it has been happy to have had it done…  eventually.

  20. crackers – Suckabee isn’t going to rot in hell.  She’s gonna be their prom queen.

    flatus – I’m not looking at it through Western eyes.  It’s not just dogs, but all sentient creatures.  Sochi was mentioned, so I brought up the hidden story of this Olympics.  One might claim that TX BBQ is OK & part of local culture.  I disagree with that, too.


  21. rr – It’s not a superiority thing.  There’s no need to project that into everyone. I made a choice.  I’m lucky to be able to have choices.  That’s all.

    As in the case of starving people, they do what they have to do.  Again, I’m lucky.

  22. But, I don’t think seeeping it under the rug is a good thing.  The more that know how horrible rodeos are, the fewer who will continue to see it as entertainment.  The same with the “meat” industries of all types.

    And that whole “superiority” thing is something Trumpco/Hannity would try to use to help their views on various issues.

    If you have a problem with someone’s choice, maybe look at yourself.

    I’m done here.


  23. It is true, I’ve never heard of such a popular surgery. They showed me their surgical robot at the clinic today, so space age. And they made a fascinating 3D model of my hip joint. It’s like Star Trek is here.

  24. Craig, congratulations on having such a correctable ailment! When I had vertebrae in my neck fused through the front around major arteries, etc., I was apprehensive. Post-op, I was up in the middle of the night tap dancing in the hallways. Times have changed.

  25. Happy to say I was wrong about Sarasota. I would guess the repugs there are often well-to-do with lots of snow birds registered down South for the tax advantages.

  26. If you have a problem with someone’s choice, maybe look at yourself.

    I’m done here. Bye

    PRSA –have no idea what that means

  27. Poobah,  you’re about an hour from a doc who changed my life with a hip resurface 12 years ago. Email me and we’ll chat offline about it.

    Flatus, while given my druthers I’d dine on something other than pooch, faced with life or death I’d choose life with canine protein in my gut. Even western explorers of the arctic and antarctic has dog on the menu after they wore them out dragging sledges. While I’m not in a position to eat Livvy, something I’m happy about,  could I?  You bet.

    PRSA is “Paul Ryan is Still an Asswipe” (or something like that). Maybe “Still Awful “. I prefer my translation.

  28. isn’t he susceptible also to violating bar ethics rules…  to say nothing about the unreported campaign contribution charge?   and isn’t this a blatant admission of the affair?


    Longtime Trump attorney says he made $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels with his money
    A longtime personal attorney for President Trump said Tuesday that he paid $130,000 to an adult-film star who had told people she had an affair with Trump a decade before he won the presidency.
    Michael Cohen, who had previously dismissed stories about the payment, said he paid Stormy Daniels — whose real name is Stephanie Clifford — using his own money, rather than involving the Trump Organization or the Trump presidential campaign. His comments came after a watchdog group argued that the payout should be viewed as an unreported campaign expense, which Cohen denied.
    “I am Mr. Trump’s longtime special counsel and I have proudly served in that role for more than a decade,” Cohen said in a statement Tuesday night, which was first reported by the New York Times. “In a private transaction in 2016, I used my own personal funds to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to Ms. Stephanie Clifford. Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly.”

  29. Hey, Craig, your next big break in life, may be your hip!  Please be careful and deliberate in your movements.  I know taking care of an elderly parent can be physically demanding.  I am doing a healing mantra for you…calling all stem cells.

    Clinging to my humor here…I found today’s Onion –  The Timeline of US Labor —  a good read.

    As union membership declines, the gig economy continues to grow, and automation becomes an increasing priority, the labor rights movement in the U.S. faces stiff challenges. The Onion presents a timeline of key events in the labor rights movement.


  30. If humans all somehow became vegetarians would we evolve into herbivores from carnivores?

    asking for my neighbor.

    I guess then we’d all have those goofy looking cow teeth.

  31. I have been a carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian at several times throughout my long life.  I have ingested mushrooms throughout my life, too.  A fungatarian.  I am currently a pescatarian eating wild caught fish, shellfish whenever possible.    The big change for me as I age is not being able to eat vast amounts of hot chile peppers anymore and limiting the amount of seafood I do eat…which is easy as it is expensive to buy sustainable seafood.  I eat fish, so I am smart.  How is that for food hubris?  But, is that really true?  As cling to my science?  Some anthropologists and psychologists tie seafood to human’s rapid development.   Here is an article that claims meat made us smarter…from npr.  Of course, my favorite from webmd…the blood type diet.   Food is such a fad!

    Now the trumpence junta wants to tinker with SNAP…what will all of those criminal community service volunteers do when the food banks close?  Forget about the bricks and mortar grocery stores, too.  The government competing with Amazon and Wallyworld for food home delivery marketshare.

  32. Well, at least we’d evolve. 🐴 As long as the teeth are strong & healthy, Sir Sturgeone, I care not how long they are 😆

    And a Happy Valentines Day, kids 💘

    I send everyone here a wish for love & happiness 💖

    Now go listen to Janis sing “A Piece of My Heart.”

  33. Blonde Wino,

    As to hot peppers, is it becoming sensitive to the heat? I prefer less heat as I age; appreciate the other flavors in the dish more.

    Also asking everyone: Greek or French style yogurt? Like Greek; find French style too pudding-y anymore. Love Icelandic Skyr, though some may find it too tangy.


  34. Be careful today, mixers.  Love hurts.  Hearts and bones break, but the human spirit moves forward and hopefully, over the trumpence junta.  Mueller is going to get these bad guys.

  35. The reluctant cannibal
    by Flanders & Swann, circa 1956
    Seated one day at the tom-tom, I heard a welcome shout from the kitchens: “Come and get it!”
    Roast leg of insurance salesman.
    A chorus of yums ran round the table. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum…. Except for Junior, who pushed away his shell, got up from his log, and said, “I don’t want any part of it.”
    What? Why not?
    I don’t eat people
    I won’t eat people
    I don’t eat people
    I must be going deaf
    Eating people is wrong
    It’s wrong?
    Don’t eat people
    Have you gone clean out of your mind?
    I won’t eat people
    What’s the matter with the lad?
    Don’t eat people
    He keeps on repeating
    Eating people is bad
    But people have always eaten people, what else is there to eat? If the juju had meant us not to eat people, he wouldn’t have made us of meat.
    Don’t eat people
    Oh no, not again
    I won’t eat people
    All the day long
    Don’t eat people
    He keeps on repeating
    Eating people is wrong
    Well, I’ve never heard of a more ridiculous idea in all my born days. To think that a son of mine should grow up to be a sissy… Me, chief assistant to the assistant chief. I suppose you realise, son, if this was to get around we might never get self-government.
    I won’t eat people!
    Have you been talking to one of your mothers again? You’re not getting to be one of these cranks that thinks that eating people is cruel, are you, you see a man sitting in a pot and think he’s suffering? Oh, it’s not like that at all. Why, he’s just had an invigorating chase through the forest. He’s sitting there in the nice warm water, with all the carrots and dumplings and things, he’s thinking “Oh, the pleasure and happiness I’m going to give to a whole heap of people”, that man in the pot there, he enjoys it.
    Eating people is wrong!
    Look, son, son, I admire your sincerity, always be sincere, whether you mean it or not. You’re young, when you’re young, you think you can change the whole world overnight, even eating people, I know, I’ve been young myself. Take it from your old dad, you’ve just got to learn to take the world as it is.
    I won’t let another man pass my lips!
    I know why you say “Don’t eat people”, because you are a coward, Francis, that’s your trouble, yes, a yellow-livered coward. You wouldn’t mind eating people if you weren’t afraid of ending up in the pot yourself. How despicable. Go on like this and you’re liable to get me into hot water.
    I won’t eat people!
    That’s enough!
    I don’t eat people!
    I don’t want to…
    Eating people is wrong!
    Going around saying “don’t eat people”, that’s the way to make people hate you! We always have eaten people, always will eat people — You Can’t Change Human Nature.
    I won’t eat people! I don’t eat people! I won’t eat people! I don’t eat people! I won’t eat people!
    It must be someone he ate
    Eating people is out!
    I give up. I give up. You used to be a regular anthropophagi. If this crazy idealistic idea of yours was to catch on, I just don’t know where we would all be. It would just about ruin our entire internal economy. Fortunately, I suppose its catching on isn’t very likely. Why, you might just as well go around saying “don’t fight people”, for example…
    Don’t fight people? Ha ha! (Both convulsed with laughter)
    Oh, that’s my boy.
    (In chorus:) Ridiculous!

  36. Interesting debate noted on npr this morning as to if Dianne Feinstein is too old (84) to run for another six year term.

    Well ….. ?

    Wisdom + tenure versus a chance for a younger generation’s perspective.

    Which is of bigger importance to the Democratic Party & our country?


  37. SJ, hot in and hotter out.  I stick to the mild and tasty green chile over any red or hot green.  Yogurt can be constipating for some and I always avoid the hot green chile yogurt.

  38. I don’t miss Charlton Heston as a gun toting political spokesman but I miss his extreme over-acting grimacing performances.

    Great body, awful actor.


  39. SJ…the question should be, who are the dem oldsters mentoring for the future?  The ‘void’ after they leave should have a young surfing jackass ready to ride in their place.  They get enough face time and promotion.

    As for the repugs mentoring?  Ask orrin hatch, mike lee and rob portman about rob porter.

  40. the guardian:
    Shooting at NSA headquarters leaves three people wounded


    Reports say one person is in custody in a shooting incident in Maryland at the headquarters of the National Security Agency


  41. sj…. Greek.

    I also vote for a younger generation’s perspective.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  42. Pogo…  loved watching the Flying Tomato last night!

    I also loved watching our women’s hockey team spank Russia 5-0.

    Also really enjoyed a mixed couples curling match between Norway and Russia.  The woman on the Russian team was spectacular.

    Too bad about the alpine skiing races…  but safety first.   Love seeing Bode Miller doing commentary.

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