Franken Fails Us

Just after I recently proposed Al Franken as a worthy presidential contender it turns out he’s yet another sexual harasser on the run. Oh well, never mind. Give Franken credit for a quick admission, and the Democrats for vowing to do something about it in the Ethics Committee. But it took a credible charge to bring them out. And it is disappointing coming from someone who had done so much to shed his comic past in favor of being taken seriously as a substantive senator, and maybe more.

Craig Crawford

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  1. I’d maybe suggest a little bit of the old wait-and-see on Franken….

    i think someone found that photo and they went from there……cut from whole cloth as it were……….I’d also say watch the lady’s bank account………just in case the ethics commission finds out the story is all bullshit by listening to other witnesses.

    i.e. like The Photographer

    And if the ethics deal finds that she is full of truth? Then let the chips fall where they may.

  2. ahh contrary, boss, al may have given law profs out there a wonderful case study that even Socrates would be proud of .   I am interested in hearing what our trail legal beagles would say about the groping charge re above photo.

    [btw, this in NO way is to be read as condoning franken’s behavior or to ignore more serious issues such as climate change, the end of mankind, destruction of democracy in america  and the president’s impeachable offences.]

    given there is the possibility that his hands never actually touched the Kevlar vest and the possibility that the plaintiff is feigning sleep: was there (1) in fact a groping of breasts and (2) is there sufficient intent/negligence evident for a ruling against the defendant and (3) on what charge and (4) what penalty if any?.

  3. Who is the man seated on the far right (partially cropped) in the photo? Beard, mustache, red bandana on his head. Is he wearing a black sleeping mask or has a black mark been put over his eyes to conceal his identity? Seems his recollection would be rather illuminating.


  4. This photo is like the scene in Deadwood when Trixie shot Hearst: she did it while naked with the knowledge his eyes would look below, not look at her face. The Franken picture draws your eyes there. Meanwhile, what is going on in the rest of the picture?

  5. Something seems fishy about the franken USO incident and it more than his fish lips.    Hubby and I have asked each other if we are excusing bad behavior because he took down sessions?  But abuse and assault and age and consent all mushed into one.  No parity in that logic.  I am going to bring Jamie’s comment from last night back-up here.  I thing the trumpence junta wants to outlaw all women in the workplace so we do not have to deal with these issues.  The little woman needs to stay at home, out-of-the military, government positions.

    Jamie’s comment —

    Now on the other side of things, Roger Stone knew something was going to drop, two days before this became news.  Breitbart had a front page ready to go within minutes.  The photographer who took the picture said she wasn’t asleep and they all were laughing about the “joke”.  She regularly appears on Fox is the sports person on a talk radio station and is a Trump supporter.
    None of the above is reason to disbelieve her account, but it is a reason to give Franken’s version the benefit of a doubt and proceed to that ethics hearing rather than holding a kangaroo court to toss him out on his ear.

  6. I smell a russian with coordination by bannon.  Nothing divides and punishes us as much as sexual abuse and assault.   As one who was on the second wave of feminism?   This is a continuation of moving the bar away from the caveman days when men knocked women, men, children…whatever their fascination…on the head and drug them back to the cave.    The backlash against moore, etc. will keep us busy while putie builds his silk road to crimea and the repugs tax the middle class claiming to make things great for millionaires and billionaires.  The regression continues and we need to keep an eye on the ball and the politicians’ hands.   The one I really worry about is the one in my pocket…looking for money.  Most of these pervs are so old?  I think I could knock them down if they get close!

  7. blatant burlesque, frat boy, prat fall, dumb & dumber type humor have never appealed to me…. the late night comic shows purposely marketing for the 17 yo male  is lost on me.  are there that many of them with excess spending ability out there?

    is this indicative of our culture as a whole?  have we always been so crass privately but hypocritical  collectively in public?

    awaiting the other shoes to fall felling historic idols as well as current ones.

  8. Xrepublican from yesterday:  Reformed bad boy, and still looking for redemption.

    XR  there is a vast difference between the charming scoundrel and the man who doesn’t respect boundaries.  The male of the species should remember that they are always the invaders.  It is a good idea to wait for cooperation across enemy lines.


  9. The regression-du-jour rolls over gawkers at the sideshow.   This is a concern — FCC just repealed old rules  regarding mergers which seem to benefit sinclair broadcasting   From MJ, the plot by sinclair, trump to takeover your local news.  Faux news employed the same concept…their cable ‘news’ is bat-shit crazy and the local feeds are done earlier, more local with tentacles of cable shaping the content and molding it to right wing, nationalist ideals.  Faux news uses shep smith for their national broadcasts during crisis, elections, etc.   He seems the most ‘normal’ to the locals.

  10. Obviously, xrep has met franken.   He may not like him, but he will support him.  bill richardson also had the same demeanor as franken.  When I met bill, he was pretty weird and said inappropriate things to me.  But, unlike many politicians, bill did not go for my waist.    Old pervs love to get to the waist and do an exam…move up to the side boob or down like HWB.    I really hate, however, when they go for the pocket.   I had to work a lifetime to earn 70% of my male counterparts and endure some abuse and demeaning stuff…leave me my pittance, please.

  11. politicususaAl Franken’s Accuser Says She Doesn’t Think He Should Resign From The Senate

    The woman accusing Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) of sexual harassment, Leeann Tweeden, said that she does not think Franken should step down, but she might change her mind if more women come forward.

    Tweeden accepted Franken’s apology…


    craig, yes he admits the picture was taken and that he is disgusted with himself and apologizes for it.  he doesn’t admit the kissing incident happened as she remembers it and recalls the encounter differently.  maybe he’ll be a little more tolerant of sessions’ faulty memory now.

    if franken’s pre-government service harassment is deemed equal in seriousness to dist atty moore’s phebophilia enough to toss him out of the senate, then a few more senators and reps need to lose their seats in critterville…. and this goes for the president too.

  12. BW

    Citizens United opened the door for the purchase of politicians/legislation and now single owner media markets open the door to state radio and the propaganda that supports a strong man in the destruction of democracy.

    Our slide into 3rd world status gets ever steeper.


  13. expect briebart to do a breaking news bit on franken kissing his old comedy partner tom davis  [btw, al mentions it in his book so it’s not news, part of their schtick…. not sure if tongues were involved] and breathlessly replay this oldie from

    The Franken and Davis Show
    A half-naked Al Franken takes a moment to introduce his family, and the girl Tom Davis lives with, seated in the audience. Tired of living a lie, Davis reveals that the comedy duo are actually homosexual lovers. [Season 3, 1978]

  14. meanwhile, back to following the money, an excerpt from

    nbc: A Panama tower carries Trump’s name and ties to organized crime

    In the interview, Ventura admitted that some of his brokers and clients who bought and sold units in the Trump Ocean Club were connected to the Russian mafia and other organized-crime groups, including a convicted money launderer who moved cash for drug cartels.

    “I had some customers with questionable backgrounds,” he said. “Nobody ever asked me. Banks never asked. Developer didn’t ask and (the) Trump Organization didn’t ask. Nobody ask, ‘Who are the customers, where did the money come from?’ No, nobody ask.”


    also from msn Is Trump Ocean Club in Panama a magnet for dirty money?

    NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel has been looking into President Trump’s business interests overseas – particularly a building in Panama that insiders and a prosecutor say attracted dirty money. Engel reports for TODAY from Panama City.

  15. Leeann Tweeden, Sen. Franken’s accuser, gave him a name: “Fish Lips.”

    Gee. Who else likes to bestow derogatory nicknames on people (TrailMixers excluded)? Who else is willing to go anti-Semitic with a moniker? *45, of course.

    Here we are, embroiled in yet another of his distractions, the old mixing lies with the truth routine that is exhausting our national psyche.

    This is s *45 scheme, top to bottom. As Jamie pointed out, Roger Stone tweeted about Franken in advance, Breitbart was ready to pounce, and the GOPTaxScam is what we’re being distracted from.

    Not to mention Mueller’s dogged march into the bowels of this White Russia House.

    Tweeden does not get a pass for anti-Semitism. Count me skeptical Franken and his brother, Owen (the photographer), were in on anything but a stupid, time-worn joke during a USO tour.

    Something’s fishy, and it ain’t Al.


  16. Demeaning women in bad taste “jokes” is as old as comedy itself! Having spent most of my working years striving to end violence against women and children, it’s all too common. Anyone with breasts has experienced some form of inappropriate sexual advances. As recently as 5 years ago an old polish guy who lived on my floor, barely knew 2 words of English and alway dressed as a dapper Dan on his daily constitutionals groped me (accidentally on purpose) in the elevator. I let it slide just because the old “gent” was in his 90s but I made sure I stayed more than arms length away if we ever shared an elevator ride again. He’s dead now.

    I think some of what’s happening now has more to do with our instant judgment culture than actual sexual abuse. I believe 99% of the allegations that have come out recently and some of them are horrible and should lead to serious consequences and/or prosecution for the perpetrators. Unfortunately, at least 1% are being shoved out to an eager public for ulterior motives. I believe the Al Franken accusations are part of the 1%. That whole scenario with a room full of people joking around and a photographer handy to capture the scene is ridiculous! Good for him to ask for an ethics investigation and to admit that he used to think some of these things were funny but learned better. If only ALL men would learn better!

    The worst part of all this recent coverage of sexual misconduct is that we have a pig in the White House who gleefully brags about grabbing women any time he wants and walking in on naked young women during his pageant years, not to mention lusting after his own daughter! There have been some women accusing him of sexual abuse but we don’t even need that since he brags about these things himself on camera or in front of a mike. The Howard Stern interview is one notable example, but sadly, not the only one. There’s a lot wrong with this country/world that isn’t going to be fixed any time soon and it may get worse before it gets better.

  17. Admitted what?

    That he made a crude joke? That it was better to just issue an apology and hope it blows over than fight it and make it the story of the week?

    Pat is right about the picture,  blow it up and you see  his hands shadow on the vest, he is clearly not doing what the woman claimed in her blog post.  Which was groping her while she sleep.  As to having to do sexual comedy skits on a  USO tour wow who would have thunk.

    Having relatives  that live up against the Canadian border perhaps I’m more attuned to  the polite speech of that  world(I think it is the Canadian influence). XR maybe able to fine tune it but when a Minnesotan says “I certainly don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit in the same way” it is  the same as a Southern boy saying “that  b***h is a f***ing liar”

    He admitted to doing a bad joke back before he was a senator and that is it.





  18. I’ll associate myself with the very articulate Granny M”

    kgc, me too and especially with her “The worst part of all this recent coverage of sexual misconduct is that we have a pig in the White House who gleefully brags about grabbing women any time he wants and walking in on naked young women during his pageant years, not to mention lusting after his own daughter!”

    needs repeating every time a pundit or pol pontificates on the latest charge of the latest harasser

  19. He admitted to doing a bad joke back before he was a senator and that is it.

    Thank you to Jamie, Mr.DD, and GrannyM.

    As to the above in italics….  Jack….   nailed it!

    And BTW… this is a distraction from the fact that the gop lead House just passed a tax reform bill that gives mucho tax breaks for the rich and screws the middle class once again.

  20. wonder when & if marco will tweet the biblical admonition He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone ?

  21. newsmax: Clapper on Trump-Russia Probe: Would No Longer Make ‘No Collusion’ Comments

    Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper earlier this year said there was no evidence of collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, but on Friday, he said he would not say the same thing knowing what he knows now.

    “The only thing we knew about before the assessment on the sixth of January was the multiple meetings going on,” Clapper, who served under former President Barack Obama, told CNN’s “New Day” program. 

    “Certainly for those of us in the national security circle, the metaphor I used was our dashboard warning lights were clearly flashing.”

    In the 10 months since Trump’s inauguration, Clapper added, “more and more has come out. It is getting more and more compelling as time goes on.”

    Clapper’s comments came after The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that investigators for Russia special counsel Robert Mueller in October subpoenaed Trump campaign officials, seeking Moscow-related documents from more than a dozen top officials.


  22. When are we going to address Milton Berle, Monty Python et al. performing in drag? Come to think of it, let’s brush up on our Shakespeare and the cross dressing characters. Bad comedy judgment? Diminishing women? Hmmm?

    By the way, no one is talking about the Hooters restaurant chain.

  23. “no one is talking about the Hooters restaurant chain”

    As I remember from the last time this circular firing squad was in vogue that is next in line. Looks like it is time for uncle Phil to bring back his talk show for a new generation.

    So who benefits from this, besides Trump?

    obviously, Harvey Weinstein. at this rate he will be back in power next year demanding blowjobs for prime parts in his movies.


  24. Roy Moore’s wife (looks like an aging flight attendant how old was she when they got married)

    just said  roy is may be amolester but he is good on your issues just like Donald Trump

    I am sick to death of the Clinton’s – can we all agree Bill is creepy and just move on

  25. The sad thing about sex scandals is nobody wants to say exactly what occurred, As a result as I observed yesterday in a piece about the NPR scandal.  Rape and asking a coworker out on a date get equal billing. It is why right now as this runs it’s course I am very careful as to what is believable. That includes the celebrity NY lawyers trotting out Roy Moore accusers, not to be confused with the carefully researched reporting  by the Washington post. Or in the case of the topic of the day where the accusations are in a blob post and they don’t fit the facts offered as proof.

    My rule of thumb on many things I read,  if there are things in the article that I know to be false then for me the whole article is suspect.  I also apply it to politicians and “experts” because if you are wrong on what I know to be fact, what else are you wrong about.


  26. Ms Kayla was 24 divorced with a child when she married 38 yo Roy the pedophile

    she was a classmate of one of his accusers  She is right in his sweet spot

    Anyone care to bet she dressed up as a) cheerleader or b) Catholic school girl

  27. jack, given the stuff coming out daily re Russia investigation, it’s safe to say the distraction of the current circular firing squad is very helpful to the twit.   that is if he stays out of the fray which from his latest tweet re franken it doesn’t look like he will for long. guess he can’t stand others getting more headlines than he including even the subject of groping women.

    wapo: Senate Judiciary panel: Kushner had contacts about WikiLeaks, Russian overtures he did not disclose

    President Trump’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner received and forwarded emails about WikiLeaks and a “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite” that he kept from Senate Judiciary Committee investigators, according to panel leaders demanding that he produce the missing records.

    Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) and ranking member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) sent a letter to Kushner’s lawyer Abbe Lowell on Thursday charging that Kushner has failed to disclose several documents, records and transcripts in response to multiple inquiries from committee investigators.

    In the letter, Grassley and Feinstein instruct Kushner’s team to turn over “several documents that are known to exist” because other witnesses in their probe already gave them to investigators. They include a series of “September 2016 email communications to Mr. Kushner concerning WikiLeaks,” which the committee leaders say Kushner then forwarded to another campaign official. Earlier this week, Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. revealed that he had had direct communication with WikiLeaks over private Twitter messages during the campaign.

    Committee leaders said Kushner also withheld from the committee “documents concerning a ‘Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite’ ” that he had forwarded to other campaign officials. And they said Kushner had been made privy to “communications with Sergei Millian” — a Belarusan American businessman who claims close ties to the Trumps and was the source of salacious details in a dossier about the president’s 2013 trip to Moscow — but failed to turn those records over to investigators.


  28. Jack, the Hooters chain has always rankled me. It isn’t on the radar for many. I won’t eat there, but I don’t eat at many chains.

    Yes, this all has the feel of a circular firing squad and I doubt we’lol accomplish much beyond venting

  29. What a forking joke the USofA government has become since republicans got control of congress and the SFF clown car parked in the WH garage. It pains me to see how far we’ve fallen in such a short time.

  30. The more Dems take seriously their own dirty laundry the more seriously Trump’s accusers will be taken.  That might be worth sacrificing Franken and Bill C.

  31. bbc news: The Pentagon accidentally retweets call for Trump to resign
    It holds nuclear missile codes, it’s in charge of the security of the United States, and its ultimate boss, the US president, is a prolific tweeter. But when it comes to handling its own Twitter account, the Pentagon could do with improving its skills.
    On Thursday the US Department of Defense accidentally retweeted a tweet calling for Donald Trump to resign as US president.

    The original tweet which also called for two other US politicians to step down following sexual harassment allegations was tweeted from an account belonging to @ProudResister, an anti-Trump activist.

    It said: “The solution is simple. Roy Moore: Step down from the race. Al Franken: Resign from congress, Donald Trump: Resign from the presidency. GOP: Stop making sexual assault a partisan issue. It’s a crime as is your hypocrisy.”

    The Pentagon’s main account retweeted the message to its 5.2 million followers before quickly deleting it. But the embarrassing blunder did not go unnoticed. A screen shot of the Pentagon’s retweet was itself retweeted and shared, and the reaction to it was swift.

    “Uh someone made a mistake,” posted one Twitter user.

    Another user tweeted: “Looks like that ex-Twitter employee found a new gig at the Pentagon,” referring to a similar social media blunder earlier this month when a Twitter employee deactivated President Trump’s account on their last day in the job.

    At the time, the president brushed off the 11-minute Twitter outage, but the incident raised questions about the security of President Trump’s account.

    Chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana White tweeted an explanation of how the post got out to its followers.

    An authorized operator of the @DeptofDefense’s official Twitter site erroneously retweeted content that would not be endorsed by the Department of Defense. The operator caught this error and immediately deleted it.

    But many social media users were dissatisfied by the response.

    “Are we supposed to believe this was done by mistake? Somebody in @DeptofDefense needs to be fired along with anybody working with them,” posted one Twitter user.

    However, another saw the funny side and tweeted a joke response from the Pentagon: “There has been no coup. The President is safe.”

  32. ‘That might be worth sacrificing Franken and Bill C.”

    craig, what do you have in mind, publick stocks or hanging?  no sense beating a dead donkey as far as the big dawg is concerned.  as to franken, don’t worry, ole myrtle will probably oust him from committees and insist on a blue dog dem for replacement.

    if this keeps up and only dems get booted out and reputations destroyed for past deeds, we won’t need to concern ourselves with 2018 elections.

    do I hear steve bannon snickering in the background egging you on, boss?

  33. Patd, I agree about the big Dawg.  He paid a big price for consensual acts.  Hillary certainly didn’t deserve to be pilloried for his misdeeds.  From that light both Mr. & Mrs. Clinton have paid a big enough price for events from almost 20 years ago.

    Franken will get his hands properly slapped in some fashion after which it is up to the voters of Minnesota.  Certainly any run for the Presidency is probably off the table and that’s quite a sacrifice.  Sen Gillibrand has gone down a few (several) points with me for what seemed a tendency to favor legal kangaroos.

    However, another saw the funny side and tweeted a joke response from the Pentagon: “There has been no coup. The President is safe.”

    Which made me question:  Did anyone reply “DRAT don’t get our hopes up!!!”

  34. No false equivilencies though.

    Happy to sacrifice Bill C not so much with Al.  I don’t think it is the same and if indeed the woman in question works for Fox and is a Trump supporter …one has to wonder just a bit.

  35. Oh I’ll let Game of Thrones writers come up with sufficient punishment, PatD. They’re pretty good at it.

  36. Nah, the future mrs moore did the I Dream of Jeanie bit. It was a very naughty/sexy costume for the Xtian ritewingers 30 years ago.

    Unless she did the Mr Ed bit. Very sexy for cowboy wannabees.

  37. Well, actually won’t the congressional ethics Committee make the determination whether and what to do about Al?

  38. Media trolling for ratings and clicks.  Heaven help they cover the actual news.  Language warning for those with tender ears:

  39. Pogo…   we are discussing politics.  You do know one isn’t supposed be logical….


  40. Craig

    The Democrats have already sacrificed  a major player, Harvey Weinstein. Now it is the Republicans turn. As Trump is the designated franchise player and off the table, losing Moore would be a benefit, I say the  Republicans offer up Moore and a player to be named later.


  41. Politics? I thought everybody was talking about sex.

    I guess the comment still stands, no logic there either.



  42. Franken can still run for prez as the contrite guy who ‘crusades’ to put an end to sexual harassment in the gov, and via the bully pulpit, court appointments, and personal example, the private sector. However, Franken has never run any large bureaucracy, and that puts him at an extreme disadvantage in a race for prez.

  43. Franken copped to the photo—– which was admittedly high school and in gross taste, but says that  his recollection of the time is different……we’ll see………I look forward to seeing his version of the incident.
    Basically……what Jack said about Franken……admitted what?

    Sacrifice Franken, my achin’ ass……

  44. MDD

    Hooters came about at the end of the last time we did this circular firing squad routine.

    Hooters is one of those male bonding places. It operates a lot like a strip joint in that the women get to touch you but you can’t touch them. So with a massage to the back of the neck a touch on the shoulder and  leaning in brushing her breasts against the shoulders and arm as she serves a platter of chicken wings she sells a fantacy that  you a sweaty middle aged construction worker is attractive to the young thing. The women who work strip clubs do the same thing except the Hooters  women get to keep their cloths on and aren’t forced to turn tricks on the side.  They sell a harmless fantasy and  the women make good money,

    When I worked construction a, couple of times a year we would take off early and the whole crew would go to Hooters. Sort of a team building event.  That may color my perception as I can’t imagine  going there alone for a meal.

    BTW, I can easily understand your irritation, I’ve always been ambivalent myself.



  45. USO tours are special.  Do a youtube search for USO Tours Vietnam and watch a few.

    KGC – the pedophile’s wife is a classmate of one of the women who came forward and gave their stories.  The perv married one of his “dates”.

    Al Franken, he was years away from entering politics and was not a senator back then, he was a comedian.  There are a lot of questions about what happened between the talent.  How much of the troupe act was going on? Was the act one where he was to kiss her?  And the pic, was it staged or something else.

    The incident is far from what has been produced about the pedophile and SFB.  SFB even gave his own testimony about being a coin flip above being a pedophile, but confirmation he is a sexual pervert and predator.  So far nothing about Franken has come close.

    Is this a time when, once again, Dems flail and destroy a Dem to show purity that is lacking in the republicans?  And, the republicans go on to claim how crummy and dirty the Dems are and never punishing their own?

    If more comes up to show that Franken has a history of abusing women, go ahead and do him in.  But, I am guessing there is more than we know about what happened and why he included the line that he thought the situation was different than she says is it.

    It says a lot that the republicans would rather have a slimy pedophile elected than to do right.

  46. Were y’all crazy in cars like we were?

    HST and Kerouac lived it and wrote about it……we just lived it…..the things we did in cars defy the imagination…..and that’s not about sex……..

  47. Telephone poles looked like a picket fence, the lines in the road just looked like dots……….And then throw in Robert Mitchum, Thunder Road……..

  48. I’m you’re friendly stranger in the black sedan; won’t you hop inside my car ?

    Maybelline !

    Back seat, front seat, & hood of car.

    Mustang Sally !

  49. Sturge, they say that millennials aren’t into cars and car culture.

    That is why they made so few “Fast and Furious” movie sequels.

    If they had done “Fast and  Furious” as a  bicycle movie……..

  50. I’ve blown down 6th Ave Denver early of a Sunday morning burying the needle of a souped up Olds 98 454 cubic inches……..Get off the road, goofballs, the 98 is bound for Golden…..

  51. Back then we thrived on speed…….it was our blood and succor………..frisco turnaround, my young friend…….you’ll never see it’s like………your bicycle ain’t made for dat

  52. The Sukabee was great today.  It’s ok for SFF to tweet about Franken because he confessed

    on the other hand….

  53. There was a time when California still had a rush hour.  The rest of the day, it was open roads from Hollywood to the beach, beach to Valley, Airport to Orange county.

    Me an my DeSoto did all of those drives at 90 MPH.  What can I say, lead foot Lucy wanted to ride and ride she did.  lol


  54. Air shocks on the back of that olds and you could yank an 18′ Prowler from Denver to Nashville at 90 plus all the way……

  55. Wheels

    [station] Wagon Wheels

    Rumble [seat]

    That fateful night the car was stalled upon a railroad track.

    Ray and his little Chevrolet

    Gee, our old La Salle ran great….

    See the USA in your Chevrolet. America’s been asking you to call.

    Wake up, little Suzie, Wake UP !

  56. From Denver to Nashville once I rigged the Prowler so it had lights…… brake lights or turn signals, just lights…….coming into Nashville they had these overpasses with no pull-off lanes……just two lanes of shooting stars…….I’d been playing tag with this semi at 90 or so for a long way, got off at the same time for gas and chatted a bit and whatnot……well, coming into Nash I go down in a dip and start to climb the next overpass and the semi is dead on my ass in the right lane……just past the crest of the overpass some goober has a flat tire, dead in the road at  12 o’clock….so….I think:  stop quickly with no brake lights or quick swerve into the left lane and leave the semi to its fate……I opted for turning the headlights on and off in a weird attempt to resemble brake lights and braking…..the semi quick swerved into the left lane, missing my left rear had to be inches……
    After my knees stopped shaking…….when I pulled out and around the disabled vehichle and proceeded forward, I see the trucker has pulled off at the bottom of the overpass and is walking back up the hill with a lug wrench…..

  57. Seven little girls, sittin’ in the back seat,

    huggin’ and kissin’ with Fred,

    I said, ‘How would one of you like to come and sit beside me?’

    And, this is what the seven girls said,

    (all together now, 1, 2,3)

    ‘Keep your mind on your driving, keep your hands on the wheel,

    Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead.

    We’re having fun, sittin’ in the back seat,

    Huggin’ and akissin’ with Fred.

  58. Woncha let me take ya on a city cruise ? OOeee, OOeee, Baby !

    The Continental [a dance]

    Morgen, Morgen, lacht uns wieder dabei. [a pun on the Morgan]

  59. Mr Sturgeone, that’s another hair-raising tale of adventure about the Knights of the Road. Good thing you lived to tell us the story.

  60. The Stroll :

    Let’s go stro-o-o-llin’ down the avenoo-oo-oo-oo.

    Well, bless my so-ol, how I love to stroll.

  61. So many of em didn’t make the cut…..Camus, Pollack, James Dean, Chapin…….the crashing of a car……..endgate.

    Or, I guess you could choke on a sandwich or something…..

  62. That’s the grown up Buster Brown, huh ? I liked his dog Tyge a lot. A’course, Buster was just a little kid when Tyge was alive.

  63. Did Hannity McHannityface ever hear anything about his 24 hour ultimatum to judge asshole from Alabama?

  64. Suckabee said Franken and SFF’s distinction is tha Franken confessed and SFF denied as if denial is a good thing   –  as opposed to a rive in Egypt.

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