If Being Gay Is A Choice

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

When did you decide to be straight? Did you know?

Sirius Radio and XM Radio were competitors in the early days of satellite radio. Due to cost and only so many people willing to pay to have radio in the middle of nowhere, or a lot of channels of talk and music, they were losing money and merged.  One of the channels was OutQ, the first LGBTQ radio channel that had more reach than local.

OutQ provided listeners with gay broadcasters, gay news and a place for LGBTQ people to have a station which confirmed they existed no matter where in the Northern Hemisphere they lived.  I bought Sirius just to listen, back in 2007.

I remember so many of the extremely few reports in the media of the channel as “Sirius XM is really going out on the ledge to allow them gays to have a radio channel”  That is 2007+.  At least now we have a lot more going for us.

Yeah, sure.  SiriusXM killed OutQ in early 2016.  So much for the gay channel.  Should have heard the excuses when I stopped.

But, to make the world feel better SiriusXM has hired Steve Bannon to bring a bit of the great white supremacist life to radio.  That is quite the trade off.  Open life versus hate and whites only.


It is time to get rid of SiriusXM completely.  I had already dumped off one radio due to the tossing of the gays overboard.  Now it is time to dump the  other radio for bringing in something that would be scrapped off the feedlot.  I no longer need satellite radio to drive across the country.  Cell phone coverage is getting much better now.

HUFFPOST: Seth Rogen won’t do SiriusXM press tour because of Steve Bannon

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Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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  1. This reminds me of years ago when a certain Al Franken started a Progressive radio channel … which eventually declared bankruptcy.  For whatever reason, conservative talk sells, liberal/progressive media turns into tumbleweeds or turns up in podcasts & websites. (Apparently Breitbart is developing a show for Sebastian Gorka too, set to debut in 2018. You have been warned.)

    I’m lucky that I have access to the BBC & a 24 hour all news station out of Toronto.


  2. Well, I may not drive cross country but I drive enough to put 20000 Miles or close to it on my car each year, and so does Mrs. P. Sirius is what I listen to. MSNBC or Progressive for news& Talk, Classic Vinyl, Classic Rewind, Deep Tracks, Volume and Beatles for music- plus Bluesville, Petty, Billy Joel and a few other dedicated channels. I don’t need to drop it in protest of programming on channels I never listen to anyway. So long as Sirius puts Mark Thompson and other folks who’d have no national platform otherwise I’ll keep my subscription.

  3. sjwny, you mean the al franken who introduced and co-sponsored progressive and pro-womens rights legislation? naaww, you can’t mean that guy who endorsed and campaigned for women and minority candidates and stood up for the rights of the lgbtq community but was forced [without due process and without an ethics investigation] to resign by those same liberal progressives for whom he worked so diligently.

    must be some other al franken.

  4. carl Hiaasen: Some are salivating at chance to drill off Florida

    Donald Trump’s feverish war on the American wilderness compels us to celebrate an unexpected voice of conscience, rare as it might be.

    Last week, Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Miami and 11 other House Republicans co-signed a letter asking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to remove from the tax-reform bill a provision that will allow oil-drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

    “For decades, Congress has voted to prohibit oil and gas development in the Refuge, with the overwhelming support of the American people,” the letter said.

    “Support for this protection remains strong today. After years of debate, the Arctic refuge stands as a symbol of our nation’s strong and enduring natural legacy.”

    To no one’s surprise, McConnell disregarded the plea of Curbelo and the others.

    Why would Curbelo, a congressman from South Florida, buck the GOP leadership over an environmental sellout in faraway Alaska?

    There’s always a possibility that, despite being a Republican in the year 2017, Curbelo truly believes the Arctic refuge is worth preserving.

    At the very least, he understands that coastal Florida could be the next battleground.

    In April, Trump signed an executive order with a goal to expand offshore oil drilling in both the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, and evaluate the feasibility of energy exploration in certain marine sanctuaries.

    The president’s review of leasing boundaries includes vast tracts in the eastern Gulf of Mexico that are currently protected.

    [….talks about trump exec order, bad oil spill in gulf, more admin pro-drill…]

    Given Florida’s catastrophic vulnerability to oil spills, it makes sense that Curbelo would be alarmed by his own party’s strategy of sneaking another fragile region — the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — into the Senate tax package. The precedent should scare every tourist town along the Gulf and Eastern seaboards.

    If McConnell’s ploy survives the House-Senate conference committee, the drilling approval for the Alaskan refuge will appear in the final tax-overhaul bill. Then Curbelo gets to vote again, and he’ll have a hard choice to make.

    March with his party, or stand with his conscience.

  5. within hours of telling ‘bamans to vote for a well documented bigot, the twit is scheduled to visit a civil rights museum.

    the gods must be crazy

    or maybe it’s their little inside joke,  jerk us around with a couple of real jerks

  6. From Forbes

    This strange pool of hotter, less dense, molten rock is upwelling beneath central Vermont, western New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts.
    This could mean this region of New England could become volcanically active

    But don’t worry Renee, It will be a few years before it happens. You will have time to prepare.



  7. BlueB…  I understand why you won’t do Sirius radio any longer.  I have it in my car and very much enjoy listening to the 60s, 70s, and Beatles channels.  I’m not going to give it up any more than I’d throw out my television because Fox News or any other channel that spews that kind of crappola.

  8. Oh no Jack…

    I guess that means in a few millions years Rick won’t be going skiing any longer…

  9. I know next to nothing about SiriusXM, even though I’ve been on a few of their programs over the years. Do you have to get a special radio to listen to it at home? Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to ask you Sturgeone, you’ve mentioned listening to Imus now and then — where do you find him?

  10. The whole idea of someone believing there is a “choice” in sexuality as always struck me as very odd.  Of course it helps that I know the exact instant I noticed that males were placed on earth for my personal delight and entertainment.  It took all of five seconds maybe, so if there was a “choice” involved I didn’t notice at the time.  I can’t imagine that anyone else thoughtfully contemplates and decides what will be their object of desire whether or not they act on the urge.

  11. Ms Wino, just for you,

    When this song came out 64 was so far away, What happened?

    Must be something about December of 53, I know a lot of great people born in that month, not just counting thee and me.  Family is gathering for a rare celebration here at the Jack household today, 1 more year to official geezerdom.

  12. My highlight of the week was during a “Blonde on Blonde” segment with Deetra and Tony Powell when Tony told her, “Now you just screamin’ from the top of Mount Crazy”.

  13. some real soul searching talk last night on pbs newshour:

    David Brooks:

    Yes, but what I hear is a lot of Republicans looking at the Roy Moore case and it seems to have just flipped a switch, a lot of Republicans disgusted by Trump, not liking Trump, conservatives, and then, suddenly, Roy Moore, you enter a whole new realm of depravity, to be honest.

    How are people not nauseated with a guy hitting on 14-year-old girls, and then, suddenly, that guy becomes a U.S. senator, and people are not minding this?

    And so how many Republicans have I talked to who have said, I guess I’m not a Republican anymore? And these are lifelong Republicans. Evangelicals saying, hey, I’m a Christian, but I’m not an evangelical. If that is what being an evangelical is, that I don’t have to care about character, that’s not what I believe.

    And so, to me, the big test of this is that, sure, if he wins, the Republicans will have one more vote for a couple of years, but they will have a generation who find the Republican Party something they can’t relate to. And they will find the pro-life movement as something that’s a movement of epic hypocrisy.

    So they may get a short-term gain if he wins, but I think there will be a long-term generational setback for the Republican Party, for evangelical Christianity, for the pro-life movement, for all of the things that Donald Trump and Roy Moore purport to be for.


    Mark Shields:


    When John Conyers fell, one of the founders of the Congressional Black Caucus, there was a question of double standard. There is no question that Democrats are trying to make this — draw a line between themselves.

    If, in fact, Roy Moore wins or loses on Tuesday, if he wins, then he becomes the face, along with Donald Trump, of the Republican Party going into 2018, which is not good for the Republicans.

    If he loses, then there’s only one person who hasn’t paid some price for this charge, and that’s Donald Trump. So, either way, Republicans are facing a very bleak Wednesday.

    David Brooks:


    And, you know, the Republicans, all the honorable Republicans, thought, oh, this guy Trump will win. We will give him a little. We will sort of tolerate him, but I can still go ahead and have my honorable career.

    But the point I tried to make in the column today is, he — Trump always asks something more. First, he asks you to tolerate his tweets, then his sexual harassment. Now you have to tolerate Roy Moore.

    The next question is going to be, oh, I’m going to fire Bob Mueller. You got to tolerate that.

    And at every step along the way, the Republicans just say we’re not standing up to you, you own a little more of our soul.

    And, finally, he owns all of the soul. And that’s the case whether you’re working around Harvey Weinstein or you’re working around Donald Trump. You make a deal with the devil, he takes over everything. And that’s what’s happening in the Republican Party. They don’t know where to draw the line.

  14. He has his spells, is down to 4 days a week, working on his last lung, but he knows how to work the mic, and his cohorts are good at jumping in to fill the gaps.

    The last DJ.

  15. yep, i’m sure he’s giving that cough button more of a workout than ever. It was interesting to observe his co-horts in action when in studio. They kept a close watch and as soon as he’d reach for that button one of them would seamlessly jump in. Impromptu choreography, you might call it. I got fairly good at it myself when on set.

  16. Poobah,  yes it takes special radio. Just about can’t buy a car without one.

    The more I think about it the more it pisses me off about Franke n. This is gonna be the shortest Moral high road advantage in history. Repugs’ took less than a day to respond.   Of course the repugs have done exactly  nothing about trump and god forbid moore if he’s elected, they’ve thrown their full support behind him. As I noted in my poker analogy yesterday I think dems can play the trump card (sorry about the bad pun) this time, but by the time the 2018 midterm elections are here, fuhgiddaboutit.

  17. I pay enough stuff…….don’t need to pay for radio too…….mine in the truck plays cassettes …….that should be enough hogwash for anybody…..thru the magic of cassette tapes I can plug in a time I played piano with Townes……Townes was drunk, but then so was everybody else…….at Springwater, down by the Parthenon…..

  18. That weekend Townes and Jimmie Sam Gray recorded “Send me Dead Flowers” which was later picked up somehow and used by the Coen Brothers in “The Big Lebowski”.  On my tape, later the first night of two, it has the whole band doing it, not just Jimmie and Townes, who did this version earlier on the second night…….

  19. Also on guitar is Danny “Ruester” Rowland, Jimmie Sam with the bass and harmony vocal, and assorted nitwits in the crowd making their presence felt. But hell, nobody expected it to be in a movie someday…..it was just your average weekend with Townes……but for some reason, there was a lot of recording going on…..everyone had a cassette going and some semi-pros were over in the corner with a reel-to-reel…..

  20. pogo, on your comment above, I too am still angry at the rash rush to judgement. I repeat a suggestion from yesterday:

    if (god forbid) roy moore is elected on the 12th, al should say he’s rethought things and announce a partial postponement with the promise  “I, sen. franken will gladly resign on the day  sen. moore resigns”

    at least his sacrifice will then make more sense and in fact help purify and cleanse the senate of the men with nasty pasts.

  21. pogo & sturge, you all might like to read some of the  good stuff Minnesotans are saying about al and how mad they are. also some who aren’t and agree with resignation. excerpt from nytimes

    “I was gutted,” Lisa Mathieson, a glass artist from St. Paul, said. Ms. Mathieson, 53 and a Democrat, teared up when asked about Mr. Franken’s speech on the Senate floor on Thursday.

    “It’s not easy to stand up in front of a group of your peers that are pretty much going to slaughter you and what you’ve spent years working for,” she said. “I think there was an amazing amount of courage and strength. And good for him — he stood up for himself. How many people do you know who can stand in front of a board of accusers and say, ‘I know who I am’?”

  22. Patd – I like that idea.  ‘I’m here fighting for women until that guy quits. The day he walks out, I walk out.’

    Taking a short break from watching snow and Netflix.  The cost of Siriusxm has swelled to be a significant cost.  When I was frequently out of radio signal range it was worth the cost.  Now I have many more possible methods to provide entertainment no matter where I am.  There is more to my decision than just the gay channel being dumped and the catering to the far right white supremacists.  The playlists for the music has been cut down to the top ten rather than the top one hundred or put together by the producer or the DJ.  I am walking my dollars away from a product which is not what I want.  Friends of mine dumped Sirius when one of the OutQ channel personalities left, I waited until the channel was gone almost two years.

    I am continuing my pursuit of less SFB over the weekends by doing housework, watching Netflix or Amazon or Hulu or the expanded Roku channel.  Good things are found on them all.  And my mind is not burned up on stupid stuff.

  23. Well. It turns out that I picked one excellent movie that hits on sexual predators.  Legally Blonde.  Elle is hit on by Callahan, her professor.  The last several weeks have been important for allowing us to out those who assault us.

  24. the guardian: ‘Maybe Putin is right’: Roy Moore remark on same-sex marriage resurfaces

    Moore, who leads Democrat Doug Jones in the polls before Tuesday’s Senate election in Alabama, spoke to Guardian reporter Paul Lewis in August


    As election day in Alabama draws near, a video of controversial Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore telling a Guardian reporter “maybe Putin is right” to condemn same-sex marriage has been widely shared online.

    The video was shared by CNN, which was itself targeted by Donald Trump on Friday night at a rally in Pensacola, Florida and on Twitter on Saturday morning.

    At the rally – and on Twitter – the president urged supporters to vote for Moore against his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, on Tuesday. In the realclearpolitics.com average of polls on Saturday, Moore was ahead of Jones by 2.3 percentage points.


    In the Guardian video, made during the Alabama Republican primary last summer as part of the Anywhere but Washington series, Moore is asked about his support, as a hard-line Christian conservative, for Trump, a hard-living New York billionaire who has been married three times, accused of sexual misconduct by a number of women – accusations he denies – and settled criminal cases.

    Asked by reporter Paul Lewis how many of the Ten Commandments he thinks Trump has broken, Moore says: “You might have to ask him but I wouldn’t know.”

    Asked who would, he answers: “God. I don’t [have that channel of communication] either so I couldn’t answer the question. How many commandments did David in the Bible break? You reckon? He put him king. So I think God knows the heart of men.

    “Everyone else says it’s the Russians [put Trump in the White House], I think it was the providential hand of God. I think it was by providence that he was placed there, yes.”


    Told that Reagan said Russia was the focus of evil in the modern world, Moore answers: “You could say that very well about America, couldn’t you? Well, we promote a lot of bad things, you know?”

    Asked for an example, he says: “Same-sex marriage.”

    Moore has been removed from the Alabama supreme court twice – first for refusing to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments he erected outside the court building and then for refusing to follow the US supreme court and make same-sex marriage the law of the land.

    To the suggestion “that’s the very argument that Vladimir Putin makes” about same-sex marriage, Moore tells Lewis: “Well, then maybe Putin is right. Maybe he’s more akin to me than I know.”

    Asked what he would say to Putin should he meet him, Moore says “hello, how are you” in Russian.

    “I studied Russian at one time,” he says, laughing, “at the United States military academy at West Point. And that’s about all I could say to him.”

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