Why Not Oprah?

My advice: stop your people from talking about it, quit your job at “60 Minutes,” sell your Weight Watchers stock (and anything else that might be problematic), devote the rest of this year to hitting the road for Democratic congressional candidates (thus owning the coming blue wave that you could turn into a tsunami).

And most of all, never even say Trump’s name. Not once. Do not take his bait.

Worth remembering: she probably got Obama elected..

Craig Crawford

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  1. Any other thoughts on the Golden Globe Awards themselves? Jamie, did they make you want to see anything?

    On TV, I am ready to forgive Reese Witherspoon for her obnoxious behavior with the cops  a couple years ago, and try Big Little Lies. And I want to see Jessica Biel’s “Sinner” on USA, after Justin Timberlake gave it a big plug.

    For movies, I want to see “I, Tonya.” I want to see what her mother was like. However, I think Tonya knew exactly what her crew was up to when they attacked Nancy Kerrigan, and I’m not ready to make Tonya the victim.

    I am glad “3 Billboards” did well, but was surprised Sam Rockwell beat Christopher Plummer for Supporting Actor.


  2. Ms O has a tremendous background.  And, a bit of it is political. She has the organizational skills necessary to transfer to a political world, and I think she would do well as president.  But, to get to that point she needs to do something fun, like run for Congress. Win a seat and learn how a bill becomes law.  One comment made by people who have been representatives and win a senate seat is how they have to learn how the senate works because it is different from the house.  Important words, how the Congress functions is complex and takes time to learn.

    Winfry needs to get into the campaigns and make a Blue flood of 2018.  Right now is the best time to start.  Visit districts, hold rallies for Dems. Do a few thousand doors for candidates.  Support the thousands of volunteers who work hard to get their candidate elected by joining them in the phone rooms, stuffing envelopes and the many other tasks in a campaign.

    She could visit two or three campaigns each week, a mini practice tour for a presidential run.

    There is a very old joke about politicians and Hollywood actors, the ugly ones are in Congress. Politicians and actors have a great desire and drive to be where they are.  Type A personality with a super ego.  I would prefer to have a politician running the country, but would support O with everything I have if she were the Dem candidate.

  3. Little things to think about.  Auto/truck sales fell for the first time in eight years. We have been in an economic boom for eight years. Inflation is lurking due to an economic boom, low unemployment with wage pressures, and a short release of extra dollars due to a tax cut for billionaires. Giant banks are unregulated, again (can’t find the link, it was a filler paragraph in WashPo last week).  Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are the new tulip craze, so many links saying that it is okay and so many links saying it is bad.

    Is it time to think of economic crash like 2006-8?  Having lived through so many of the ups and downs, in particular the Bush Depression, I am thinking nervous about it now.  Will there be a correction, which is usually okay, or will it be a crash, which is not okay?  I do not know.  The rest of the world seems to be doing well, the U.S. is under the foggy world of a man who is in his own play universe.

  4. agree wholeheartedly that oprah should do all she can to motivate a massive voter turnout this coming November whether she does or doesn’t plan to run in 2020.

    1. it is the right thing to do by anyone who cares about the country

    2. a new congress more reflective of the nation would be an asset during the campaign if she were to run and if she ultimately became president

    3. probably wouldn’t hurt her pocket book in the long run 🙂

  5. by “motivate a massive voter turnout this coming November” I mean to emphasize she should keep it universal, generic, no matter the party and no whiff of working specific candidates/favorites.  this way she can retain credibility (or the veneer of) and at same time use all the bully pulpits (and unrestricted $$)  at her disposal.

    no need to drop the many media roles she plays and in fact should enhance and expand them. just be sure to keep to a get-out-ALL-the-vote message.

  6. Actually, McCain helped out Obama by picking you-know-who as his running mate.  That’s what got me to vote for Obama, rather than stay home…which I did for his second run.

    daveb – The Shape of Water looked interesting.  James Franco thinks an awful lot of himself.  I felt bad for the guy who actually create the original The Room, without whom Franco wouldn’t have been standing there.  Sam Rockwell is great in everything he does.  I turned it off  (missed Oprah, but read it online) when it turned to man-bashing; they need to stay on topic and stand up to harassment and abuse without become bullies, themselves.


  7. Thanks for the book, Craig.   I will vote for the dem nomination, whomever that is.  Dems think personalities win elections and they may be correct.    I want a candidate who can expose the ruskies, excite the base, get people to vote and not sit on their hands or worse yet?   A protest vote for a loser (someone who could never get the votes to be prez).   A tall order for the party of the big tent.

  8. a glimmer of hope? or will the twit weigh in tweetwise and ruin it like the bully in the china shop?
    the guardian:

    North Korea will send athletes and cheerleaders to next month’s Winter Olympics in South Korea, after the two countries held their first official talks for more than two years.

    The North Korean party will also include performing artists and journalists, South Korea’s vice unification minister, Chun Hae-sung, said after the first session of talks ended on Tuesday.

    Chun added that South Korea had proposed that the two Koreas march together during the opening and closing ceremonies at the Pyeongchang Games, which open on 9 February.
    “Let’s present the people with a precious new year’s gift,” said Ri Son-gwon, chairman of the North’s committee for the peaceful reunification of the fatherland and head of the country’s delegation. “There is a saying that a journey taken by two lasts longer than the one travelled alone.”



  9. wapo via msn: Football team’s stay at Doral resort could bolster lawsuit targeting Trump

    A week-long stay by the University of Wisconsin football team at a Florida resort owned by President Trump is providing new potential fodder for a lawsuit alleging that the president’s private business has put him in violation of the Constitution.

    During a visit to Miami to play in last month’s Orange Bowl, the University of Wisconsin — a public university — put up about 250 players, athletic department staff, senior university officials and board members at the Trump National Doral golf resort.
    The university’s stay may provide new ammunition to the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia, which sued Trump in June for allegedly violating anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution by accepting millions in payments and benefits from foreign and state governments to his private company.

    In an interview, Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh (D) said that the football team’s stay goes against the Constitution’s domestic emoluments clause, which prohibits the president from accepting benefits or financial rewards from state governments.

    “Something like that is a problem, without question,” Frosh said in an interview. “It’s another example of how the potential for corruption is enormous.”


  10. Daveb

    Big Little Lies is finally on my binge list because I do love the actresses.  I’ve been avoiding it like the plague up till now due to the theme of domestic violence which pushes a whole lot of buttons.  For much the same reason still debating whether I will see Three Billboards in a theater.  Probably yes since Frances McDormand is such a great actress.  This does push her up the Oscar ladder.

    This is Us is one of my favorite series so the Stirling K. Brown was well done.  I have Amazon Prime so The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel needs to fit into the schedule somewhere.

    Still to see in the theater probably this weekend:  Shape of Water.

    The Franco win pissed me off.  I won’t go see anything he is in and his behavior at the mike just reinforced the reasons why.  If I had my choice, it would be to wave goodbye as he wandered into the sunset to become a has been since to my mind he is a never was.

    The Lady Bird win was okay, but they really need to adjust the categories.  I’m tired of films that aren’t actually musicals or comedies being put in the category just because drama has gotten too crowded and they need to put good movies somewhere.



  11. I think it would be great if Oprah helped out candidates for the 2018 mid-terms.  As has already been stated here by several of us…  Oprah is a smart (and tough) woman.  I have no doubt she already realizes she doesn’t possess the knowledge to run this country.  IF she’s serious… she will seek out those who can help her ramp up and guide her with picking the best and brightest (remember when trumpelstiltskin said this) to run this nation.

    But 2020 is long way away in political terms.  Many twists and turns are possible.  And let’s face it, it’s January…  it’s been cold as hell in D.C….  housebound pundits are looking for any shiny object to get them through to spring.

  12. Winfrey might begin a political career with a run for state office and see how that goes.

    Franken is a good example of a television/entertainment figure making the decision to run and putting in the work to win. And that’s just where the hardest work begins, if you want to be a good public servant.

    IDK, just not a fan of the super wealthy suddenly craving high political office. In Winfrey’s case, she has considerable baggage—Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. Plus the whole TMI industry. Enough.

  13. Favorite tweet of the day in response to discussion of the hours of under oath questioning faced by both Clintons when Trump is trying to avoid in person meeting while getting all questions in writing for others to answer.

    Can you say Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi If a Republican Congressman even says Benghazi or Hillary Clinton emails One more time they should be dragged out drawn & quartered & shot Then set on fire & their ashes scattered across a moving body of water Standard vampire disposal


  14. Two positive points about Ms Winfrey: She would be a “go around” the awkwardness of the Gillibrand/Franken chapter & she is associated more with President Obama than Secretary Clinton or Senator Sanders. A convenient off ramp on the rocky road of Democratic Party politics.

    And if people get genuinely excited, go for it. Be happy:  happy & hopeful are good – really.

  15. Well before we go too far down this road, I think we need to remember that Oprah and Trump have one thing in common, they are geniuses at self promotion. It is what both built their empire on. Oprah presents herself  a moral person where Trump always skirted morality but there is no indication that Oprah has either the organizational skills or the political skills to do the job. I don’t want a liberal version of Donald Trump.


  16. If Oprah really wants to get into politics maybe she should use Reagan as a model.

    Run for Governor of Ill. Solve some problems there for a couple of terms, then come back.


  17. daveb,

    The Golden Globes are more watchable than the Oscars (probably because they have better hosts. Keep the shindig going without being the center of attention.) Some of the category assignments are kooky but it seems to present a wider spectrum of art & talent. The Oscars are so bloated (thinking of the Terry Jones character in The Meaning of Life, btw 😮.)

  18. Whskyjack,

    We have become The Battle of the Network Stars. In life, politics, everything. Celebrity is it.

    Choose a team.


  19. “…Winfrey: She would be a “go around” the awkwardness of the Gillibrand/Franken chapter & she is associated more with President Obama than Secretary Clinton or Senator Sanders.”

    sjwny, good point plus her image is younger and according to harry Reid: 2020 Dem possibilities resemble ‘old-folks’ home’

    I still think she would be wise to just stick to getting out the 2018 vote.  see what happens from there.

    as to the argument of no gov’t experience, until the electorate begins to approve more than disapprove gov’t’l institutions very few will win who are seen as establishment.

  20. I enjoyed watching Golden Globes despite not seeing most of the films. Fast forwarding to just the people I was interested in made it a lot quicker.

  21. What about Biden/Winfrey and he commits to just one term? Experience and celebrity all in one package.

  22. Oprah is the woman who chewed out a store clerk because she suggested a less expensive handbag

  23. Maybe she and Jill Stein can work out something

    I don’t want a better version of a billionaire and she isn’t necessarily better

    Oprah is old and while she may have a youthful image – she is OLD

    Plus how would she explain her relationship with Stedman

  24. The only thing Stein could work out is her next scam to go on living off of the deluded by being a professional losing candidate.

  25. KGC…   she is OLD… yup…   she turns 64 at the end of the month.  She’d be 67 shortly after taking the oath of office if she ran and won in 2020.  To do a couple terms as governor or as a congress critter would mean she’d be running for prez in her 70s.   IMO, it’s time for us boomers to give way to a younger generation of politicians.  After all…  it’s their future we are fucking up.

  26. KGC

    If you were a black woman having some nose in the air white clerk tell you she didn’t think you could afford to shop in the store would probably piss you off.

  27. Jamie

    Oh puleeze   sh e was in a store in Switzerland and if that is her level of maturity and ability to keep her cool she is a lot like Trump and I am 100% sure this is not the only time

    Gallivan Burwell

    Gallivan Burwell By the way, let’s not forget that Oprah is responsible for the success of both Dr. Phil and Cesar Milan. Can’t wait to see her cabinet.

  28. Well, I have survived the worst nine days of ‘the flu’ of my lifetime–at home–with the morning temps in the 12 and 13 deg range and the thermostat set at 75-deg with the ceiling fans gently blowing towards the ceilings, curtains drawn, finding comfort in the comfort of our couch or our bed as distance from msnbc warranted.

    I had the ‘adult’ version of the vaccine at the proper time; I think it was totally ineffective.

    I could not physically make it to the car much less the doc’s office. That meant, I should call 911. I declined doing that as they had enough more productive work on their plates. As I told Sue, “I’m going to starve this bastard on my own terms.” And I did.

  29. It’s important to understand how all these people got together.  Gen Kelly came to Trump through Cryptofacist Tom Cotton the hater of undocumented children

  30. Flatus

    Welcome back that sounds horrible

    glad to see you back on your own terms –people have been missing you especially x-r

  31. Encountered some of her underlings in Chicago.  They were at work, representing her show, and they were a bunch of rude, little nitwits.  Was she responsible for their behavior? No.  Is that the type of attitude she fosters?  Maybe, considering the handbag story.  Did her “network” fold or is that still a thing?

    I still wonder if she would support young Kennedy, if he ran?  It would certainly infuse the party with some vim and vigor.


  32. I have never felt ‘the love’ for Oprah; I will eagerly vote for a more traditional Dem candidate. Ms Obama would fit that criterion.

  33. excerpt from the guardian’s

    Joe Arpaio, pardoned racial profiler, to run for Arizona Senate seat

    The populist, larger-than-life figure joins a crowded Republican field in the race to succeed vocal Trump critic Jeff Flake, who announced he would not seek re-election. The former sheriff has a complicated history with Flake. He is currently facing a malicious prosecution suit from Flake’s son, who alleges Arpaio prosecuted him for animal cruelty in an attempt to embarrass the Republican senator.

    Currently, Kelli Ward, a former state senator who has been vocally backed by former White House aide Steve Bannon, is running for Flake’s seat and is expected to be joined by Martha McSally, a two-term congresswoman who was also the first woman to fly in combat. McSally is an establishment favorite who has won multiple tough races in her Tuscon-based swing district.

  34. Intelligence Committee prepares election security plan to thwart Russian hacking

    WASHINGTON — The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee said the panel will soon issue recommendations to help states thwart Russian efforts to hack election systems in advance of congressional primaries that begin in March.

    Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, who serves as vice chairman, said the committee could release its plan this month or next. The first congressional primary is less than two months away — March 6 in Texas. 


    “I do think there’s a real sense of urgency,” Warner said in an interview with USA TODAY. “The one thing we do know with certainty is that Russian interference in our elections did not end on Election Day 2016.”

    Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., also has indicated that he expects the committee to provide security advice to states early this year.


  35. Flatus….  phew…  so glad you made it back to us.  Much health and happiness the rest of 2018!

    Pogo…  congrats on Bama!  I only made it through the 3rd quarter.  Without a dog or pony in the show, I wasn’t staying up till 4am…  🙂

  36. Flatus, glad you’re hangin in there. I got outside today for the first time in at least a week. Nice to get some sun on my face, feeling much better.

  37. Glad to have Flatus back 🙂

    If this Ms O speculation makes people happy, why not let people be happy? A little springtime in the eternal winter of #45, much needed. Until the voters have actually spoken anyone who meets the criteria of the office is a potential candidate.  A cast of thousands will soon follow.



  38. OMG what a game. The Tide rolled,  but waited until late in the game to try and do so. I’m getting too old for this cliffhanging stuff. And it was over by 12:15 so although I’m bleary eyed, it could have been worse.

  39. Way back when, I was at the American Royal must of been 14 or 15. A tv celebrity was putting on a horse show. On tv he was a kindly gentleman but I happened to be down by the arena entry when he started his show. His horse was acting a little feisty and the “kindly gentleman” started  cussing the horse and repeatedly slapping it on the head with the reins.

    It was an important lesson learned at 14. Stars present themselves one way but in real life it may not be so.

    A more recent example, think Charlie Rose


  40. Jamie, thanks for linking that for us.   rubin noted this info gleaned from the release in her wapo oped  “What didn’t Republicans want you to see in the Fusion GPS transcript?”

    …Steele took it upon himself to report his finding to the FBI because he believed there was a “crime in progress” and matter of national security. He later relayed to Simpson that the FBI already had information from a campaign source.


    far from interfering in the election to benefit Hillary Clinton, the FBI did not publicly disclose during the campaign the wealth of information it was learning about Trump and Russia.

    she also slammed Grassley and graham about their phony “criminal referral” of Christopher Steele, a Brit over whom the United States has no jurisdiction anyway and whom they never saw testify, not just because it made them look like partisan hacks. They set a new standard that anyone on the committee could act independently and without bipartisan consent of their colleagues.

  41. from bbc news:

    “Yeah, I’ll beat Oprah,” Mr Trump told reporters during a meeting to discuss immigration reform with US senators.


    Mr Trump said during his meeting on Tuesday that campaigning against Ms Winfrey would be “a lot of fun”.

    He added: “I did one of her last shows. Her last week. She had Donald Trump and my family.”

  42. now, enter the comedians….bring in the clowns.

    all in fun from the new Yorker

    (The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump issued a stark warning to the nation on Monday that, if elected President, Oprah Winfrey would force Americans to read.
    “This is a woman who, every chance she got, told people to join her book club,” Trump told reporters. “If she were President, you better believe that she would make every single American join that book club.”
    Claiming that Winfrey “never met a book she didn’t like,” Trump accused her of planning to institute an “individual book mandate,” which would require non-reading Americans to pay as much as two thousand dollars a year for refusing to read a book.
    “People were worried about Obama coming to their homes and taking away their guns,” Trump said. “Oprah will come to your homes and leave books there, which is far, far worse.”
    Joining Trump in his remarks was the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, who warned about the dangers of Winfrey’s pro-book agenda.
    “I am a firm believer in school choice,” DeVos said. “And central to that is the choice not to read.”

  43. Hiya, Flatus ! I’m happy to read you again. Sweetie and I shall enter the 4th week of the crud on Thursday. Nothing as severe as yours, of course, only 20 days of it is way too long. Anyway, your absence during the storm alarmed us.

  44. Mr Cracker and I had a long-term attack of something that involved snuffling, coughing and chest congestion.  It seemed to linger forever.  And then we began taking wild cherry bark syrup with raw honey, apple cider vinegar and propolis.   It worked for us.

    This year’s flu vaccine has only a 10% chance of being effective.

  45. Good to see you back, Flatus!

    So far so good for my Lady and I with the flu vaccine. I’ve been working from home, so maybe that’s an added layer of protection. We’ve been lucky that nothing has swept through Pam’s office yet.

    I say I’m due some good health! Best wishes to the rest of you to either get over what ails you, or not catch it in the first place.

  46. Well, the winter cold has arrived- the viral one – just as the winter cold- the frigid one -is easing off.  Lovely.


  47. RR: “housebound pundits are looking for any shiny object to get them through to spring”

    LOL, point taken. But housebound pundits could also use some help posting threads if you don’t like my shiny objects.

  48. Mr Crawford, Esq.

    I have deposited in the Trail Draft Bin one object of possible value. It shows a slight gleam here and there on it.

  49. I think I could enjoy a Biden/Winfrey ticket. OW could have 4 years to learn the ropes, and then she would still be younger than the bed wetter was when he lied his way into the Oval Office.

    Joe is a Happy Warrior, and that’s just what the Dems and America need.

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