Easter Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

A wonderful work for a beautiful Easter morning. Too seldom heard and too much under appreciated. Enjoy the music and as always enjoy your day! Happy Easter!

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53 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jace, wonderful and beautiful as always… so much so just can’t bring myself to ruin the musical ambiance by linking last night’s snl show with spliecer as easter bunny.

  2. however….and you knew that was coming…. I must share the fun of a recent gift from a friend, a fellow traveler politics-wise.  here’s the blurb on it from amazon:

    Normally, fairytales and fables teach important lessons:
    * Build a house sturdy enough to fend off deplorable wolves. * Don’t be tempted by candied false promises. * Beware of golden-haired thieves stealing your porridge.
    But this is not normal. Trump is not normal. We need updated, 21st-century fairytales to warn against new threats. Tremendous threats. Crude, demented, racist, misogynistic threats. Make Fairyland Great Again is a collection of twenty-one revised folk stories and parables: Sleeping Beauty, the Frog Prince, Ali Baba, Rapunzel, the Pied Piper, the Three Little Pigs, and many more! (However, just like Trump himself, this book is not appropriate for children.)

  3. oh okay. here he/she is….LIVE FROM NY!   sorry about this, jace, but the easter bunny made me do it

    Published on Apr 15, 2017

    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) apologizes for his comments about Hitler.

  4. The senile old man avoided seeing protesters.  The press pool did get to see them.

    President Trump’s motorcade on Saturday reportedly took a longer route than usual on its way back to the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in what reporters said appeared to be an attempt to avoid large crowds of Tax March protesters.

    According to pool reports, Trump’s motorcade made a long loop to get back to Mar-a-Lago after leaving Trump International Golf Club in Florida around 1:30 p.m.

    Meanwhile, reporters traveling separately in press vans that continued on the shorter route back to the luxury resort immediately encountered “hundreds of protesters” demanding the president release his tax returns.

    One White House reporter tweeted a video of the route full of protesters.

    Reporters said some of those marching carried signs reading “Show Me the Money,” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Czar, Putin Put You Where You Are.”


  5. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Czar, Putin Put You Where You Are.”

    marvelous!  thanks, bb, for finding that.

  6. Jace….  wonderful music! (even if it is from Russia) 😉

    Happy Easter…  Happy Passover…  Happy Whatever You Celebrate.  The only thing I care about is getting a Godiva chocolate bunny on sale tomorrow….  YUM! (even though I’m not a chocolate person).


    Crouching Tiger hidden Dreidel is usually played in the shadow of the Chanukah bush, but passing over pharaoh works too.


  8. I’ve been working the vampire shift at work & as a result my after work grocery shopping falls in the 5am-6am range. A big plus: one end of the market embraces you with the yummy smell of baking cinnamon rolls & the other end basks in the intoxicating scent of a huge Easter Lily display. Then walking outside & witnessing a beautiful sunrise serenaded by birdsongs.  I would love to package & share this experience. The world might be a better place 🐰 🐣 🌎

  9. Peace be with you, jace, and all who peruse this site.


    Milk chocolate, Dark, or White? Solid or hollow? 😉


  10. I can be bought for a bag ( or two, or three ….) of after holiday sale Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs. Original chocolate covered, please.

  11. Patd,

    The Easter bunny is perfect for Spicer and the whole lot of them. They are all down the rabbit while anyway. How fitting.

  12. Notes from yesterday’s topic:


    You are wise & cut with laser-like vision through bull crap. I am concerned that elements on the Right are proactive in honing the next generation of Leaders & the Dems are ho-humming. If I were a bright young thing with lots to offer & willing to do so, would I trek out on my own or be grateful for mentoring, help, support? One brilliant strategy mentioned in the Fresh Air story was not everyone will be a Congressman, a Senator, President. But running for local office is doable, especially since not too many folks want to get involved in the muckety-muck of everyday life. Get a toe hold in, build networks. Be a kingpin in a small duchy. Then have the bigwigs court you when your help is needed. Really smart, really simple, really scary if your outlook doesn’t match theirs. ‘Cause they got all the marbles.

    Happy news: Pilar is back! Welcome, don’t be a stranger!


  13. Sjwny,

    Sounds like a nice morning shopping. Thanks for sharing it. WishI could have been there to see the sunrise.

  14. Morning everyone – happy holiday.

    The Easter Spicer skit was a riot – I loved the end where he said to eat all the candy you want because there probably won’t be an Easter on earth next year.

    Spent all day yesterday roasting in the Texas sun fishing – not too successful, but – better than a room full of 9th graders ;o).

    So, we’re now going to let the red states de-fund Planned Parenthood.  Once again – a tiring week from Uncle Trump.  Oh well, let them eat chocolate cake he said!  I understand the fed is going to meet 3 more times this year – there go interest rates.  I figure it will take Trump about 9 more months to break the economy and get us into a real shooting war.

    I think I’ll make Borscht for dinner.

  15. Happy Spring everyone!

    Jace: Lovely Easter music. I love Rimsky-Korsakov (Scheherazade and Flight of the Bumblebee)

    Sjwny: Your morning sounds perfect, thanks for sharing it 🙂 PS: how do you get those icons to go where you want them? 

  16. Tomorrow is Patriots Day and Marathon Monday here in Massachusetts. Security has been stepped up and I’ll be praying for a peaceful event. Thought I’d bring out this old nugget since it’s appropriate for our perilous world situation at the moment.

  17. This day, as for all days,

    Happy Red-Letters-In-The-So-Called-New-Testament Day.

    and that’s all I got to say about that.

  18. XR—— yup, Midnight Hour was a real get-em-on-they-feet hot little ball of wax, but Sally rose above hot ball of wax into being the mother of all bar songs….joining so many other timeless ditties on the Mount Olympus of recorded music.

    message, baritone sax, indelible refrain….Sally had it all.

    Sold a lot of automobiles.

  19. We are waiting on Celebration of Spring because it is cold and rainy here.   In the olden days, it never rained (much) after March 1.  Here it is mid-April and it’s still raining

    Next week Mr. Cracker’s 3 grandchildren are coming for a visit.  They are in their late twenties -early thirties.  All Bernie but voted for Hillary.  They live in LA.   The oldest has a big time public policy job and running for office is often suggested as being in the future.   Experience and interests say it would be wonderful if they ran.   But I’m not sure any of them could survive the experience of what it is like to be in office.  It’s tough.

    The Kochs are funding the GOOPER feeder teams and they have ALEX and a bunch of other stuff.

    Various Dem institutions do similar things not on a Koch funded scale but they do exist.

    But the real problem is in leaders who seek to consolidate their power not share and grow it.  The biggest impediment to more candidates in the Dem system in California is Willie Brown and the system he and John Burton built and unfortunately still stands.  Term limits aren’t helping.

  20. Published on Apr 15, 2017

    President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) looks back on his first 100 days with Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) and chooses between advisors Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner (Jimmy Fallon).

  21. xr, thanks for recalculating. snl noted that even tho that it cost us 16 mil to take out 94, it was more efficient than fox, it took them 13 mil just to get rid of 5 women.

  22. Jace, thanks for the fine selection for this morning. It’s reassuring to hear confirmation that my home-town orchestra hasn’t lost its ability to make fine music the finest.

  23. A beautiful morning glory to trailmixers.  Many have enjoyed Easter sunrise services today.

    A photo of our POTUS spotted at his MAL lair during spa day while the pretend president pence works on the holy holiday.  Meanwhile, mel is planning Monday’s WH Easter Egg Roll, but has not ordered enough of the traditional, wooden souvenir Easter eggs.  crafty mel has ordered pool balls from Overstock.com and she will be the one behind the 8 ball in Monday’s roll!



  24. Beautiful piece Jace.  Thank you so much for your Sunday contributions to Trailmix sanity.

    Of course I can no longer think of that composer without thinking of the linebackers for Wossamotta U, Rimsky & Korsakov on Rocky & Bullwinkle.

  25. Katherine
    Back to SC and Haley’s legacy. There’s an excellent Bloomberg article in today’s The State newspaper. It covers everything we’ve been talking about re the economics of oversea industrial expansion into our state. Here’s one example pertaining to a Chinese owned Volvo plant now under construction:

    “The initial 2,000 jobs Volvo is adding in South Carolina will yield more than 8,000 in total for the region, according to Frank Hefner, an economics professor at the nearby College of Charleston. These manufacturing jobs pay well and add to demand for meals, medical care and furniture, producing further economic ripples, he said, noting that a 10,000-home subdivision is being constructed near the Volvo factory.”

  26. And, as you might remember, the one time Huckabee got to play his bass on TV…..it was to Mustang Sally…..even he couldn’t sully Sally.

  27. Hi GrannyMumantoog,

    As for the icons , I just put them where I want them 😉 They are on a Samsung tablet.




  28. The Derby prep races for points are now over.  Now it is up to the owners and trainers on who pays the fee to enter, but it will be 20 from these 30 horses.  Biggest move was the Arkansas Derby that took Classic Empire from 21st to 2nd in points.  Start looking them over here  while I try to figure out something new to say about this annual exercise in betting hopefully.


    Classic Empire



    Irish War Cry

    Thunder Snow

    Always Dreaming


    Practical Joke

    J Boys Echo

    State of Honor




    Fast and Accurate


    Battle of Midway


    Battalion Runner

    Cloud Computing


    Royal Mo

    Local Hero


    Master Plan


    Blueridge Traveler

    Wild Shot

    True Timber


  29. Petrov?!  Grr…, bad enough to have Russians in the White House, God forbid they’re meddling in the Kentucky Derby as well.😡

  30. Flatus,

    I knew you would appreciate the work by the Cleveland orchestra. A long tradition of excellence under numerous conductors.

  31. Eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit.  Not nice. Sadness overwhelms.  Perspiring too much.  Cannot jump and run and roll in the grass (that is Gale the dog saying that).

    edit: two minutes later it is now ninety out there.

  32. And yet in Dec 2016 a few months ago — facts on the ground
    South Carolina’s labor participation rate slipped to 59 percent during the month of November – down one-tenth of a percent from the previous month to match its lowest print of the year.
    That’s according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
    Labor participation refers to the percentage of working-age South Carolinians who are either employed or actively looking for a job – i.e. part of the workforce.  For those of you keeping score at home, there were 2,302,176 people in the Palmetto State’s workforce last month – out of a working age population of 3,901,345.
    The workforce expanded by 1,253 from the previous month, but the working age population grew nearly four times as fast – expanding by 4,807 people.
    Only seven states have lower participation rates than South Carolina – which is lagging well behind the national average of 62.7 percent.
    Labor participation peaked under S.C. governor Nikki Haley at 60.3 percent in mid-2011.  It dipped below the 60 percent mark in December 2011, though, and has remained below this key demarcation line ever since.  During the early 1990s, the measure reached as high as 68.5 percent.

  33. Jamie, might as well set irish war cry aside for oldsea and  poobah for blueridge traveler….those sound like their kinda people.

  34. I don’t know much about Ms Haley…….but she did real well enabling us to flee the mighty hurricane, a very mild one compared to several I’ve personally been thru, but when they tell you the electricity is definitely going to be off for at least five days………Evacuate, Jack.  And so it was that Knoxville being the nearest available motel room due west, I was able to spend 4 days with a Waffle House in my front yard……..cool.

    the last South Carolina republican to mount his high horse was Mark Sanford…….they caught him hiking the old Appalachian Trail…….

  35. Too much Monkey Bidness

    —- Chuck Berry

    Nik had a monkey bidness scare in her gubernatorial race, but she weathered the storm…….

    down here, the word storm when done right has two syllables……Staw-wum.

  36. They was a Yankee guy who wrote a big hit couple of books and subsequently at some point moved down to Chawson and married into the local newspaper family and finally settled into a daily column called “Doing The Charleston”.   Called himself Lord Ashley Cooper.  His big punch line after a borderline corny joke or something was, ”Ashley, DO!”

    but anyway……there he was writing his column and at some point began to write a little blurb every day, it being some word or another excerpted from his little Pamphlet called Lord Ashley Cooper’s Dictionary of Charlestonese.  It was a big hit around these parts.


  37. couldn’t let easter go by without this from yesterday’s wapo in case the sermon you heard or gave today in church needed correcting:

    On Easter, Mary Magdalene will be maligned as a prostitute. Except she wasn’t.

    The woman dubbed in the Bible the “Apostle of the Apostles” has spent two millennia being reduced to a seductress. In some ways, Mary Magdalene’s story is the story of modern women everywhere.

    From the relentless focus on the looks of female leaders to the nude photos being circulated of female Marines, women who dare to work among men as equals get sexualized and marginalized.

    In Mary Magdalene’s case, it’s a 2,000-year-old slut-shaming that a group of Christian women is trying to stop.

    The Junia Project, a California group preaching egalitarian theology, is using social media to spread its public service announcement: “As you preach this Sunday, please note: Mary Magdalene was NOT a prostitute. Thank you.”

    They have to be proactive.

    Even a popular Easter sermon on the website Sermon Central repeats the myth. “Mary Magdalene was a forgiven prostitute,” reads the second line of the sermon reminding people what to remember about the first Easter.

  38. KGC – thank you for the data on Haley – but unfortunately it really doesn’t matter – people are voting their emotions / both love, responsibility and hatred.

    My daughter just got accepted into Penn State Law (wants to be a civil rights attorney), but I’m holding out for Univ Houston Law or Baylor.  Listening now to the 2014 book from David Dow titled “Things I’ve Learned from Dying” – I would really like for her to study under Dow who is a Professor at UHLaw – it would make my life if my daughter spent her life fighting against the death penalty, illegal gerrymandering, civil rights issues etc.

    Gotta focus on what’s important and where you can make an impact!

  39. Signor D Vitale……..I’ve learned that those. Self motivated children make pretty good choices……..

  40. I know it can always be harrowing and quite the opposite, but we always have to wish large.

  41. just cleaned up dishes from our Easter Dinner: Grilled Salmon with homemade teriyaki sauce. Polenta. Broccoli in cheese sauce, plus salad.

  42. We had a traditional Easter dinner of crab cakes with roasted sweet potatoes and onions. I was the “chef”. I gotta admit it was pretty damn good.

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