Funny, a television personality behaves like a lunatic but a staffer gets fired.

Meanwhile, John McCain:

“To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain ‘the last best hope of earth’ for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”

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  1. and the rest of that speech by sen. mccain as quoted by wapo:

    We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil.  We are the custodians of those ideals at home, and their champion abroad. We have done great good in the world. That leadership has had its costs, but we have become incomparably powerful and wealthy as we did. We have a moral obligation to continue in our just cause, and we would bring more than shame on ourselves if we don’t. We will not thrive in a world where our leadership and ideals are absent. We wouldn’t deserve to.


  2. business insider:  Florida governor declares state of emergency before white nationalist’s speech

    (Reuters) – Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency on Monday ahead of a speech by a white nationalist leader later this week at the University of Florida, in order to free up resources to prepare for possible violence.

    Rallies by neo-Nazis and white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August led to violent street clashes with counter-protesters. After the melee, as counter-protesters were dispersing, a 20-year-old man who is said by law enforcement to have harbored Nazi sympathies smashed his car into the crowd, killing a 32-year-old woman.

    “This executive order is an additional step to ensure that the University of Florida and the entire community is prepared so everyone can stay safe,” Scott said in a statement.

    Scott said in the order there was a need to implement a coordinated security plan among local and state agencies before the speech by Richard Spencer on Thursday in Gainesville.

    Spencer heads a white nationalist group

    University of Florida officials were not immediately available for comment. Local media reports said the school was threatened with a lawsuit if it tried to block Spencer.

    The Orlando Sentinel newspaper quoted Spencer as saying the emergency declaration was “flattering” but “most likely overkill.”

    In a video message this week, University of Florida President Kent Fuchs told students to stay away, deny Spencer attention and ignore his “message of hate.”

    “The values of our universities are not shared by Mr. Spencer. Our campuses are places where people from all races, origins and religions are welcome and treated with love,” he said, adding he was required by law to allow him speak.

    “We refuse to be defined by this event. We will overcome this external threat to our campus and our values,” Fuchs said.

  3. There is little I can say about SFB stating he is the only president to call the family of those military members who were killed.  There is only one way to spin it and it is the guy is insane and needs to be put in a padded cell.  He has no empathy.  I refuse to even consider that he gives a shit that the men and women killed were fighting to allow the Putin lover to be in office.

  4. watched all of Trump’s presser yesterday. so much to unpack wouldn’t know where to start. was mostly distracted by how he kept raising the microphone, forcing McConnell to lower it every time he spoke.

  5. He’s nothing but a liar – tries to make it about him at the expense of anyone, everyone else.  Obama went to meet with and comfort the families of soldiers killed in the ME when the bodies were returned to the US.  John Kelly lost a son in combat in 2010 – why haven’t we heard a word from him about whether Obama called, sent a letter, anything?  And finally, what the hell is Glenn Kessler thinking?  He would not rate trump’s rose garden lies yesterday on Fact Checker because he took them back in real time.  What?  he may have waffled on the lies, but he didn’t unsay them.  Geez, Glenn, grow a pair.

  6. O’Donnell, like Maddow, worked with Griffin to turn msnbc away from the integrity & interesting programming that was the hallmark of Mr Olbermann & towards the paler shade of company guy/gal dull it is today. Only thing progressive about that network’s hosts is the progress of money into their bank accounts.

    Speaking of integrity, scorching truth & never a dull moment … Trump is F*cking Crazy by Mr Olbermann is released today. If not available at your local bookstore, order it through the Trail Mix Amazon link.


  7. If you have seen The Lion In Winter, O’Donnell is Geoffrey. (With apologies to the great John Castle.)


  8. A beautiful morning glory to the trail.  Nice juxtaposition, Craig.  I remember when I had MSNBC and O’d  was first starting as an anchor and KO was still at the network.   The first show for O’d didn’t go well…some teleprompter snafu and O’d lost it a bit and KO said to him — “Your’re the one who wanted this show.”  Craig knows how this goes.

    McCain looks awful and I can see the life force leaving him…does make me sad and I am ashamed I called him ‘grampy’ and made fun of him, but that damn palin trash he drug in from bannon?  We are still living in the stink.  I think he feels he owes the decent citizens and this may be his last knell.

    When the pg mentioned that the ACA was dead?  I broke down…the sad truth.


  9. I catch a snippet of O’ Donnell’s show every now and then.  I find him to be very hyperbolic at times.  I do like his guests.  Maddox I find almost unwatchable.  I don’t like her style of belaboring a tease until it’s dead….  when she finally gets to the point, frequently, I don’t care.

    BlondeW…  I made fun of McCain over the choice of Palin also.  But now I’m thankful he’s still around.

  10. bw, all might not be lost on ACA if al is right that some movement is underway.  here’s al frank-splaining a range of things currently in crisis.

    craig, forget it, al says he’s not running for prez in 2020

  11. Not a surprise Senator McCain is using whatever time he has left speaking out for the good. I wish him well on his journey.


  12. RR, we have a saying in our house, “New Keith!” which translated means, “if we watch nothing else this evening, this is it.”

    Maddow is all about Maddow. Lots of drama and stagecraft going on there. Makes me dizzy. (Can she stop rolling her eyes, twisting pencils and looking heavenward for just one show?)

    O’Donnell seems so . . . angry and disgusted most of the time. This is a good time for that.

    But, no, there is only one Keith. Accept no imitations.

  13. I Don’t watch cable “news”, I can barely stand broadcast news,

    As to McCain, Ya know he would have to do a lot to makeup for all the damage he has done as a Republican and lock step supporting Republican policies. As more of a believer in karma than salvation, I suspect it is too little too late and if there is an after life he has a few things to answer for,



  14. I am glad to see women stepping forward to talk about their experiences with sexual harassment

    When I was younger I was harassed quite a bit.  I worked on the support team for an all male magazine sale staff at a women’s magazine.  They thought grabbing the staff was their prerogative.   They also drank too much and padded their expense accounts.  Looking back it seems disgusting at the time normal.   No one complained because no one would have cared.



  15. Craig (and Pat): McCain’s words should be something that all those who are working the GOP agenda of hate, racism and gouging the poor to enrich the already rich should pay heed to. If they are truly the Christians they claim to be, then perhaps it’s time they all look at what they’ve done and consider whether that is the resume they want to present to their maker when their time comes! 

  16. jack, looks like the twit wants to get a crack at john before whoever that karma person does…. perhaps, on the other hand, karma is using the twitbag as  a surrogate hell on earth  for not only the senator but for all of us.

    wapo:  ‘It won’t be pretty’: Trump promises to ‘fight back’ against McCain

  17. wapo via msn: “Key senators reach bipartisan health-care subsidy deal, and Trump expresses support” 

    A pair of leading Republican and Democratic senators reached an agreement Tuesday to fund key federal health-care subsidies that President Trump ended last week — and the president expressed support for the plan.

    But it was unclear whether Senate GOP leaders would embrace the proposal, leaving its long-term prospects in doubt.

    The compromise from Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) would provide states with greater flexibility under the Affordable Care Act in exchange for authorizing cost-sharing reduction payments known as CSRs for two years. Those payments help offset deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs for low-income consumers who obtain insurance under the Affordable Care Act


  18. excerpt from wapo’s “‘Disrespectful lie’: Anger grows over Trump’s claims about past presidents and fallen troops”

    Near midnight Monday, former U.S. attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr., who in 2009 accompanied Obama to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to witness the return of 18 Americans killed in Afghanistan, tweeted for Trump to “stop the damn lying.” He added, “I went to Dover AFB with 44 and saw him comfort the families of both the fallen military & DEA.”


    holder’s phrase  “stop the damn lying” would make a nice bumper sticker as well as a companion to “lock him up” shout

  19. Trump so clueless about health care, might as well put Beverly Hillbillies in charge, let Granny boil a possum to cure cancer.

  20. ment nelson

    “Everyone meet my friend Ms. Jery Taylor of Mt. Pleasant, SC. She’s preserving the art of basket weaving that dates back 2 Africa pre-slavery”

  21. Just for clarity, Ment Nelson put up the video on twitter…
    Ment was named for Clementa Pinckney, a relative who was murdered by Dylan Roof…..Ms Taylor is his friend, though I’ve met her a few times…….CC I imagine you saw a few of the basket stands on the way out to Sullivan’s Island and Isle of palms?

  22. Just caught a clip from an interview of Trump.  He was asked why Isis hadn’t been defeated before now.  Answer:  “Because you didn’t have Trump for President before now.”

    Craig,  Can you book a room at St. Elizabeths for the pathologically narcissistic?

  23. Maddow explains how complex bits fit together. Sometimes the parts are complex and an hour hardly works to explain the situation. Sometimes an hour is too long to explain the mess. Then it gets repetitious to fill in the time slot. I love her for putting the pieces of the puzzles together.

    I have always loved O’Donnell’s passion, going back to his days on Washington Week in review.

    K.O. is great. I am very glad that he has an outlet once more.

    I miss the hard-hitting tv journalism of Brancachio & Hinajosa, The Kwintney Report, and Bill Moyers. I also miss the sunny disposition of Gwen Ifil.




  24. Let’s all just say that trump defeated the isis cult. I mean, it’s not like he defeated Japan, Italy, or Germany, let alone all 3 simultaneously. Let’s not exaggerate isis lest it begin t0 seem heroic. Let’s not exaggerate the defeat of isis lest the lying, draft-dodging, deadbeat pussypincher begins to seem heroic. Especially, since the Army, Marines, and Air Force did the work while trump just happened to be the usurper-in-chief.

  25. I can get past Maddow’s possibly irritating mannerisms because, as X pointed out, she really nails down the connections and the pieces of the puzzle.
    I like Olberman because he really means it and is not afraid of the bully.

  26. Define false friend, user, scumbag: Lest we forget it came out a few years back that Maddow intentionally worked behind the scenes against Mr Olbermann while he was away caring for his dying father. How anyone with a conscience can watch her is beyond me. Every time you see her mug, remember who she is & what she did.




  27. wow SJ I did not know that.  There is an interview with Maddow in a recent New Yorker and I think it is a pretty good portrait.

  28. Pogo – during the last couple of months WashPoo has changed a lot of the writing to make SFB neutral.  No longer attacking hard, sometimes equalizing the moron.

    Back in the days, before Maddow and before KO, we Liberals did a lot of work with write-in and call-in to get KO then to get Maddow.  It destroyed Air America of course, but it made MSNBC a solid channel on the left side of the center.  When the new head came on (last year?) he instantly worked to make it faux nooze lite, and has succeeded.  Much of it is far right and not worth the electricity to watch.  The best Maddow was when she was mixing cocktails.  Great stuff.

    Right now I am thinking the repubs are getting antsy when they sniff the air in their districts.  As the real news, not the SFB crap, sinks in and the people start to see that the moron is going to take what little money they have and give it to his family, and get rid of their health care payment system, they will not like it.  Obama has been out almost a year now (consider November the fini), and their heeero has done nothing to help, only damage their lives.  Obama fades away, just as the Village Idiot did. Now SFB owns the cesspool he created.

  29. I love Maddow even when she gets all school marmy over explaining or repeating things.  She really nails down the facts so the irritations are minor.


  30. Olbermann’s statement on Maddow

    Are you still close with her?
    [Pause] Yes and no. We had a very brotherly/sisterly relationship. I was normally in her office or she in mine, four out of five days, just to throw the crap around. Several times I talked her out of storming out of the place, and several times she talked me out of storming out. But since I left, I’ve kept my distance from all my friends I couldn’t bring with me. I hope I’m employing all of them someday, but at the moment there is a somewhat chilled view of me at NBC. I don’t think they expected this would be the outcome. They expected “OK, he’s going to go away now, probably for so long that nobody will be interested in bringing him back.”

    I can’t find anything on search since 2011 and even only that they don’t speak which would probably make a certain amount of sense for very busy people no longer at the same firm.

  31. Keith O has discovered the love of dogs since he left the regular airwaves. He has dogs, baseball, and his work for #TheResistance. What else does he need?

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