Fire And Fury In The White House

Washington Post: “Frustrated by his Cabinet and angry that he has not received enough credit for his handling of three successive hurricanes, President Trump is now lashing out, rupturing alliances and imperiling his legislative agenda, numerous White House officials and outside advisers said. … In a matter of days, Trump has torched bridges all around him.”

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  1. Meanwhile, on the west coast in the land of the democrats, the fires in Cali continues to burn and will trump mention the 10 deaths attributed to the fires?  Instead?  trump triumvirate (including stinky zinke) ignore fire science.   Perhaps trump can toss paper towels into the fire as another climate change disaster needing his attention.

    From the LA times article(written before this weekend deadly fires)

     It seems the right time to carefully assess wildland fire, its climate drivers and forest-health consequences.
    Alas, that’s the last thing the Trump administration is interested in doing. Its key wildfire officials — Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and EPAAdministrator Scott Pruitt — have refused to acknowledge the primary role that dangerous climatological factors, such as drought, heat and wind, play in energizing and propelling wildland fire. Instead, they’re fingering “radical environmentalists” who allegedly have scuttled timber sales that would have removed trees and reduced ignition sources.

  2. Didn’t think #45 had any bridges, only moats.

    As for the Weinstein money,  I’ll repeat that in today’s world facts mean nothing; it’s all about appearances. And a good sound bite is priceless.




  3. sjwny, re Weinstein’s dirty dollars, here’s my earlier response to jace who said “Republicans would have taken money from Weinstein or anybody else who offered, but they were too busy taking money from white supremists and  the NRA.”

    jace, ’tis a puzzlement how money from an exhibitionistic sex predator is seen as more vile and tainted than money from promoters and perpetrators of hatred and violence.  the ones with blood on their hands metaphorically as well as actually should be the ones at the front of the shunned line.

  4. It’s October 2017 & so far there is no one worthy of my vote from any Party. Not even dog catcher because I respect animals.

    I know I am not alone in this sentiment & both major Parties have their heads in the sand. What was that hackneyed catch phrase -? The New Big Deal or Big New Deal or Let’s Make a Deal? Meanwhile the Republicans have their own Typhoid Mary/Ransom of Red Chief thingy going on.

    Political. Reality. Bites.


  5. As I said, patd, facts mean nothing; appearances are everything. Morals, schmorals. Real test: how does it play in Peoria? That’s what really matters today.


  6. sjwny, be careful going the indie route… surreptitiously promoting a third party candidate is seriously being considered as a way for the twit to be reelected.  they’re gonna do a divide and conquer campaign.

  7. The older I get the more I appreciate the evil genius of Lee Atwater. (Appreciate as in the historical influence realm. Give credit where due.)

  8. patd,

    Not going any route – so far. And I’m not alone. Shouldn’t the Parties be sh*tting their pants over voter turnout? That’s the point.

    On a happier note, Spiro Agnew resigned on this date in 1973. Ah, memories.


  9. I just caught a portion of Joe Biden’s acceptance after receiving the Ziggy award last week. The passion is still there and focused in the right direction. I believe him to be worthy of my vote.

  10. excerpt from forbesInside Trump’s Head: An Exclusive Interview With the President, And The Single Theory That Explains Everything


    ….The president’s much-maligned Twitter stream provides a modern way to self-validate. Anything he says registers thousands of likes, thousands of retweets and, over time, millions of new followers. So what if some of those followers are fake accounts? Big numbers have always attracted Trump, regardless of their accuracy. He numbered the floors in Trump Tower to make the building seem taller, obsessed over his Apprentice ratings and lied about the square footage of his penthouse. All of this explains the inexplicable–the need to exaggerate crowd sizes or shoot the messenger any time a bad poll comes out.

    For Trump, numbers also serve as a pliant tool. American business has fully embraced Big Data, Moneyball -style analytics and machine learning, where figures suggest the best course of action. But Trump, for decades, has boasted about how he conducts his own research–largely anecdotal–and then buys or sells based on instinct. Numbers are then used to justify his gut. He governs exactly that way, sticking with even his most illogical campaign promises–the kind other politicians walk back from once confronted with actual policy decisions, whether making Mexico pay for a border wall when illegal immigration is historically low or pulling the U.S. from the Paris climate accords, despite the fact that compliance is voluntary–citing whatever figures he can to justify his stances. When asked about Russian interference in the election, for example, he notes that he got 306 electoral votes and adds that the Democrats need “an excuse for losing an election that in theory they should have won.” For the greatest-ever American salesman (yes, including P.T. Barnum), statistics serve as marketing grist.



  11. Trump slogan for 2020 – We don’t build bridges, we build walls.  Alternate version – We don’t build bridges, we burn them.

  12. Trump is on a Twitter storm this morning.  It is an object lesson in the psychopathology of an insane narcissist.  He really does need to be impeached.  Unfortunately the line up behind him is only attractive by comparison

    Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Orin Hatch, Rex Tillerson, Steve Mnuchin, James Mattis, and Jeff Sessions



  13. Daily Mail article on the “services” provided by Weinstein that included setting up parties with “Russian Escorts”.  Trump is more likely to get dragged in to that swamp than anything Hillary might have done.

  14. Methinks SFB should learn to play the fiddle.

     I’ll repeat that in today’s world facts mean nothing; it’s all about appearances. And a good sound bite is priceless.

    sj…  I’d love to know a time when that statement wasn’t true.  This is basic human nature 101…  just think “if it looks like a witch talks like a witch, and smells like a witch, then it’s a witch”.

  15. scary passage from that wapo article craig linked above:

    One Trump confidant likened the president to a whistling teapot, saying that when he does not blow off steam, he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode. “I think we are in pressure cooker territory,” said this person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly.

    an explosion that could possible blow up millions of people, flora and fauna.

    except for the part that the grandchild in the old   dutch fairy tale “The Ice King and His Wonderful Grandchild” wants and could possibly be a boon to mankind, the twit has only the malevolently explosive characteristics. see if you see the similarity in this excerpt about stoom :


    Now when the child of Vuur and Regen was born, it turned out to be, in body and in character, just what people expected from such a father and mother. It was named in Dutch, Stoom. It grew fast and soon showed that it was as powerful as its parents had been; yet it was much worse, when shut up, than when allowed to go free in the air. Stoom loved to do all sorts of tricks. In the kitchen, it would make the iron kettle lid flop up and down with a lively noise. If it were confined in a vessel, whether of iron or earthenware, when set over the fire, it would blow the pot or kettle all to pieces, in order to get out. Thinking itself a great singer, it would make rather a pleasant sound, when its mother let it come out of a spout. Yet it never obeyed either of its parents. When they tried to shut up Stoom inside of anything, it always escaped with a terrible sound. In fact, nothing could long hold it in, without an explosion.

    Sometimes Stoom would go down into the bowels of the earth and turn on a stream of water so as to meet the deep fires which are ever burning far down below us. Then there would come an awful earthquake, because Stoom wanted to get out, and the earth crust would not let him, but tried to hold him down. Sometimes Stoom slipped down into a volcano’s mouth. Then the mountain, in order to save itself from being choked, had to spit Stoom out, and this always made a terrible mess on the ground, and men called it lava. Or, Stoom might stay down in the crater as a guest, and quietly come out, occasionally, in jets and puffs.

    Even when Jack Frost was around and froze the pipes in the house, or turned the water of the pots, pans, kettles and bottles into solid ice, Stoom behaved very badly. If the frozen kettles, or any other closed vessel were put over the stove, or near the fire, and the ice melted at the bottom too fast, Stoom would blow the whole thing up. In this way, he often put men’s lives in danger and made them lose their property.

    No one seemed to know how to handle this mischievous fairy. Not one man on earth could do anything with him. So they let him have his own way. Yet all the time, though he was enjoying his own tricks and lively fun, he was, with his own voice, calling on human beings to use him properly, and harness him to wheels; for he was willing to be useful to them, and was all ready to pull or drive, lift or lower, grind or pump, as the need might be.

    As long as men did not treat him properly and give him the right to get out into the air, after he had done his work, Stoom would explode, blow up and destroy everything. He could be made to sing, hiss, squeal, whistle, and make all kinds of sounds, but, unless the bands that held him in were strong enough, or if Vuur got too hot, or his mother would not give him drink enough, when the iron pipes were red with heat, he would lose his temper and explode. He had no respect for bad or neglected boilers, or for lazy or careless firemen and engineers.

    Yet properly harnessed and treated well, and fed with the food such as his mother can give, and roused by his father’s persuasion, Stoom is greater than any giant or fairy that ever was. He can drive a ship, a locomotive, a submarine, or an aeroplane, as fast as Fro’s boar, horse or ship. Everybody to-day is glad that Stoom is such a good servant and friend all over the world

  16. Jamie, hope you’ve read franken’s book.  I wish it were required reading in all poli-sci classes.  aside from a very palatable way to learn the inner workings of critterville, it’s very very funny.

    one thing I learned from it that didn’t touch on politics and was touching about him is that he wrote “when a man loves a woman”

  17. In downtown Wilmington NC  — this is the alley (first door on the left) where Dennis Hopper lived for several years after making Blue Velvet here. He helped start a stage theater next door.

  18. I’m back from four days in the Outback of a Michigan sand county. The morning coffee crowd there voted for Truman over Dewey and now supports trump. The gashog pickup and van are still the vehicles of choice. Deer hunting, illnesses, and where they going for the winter are the chief topics of male conversation. The chief topics of the women are their kids, other people’s kids, and illnesses. The biggest changes in 25 years have been the addition of yogurt to the diet and the disappearance of the smokers.

  19. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    The opposition should try to understand why people support one candidate over another. I grew up in a community like xrepublican visited. These aren’t horrible deplorables or imbeciles. Thinking they are is the Democrats’ biggest mistake & a big reason why they are losing support. Gotta show respect to get respect. Secretary Clinton ended up being this generation’s “little man on top of the wedding cake.”

  20. Sorry I don’t buy that.  There has been plenty of time to see that Trump is nothing and represents only his own self interest.  He uses hate and fear to maintain his popularity.  Anyone who supports that is a deplorable and I’ll say to it anyone’s face.  I am sick and tired of pretending they have valid opinions when they don’t.  They have plenty of opinions that are worth shit.  I don’t want their  vote they disgust me

    The only ones we have to deal with to win are the lying cheating Republicans who are suppressing the vote.

  21. Our band opened for and also backed Percy on The Isla of Palms in 1967….. Great guy, many laughs……

  22. Harvey Weinstein is a pig and his piggishness is non-partisan.  I hope that as each one of them is revealed that more women and men will come forward when the accusations are first made.  Bad enough it went on for years unbelievable that people who could have stopped it didn’t.

    Sexual harassment, acquaintance assault are far more common then most people think.  If you know something say something.


  23. Katherine Graham Cracker,

    I adore you but stuff like that will keep the Republicans in power because they know how to use & exploit voters for their own gain. Dem condensation is not a particularly successful political strategy 😉

  24. KGC……yep, I was so happy to note in later years that I had correctly spelled Piranhas, even though the plural of Piranha is Piranha, and there’s that little mark sposed to be over the “N”

    Can’t have everything…….

    We played a great many places the knowlege of which would have left me poor old mudder gasping for air…….

    62 to 68……we had a good run, smack in the middle of the sixties, albeit not in NY or California…….

  25. Craig…   Franken for President is…  at least for me…    an interesting thought.  He’s proven himself to be an intelligent, thoughtful, and hard working politician.  And yes… in this age of celebrityism, IMO, he could be seen as a viable presidential candidate.  And what I like is that he would be a new face on that stage.

    I do like Joe Biden…   but…  he’s old baggage.  I’d really like to see new blood from the Democrats in 2020.

  26. We don’t need them to win

    no one is condescending to them.  They are racists   I’m not interested in their excuses

  27. Oldest known photo of the Piranhas……62, practicing in a front room.
    I’m on the right, if you can see it….kinda blurry

  28. I don’t like Al. I’d support him for Prez, though. Especially over another tone deaf shill for Wall Street bankers, who thinks the jingle “Better Together” is a strategy, let alone a compelling one.

  29. I like Al.  I don’t see him getting enough votes to be president, though, even against SFB.  But yes, KC, he is good enough  😉


    http://The new reality of old age in America – The Washington Post

    This is worth a read, especially in the age of Trump. These folks feel forgotten, and not without reason. They either voted for Trump or not at all. Democrats had nothing to offer. These people fear for their future and there is nothing nor anyone who seems to notice.  Repealing Obamacare, or passing tax reform will not help them, and those are the republican priorities. Sadly Democrats aren’t offering anything better.

    Appareently American exceptionalism has come to mean looking out for anyone except those who need it.

  31. Jace there’s so much to unpack in your post. Repugs offer Ocare R&R; Dems offered Ocare repair. Repugs offer tax reform for the rich, Dems offer tax reform for the middle class and poor. Repugs offer a return to an industrial revolution past, Dems offer a step to a future of alternative energy. Repugs offer a clown, Dems offer a flawed but competent candidate. Repugs offer a majority in the government branches. Oh, wait, there’s the rub.

  32. Mr Sturgeone,

    He’s been rude to me and to Sweetie. He has also been rude to friends of mine. He’s rude.

    However, he’s not a perv, has the best interests of most Americans in mind, is not afraid of big shots, and upholds US law. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

  33. I didn’t much care for Ms Clinton, either, but I’d vote for her in a heartbeat against ANY republican.

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