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  1. according to this, what does it matter anyway for the end is near


    The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church said Monday the world is on the brink of slipping into “the abyss of the end of history,” according to a state-run news agency. The apocalypse “is already visible to the naked eye,” Patriarch Kirill told congregants after a service at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, reported RIA Novosti.

    He said there could be a saving grace for the world—society uniting. “Today is not the time to rock the boat of human passions. Today is the time to rally all healthy forces,” Kirill said. “That’s why the church, art, culture, our writers, scientists—all those people who love the Motherland—should come together because we are entering a critical period in human civilization.”

  2. 3 questions for the day:

    at what point is flirting sexual harassment?  is it only in the eyes of the beholder (flirt-ee) and is the gravity, if an offence, dependent on the character/demeanor/beauty of the flirt-or ????


    what happens to all the folks/staff/actors/administrators losing their jobs and/or residuals due to the cancelling of shows, films, political offices of sexual harassment offenders???


    do I hear more lawsuits afoot?

  3. Flatus and all – thank you for your kind words.  I tend to see myself as nothing more or less than me, living each day as best I can, with one question to answer each day “what have you done today to make this world better?”.  And, I like to have fun doing it.

  4. back to that query about staff job loss of cancelled shows/offices due to forced resignation.  should this also apply to sports teams whose manager/captain/quarterback must resign/be fired because of harassment?   and should the team trophies/wins won during the reign of the harasser be expunged/not counted?

    all above questions on this subject are NOT to be taken as condoning harassment.  just pondering the collateral damage and unforeseen consequences of certain punishments.

  5. Quite an article in the Atlantic

    The Nationalist’s Delusion

    Americans act with the understanding that Trump’s nationalism promises to restore traditional boundaries of race, gender, and sexuality. The nature of that same nationalism is to deny its essence, the better to salve the conscience and spare the soul.


  6. Every time when I look at the computer

    Old fear grips me, should I access the tweeter

    The past is gone

    This guy tweets from dusk until dawn

    Isn’t that the way?

    What nonsense will the bad egg dump today?


    Well, I know everyone knows the daily fear that grows & grows

    Few bad votes, key states flipped

    Democracy cries, what did we do

    Four years of subjection to a tweeter in chief


    Looking back through life’s musty pages

    Actions have consequences we pay through the ages

    No candidate is pure

    But at least HRC was competent

    Didn’t seem to matter

    Media looking for a new toy forever rages.


    Tweet on, tweet on, tweet on until the Feds come after you.

    Tweet on, tweet on, tweet on until impeachment finally comes true.

    Tweet on, tweet on, tweet on, tweet on….




  7. so hard when a friend lets you down.  even harder when you have to talk about it on the air.  was very moved by gayle king this morning

    “CBS This Morning” co-hosts Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King are responding after reports of sexual misconduct allegations against Charlie Rose. The accusations published in the Washington Post include unwanted sexual advances, groping and exposing himself to women who worked for or aspired to work for Rose’s PBS program. CBS News has suspended Rose in light of the accusations.

  8. a brief pause now to enjoy some of the tastier things in life, a khachapuri. caption for above picture reads
    “The egg represents the sun and the cheese is the sea in Adjaruli khachapuri “
    from the bbc:

    Khachapuri, a gooey, addictive, cheese-stuffed flatbread, is ubiquitous in Georgia. However, most bakers believe that it can only be made properly by happy people.

    Khachapuri, a gooey, addictive, cheese-stuffed flatbread, is ubiquitous in Georgia, the Caucasian country that shares borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. Except for when there’s a funeral.

    “If you’re in a bad mood or sad, when you’re grieving the death of a loved one or have a broken heart, you should never even touch dough; just stay away from it,” said my friend Mako Kavtaradze, a born-and-bred resident of the capital, Tbilisi, and executive director of Georgian spice company Spy Recipe. “If you’re not in a happy mood, we will be able to tell when we taste the khachapuri that you make.”

    We were eating one of these dairy-and-carb bombs at a roadside restaurant on the Rikoti Pass in central Georgia, not far from the town of Surami, home to an ancient Jewish community. This version was from the nearby region of Imereti: a one-inch-thick, double-crusted wheel of dough stuffed with soft, molten cheese.

    But I was doubtful of Kavtaradze’s claim about the connection between human emotions and cheese bread.

    To prove her point, Kavtaradze stood up from the table and started walking toward the kitchen. “C’mon,” she said. “I’m going to show you the woman who made this, and I guarantee you she will be as happy as this khachapuri is delicious.”

    In the back of the kitchen, a rotund woman was sitting in a chair with a pile of freshly kneaded dough next to her, rolling balls of sallty sulguni cheese for khachapuri. She looked up and flashed a large smile at us, two strangers who probably shouldn’t have just barged into her work space. “See,”  Kavtaradze said. “She’s happy.”

    If khachapuri is made by happy people, it also makes its consumers very content. It’s the perfect comfort food.

    […continues and tells how to make…]

  9. sj, you’re the author?  Excellente!!

    patd, the ripple effects are further (farther?) reaching than most of us probably appreciate.

  10. And in other news:

    Federal judge blocks Trump’s executive order on denying funding to sanctuary cities

    “The Constitution vests the spending powers in Congress, not the President, so the Executive Order cannot constitutionally place new conditions on federal funds. Further, the Tenth Amendment requires that conditions on federal funds be unambiguous and timely made; that they bear some relation to the funds at issue; and that they not be unduly coercive,” the judge wrote. “Federal funding that bears no meaningful relationship to immigration enforcement cannot be threatened merely because a jurisdiction chooses an immigration enforcement strategy of which the President disapproves.”

    Oh, now the judges want to rely on the constitution?
    What are they, Dumbasses.

  11. pogo, yeah those “ripple effects” turn out to be a tsunami washing away expected jobs, prospects, friendships, future plans.    wonder if there’s a tax right off to assuage some of the financial pain of those who had contracts now void.

  12. Long but lots of fun courtesy of Twitter
    Terry Woods
    ‘Twas the night before Christmas; and in the White House, There was plotting and scheming by an evil orange louse. The portrait of Jackson stared over his desk where the worst Prez in history surveyed his mess.

    The children were planning a late night escape ‘cause Mueller announced that he had them on tape. While Donald was screaming with fury and fire, Melania smiled and turned on her wire
    And Bannon in four shirts and Trump in his hat were trying to figure out who was the rat. Meanwhile the TV was tuned in to Fox, and both of them turned and saw on the box the Washington Post had broken some news, and even Sean Hannity was looking for clues.
    “What’s that?” exclaimed Trump. “Uh, oh,” muttered Bannon. The chyron went by with the roar of a cannon. When what to their wondering eyes should appear? A list of indictments confirming their fears.

    Trump was dumbfounded, unsure what occurred, ‘cause there on the screen was Jared Kushner! He stood at the mic and looked quite ashamed. “Some of us colluded, and here are their names:
    It started with Don, the President, I mean. (He’s really not quite as smart as he seems.) He had lots of help from Gates and Don Junior, And Manafort’s role was not just a rumor. Bannon and Conway, Miller and Priebus, Papadopoulos, Sessions, and Sean Spicer helped us.
    And Tillerson, Price, and Huckabee-Sanders, Mnuchin and Zinke weren’t merely bystanders. Betsy DeVoss was in on it too And Gordon and Corey, to name just a few. Both Flynns were involved, Junior and Dad, And just to be clear, they’re really bad!
    Don’t overlook Mssrs. Cohen and Stone, And Carter Page was easily known. But the master arranger in charge of it all, the chief architect who carried the ball, is the one you assumed was really too dense. The primary colluder was Michael R.Pence!
    “Aha!” said the President. “I’m off the hook!” “Me too,” said Ivanka. “I’m writing a book!” “Wait,” mumbled Bannon when Mueller appeared as Jared sat down, wiping a tear.
    “As for the President,” Mueller announced, “His role in the scandal is also pronounced. His friends in the Kremlin were crafty and shrewd. They got him on tape being nasty and nude. Of course, it was money that tempted him most. (He’s really not quite as rich as he boasts.)
    With hackers and other experts in cyber the Russians exploited social media providers. They played on the fears and racism rampant among the Republicans whose values were stagnant. And frankly the fact that the Dem was a she just brought out the worst kind of misogyny.
    All of that helped put the base in his zone And made gullible Dems decide to stay home. But they needed some more to cinch the election without revealing the Russia connection. The letter from Comey surprised even us. That was a bombshell and really a plus.
    It was just what they needed to make people think that the polls were all wrong, just out of sync. A few votes here and a few votes there. It couldn’t be simpler, if you’re aware that our voting equipment is badly outdated, so changing the tallies was not complicated.
    Alas, even though the outcome was rigged, the Electoral College elected this pig. I cannot undo it or even impeach. That is beyond my limited reach. The best I can do is charge and indict. His arrest is coming this very night.”
    And then in the oval, with a knock at the door, a federal marshal said, “Let’s go, señor.” Unnoticed ‘til now, little Barron appeared. “Are you Santa Claus?” he asked with good cheer. “No,” said the marshal, “I’m sorry to say I’m here to take your daddy away.”
    The little boy nodded and gave a big wave. “Thank you, Santa. America is saved.” And the marshal proclaimed, dragging Trump out of sight, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

    apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

  13. This is from my brother
    Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, we know that mankind has a lot of experience with Greed. Currently, the US Congress is considering tax cuts to satisfy Greed
    What makes all the current hyperbole truly awful is the likely ‘pious’ handwringing that will follow on the topic of ‘mortgaging our children’s future’ from increasing National Debt.
    Even more disingenuous will be the calls to cut ‘entitlements’ many of which have been paid for in taxes over our working lives.

    You know this is coming, what are you doing?

  14. Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ Female Stars, Staff Support Al Franken in Signed Statement

    “We would like to acknowledge that not one of us ever experienced any inappropriate behavior; and mention our sincere appreciation that he treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard,” read the statement in part, signed by 36 women.

    Thirty-six women who worked with Al Franken on NBC’s Saturday Night Live have signed a statement of support for the Minnesota senator in wake of sexual harassment allegations.

    “We feel compelled to stand up for Al Franken, whom we have all had the pleasure of working with over the years on Saturday Night Live,” began the statement, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. “What Al did was stupid and foolish, and we think it was appropriate for him to apologize to Ms. Tweeden, and to the public. In our experience, we know Al as a devoted and dedicated family man, a wonderful comedic performer, and an honorable public servant. That is why we are moved to quickly and directly affirm that after years of working with him, we would like to acknowledge that not one of us ever experienced any inappropriate behavior; and mention our sincere appreciation that he treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard.”

    The statement concluded, “We send our support and gratitude to Al and his family this Thanksgiving and holiday season.”

    SNL was not involved or aware of the statement, a source tells THR. The list, made up primarily of past stars and staff, was created by one of the women who worked with Franken 30 years ago.  

    The women who signed the statement include original female castmembers Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman, along with veteran show producer Marci Klein, and many SNL staff.


  15. As to the claim that Franken grabbed some woman’s ass during a photo at the State Fair – she stole that from stories about George Bush the first     He apparently well he has admitted that he was a butt pincher.

    And why hasn’t the name of JFK come up – talk about randy harassers  – if the Clinton thing with an intern was wrong — JFK had two

  16. As I keep telling folks, if all the cheaters and harassers were removed from Congress, they wouldn’t be able to form a minion much less a quorum.

  17. Might not be a bad thing.   I wish I could remember where I saw this but someone was able to demonstrate a correlation between being sexually aggressive and other moral and legal shortcuts


  18. Jamie, not sure there would be enough even for a duet.  there isn’t any pol anywhere of any sex that has done no ethical or moral wrong in their lifetime…things like selfishness, taking advantage, fibbing, not standing up against wrong doing, etc etc… or any other person for that matter.   it’s all just a matter of degree.

  19. Roy Moore’s supporters are the Trump supporters.  They are hate based hypocrites.  Talking to them is a HUGE waste of time.  The goopers should be so proud.

  20. CBS News‏Verified account @CBSNews 32m32 minutes ago

    Follow Follow @CBSNews Following Following @CBSNews Unfollow Unfollow @CBSNews Blocked Blocked @CBSNews Unblock Unblock @CBSNews Pending Pending follow request from @CBSNews Cancel Cancel your follow request to @CBSNews


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    NEW: CBS News terminates Charlie Rose following allegations of sexual misconduct. “There is absolutely nothing more important, in this or any organization, than ensuring a safe, professional workplace,” says CBS News President David Rhodes.

    9:33 AM – 21 Nov 2017

  21. Well, nobody wants to be judged to the worse thing they’ve ever done, nor should the best thing they’ve ever done offset all of the many missteps and intentional wrongs.

    However, aren’t the women of SNL a bit out of line?  I mean, just because something didn’t happen to them…

    Just because they like Al’s politics…

    Hmm…I think WU got it right.  The pic may seem awful, but remember, it is awful.


    Speaking of awful, Cabela’s in TX is giving out free guns on Black Friday.  Line up early, folks.  I’m assuming the recipients of the free-gun vouchers will still have to undergo a background check, but it’s still an awful idea.



  22. What about all of the harassment and assault that goes on in the real world?   It would be great if the media would broaden the scope of the stories of the high and mighty to include the world where most of us live.

    I would wager most of us on the trail have dealt with creeps, some who outranked us at work, as well as in other avenues of life.


  23. This might be good for Al….toughen him up a bit….bring it all home just to what lengths these rt wing rat packers will go……

    he’ll be a little less humorous in the future, I guess, but then, while his writing was good, he was never really all that funny as his own self to begin with. So what the hell…it’s a wash…….

  24. I’m still curious about what Imus will say about his old acquaintance, but that goober’s been off for T-giving so the dust will have settled before he ever has to say anything.

    he did, however, personally tweet a very nice statement about killing elephants, calling PG’s sons soulless washouts.

    Oh……and “hapless”

    Hap……one of my favorite combination of letters.

  25. Imus in the Morning

    Imus in the Morning


    Nov 17

    Those who slaughter these magnificent animals, as do the President’s two hapless sons, Don. Jr. and Eric are soulless, craven washouts who share the empathy and fundamental humanity of an Orc.

  26. Besides, it takes no skill, training, or courage to shoot an elephant. They are easy to track; there’s no climbing over mountains or cutting paths through jungles. They are too big to miss.

    I wonder if the boys shot from helicopters. I wouldn’t put it past any of those ‘cut-corners’ twerpfs.

  27. Now that our President is in to endorsing pedophiles, a little palate cleaning might be in order.

    Mr. President and the First Lady on the Arboretum landing branch after a long day of pick up sticks to make their home comfy for the expected young ones.


  28. When I was in politics, volunteer and candidate, I was included in many picture taking sessions.    Occasionally in the jostling to be placed so at least a face was seen a body part would be brushed or bumped, and immediately the body parts were moved away.  That is unless shoved into a group shot and pushed and shoved into very closeness.  I do not remember anyone groping me or others on what would seem on purpose.  I do remember people grasping as they tried to keep their balance on standards or chairs.  Was this something that Franken was involved in?  It would be nice to know if a handful of rearend was deliberate or accidental.

    That aside, so far as we know Franken has two black marks to his reputation.  Moore and SFB have predatory and sexual assault in their background, both against young women and children.  Rose has a predatory thing for young women, a real creep at it too.  But, they all said it was consensual.  That is what believing your own press releases causes.  The reason the children and women went with the bastards is they were doing what they expected the powerful men wanted of them.  I hope SFB, Moore, Weinstein, Rose, Spacey, O’Reily, Ailes and Halperin all rot in hell.  Franken is one case where the file folder is open and waiting for more.  Will there be more?

    Is this purge of the rich and powerful men a one time deal?  Could this result in a change of attitude towards women?  What about those of us who have to put up with non-rich and non-famous men?  I really doubt the creeps on the Metro groping me and other women care.  The only way I see them getting the idea is if I can ever swing around and break their arms.


  29. There’s good pipples on El Both Sides!

    “roy denies…..

    what more do you need to acquiesce to my having your money?”

  30. You know….in a picture like that one…..(the 2nd lady) It might not have even been Al…….

    thats a very old trick

    I’ve even done it myself…..but only to my wife while she was posing with her brother…..oh, the look she gave him…..

  31. Besides, she’s very happily married now, with many children, and living in the Country Club…….


  32. If I remembered how to submit Imus’ tweet as a post, I would add this copy:

    comma, comma, comma, comma, come-comma, yeah……

    Everyone is welcome to embellish the copy until its perfect enough to submit…….

  33. patd

    I’m limiting that quorum call, to those who have not laid unwanted hands on anatomy.  Misc. wrong doings are way too pervasive to be counted among the sinful.

  34. Due to the Acts of Sturgeone, I can’t do much to support a candidate or anything else except by yakking here and on twitter…….

    They also swerve who only stand and prate……

  35. One of the first things I remember learning was how to swerve…….

    That, and don’t believe your dad when he says, “Touch the fence”…..as if you hadn’t just seen your older brother jump 4 feet when he touched the fence…….dur

  36. When Little Charlie Rose

    Took off all his clothes

    Little Charlie Rose.

    otherwise,…….hahahawhassamatta u?

  37. If you’re an old man, it’s a sweet blessing to have an old woman sharing your space…….even if she’s crazy.

  38. One of those New Orleans gentlemen who found themselves in the spotlight after Fats Antoine sold a record…….

  39. That last one…..the band really sucked ……it was all Percy could do to hold it up……..

    Notice that first clip, the band had his ass,,,,,,

  40. So David Cassidy (I coveted his hair) succumbed. Damn shame. Never much cared for the music, but hey, everyone has his/her own taste, and my sister liked it and I like her so…but I digress. Sorry he’s gone.

  41. Percy Sledge was one of the greats. He could make my hairs stand on end. Both of them. Thanks, Mr Sturgeone.

  42. I think the crappy backing on When a Man Loves a Woman was intentional, meant to show that Mr Sledge was so good that he could rise above adversity and give an electrifying performance. Either that or the studio couldn’t find any professional instrumentalists that day, and so they talked a few junior high band members into playing a few half-hearted notes.

  43. Yes, Percy was one of the best. If you weren’t moved by When a Man Loves  Woman I honestly question whether you have any soul. And his rendition of Many Rivers to Cross was nothing short of  magical.

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