Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

An enjoyable and tuneful work for mandolin. A wonderfully versatile instrument. Enjoy the music and as always enjoy your day!

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. It is interesting to see a quote from Trail Mix being used in a tweet, and not from one of the trail hands.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and not mothers too.  I have a friends who wish they could have children and due to whatever they cannot be.

    I discovered something very good yesterday.  I took Gale to the sailboat, but forgot to bring her food or snacks.  As this was a day trip, disaster was avoided by stopping at a hamburger place (Wendy’s) and buying a Jr. Cheeseburger with Bacon.  Stripping out the hamburger for the dog left me with a nice BLT.  I hope she does not think that going for long drives in the truck results in a mid-day meal of a cheeseburger patty.


  2. bb, I bet gale thinks you are the best mom in the world.


    jace, that was beautiful as usual.  sorry to have broken the mood of a musical masterpiece with Melissa’s mayhem.


    best description of the firing by snl: when a drug-sniffing dog comes up to you at the airport, you shoot it.

  3. The Spicy Spicer SNL segment is hilarious.  Hard laughs.  Tears in eyes laughs.

    Patd – thank you.  Boo the cat has a different opinion.  I left her home.  Returning home she smelled boat on me and became very passive aggressive wanting out, goes out, wanting back in repeat for an hour. She considers the boat hers plus she likes traveling in the truck.  She can lay on the console and watch as we drive.

  4. Jace

    That you for the peaceful contribution every Sunday.  This is particularly lovely.

    Happy Mothers and Unmothers Day to all who surround others with care and love.


  5. Nice to see Sarah Huckabee get a well deserved shot she has been a liar for Trump since she waddled on board

    Lovely piece Jace –Mr C and I have certainly expanded our listening range since you took over Sunday.  It is wonderful


    What was the tweet.

  6. Louise Mensch and Claude Taylor reported last night that a grand jury working underneath FISA court has returned a sealed indictment against the president.


    I didn’t know you could be indicted for being an idiot

  7. maybe I pay too much attention to the alt right, but they turn every Trump fiasco into an excuse for bashing Washington and the media, make him the hero of each episode, and their consumers love it. exactly what they’ll do even if he gets nothing done, or whatever goes wrong. blame shift.

    Craig…    yeah….   so….

    I do the exact thing to them about their hatred for everything liberal.  I take their racist, misogynist, homophobic, liberal hate and use it as fuel to light my fire!   I’m not here to convince some idiot low information voter to see things my way.  I’m here to express myself.  I ain’t no damn snowflake sitting in a corner whining over my white wine spritzer…    I say…..     FUCK ‘EM!

    oh yeah….   Happy Mother’s Day…

  8. Aways a mistake to tune into cable news.  I heard another defense of the moronic Trump voters — saying it’s cultural, not racial.  This woman must need a conservator to get through the day.

    The sooner people recognize that having chidren at 13 and blamingnot-white people, is not a formula for a successful life.

  9. KGC,

    You can be indicted for being a ham sandwich, and most ham sandwiches have higher IQ s than your average ‘Trump Chump’.

  10. I must be getting old. Entirely forgot it was Mother’s Day. Should have posted something appropriate. That said, happy Mother’s Day to all the moms on the trail and elsewhere!

  11. Jamie,

    Loved the dominos. Come to think of it, dominos falling may be a very apt description of the Trump presidency. Nicely done.🙂

  12. RR,

    Re. Your 11:44. I feel much the same. Trump voters will never see the error of their ways and far be it from me to try and convince them. If they want to live in the land that they fucked up so be it, but I’m not going to be a party to it.

  13. another beauty, Jace, thanks as always

    RR, that’s the passion Dems will need, dump the “go high” and get down low

  14. Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers. And, happy Mothers Day to all of you who ever had a mother.



  15. The Preakness is next Saturday.  I won’t be doing a full up post here, but I will have something on my webpage before then.  If anyone wants to place a bet, here are the contenders:

    Always Dreaming – John Velazquez – 10 – 11

    Classic Empire – Julien Leparoux – 5 – 1

    Cloud Computing – Javier Castellano 20 – 1

    Conquest Mo Money – Jorge Carreno – 16 – 1

    Gunnevera – Mike Smith – 12- 1

    Hence – Florent Geroux – 12 – 1

    Lookin At Lee – Corey Lanerie – 11 – 1

    Multiplier – Joel Rosario – 20 – 1

    Senior Investment – Channing Hill – 25 – 1

    Term of Art – Jose Ortiz – 20 – 1

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