Sunday Serendipity

Martha Argerich and Nelson Freire, piano

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

The music is amazing, but this one is as much about the performers as the music. Two of my favorites together. Consummate musicians both.

Enjoy the music and as always, enjoy your day!

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88 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jace, wow! a real tour de force times two.


    by the way, another delay.

    ny times:

    The Senate will delay votes on a bill to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, announced Saturday night, because of a new obstacle to winning enough support for one of the Republican Party’s most cherished goals.

    Mr. McConnell said the Senate would “defer consideration” of the bill, scheduled for this week, because Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, would be absent, recovering from surgery that he had on Friday to remove a blood clot above his left eye.
    Mr. McCain, 80, announced Saturday night that he had the surgery at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix. He is at home with his family and, “on the advice of his doctors,” will be recovering in Arizona this week, a spokeswoman said.
    Mr. McConnell said that “while John is recovering, the Senate will continue our work on legislative items and nominations.”
    But congressional aides, lobbyists and state officials said Saturday night that Senate leaders should rethink their strategy after being forced to postpone consideration of the repeal bill, which opinion polls show to be highly unpopular.

  2. according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

    Approaching six months in office, Trump’s overall approval rating has dropped to 36 percent from 42 percent in April. His disapproval rating has risen five points to 58 percent. Overall, 48 percent say they “disapprove strongly” of Trump’s performance in office, a level never reached by former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and reached only in the second term of George W. Bush in Post-ABC polling.


    …the poll finds about twice as many Americans prefer the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, to GOP plans for replacing it — 50 percent to 24 percent. About a quarter volunteer either “neither,” say they want something else or offer no opinion.

    Independents are an important factor in the Republican law’s struggles. They favor Obamacare over the GOP replacement by a 29-point margin. Democrats are more strongly behind the current law, with 77 percent preferring Obamacare to the proposed alternative. Meanwhile, only 59 percent of Republicans back their party’s proposal, though only 11 percent say they prefer Obamacare. The remaining 30 percent of Republicans say they prefer neither, something else or give no opinion.

    On one key issue in the debate over the Republican plan, the public by 63 to 27 percent says it is more important for the government to provide health coverage to low-income people rather than cutting taxes


  3. ” … it is more important for the government to provide health coverage to low-income people rather than cutting taxes.”

    Best sentence I’ve read in ages. Most everyone has/had a Grandma or dealt with parents. People have faces & a connection to the heart. We’re not that far removed from poor houses, charity wards or debtors prisons.

    The Democrats formulating a new New Deal would not be a bad thing. What are they afraid of? The Republicans will demonize anything anyway. Spending money wisely is not a bad thing when it benefits the majority. The Republicans creed of greed is a dark hole indeed.



  4. patd,

    I have no idea why the fonts switched on that comment except a long work week & little sleep. 😉


  5. Comey’s Writing a Book, and Publishers Are Eager to Pay Big Money for It

    Mr. Comey’s book will go through the standard legal and governmental vetting to ensure that nothing classified is disclosed. But it may still contain some previously unrevealed details about Mr. Comey’s dealings with Mr. Trump. After all, Mr. Comey is known to be an assiduous note-taker.


    I bet not just publishers are “eager to pay big money for it”…   many a pac will dip into their slush hush funds to see if they can “edit” it if not own it.

  6. excerpt from Miami herald:
    Who cares what’s wrong with Donald Trump? What’s wrong with us?


    Indeed, from the studios of CNN to the bar stools of your neighborhood watering hole, amateur psychoanalysis has become America’s favorite pastime in the last six months. Dozens of theories have been floated, all aimed at answering one question:

    What is wrong with him?

    But I have come to believe that question misses the point. Sixty-three million people voted for this. And make no mistake, they knew what they were getting. It was always obvious that Trump was a not-ready-for-prime-time candidate, but they chose him anyway. And the rest of us need to finally come to grips with the reason why.

    It wasn’t economic anxiety. As a study co-sponsored by the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic reported in May, people who were worried for their jobs voted for Hillary Clinton. But people who dislike Mexicans and Muslims, people who oppose same-sex marriage, people mortally offended at a White House occupied by a black guy with a funny name, they voted for Trump.

    That’s the reality, and it’s time we quit dancing around it.

    This has been said a million times: Donald Trump is a lying, narcissistic, manifestly incompetent child man who is as dumb as a sack of mackerel. But he is the president of the United States because 63 million people preferred that to facing inevitable cultural change. So I am done asking — or caring — what’s wrong with him. Six months in, it’s time we grappled a far more important question.
    What in the world is wrong with us?

  7. That’s the way of things in GOP land. McCain goes to the Mayo Clinic, the rest of us go to prompt care. Go figure.

  8. Sjwny,

    ‘creed of greed’, I think that there’s a post by that title in there. Go for it.

    Creed of Greed explaines almost everything republicans do on every front and every issue.

  9. Heading to Southern Command this afternoon for Toby Dog’s birthday on Thursday (day we got her from shelter).

  10. anyone else experiencing slower than usual comment posting. checked our technicals, everything in order. could be the server is hung over.

  11. Jace, that turned into a long and very annoying story. I was looking forward to driving, but when I looked into renewing my drivers license it turned out I had last renewed before a big change in requirements. Under federal law any new renewals after 2014 require in-person proof of identity (birth certificate), residency and social security. Had to order a birth certificate which won’t arrive in time, and must fly back on the expiration date or I wouldn’t be able to get through airport security. Driving back with an expired license did not seem like a good idea.

    Of course I shouldn’t have waited so long but thought it would be a simple matter of surrendering my old one for a new one. Anyone who renewed before 2014, beware, you’ll likely fall into this trap. Once renewed under the new procedure, you get the license for 8 years and your next renewals go back to the old simple ways. Ugh, so its off to airline prison.

  12. “What in the world is wrong with us” -Leonard Pitts Jr.

    Late-stage capitalism and the trappings it implies has made us fat, complacent, and intellectually lazy, since he asked.

  13. Craig,

    Too funny. Had a similar experience when I switched my license over from AZ to WA. Thought it would be fairly easy. It was a bit more than I had anticipated.

    Note to travelers, do not try to go through air port security with a temporary license 😩

  14. Craig – let us know if you have to take the written and/or driving test again?  You know, Florida?  he he he

  15. my license is DC, divitale, looks like no written test but i’ll be double checking that

  16. D.C. Is a strange place, they issue their own licenses, collect their own taxes etc. they have all the rights and obligations of a state except for representation. Most unusual me thinks.

  17. just to be clear Jace, for once I don’t blame DC — this license law was passed by Congress for all states at the recommendation of the 911 commission. So nobody is exempt. But yes, taxation without representation really isn’t fair.

  18. DC ain’t so bad……been there twice….went to the mount Vernon, Monticello, The Smithsonian, Arlington, took an FBI tour, passed Bobby Kennedy in some hallway, shook hands with J. Strom

    unless going thru it counts, then I’ve been there a hunnert times.

    The first time, with family in 60 we camped our way back thru the Shenandoah…. I’m afraid that at the time I was more impressed by the Peaks of Otter than hot-ass DC.

  19. It varies by state.  For TX, it’s now once every 12 years in person for new pic & eye exam.

    Craig-  Safe travels & an early happy birthday to little Toby & to you, as well.



  20. Jace, I thought page-turners at Rachmaninoff recitals were required to have fire extinguishers?? Well done!

  21. I never go out the door without my valid passport and ‘take the express line’ card in my billfold. The passport is unimpeachable ID at all places I might visit, foreign or domestic including security stations and ticket counters in airports.

  22. Note to flip county residents. Those jobs Trump promised aren’t coming back either. But hey, maybe you can get a job building a wall.

  23. Sturgeone

    In the “Castle” on the ground floor entrance to the gift shop, there is a book case.  Inside:  A first edition, autographed copy of Little Women.

    I would like to point my basic honesty due to the fact that while powerfully thought about, the glass on that case was not broken for a grab and run!!!!


  24. Jace – I am about to do something I rarely do, support a republican, McCain most likely ended up at the Mayo Clinic due to his complex medical history.  And, Mayo has a facility in AZ.

    With the continuing drop in the polls SFB is taking, it is heartening that the trend is steady.  What happens to Americans with the first step of the republican tax cuts for the one percent, called health care, is not on the minds of the republicans.  They just want the money in their pockets. The Democrats will need to be elected to clean up the disaster.

  25. toby, just in case we forget…. you know how humans are, especially those of a certain age.

  26. I used to have a good many first editions of stuff, many of which were quite nice…. But they’ve all wound up in some box or another, in one storage spot or another, one of which burned to the ground….I kind of lost interest.

  27. BB, I think most folks here have learned that when John McCain’s motives or patriotism are questioned, I respond in the strongest terms. He may be ‘wrong’ on some issues, but he is a true patriot–a survivor of beating upon beating upon beating year after year. A true American ‘refusnik’, refusing to leave his comrades in captivity before all are released. That was when his captors learned that his father was the CinC of Pacific Command.

    I will absolutely defend Captain John McCain’s right to be wrong; he is an American patriot.

  28. I wish John McCain would get seriously involved with the plight of our veterans. Now would be the time and he should be the man to do it.   In addition to being uniquely qualified he holds a position of power in our government.  If he really got involved in this I think he’d also find that by helping our veterans he would, perhaps even inadvertently, wind up protecting many more than just the veterans.

    Veterans will be hard hit by this GOP slime ball they laughingly refer to as a Healthcare Bill.

  29. “…refusing to leave his comrades in captivity before all are released”

    flatus, in this case he’s leaving his buddies, falling on the sword (scalpel in this case) and – tho’ they’re still captives in the capitol – freeing them from standing before a political firing squad.

    query: don’t senators usually get treated at va hospital or john Hopkins nearby d.c.?

  30. He should not only vote No…. He should then take it forward and Find Out what veterans need and then apply himself to acquiring it for them by way of a revised Health Bill, and in so doing he could help create a health umbrella for so many others as well…..and what Susan Collins said.

    I really don’t think Sen McCain would vote yes on this senate trash, if it actually comes to a vote.

  31. Just to be clear, it is perfectly sensible that McCain would avail himself of the Mayo facility in Phoenix. He and any other senator would quite naturally opt for the best health care options available to them. So would I.

    What galls me is their insistence that average americans are somehow deserving of less or to be more exact, nothing.

  32. Sturg, what would be an eyeopener for all of us would be taking his current illness, which is probably service connected, and have someone with the tools compute the costs to the individual under the various proposed plans then add that ‘study’ to the current discussion. Then, take the same illness and compute the costs to the individual for each insured cohort under the different versions of Trump-Care. By cohort, I mean group of individuals differentiated by age, sex, income, current insurance status, etc. Wouldn’t that be an eye-opener for us all?

    Considering the high number of veterans in AZ, how does he continue being in the Senate if his record (I don’t follow it) is questionable or unsatisfactory?

  33. Add Secret Service to pissed off entities.

    Donald Trump, Jr. was not a protectee of the USSS in June, 2016. Thus we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with at that time.

    Secret service answer to Sekulow.

  34. interesting tidbit from interview john warner with tapper this a.m.

    WARNER: I sure want to get to all these questions, because I think, again, not to try to relitigate 2016, but we have got to be ready in 2018, because the one thing we’ve heard consistently is, the Russians will be back.

    And, Jake, what bothers me is, because the president won’t acknowledge this attack, we don’t have a whole government response. For example, 21 states, the Russians attempted to hack into their electoral system. But we hear from secretaries of state, Democrat and Republican, that they have not been notified by DHS.

    I don’t think that makes the country safer, by not notifying the states that were attacked and not making sure we’re better prepared in 2018.

  35. Well, let’s see…..when I speak of helping the veterans, I’m thinking about the suicide rate, the homeless rate, the PTSD cases, I don’t know statistics right off but Im sure as they say many vets are on Medicaid and will be pretty affected by drastic cuts……
    In addition to being the John Wayne of politics, he wins there cause they like him, I guess, but like you say, Id like to see the eye-opener…..

  36. McCain is an odd bird.  I lived in Scottsdale / Phoenix for 30 years.  He was my congressman and my Senator.  I voted for him about 1/2 the time.  McCain the maverick was fun to watch as he rattle cages, etc.  He was the maverick about 50% of the time.  The other 50% of the time, he had his head so far up the elephants ass in order to win an election – all you could hear was a muffled voice.

    In 2000 we say McCain the maverick running for President – and the Bush machine crushed him with that illegitimate child that he had actually adopted from Bangladesh.

    In 2008 we saw the other John McCain, “America First” – and then came Sarah Palin.

    Too bad!

  37. My medical care. I’m retired from the Air Force. I can’t go to the local military hospital because they don’t want to treat old people who are covered by other insurance. I am covered by Medicare supplemented by Tricare for Life. My free lifetime medical care that I was promised costs me $145/mo for the Medicare Pt B plus what may be high cost shares for pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, the local military installation will fill prescriptions for the meds I need that they have on their formulary.

    Here’s how the doc gets paid (actual routine checkup with my hematoad):
    Billed $92.00
    (Tricare/Medicare allowed) $69.18
    Medicare paid $29.77
    Tricare paid $39.41
    I owe/paid $0.0

    I saw the doc on Apr 26th. He was paid on May 13th. The amount paid was based on the DRG for the procedure that he performed. He knew how much he was going to be paid before he saw me. He also knew payment would be super-prompt and without hassle. Older people using Tricare are usually ‘good’ patients who follow doctors’ instructions and don’t waste their time.

  38. That is a lot lower than the amount billed and the negotiated cost with insurance for an office visit here.

    I suspect that docs/clinics charge more than the negotiated amount because they can use the difference/loss as a tax write off.

    The Sunday shows continue to present Gooperz who are worried about insurance companies, not about their constituents’ health care.

    Is health care actually 6% of GDP?   Is this number just fluffed up by rising insurance premiums;  price-gouging by BigPharma; out-of-network costs from insurance policies that are so convoluted you need a logistics team to make sure all moving parts are in-network/if in-network is even available because docs/medical facilities don’t want crappy Obamacare or ACA-compliant policies?   It’s NOT too big to fail.  It’s already failing US.

    Tedious Cruz wants to flood the market with even more worthless policies,  but there are already plenty out there thanks to Obamacare.

    Single payer, now!

  39. Maybe Dems can calculate how much it would cost to have McCain’s procedure (to remove a blot clot) based on various insurance policies, ACA and others.

    Then, calculate what percentage of someone’s income (in $10k increments) it would cost for premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

    Congress is rich & they need to buy a friggin’ clue.

  40. BIF – excellent idea – send it in to someone and see if something get done.  Or put it together and try to get it to go viral.

    Craig – anyone’s ears you can jingle on this?

  41. Reading thru the internets I came across this news article… has to be fake news but it was written as if it were real……it says due to prison overcrowding Charlie Manspn is to be paroled and will locate at a country home in Joshua, Tx.

    i could only think, Hell, they won’t even notice him in Texas……

  42. This was a June 4th article in Empire magazine slamming Jerry Brown.\

    Total Bullshit according to Snopes.  Making the rounds again.


  43. I’m one of those who thinks Manaon was possibly not even aware of the murders until after……that it was all Tex Watson’s gambit to take over leadership and get all the girls.  I Could be wrong, of course, and Charlie was about as happy in prison as he’d ever be anywhere else, so, what the hell…..

  44. He said as much in one of those prison interviews across the table from some goober, but the goober didn’t press him on it and Charlie went on past it with his shenanigans and goofy theatrics……

  45. The moral of the story is

    Don’t NEVER be the leader of a cult and get all the girls.   It always seems to end badly.

  46. This is a statistic I’ve heard quite a bit:


    Charlie Daniels @CharlieDaniels

  47. medicine and tests…..that’s one thing…..when your brain has come unstuck in time, that’s another. Patton would give em a slap, but it seems that here, in the 21st C.when we send someone to go get discombobulated, those folks oughta get some attention…….that’s a starting point.

  48. democrats oughta be crawling all over that…..the gop, no see, no hear, no speak….” I know nothing.”

  49. dvitale- Any Dem truly interested in helping more than corporations/1%-ers could crunch the numbers.  They don’t really care.

    Anyone in the media could gather that info & crunch the numbers…and then hold Congress critters’ feet to the fire.   They don’t really care, either, as this doesn’t directly effect them.  They’re breathing in the rarified air, as well.

  50. inevitable query: What did Obama do?
    don’t know…….I’m certain he tried to do something and was thwarted by the gop, but, it’s the future which must be addressed now.

  51. Its A, or it’s B……. there aint no A.1 or C…’s A —– or B.
    Pick a side…..there are 2.

  52. Brian Arens has passed away from lung cancer.  I knew it was serious so not totally unexpected.  We had become friends again during the 2016 campaign.

    Lisa Turner had one of the best thoughts:  One of the best curmudgeons I ever knew. Irreplaceable, and unforgettable. Brian, I will use your spirit in fighting for the best. Godspeed, and my best to your family and Triton and cat.


  53. When I got to Denver in 82 and had folded somewhat into the music scene, I found out that Johnny Paycheck was a Denver kid who said fuck it, I’m going to Nashville…….His name was Donnie……I hated it when Donnie died.

  54. Brian passed away?  That sucks.  Condolences to his family and friends- I’m sorry to hear that.

  55. There’s a magic in those fingers would have many highly acclaimed piano mongers scratching their head.


  56. Binks…….it gets worse……you get older and “they” pass way…….
    Gets where you’re surprised somebody HASN’T passed away……

  57. Well, so long Brian….it’s a shame the way a good liberal can alienate himself like that,……Save me a table, kid…….

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