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  1. Craig – I have been thinking the same thing for a while.  Her break away from the state level is what moved her from being a southern state governor to a national level candidate.  As long as she keeps the filth of the con man and his family away and not staining her, she will be in the run.  But, she will be tainted if she allows him and his grifter family to bring her inside their cult.  The one thing in her favor is she is not part of his Russian connection, as far as we know.

  2. The first woman president is going to be a Democrat not a slimy gooper with no moral core who would go to work for a Pussy Grabber

  3. boss, more headlines like that in addition to whatever nice things snl and the late night comics say about her mean she’s not long for wild & weird world at the white house.   the part time resident there doesn’t share limelights.

  4. politico:

    “Everyone thinks that I’m ambitious, and everybody thinks I’m trying to run for something, and everybody thinks I want more,” Haley told CNN in an interview published Thursday night. “I can’t imagine running for the White House.”

    […re tillerson….] “He’s very much an executive. He’s thoughtful in his approach and how he moves forward,” she said, describing Tillerson. “I’m one that’s not afraid to say anything. You know, I’m not easily intimidated and so I can go out and say things. So I think we actually complement each other very well.”

  5. the ghosts of elections past….  where are they now?

    Published on Feb 29, 2016

    Speaking with Marco in Atlanta, Governor Nikki Haley condemns Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn racists who endorse him.

  6. She’s got the story: hardworking daughter of immigrants, sharp, intelligent, attractive. She has experienced discrimination. One plus in her favor is she projects warmth & likability.

    Now whether her stances on certain issues help/hinder is to be seen.


  7. Fresh Air had an interesting story about how certain Conservative organizations are actively recruiting intelligent, ambitious college students to mentor & support for future careers as politicians, lawyers, judges. Curious if the Democrats (any faction) are doing the same. The future is now.


  8. Flatus, how was Nikki Haley as Governor? Would you consider voting for her for higher office?


  9. Mr Crawford,

    What are your friends & sources saying about the current state within the Democratic Party? Good, bad? Interested in how 2016 will shape the future, lessons learned or not learned, etc.


  10. Bernie and Perez are going on tour together which sounds about as exciting as day old tapioca.


  11. “One plus in her favor is she projects warmth & likability.”

    sjwny, her projection of warmth & likability would go farther if she’d relax her jaw a little while speaking…. her habit of talking thru clinched teeth comes across sometimes as hostile anxiety or finishing school affectation.

  12. That’s an intersting projection, Craig.  I do like her toughness.  I also like that she wants the Republican Party to be more inclusive.  But would I vote for her for president in a general election….   not likely.  I’m sure whomever won as the Democratic nominee would be more aligned with my values.  Of course, that’s assuming that she makes it to become the Republican nominee.  Therein lies her biggest challenge.  I know many a conservative that would not vote for a woman in the primary.  She’s supposed to be the “help-mate”…  not the boss.

  13. “I know many a conservative that would not vote for a woman in the primary. “

    renee, nor are they likely to vote for an asian-american for president. some will see her as a person of color so that eliminates the basest of the goper base.

  14. SJ, funny you should ask, I  have talked to a couple of Dem operatives lately who see the opportunities Trump creates for them, but not enough grass roots organizing and recruitment going on. Party is as top-down as ever.

  15. About Haley, seems like Secretary of State could be her next step, can’t see Tillerson wanting to go the distance. He already looks worn out.

  16. Well there would have to be a woman vp too aren’t all gooper men afraid to be alone with a woman not their wife.

  17. I didn’t respect, admire nor like Haley—until I saw her leadership after the Charleston murders.

    She was there for the families of the dead and the mourners throughout South Carolina. She mounted the interstate posse in the successful pursuit of Dylann Storm Roof. She publicized his pro-Confederacy motives for the murders mobilizing public and legislative support for the removal of the Battle Colors from the State House dome and the Confederate Soldiers’ Monument as well as other public buildings in the state.

    These legislative changes have resulted in major businesses taking another look at SC as a desired location. She jawboned regional governments to establish educational partnerships with major employers. These efforts worked. SC is now in expansion mode. She personally traveled to overseas businesses extolling the benefits of moving to SC. This has kept the momentum up.

    These successful enticements in luring major industrial corporations have been expensive in terms of the infrastructure requirements needed to make their presence feasible. Rather than increase the tax burden on residents, Haley and the legislature conveniently deferred maintenance on the state’s  already crumbling highway and bridge network. The recent spate of flooding have compounded the problems.

    So, would Haley make a good President? P’raps. She’s shown me that she has a heart and a brain and is diligent putting public service above self. But she is frugal to a fault, and that is not good. Oy vey


  18. If haley supports hobby lobby or citizens united, no deal.

    If she supports the Guns for Maniacs Act passed in January, no deal.

    If she favors defunding the Coast Guard, PBS, NPR, the NIH, the NSF, NPS, or Arts, no deal.

    If she favors subsidies for carbon energy companies, no deal.

    If she favors allowing the dumping of chemical waste onto the land, or into the air or water, no deal.

    If she opposes Glass-Steagal, no deal.

    If she opposes taxing capital gains and inheritance at the same rate as earned income, no deal.

    If she opposes WIC, Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, or VA benefits, no deal.

    If she opposes the Paris Agreement, no deal.

    If she opposes the Voting Rights Act, no deal.

    If she supports subsidizing  suburban sprawl, no deal.

    If she supports prison terms for marijuana violations, no deal.

    If she supports ANY subsidies for tobacco, no deal.

    If she opposes subsidies for solar energy, no deal.

    If she opposes federal programs for abatement of lead, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals, no deal.

    I’ll have to think of a few more.

    Oh yeah, if she opposes FICA tax on ALL income or re-instatement of the Fairness Doctrine on all airwave broadcast and satellite stations, no deal.

  19. It would be nice to have someone without all the baggage.  Problem is, there is not a soul on this earth who does not have something they have hidden away with the certain belief it will never be found.  And, when, or if,  the hidden stuff is found the media roasts them until they are crispy.  The first order of business for the media is to find that stuff and they are good at finding it.  I wonder what she is hiding?

  20. xr, they say that 94 isil were killed, so we need to recalculate the almost 1/2 million per done in by the 16 million dollar bomb.  would it now be just over 1/4 mil?   still think more could have been bagged by a bounty instead of a boomy.

  21. On the subject of what passes for presidential these days, I made the mistake of listening to a recent Morning Joe podcast.

    Man acquaintance talked about his show and it piqued my interest. How bad could it be? Answer: very. Reminded me of the Ozzy Osbourne “reality” show several seasons back. Had a touch of the Joan Rivers show, too. Entertaining, but oh, the price your reasoning mind pays.

    So, the gabbing and constant Joe interruption centered on the Trump “management” style. Pure chaos. But chaos by design, you understand, lectured Joe. And Joe has spoken with people who are experts on Presidents and such, and the feeling is: Trump is like FDR! Yep, Trump likes chaos and fighting, and so did FDR. Great men think alike, I guess.

    Mind, Joe made clear he is not, repeat not,   saying Trump is FDR, although he is. In a way. What?

    Granted, FDR liked to try things and could be wily and evasive. He was compartmentalized. Whereas Trump is an empty vessel of crazy. But would FDR have a neo-Nazi on his staff?

    But the die is cast: Trump is like FDR!

    Two things I noted about Joe: loves to hear himself speak; and can’t move past Bill Clinton’s presidency. He’s stuck.

    Lousy show. Bickersons material. If I were Mika I’d bean him.


  22. Mr. Doodledog

    Morning Joe was horrific during the campaign.  The A block of every hour was an attack on Hillary unless it was a “surprise” call in for another gushing love fest with Trump.  All of this is now heartily denied by MSNBC and has now become, “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes”.


  23. Jamie,

    What passes for Presidential also passes for punditry. Here are “professionals” in media and politics trying to attach logic to Trump’s “policies.”

    The guy is nuts, and a con and traitor to boot (and we will!). Stop trying to rationalize his crazy. What is it with these people?

  24. SJ,

    I guess that no one is listening to me…..the Dems need to start from the bottom up……the DNC….needs to release their greedy little hands on the system……….how about this for your next thread……Name Them…….how many New/young Dem in your city would you vote for that is not an elitist and the same as the Republicans…..People like Schummer, Pelosi, Fienstien…..need to go…and be replaced……so we need to start from the bottom up…….i will start to see who i can vote for Dog Catches….then community organizor….then……well you get the drift no?

    MR, DoodleDoggie,

    For this line: “Entertaining, but oh, the price your reasoning mind pays.”

    Im willing to pay hard pesos……..twenty two to be exact……….It is an universal reply to anything than can come out of ignorant mouth or religious myth………….No?  ok 30 pesos…..and that is my last offer…..going to take it for nada any way………………receipt please

  25. Senators like Dianne Fienstien and her husband that are Military Weapons makers for wars……love Trump……..Already made as much money with him in his first 100 days….than Obama in 8 yrs……

    Where is Trump going to get people to volunteer for military service…….no minorities….no military???

    He just put boots on the ground in Africa ……..ist time in 20 yrs……………hey why dont we go and start something with Korea……..and while we are in the hood…..dont take and shit from  our biggest money lender…….China needs to be taken down a peg or two…………

    Who can blame any country now for wanting their own nukes…..Iran will keep working toward one…….young people will be in one or more wars at the same time for the next 100 yrs ??

    Nice going to the Evil party, the Rs……and the Lesser of the two evil party’s, the Ds…….later out for a long bike ride on some nice (sometimes steep) and winding trails……

  26. Craig  -Yep.  She will be POTUS.  (Many years ago, on KO’s old show, Michael Moore said the first GoOper, female prez would be Mary somebody-or-other.) If the Dems don’t embrace progressives, Nikki is on deck.

    Crackers – Yep.  She is Mike Pence in a skirt.  I wondered if Trump was going to pick her as veep until she didn’t support him during the primary.


  27. rawstory:

    Appearing on MSNBC’s AM Joy to discuss revoking Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s security clearance over accusations that he lied to the FBI, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) promised Democrats with go hard after President Donald Trump’s Russia connections if the his party reclaims the House in 2018.

    Before turning to Trump and the Russians, Leiu hammered at Kushner and his own Russia connections.

    Host Joy Reid introduced Lieu as one of five Democrats who have signed a letter asking for the FBI and the Office of Personnel Management to withdraw Kushner’s security clearance while he is being investigated.

    “Do you have an expectation that this letter will result in Kushner’s security clearance will be pulled?” host Reid asked. “Or is this really just to get it on the record that he essentially did the same thing Michael Flynn did and not disclose his connections and his conversations?”

    “Kushner’s security clearance absolutely should be suspended,” Leiu stated. “I have filled out these forms before; they’re known as SF-86 forms. One of the main reasons that you have this form is to figure out if the person had contacts with foreign officials. Jared Kushner intentionally omitted his various contacts, and he knew these contacts were important because of the whole Russia scandal that has been developing. So he lied and he needs to have his security clearance revoked.”

    According to Reid, omitting the information violates “U.S. Criminal Code, Title 18, section 1001,” and states that knowingly providing false information or concealing a material fact “is a felony, which may result in fines and up to five years imprisonment.”

    Asked if it was enough that Kushner just revised his forms, Lieu answered with a curt, “No.”

    “If I had done this on my own forms, my security clearance would have been suspended, and there would have been an investigation open,” Lieu explained. “And the difference with Kushner is, it’s not as if meeting he had was four years ago. He had these meetings with Russian officials recently, and he knew this was an issue because of the Russia scandal so he intentionally omitted these facts.”

  28. also at rawstory today: Trump demanding ride in queen’s gold carriage during Buckingham Palace visit: report


    from original story at London times:
    Trump demands gold‑plated welcome
    President insists on a carriage journey down The Mall to Buckingham Palace
    The White House has made clear it regards the carriage procession down the Mall as an essential element of the itinerary for the visit currently planned for the second week of October, according to officials.

  29. pweese, oh pweese wet me wide in the purty gold carriage.  I be just like Cinderella, but get me back home before they say mean things like I have no clothes on and it turns into a punkin and me back into a frog and…. oops, wrong fairy tales.   puhweese purty pweese.  if you don’t i’ll hold my breath and turn blue… no no, make that red just like my wittle buddy vlad …. i’ll drop a bomb unless you wet me wide and wave and have people bow and curtsy and everything.

  30. cnet: This solar-powered device harvests water from dry air 

    A small, solar-powered device that pulls fresh water from the air? Scientists at MIT and UC Berkeley have created a prototype that does just that — and it only requires 20-30 percent humidity to work.

    Professor Omar Yaghi, one of the senior scientists on the project, is calling the harvester “personalized water.” He envisions a future where water is supplied “off-grid, where you have a device at home running on ambient solar for delivering water that satisfies the needs of a household,” Yaghi said in a release.

    Published on Apr 13, 2017

    Imagine a future in which every home has an appliance that pulls all the water the household needs out of the air, even in dry or desert climates, using only the power of the sun.

  31. fun little factoid from wiki on nikki:

    When Haley was five years old, her parents entered her in the “Miss Bamberg” contest. The contest traditionally crowned a black queen and a white queen. Since the judges decided Haley did not fit either category, they disqualified her.

  32. Crawford loves fawning over fascists.  Never see him write anything good about liberals.  Fox News accept your job app, yet?

  33. British Security is objecting to the carriage ride because they aren’t bomb proof.  Down in the comments people were saying variations of … Well I thought it was a silly request at first but now that you mention the security problems, please let him ride.

  34. There is a international cabal actively and overtly engineering a World War and this guy’s writing love notes to one of their spokespeople. What. The. Fuck.

  35. She’s been consistently proud being a non-white/black Indian American since she has been in public life. Unlike our vice-president, I suggest that she has the balls to tackle issues head-on, without checking with daddy every five minutes. I’ve pretty much decided that she’s a pragmatic American more than a labeled R or D. Guess  that makes her an unelectable Indie.

  36. She’s a gooper pig and she is working in the Pussy Grabber administration she is totally unacceptable on multiple levels.

    So has on Huntsman been approved by Putin yet


  37. quoting Nikki

    Republicans need to stay strong on the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman. Those are values that are true to the party and true to who we are. They could focus on jobs and the economy, but we all know that keeping the family structure intact is very important in our country.Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/n/nikkihaley736086.html

    – UN Ambassador Nominee Nikki Haley Will Oppose Making Abortion a Human Right: “I’m Strongly Pro-Life”

  38. Jamie, the Journal reports that Classic Empire is a changed horse since being moved to Ocala. Keep it to yourself.

  39. But Haley has come under growing criticism for South Carolina’s “low road” economic development approach, a strategy that lavishes millions of dollars in giveaways to companies for low-paying jobs that keep many working families mired in poverty. Among the costly downsides of Haley’s low-road economics:
    1) GIVEAWAYS COSTING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS: Under Haley, South Carolina has slashed college spending per student by 38 percent, and in 2014 the state Supreme Court found the state had failed in its duty to provide “minimally adequate” education to children in poor school districts.
    But the state has not been stingy in doling out tax breaks, grants and other incentives to recruit businesses. In 2013, The State newspaper estimatedthat the price tag for incentive deals for just four companies — BMW, Boeing, Bridgestone and Michelin — totalled $800 million, or about $100,000 for each of the 8,000 jobs created.

  40. Why not Ayotte?  She could stage a Nixonian like come back.

    The gooper gals are plentiful but they would have to find one of non child bearing age –there could not be a pregnant president in gooper world

    hmmmSamantha Power would make a fine president

  41. KGC, please be as diligent in looking for more recent articles showing the results of these investments today in the terms of employment rates compared with our neighbors, and wage growth. The poor school districts include virtually every rural area. The state is challenged in coming-up with the revenue (from the few non-rural areas) to improve their situation. That’s why the crash run on getting new companies in here with jobs; jobs begetting jobs as their ventures have become successful. Even my family’s 115-yo business has a permanent presence in SC (along with NC and VA). I’m not sorry that I left the firm for a career in our military–that’s where I belonged.

    Quite simply, the outlook for this state is better because of Haley than it was without her. The social outlook is on the mend with long-run financial stability more likely because of her efforts. But, the roads for many of us really suck; the gas tax needs to be raised from its $0.16/gal to something realistic in this day and age.

  42. Jamie – I am more concerned about the safety of the Queen than I am of the man-child.  He would put her in a serious security situation.  Better he ride in his own little carriage at the end of the parade.  They could put pedals in it so he could pedal on his own.

  43. Nikki Haley is Trumpian
    Across all five areas and 61 metrics, CFED placed South Carolina 45th.
    It found the Palmetto State under performed the U.S. average in:
    *The percentage of households with income below the poverty level (16.7 percent versus the U.S. average of 14.5 percent).
    *The percentage of employers offering health insurance (45.3 percent versus the U.S. average of 47.5 percent).
    *The percentage of adults who reported a time over the past year when they needed to see a doctor but couldn’t because of the cost (18.1 percent versus the U.S. average of 14.3 percent).

    Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/news/business/article57213358.html#storylink=cpy

    I am sure union workers in Michigan and Wisconsin are going to vote for the gov of the state that offered their former employers right to pay crap wages

    And when they go to Mexico and farther south in search of even cheaper wages….how’s that investment paying off?

  44. Maybe she can ask Jim Webb to be her Vp – Ms Cracker

    Webb deserves to serve under a woman who puts families and the environment ahead of male privilege.

  45. Pat, Thanks for the update on the mfkr of all booms harvest of corpses.

    W/o the development cost the price is now around $170,000.00 per head

    W/the development cost the price is now $3,540,000.00 per skull

    That doesn’t count the cost of the delivery, of course.

  46. Mr Sturgeone,

    Yessir.  She’s a one of a kind no deal kinda deal.

    She’s sort of like little pence, only she doesn’t need momma’s protection wherever she goes. And, she can feed herself without momma’s help.

    But isn’t she really a Muslim from Kenya ?

  47. I predict Krstin Gillibrand will be the first woman president unless Caroline Kennedy dcideds to run

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