34 thoughts on “Jennie Willoughby: ‘President Trump Will Not Diminish My Truth’”

  1. more on truth from oped by Margaret Sullivan at wapo:


    “Truth will out,” wrote Shakespeare in “The Merchant of Venice.”
    Well, that was more than 400 years ago. Can we still count on that in an era of bot-powered hashtags and hyperpartisan lies?
    “Conventional media is not equipped to deal with willful lying in the public sphere,” wrote journalist Josh Marshall last week. Although he was talking about the infamous memo from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), his apt observation applies more broadly.
    But in Porter’s departure, the truth came out, and action — long overdue action — followed.
    Yes, there was lying and stonewalling — much talk at the highest levels about this man’s “true integrity and honor.” But go he did.
    What made the difference?
    It was the irrefutable proof that shut down all the bad-faith arguments against credible charges from credible people (“who can really know?”) and the stand-by-our-bro defenses.
    So, let’s see. We have a president who attacks civic norms, lies with impunity and is not adequately held in check by Congress. We have a media system, tainted by the likes of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson at Fox News, that enables him. We have unfettered technology that spreads disinformation in insidious new ways.
    It’s not a recipe for a functioning democracy.
    Thankfully — and in part because of good journalism — reality still manages to break through the murk.

  2. trump tabloid troupe out-performs the reality potus.  trump should never have been president with his crappy attitudes and comments regarding women.  AND the evangelicals are finally beginning to awaken to sexual abuse from ‘baby killing’ women.  Predictions of religious influence from the pious-side of the house.

    From the slc tribune —

    I predict that in 2018 some event involving President Donald Trump will pose a decisive moral test for his strongest base of supporters, white evangelicals.

    Sadly, I think that we already know what will happen. A core of #Trumpvangelicals will remain loyal no matter what. … And it will be even more clear that whatever happens to Trump will happen to these evangelicals, because they have become indistinguishable

  3. More from the above article —

    The Mormons have never liked Donald Trump. As Mitt Romney put it, Mormons generally view Trump as a “a phony, a fraud.”

    In 2018, Mormons in Utah might help turn the ruby red congressional districts in Utah blu(ish). Perhaps more importantly, the lasting effect for young Mormon voters coming of age in the Trump era could be a generational fissure between the GOP and their most loyal religious voting bloc.

  4. Ya know if you really want to hurt Trump quit focusing on the victim and focus on the Trump response.

    The head line here should read:

    “Trump administration shot  itself in the foot, AGAIN!!”

    There is no excuse for this scandal, Porter should have been eased out a year ago and  nobody should have heard of him. Absolute incompetence.

    Makes you realize why Kelly was eased on out of the military. He can’t play at these levels.


  5. Had never heard of the artist, Kehinde Wiley, who painted Barack Obama’s portrait for the National Gallery.  His vision is amazing.  I may be in love.

    So far my favorite is Two Sisters, but googling images for his name is well worth the effort.


  6. Patd

    From the analysis of Barack Obama in WaPo on the portraits.  The thing with artists is there is often a lot more “there” there than what you might suspect.

    Wiley has included flowers in the background (another nod to historical portraiture) to reference elements of the president’s personal history, including jasmine for Hawaii, African blue lilies for his father’s Kenyan heritage, and chrysanthemums, which are the official flower of Chicago.


  7. No wonder Duterte is Trump’s hero.
    Duterte tells Philippine soldiers to shoot female rebels in their vaginas” WaPo report.

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    The failure to fire Rob Porter earlier and the constant churn within the White House are indicative of a central moral failing, and a conundrum facing all of the President’s staff — how do you ethically serve a deeply unethical man?


    6:48 AM – 12 Feb 2018


  9. the new Yorker:

    A Reckoning with Women Awaits Trump

    By David Remnick
    February 11, 2018
    Donald Trump is the least mysterious figure in the history of the American Presidency. His infantile character, duplicity, cold-heartedness, and self-dealing greed are evident not merely to the majority of the poll-answering electorate but, sooner or later, to those who make the decision to work at his side. This is manifest even in Trump’s favored medium, reality television. Recently, fans of “Celebrity Big Brother” witnessed Omarosa Manigault-Newman, the unforgettably forgettable former White House aide in charge of nothing at all, tearfully confessing her global despair. “It’s not going to be O.K.,” she said.
    No kidding. Sooner or later, Trump’s satraps and lieutenants, present and former, come to betray a vivid sense of just how imperilled and imperilling this Presidency is. In their sotto-voce remarks to the White House press, these aides seem to compete in their synonyms for the President’s modesty of intelligence (“moron,” “idiot,” “fool”); his colossal narcissism; his lack of human empathy. They admit to reporters how little he studies the basics of domestic policy and national security; how partial he is to autocrats like himself; how indifferent he is to allies. They are shocked, they proclaim, absolutely shocked. In the past few days, it has been Trump’s misogyny, his heedless attitude toward women and issues of harassment and abuse, that has shocked them most. And those who know him best recognize the political consequences ahead.
    Trump’s cruel and clueless remarks are of a piece with the tactics he has used to tamp down all his other scandals, miscues, and embarrassments. Just as he tries to divert attention from his, and his circle’s, errors and wrongdoing in the Russia scandal by shouting “fake news,” by casting blame on the F.B.I. and the Justice Department, and by deploying a congressional lackey like Devin Nunes, he diverts attention from his own encyclopedic record of miserable behavior toward women by casting doubt on the accusers. This is a neat trick, yet hardly original. It has come to the point when even Trump’s closest aides know that a reckoning is coming. It’s not going to be O.K.

  10. I wish they would mail them in a wrap when it’s a first edition; having the label plastered on her chest does not add to the message.

  11. flatus, you might enjoy this article from 2015 at inspiration now showing 9 different covers (one of which is above):

    The New Yorker’ 90th Anniversary Covers

    Françoise Mouly, The New Yorker’s art director, wrote, “To celebrate the fact that we’re entering our 10th decade, we turned, as we do every week, to our artists for ideas, and this time we decided to publish more than one. We picked nine covers for our 90 years, selecting images that reflect the talent and diversity of our contributors and the range of artistic media they use.”


  12. Now why do I think Don Jr had that suspicious-but-harmless sent to himself as a diversion from other things?  If it wasn’t an inside job, then to that idiotic t I say, stop it.  Let Trumpco f themselves up.  Don’t do anything to make the base see them being victimized in any way.  I still think someone inside Trumpco did it for just that reason.  Smoke & mirrors.

  13. And, in honor of Black History Month, Nogregard Sessions gives a shout out to his white supremacist pals.  “Anglo-American heritage…”  Um, that wasn’t even a dog whistle.  That was loud & clear.

  14. So, in Trumpland is every road and bridge supposed to be paid by toll?  If state/local govt is to pay for infrastructure…or private businesses…wha???

    He’s going to turn $200 billion in Federal money into $1.5 trillion?

    “Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.” -Bullwinkle

  15. Good on ya Jennie. I have two words for you – lawyers and Kevlar.

    So what STOOPID SHIT things have SFB done today?

  16. Well, he wants to cut food stamps…and deliver boxes of food.  Huh?

    What about folks who have special dietary issues like diabetes or food allergies?

    He’s  going to send them pre-packed boxes  & not let them make their own choices, which are already severely limited by their economic situation. Huh?

    Is there really going to be a cost-benefit when you add in labor to pack boxes & delivery fees on top of that?  Huh?

    Who will get the kickback & will the grocery store lobby allow this to happen?  Huh?

    Trumplamd is a weird place.


  17. The nut doesn’t fall far from the giant, nut tree. Ivanker wants folks to be able use money from their social security fund for parental leave…so they can have even less in their old age.

    Go to Denmark and talk to folks there for one, stinking week, you blonde ninny.  Talk to their TRUSTED elected officials.

    We, too, can have parental leave, universal healthcare, free education & ongoing job training…but we have to kneecap the corporations who own Congress & make sure that more than the 1% benefits from the wealth of OUR country.

  18. Oh, and the wife of disgraced, TX Atty General, Ken Paxton, is running for TX Senate.  Hmmm…hubby indicted for securities fraud (dismissed with prejudice)…and she is running against a moderate Republican in the primary, accusing him of supporting liberal, pro-abortion candidates.  This state really disgusts me sometimes, because folks will flock to her.


  19. ny times via msn: A Whirlwind Envelops the White House, and the Revolving Door Spins

    More than a year into his administration, President Trump is presiding over a staff in turmoil, one with a 34 percent turnover rate, higher than any White House in decades. He has struggled to fill openings, unwilling to hire Republicans he considers disloyal and unable to entice Republicans who consider him unstable. Those who do come to work for him often do not last long, burning out from a volatile, sometimes cutthroat environment exacerbated by tweets and subpoenas.
    To visit the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, the granite, slate and cast iron edifice across West Executive Avenue from the White House where most of the president’s staff works, at times feels like walking through a ghost town. The hallways do not bustle as much as in past administrations. The budget director is doing double duty as the acting head of the consumer protection agency. The personnel director is doing triple duty, also overseeing the offices of political affairs and public liaison.
    “We have vacancies on top of vacancies,” said Kathryn Dunn Tenpas, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who has studied White House turnover over the last six administrations. “You have initial vacancies, you have people who left in the first year and now you have people who are leaving in the second year.”
    According to a report by Ms. Tenpas, Mr. Trump’s 34 percent turnover rate in his first year is more than three times as high as President Barack Obama’s in the same period and twice as high as President Ronald Reagan’s, which until now was the modern record-holder. Of 12 positions deemed most central to the president, only five are still filled by the same person as when Mr. Trump took office.

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