A Horse To Remember

By Jamie44, a Trail Mix Contributor

Observing Man o’ War centennial at Kentucky Derby 143

I will let you all read the whole article about this magnificent animal, but here is the opening paragraph:

It’s a curious fact of American racing history that its greatest Thoroughbred legend, Man o’ War, didn’t contest the nation’s most celebrated race, the Kentucky Derby. But in 2017, as we celebrate the centennial of Man o’ War’s birth, the blood of “Big Red” pulses through the veins, however distantly, of every single horse in Derby 143.

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A personal note from Craig: “Man-O-War (Big Red) was something of an obsession for me growing up. He won 20 of 21 races. ‘Man o’ War’ by Page Cooper and Roger Treat was one of my favorite books. This painting of him, along with my family crests, have always been on my mantle wherever I live.”


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  2. Jamie…   GMTA!  I too was obsessed with Man O’ War as a kid and read and reread that same book.  Of course I’m sure we both had the hard copy.  Can’t get that anymore.  I gave my copy to a horse loving niece for her thirteenth birthday.  She’s now 32 and getting married in 3 weeks.  She still has the book and owns several horses.  We have a family event this afternoon…  but both my niece and I will make sure we see the Derby…  we never miss it!

  3. Craig

    Great additions to my starter article.  Love Big Red, but my “Red” was Secretariat.  To this day the argument continues as to which was the “Horse of the Century” though most do still give that honor to Man O War while Citation ranks as among the top three.  For a good article on the subject click HERE


  4. Great quote from Cecile Richards about the AHCA passed by the House:

    When women aren’t at the table, we’re on the menu.

  5. don’t ever break a leg in Kentucky during oaks and derby week.  the whole place shuts down… even here in the boonies.

    yesterday morning, just after sharing a few tidbits of health care news and the daily ko rant, I stupidly slipped on a rain slicked porch step falling into the mud thump on my rump and twisting a leg which began to swell and not to work like legs are supposed to work.  fortunately was able to see my gp before she left for weekend fun. xrays showed a tibia fine line fracture. efforts began frantically to hand me off to an orthopedist nearby. no luck. so they tried the next nearest town then the next. all the offices it appeared had closed early. finally found one an hour away in a strange town far away to which I was rushed….any orthopedist in a storm would do. not to worry, all is okay now. swaddled in a brace and waited on hand and foot by best friend.

    but I repeat: don’t ever break a leg in Kentucky during oaks and derby week


  6. Ohhhhh Poor Patd.  I’m so sorry you were hurt, but very happy you are not a talking horse.

  7. Trying to get Sasha Stone of Awards Daily and avid Twitter user to join us on the trail.  If anyone else is on Twitter, you might throw in an invitation.  Really bright, politically aware, and knows darn near everything about movies.  Contact on Twitter https://twitter.com/AwardsDaily

  8. For those interested or who might be watching NBC Sports & later NBC, here are all the entrants and odds at Churchill Downs today Equibase.  If you actually wanted to bet you can go join Twin Spires and bet all major tracks around the world.



  9. thank you, bid.  right now nothing is speedy. have a lot of time to think between getting from here to there.  good for the soul.  true walking meditation… well, hopping/foot dragging meditation to be exact.

  10. They have same day registration – doesn’t that account for the overage

    Someone should sue the various boards of elections in Wisconsin that violated the law

  11. KGC

    If you look at the site, he analyzes several sets of stats from a few states.  It is pretty in depth and worth a look to see what you think.


  12. Probable only the Secretary of State in each state.  Possibly Dept of Justice for voter suppression etc. … In any case just a matter of history and books for the next century.


  13. Although I picked Lookin at Lee for the Derby, growing fond of the poor one eyed contender, Patch

  14. Pat, really sorry about your tumble and resulting damage. Now’s the time to find a handsome walking stick, not one of those drug store ones, suitable for all occasions. Mine have saved me countless tumbles in the more than 40-years I’ve depended on one. As a minimum, they will slow people down when you’re walking through the parking lot from your car. My favorite stick was purchased in the middle 70s in Central America–it’s a beautiful hand-carved piece of Nicaraguan art.

    FWIW, shortly after I got up from bed a couple of weeks ago, I went down like a sack of potatoes as my legs decided not to cooperate with the rest of me. Fortunately, I didn’t hit any rigid furniture on the way down and the floor was carpeted. After taking inventory, I eased myself onto the foot of the bed then sorted through what had happened. There was no loss of consciousness nor any dizziness–the legs just folded. Decided not to become alarmed but to wait for my hematoad appointment due in a couple of days with all its blood work. We rationalized everything, so here I am.

  15. My choice to win was easy–I borrowed Jamie’s pick to place.  If i/we become fortunate, all glory to her

  16. Here are everyone’s bets.  Patch is one of the most heavily bet horses probably because as one handicapper said, “My daughter said I had to bet on the one eyed horse”, so she did for $2.00 🙂

    Click to enlarge and see everyone’s bets.  If I messed up in any way, let me know FAST.


  17. My apologies.  I only meant to post the first video not the rest of the incessant nagging.

  18. ha, Jamie, seeing Bernie’s entire twitter feed I thought you had become a groupie

  19. now I have another sentimental favorite — Jamaican jockey Rajiv Maragh riding Irish War Cry, broke his back, almost died at Belmont in 2015, what a comeback story

    this NBC coverage is really good btw, lots of feature stories well done

  20. Craig,

    Always loved Maragh as a rider.  His story is truly heroic.  And for the Bernie feed:  Three Choruses of the first line


  21. Hey PatD, Wild Shot just won the Pat Day Mile. Didn’t know you had a race named after you.

  22. My favorite Derby hat was from several years back with all the derby horses complete with jockeys and silks dangling from the brim of the hat.   lol


  23. This day is crazy…favorite dropping from 6-1 to 8-1…but no matter, because I have the sure fire winner right here.  A stable owner from Kentucky convinced me that the winner will be Gunnevera.  And so, mark it down.  If you want to bet with me, go to my site at damnphool-suckers dot com!

    And so, Missus Dexter, aka Carla Lee, had her second knee replacement done 11 days ago at the world-famous Cleveland Clinic.  She’s doing her post-surgery re-hab at a center in nearby Defiance.  I say nearby but it’s 58 miles R/T for me.  When ya live in the absolute middle of nowhere, 58 miles is a stone’s throw. I live smack-dab right in between  Cleveland and Chicago, which means it’s also hours to get to Detroit, Indianapolis, Columbus, or Cincinnati.

  24. Dexter

    There has been a lot of last minute talk about Gunnevera.  As an outpost of damnphoolsuckers dot com, I now have you on his back.

  25. I have one of the longest shots in the race as a total hunch bet.  Louisa May Alcott practically raised me and Jo’s Boys in one of my favorites of her novels.  How could I not bet J Boys Echo?


  26. 15-1 upset winner Arklow just now in American Turf race — soggy weather seems to be scrambling the handicappers today

  27. For those who would like more info on your horse, go here:  https://www.kentuckyderby.com/horses

    Click on the horse’s name and it will bring up a page with all the background.

  28. Cool. Limousine Liberal wins the Churchill Down Stakes on a muddy track. Good omen for next year’s midterms?

  29. pat – my deepest sympathies for your pain.  I still feel my “hip pointer” from Jan 20 on days like today, cool and damp.

    I finally found a mint julep that I can stand, it is based on brandy (no brandy in the house, had to use cognac).  The blend of mint, from my yard, cognac, rye and rum was wonderful.

    Will the field be sloppy or worse?  I’ve been reading the handicappers and have the same conclusion as before, they do not have a clue how the field will screw up the race.

  30. Rick wants to ride with Jack on Thunder Snow.

    Patd… Please take care of yourself.

  31. Right now the track is yielding not sloppy.  If the raindrops will cooperate, the horses won’t have too much mud to weigh them down.

  32. Got it RR.  Any last minute wagers BEFORE the race.  Sorry after doesn’t count.

  33. Irish War Cry moving up on the favorites, tied at top with Always Dreaming at 9/2

  34. “18% of trump’s vote in WI came out of thin air”

    Why the Wisconsin recount matters – David Greenwald – Medium
    Voter suppression and ID laws, Crosscheck, and multiple errors all played a part in election night results.


  35. It’s funny that you’s should mention it but I am a finder of and fashioner of nice walking sticks……a cono-stick-aseur if you will…..I’ve been so successful at it that all of my sticks are out in the world………it’s what I consider a noble art………..

    Oh…….and I never……ever……..carve on them.

    That would be like hazelnut coffee or something……

  36. Once you become a person of the stick, you can never walk amongst the trees with the same carefree passage……..

  37. I do not believe there is a single pic of a stick……..I only have one here now, a rather poor specimen but stout…..the handle is rather limited so its just been languishing in the corner.for years, now…….

  38. Well my bet to W/P is J Boys Echo.  My Exacta Box a real long shot:  J Boys, Classic Empire, and Tapwrit but my children and grandchildren have the favorites covered on my account.  🙂



  39. don’t ask Jamie. our dove nest another disaster. we can’t talk about it.

  40. Okay.  My Eagles are Hope & Glory and getting to the fledgling stage.  Mr President and First Lady are very good parents.

    DC Eagles

    Camera A – The children

    Camera B – First Lady standing guard


  41. Onliest thing I know about horse racing is that game they sold way back which had a spinning arrow which advanced the horse it stopped on……..

  42. Sturgeone

    That’s why horse racing loves Derby Day.  All the amateurs who know nothing, contribute to their wallets. lol



  43. I got tired of races after I first heard that tortoise and hare story…..and then after I’d read the book of Joshua I kind of put it all together and became kind of bored…..

  44. When I crossed the pacific on dat bowt one of the things they put on while at sea between islands was the big horse race game on the pool deck……….had a spinning arrow just like the little board game I had at home.

  45. CC Oh, Audi contraries!      I AM interested! Not for myself but for you guys……..it’s not like I derogotorize racing…..just that I kind of am ignert of it………

  46. Christ, you don’t put any weight into the crap I say, do you?

    I suppose I had better be a bit more circumspect.

  47. Yes, Sturg, I put a lot of weight into what you say. Especially when you’re not circumspect.

  48. That spin the arrow horse race game became an integral part of my growing up ……..I played alone a lot and I could spin that arrow for hours……I remember a chart i made oncet of weeks of spinning that arrow


    I didn’t have asteroids or space invaders so I thumped a fuckin needle……::

  50. Sturgeone

    For most folks it is just the joy of watching beautiful animals who three years ago were born in a crowd of some 30000 colts got to the top of their field with the best 20.  They run their beautiful bodies and then retire to gain weight and play with pretty mares to make the next 30000 possibilities.

  51. CC good news ……. At this point I’m not likely to pull off circumspect…..

  52. Jaimie….. This one time I was working champaign Illinois and on our day off we rolled over into ohio and  saw this farm it was a Sunday and we just pulled in got out and started looking over the fence……..old feller comes out the house, “Can I help you folks?” And we kinda explained ourselves and wound up with seeing many horses and hearing the history of Arabians etc  was a great sunday

  53. News crawl of one of today’s local races:  255% reporting.    😉 Somebody has a sense of humor…or fat fingers.

  54. OK ! While I was gone I won $9 ! Acourse, I lost on the other 2 nags.

    Well, I’m feeling love for the world cuz of Always Dreaming, so Champagne Breakfast for everyone tomorrow at my house.

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