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  1. But I need you more than want you

    And I want you for all time.

    And the Wichita Lineman

    Is still on the line.

    Glen Campbell + Jimmy Webb = beautiful music. Shoutout also to John Hartford. Rise up out of that seat, John.

  2. In the trump fire and fury threat, kellyanne looks sick to her stomach. I guess trump found her red line.

  3. Rolling Stone obituary

    “It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, grandfather, and legendary singer and guitarist, Glen Travis Campbell, at the age of 81, following his long and courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease,” the singer’s family said in a statement.

  4. Sorry to hear of Glen’s passing – remarkably talented guy.  I don’t know all of his music, but i Agree with SJ, Jamie and XR – Wichita Lineman is a great song.

    Bink, Columbia?  No.  He’s a good student, but that’s out of his reach – plus he would have had to apply 6 months before he decided to make the jump.  He’ll be at CCNY studying Finance.  We get to NYC couple times a year – Little Italy was one of the first areas we went to for dinners etc. back in the first few trips we made there, Mrs. P being Italian and all.  I could live at Ferrara’s and die fat and happy.  We’ve visited a few of the restaurants down there – I’d say that Benito One was my favorite.  Since you can’t swing a  dead cat and not hit a good Italian restaurant in NYC we generally don’t get to Little Italy much anymore.  I have to laugh about the comfortable shoes – Mrs. P wouldn’t be caught dead in comfortable shoes.

    SJ, did you see my comment on the last page?

    Anyone else in the NYC area?  It’s brain picking time.


  5. That “TV by candle light” is from a joke by Brother Dave Gardiner…..

    If it wasnt for Thomas Edison, dear hearts, we’d all be watching TV by candlelight. Ain’t that weird?
    —Brother Dave

  6. One foggy, wet, March evening years ago I was with my Mom, driving home. Wichita Lineman came on the radio. The drizzle on the windshield reflected oncoming lights, the wipers rhythmically whup-whup-whup in the background. Haunting. Brought back every wistful memory.

  7. I’m not really into country music…  but I did like a few hits from Glen Campbell.  I also kinda like Johnny Cash.  My father really liked Campbell and watching his weekly show in the early 70s was something we did as a family.

    RIP Glen…

  8. Little Italy…..Umberto’s Clam House

    On April 7, 1972, Colombo family gunmen murdered Joe Gallo in a Manhattan restaurant. At 4:30 a.m. that day Gallo and his family entered Umberto’s Clam House in Little Italy, Manhattan. He was there to celebrate his 43rd birthday with sister Carmella, wife Sina Essary, her daughter Lisa, his bodyguard Peter “Pete the Greek” Diapoulas, and Diapoulas’s companion Edith Russo.[23] Earlier that evening the Gallo party visited the Copacabana Club in Manhattan with Jerry and Marta Orbach to see a performance by comedian Don Rickles.[24] Once at Umberto’s, the Gallo party took two tables, with Gallo and Diapoulas facing the wall.[4] Rickles, whom Gallo had invited to join them at Umberto’s, managed to find an excuse to get out of the engagement, possibly saving his life.[25]

    Unknown to Gallo, Colombo associate Joseph Luparelli was sitting at the bar. When he saw Gallo, he immediately left Umberto’s and walked two blocks to another restaurant that was a Colombo hangout. After contacting Yacovelli, Luparelli recruited Colombo associates Philip Gambino, Carmine DiBiase and two other men, reputedly members of the Patriarca family, to kill Gallo. On reaching Umberto’s, Luparelli stayed in the car and the other four men went inside through the back door.[23]

    Between seafood courses, the four gunmen burst into the dining room and opened fire with .32- and .38-cal. revolvers. Gallo swore and drew his handgun. Twenty shots were fired and Gallo was hit in the back, elbow and buttock. After overturning a butcher block dining table, Gallo staggered to the front door. Witnesses claimed that he was attempting to draw fire away from his family. Diapoulas was shot once in the buttocks as he dived for cover. The mortally wounded Gallo stumbled into the street and collapsed. He was taken in a police car to New York Downtown Hospital (then called Beekman-Downtown Hospital). He died in the emergency department.[4][23] A differing account of the murder was offered by hitman and union activist Frank Sheeran in a series of confessions made before his 2003 death. Sheeran claimed that he was the lone triggerman in the Gallo hit.[26]

  9. Campbell was one of the pioneers who made Country Pop. A whole bunch of today’s mainstream Nashville gazillionaires owe him that credit.

  10. Glen was part of “The Wrecking Crew” a group of studio musicians in Los Angeles and Glen played guitar on everything from Frank Sinatra to The Beach Boys before he ever made his first record.

  11. New York is a great place to live, but I wouldn’t want to visit there.

    Too many choices, too little time, get all worn out, come home and need a vacation. I could spend a year in the NYC Library. Another in the American Museum of Natural History. Another in the MMOA. Ditto the Gug, the Cloisters, the architectural walk (1860 – 1940), yadda, yadda, yadda . . . .

  12. Never do I go to NYC without a trip thru the Met Museum of Art
    I love the mounted knights in their armor……

  13. xrepub, I think NYC has become a dehumanizing rat trap, whether visiting or living there.

  14. My first thought of Glen Campbell’s death was to think of my mother. She would have been heartbroken at this news.

    We watched every one of The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour shows together.  I think he introduced her to a different sort of music, because she became more of a country fan after that.

    What a good time we all had.

  15. I am posting this five year old CBS Sunday Morning segment detailing Glen Campbell’s life and career. It’s a little long at 12 minutes, but thoroughly enjoyable and bittersweet today.

  16. Eprof…..perfect, Thanks

    So happy to know that he had his little girl up there with him, having his back.

  17. And Pogo……be sure to check out the Edison Hotel…..the old coffee shop has turned new,, but still……

    Prospect park in Park Slope Brooklyn……. done by the same guy who did Central Park

  18. Mr C,

    Since the 1870s, many non-New Yorkers, and even New Yorkers, have felt the city is a rat trap and have fled. Therefore, the endless ‘burbs. These cultural deserts stretch far up the Hudson, and deep into New Jersey and Connecticut. A pal of mine who lived in Philadelphia once remarked that Philly’s dirty little secret was, it was a suburb of New York. Most of the country would agree that Miami and Fort Lauderdale are suburbs of New York, and that Washington, D.C. is a suburb of Wall Street, a tiny, tiny neighborhood within then Great City.

    So, I guess that your opinion is in the majority.

  19. China Town, too. Spanish Harlem. The SS United States. Yankee stadium. Frisbees in Washington Square. The Flatiron Building. Paddling around in Central Park. The Plaza. 666 Fifth Ave. Ellis Island (in New Jersey, but within the NY Port Authority footprint). The Morgan Library. Jamaica Bay. Nathan’s on Coney Island. Is there still a Luchow’s ?

  20. It’s sad that the death of Glen Campbell has given us a vacation from what’s his name. The upside is that there are some beautiful stories and reminiscences being shared here.

    watched his show regularly growing up, loved his sense of humor and his music. Impressionable as I was at the time, I thought John Hartford was one of the coolest guys ever to come down the road. And damn he could play.

  21. Seems like he’s looking for the backdoor to the Boogaloo Club.  Maybe, see some comics at the Comedy Cellar?

  22. eProf, thanks for that clip.

    One of the things that torqued me off about New York City was how after 9/11, when so many Americans had come to their aid, the tourism industry jacked up prices to take advantage of the falling dollar value and welcome foreigners, thus pricing average Americans out of the market. Marriott rooms, for instance, that were once under $200 were suddenly over $600.

  23. Pogo,

    Louie’s Italian restaurant in the Bronx

    “Try the veal, it’s the best in the city”😬

    Kidding aside, Hope you and LP have a greatime. Sounds fun. Enjoy!

  24. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Craig, too late, ship’s sailed. Besides I love NY. I’ll be drinking mojitos and eating shrimp salad at the Bryant Park cafe adjacent to the NY public library within 24 hours of our arrival. And upper midtown or Central Park west is likely – plus lodging is available and predictable. If I could find a nice enough place in west Harlem that would be fine. Well, I’m going to hit Birdland at least once, maybe Smoke, and if anything is worth seeing at the Beacon, all the better. And the Met Guggenheim and MOMA are short listed. For shits and giggles I may rent a bike for a day or two and cycle along the Hudson from Harlem to Battery Park. And we’ll take on at least a couple shows – Book of Mormon finally.

  25. Nimoy performing Gentle on My Mind is heavenly. What a star. My heart melded.

    However, not quite as outrageous as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing La Bamba.

  26. Smooth sailing Pogo. Still, I’d rather be in West Virginia. George Washington National Forest makes Central Park look like a 7-Eleven.

  27. always felt this line by him was up there with the best of poets

    ….you’re movin’ on the back roads
    By the rivers of my memory
    And for hours you’re just gentle on my mind

  28. Netflix has the movie The Wrecking Crew.

    I was stationed in the deep South in the early to mid 70’s.  The television channel showed the Glenn Campbell show.  His song Southern Nights came out a while after I was out and living in the West.  It was a good song for those rare good memories of where I was down there.

  29. as for nyc, the museums (any museum) were a must just to breathe.  they were my oxygen tanks, meditation room, silence providers and calmatives.  best place for quiet lunches and recuperation.

  30. Glen Campbell was a self taught, phenomenal guitar player…beyond superb.  He was also a big party animal in his youth.   I am happy he made it to 81 and lived a good life.

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