Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

A beautiful and popular work inspired by Shakespeare’s A midsummer night’s dream. One of Mendelssohn’s most endearing and enduring works.

Enjoy the music and as always enjoy your day!

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41 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jace, thanks, one of my favorites since the day in college drama class production I played titania opposite a very beguiling oberon … yep, those were the days

    but now to a mid autumn’s nightmare

  2. X-r…….don’t like that Dixie Down song, eh? Well, maybe you just haven’t heard it enough…………..(he said with an evil sneer, reaching for the record arm…….)

  3. Thank you Jace.  One of my favorite Shakespeare plays and your beautiful music selection to go with it.

    OTOH, it figures.  Patd gets Titania.  I get Puck.

  4. Jamie, you got pucked? no way. puck’s the best role aside from playing bottom.   later, we did “Alice in wonderland” and I was the dormouse in the mad hatter’s teapot.  when y’all did it, I bet you were alice.

  5. Well, Jace this was an inspired selection. I love the shred violin – I can picture the violinists sweating as they try to Ker up with the first violinist.

    Sturg I saw your Sir Douglas response, and yes, it was an accessible song with a hook, playable by novice musicians. Not sure why my band didn’t learn it. We were too busy trying to learn the bBeatles, Stones and Swinging Medallions I guess.

    And, sure, let Alabama secede-but don’t touch my Bama football. Yesterday they officially joined the heart attack kids club.

  6. Pog…..we played it……but we made fun of it behind its back….

    always kind of associated it with Manfred Mann and his do-wah ditty-ditty, dumb ditty-do song

  7. Lovely. I always associate that with A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy … the lightning bugs flitting through the New York woods on a summer’s night . . . in concert with the twinkling stars. Lovely, lovely.

    Wonder if Bill Murray would be interested in playing Puck.

  8. Seems to have been quite a few girls walking down the street songs

    and now-a-days I wonder if “Good Morning Little School Girl” would ever make it to air time…..

    Lot to cringe about in that one, but all the “blues” guys made sure to include it……

  9. We did the same thing with Dirty Water. For LPs generation it was Smoke on the Water – got it banned from Guitar Center.

  10. Jace, you and London did good on this one. I like their brass–where anything except honest flugelhorns are banned.

  11. Yesterday was a Veterans Day to forget: the so-called POTUS denigrating our intelligence community and our press, while toadying up to a loathsome criminal on the international stage. I wasn’t ashamed, but furious, and wishing Liam Neeson could do some freelance work. But I’ll wait for Mueller’s investigation and the rule of law.

  12. Patd

    No my next role was Amanda in Glass Menagerie.  Considered it fate since Jonquils are my birth flower.


  13. mr ddog, how’s chase? out of the cone collar torture yet?  a curled up doggie wearing one of those would make a good optical illusion picture of a living French horn.

    they should design those cones with side windows or slatted openings to avoid collisions.  maybe the inner basket of a salad spinner with a hole for neck would work just as well to protect the wound and the dog’s dignity

  14. Great role, but I was actually jealous of the girl who got to play Laura.  Delicate is not one of my natural states. lol



  15. Donna Brazile Shut the Fuck UP

    No one gives a shit about you and your excuses unless you want to talk about all your failed campaigns starting with Al

  16. KGC

    You need to give MS Brazile a break. She is a leader in search of a parade.  It is lonely out there being a parade of one.

    A lot of Democrat leaders are having that problem’


  17. It seems Sturge is a good political prognosticator.  It looks like Roy Moore is going down.  I do believe it is God’s will (No offense to any believers – mocking Roy Moore only.)

  18. The pressure is approaching critical mass for Moore to make like horseshit and hit the trail…..

    That would be a shame.

  19. But even if they run in another candidate Jones is still in play because of the turnout and Moore sordid ness.

  20. It’s too late to get him off the ballot – the best they could hope for is a write in

    And a write-in in the Ala is a problem

  21. Moore leaves me with the impression that he thinks there is nothing wrong with America a good Inquisition wouldn’t fix…….

  22. Sturge, I’ll be amazed if Roy doesn’t take the oath of office in the Senate following the December special election.  Of course him swearing to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States would be nothing short of a joke – having been twice removed from office for failing to do just that.

  23. BW said yesterday “alabama is an empty barrel (with apologies to Pogo)”

    No apology needed BW, I left there 35 years ago. There are a few decent folks down there, but they’re way outnumbered by idiots.


  24. PatD, Chase is handling the cone very well, navigating corners, eating and drinking without help, and finding comfortable positions on the dog beds. The stitches come out Thursday, maybe under anesthesia. Then we’ll know for certain about an eyeball puncture or cornea scratches, but the outlook appears positive. We’re about to take a ride across town to walk with a friend, and we will take Chase’s ride in case he can’t handle the three miles. He inherited a PetGear All Terrain Stroller, outfitted with cushion, horn, lights and reflectors, and he doesn’t mind using it.

  25. mr ddog, a rolls Royce for rover?  chase is a mighty lucky dog.  and a bit spoiled would you say???  🙂

    it is wonderfully surprising how well and fast corneas heal.

  26. Pogo….prepare to be amazed…..lots of shoes to drop in a month and I’m thinking Moore has much more bad luggage he’s toting around…..he’s going under …….

    I don’t know, I get these crazy notions from time to time and sometimes I’m even right……

    Moore’s concession speech will be a DOOZY

  27. Sturge, we both have more experience with Alabama morons than we’d like o admit. You think his baggage will make a difference with them – I don’t.  One of us will be right.  Either way, should be a show.

  28. Mr. DD

    It is nice to know that there are others in the world who genuinely believe their non human companions are as worthy of consideration and care as their human ones.

  29. Sweetie’s Bro and Sis-in-Law are 2 votes against Moore. That’d be up Guntersville way. They are both pretty sharp.

  30. I was, and must always be, Casca. I would love to be the Student Prince, but alas, it just isn’t in my genes.

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