Sunday Serendipity

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

A beautiful adagio by Joaquin Rodrigo. Wonderful music and some excellent visuals if you are so inclined. A perfect start to a quiet Sunday. Enjoy the music and as always enjoy your day!

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44 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. went to sleep listening to Chuck Berry on our Amazon Alexa, waking up to this very fine tune. Thanks again Jace.


    jace, thank you. lovely. am partial to the classical guitar, the passion it expresses.
    looking for the artist I found the answer in the youtube comments:
    Brenda: Please tell me who is the painter?

    Ado: Henry Asencio

  3. and thanks to you too,  sturge, for giving us a delightful glimpse of when mr stugeone met mr. berry.

    here’s another rememberance in today’s rollingstone
    Chuck Berry’s Son Remembers Rock Pioneer: ‘He Was Inspirational’
    Shortly before Berry’s death, his son remembers his “cool dad” and what it was like to join his band

  4. as to some news, this from nytimes via msn:

    Roger J. Stone Jr., an informal adviser to President Trump, has been asked by the Senate Intelligence Committee to preserve any records he may have in connection to a broader inquiry into Russian attempts to interfere with United States elections.

    The letter sent to Mr. Stone, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, represents the first public indication of the scope of the committee’s inquiry, and possible connections to Mr. Trump’s campaign.

    The Senate committee asked Mr. Stone, who is also under scrutiny from other federal investigators, to “preserve and retain all hard copies and electronically stored information as specified below in furtherance of the committee’s ongoing investigation into Russian actions targeting the 2016 U.S. elections and democratic processes globally.”

    Mr. Stone confirmed the existence of the letter, which was dated Feb. 17. However, he said he had received it only on Friday, by email. Mr. Stone has acknowledged trading messages over Twitter with Guccifer 2.0, the online persona that officials believe was actually Russian intelligence officers.

    The letter to Mr. Stone was signed by the committee’s chairman, Senator Richard M. Burr, Republican of North Carolina, and its ranking Democrat, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia.

  5. Beautiful piece, Jace. I concur with poobah. Great way to start the day after listening to a bunch of Chuck last night.

  6. Sunday is going to be my day without news after breakfast.  Decades of reading the newspaper with breakfast will be honored.  After that no news.  Maybe sports, one of my cats likes basketball so she gets to watch that all day and night.  I like bicycle racing so when that is available I watch that.

    Hot in Denver.  Cold on the Chesapeake Bay.  Time to cut up the canopy which was destroyed in the last storm.  A good day ahead.  Vtuner is an interesting site.  They have Otto’s Classical, Baroque and Opera.

  7. And hush my mouth, but Runt Paul is calling out the house trumpdontcare plan for socializing insurance industry losses while privatizing their billions in profits.

  8. doubt if that bunch saw the truth they would recognize it.  theirs is an alternate fact universe.

  9. speaking of alternate facts, poor nwestern….

    csnChicago: NCAA admits officials screwed up call that led to Chris Collins technical foul in Northwestern loss

    Here’s what the NCAA had to say after the game:

    “With 4:57 remaining in this evening’s second-round game between Gonzaga and Northwestern, the officials missed a rules violation when a Gonzaga defender put his arm through the rim to block a shot. Rule 9, Section 15 of the NCAA men’s basketball rules book covers basket interference and goaltending. Article 2.a.3 states that basket interference occurs when a player reaches through the basket from below and touches the ball before it enters the cylinder. Replays showed the Gonzaga defender violated this rule, which should have resulted in a scored basket by Northwestern.

    “Subsequently, with 4:54 remaining in the game and based on bench decorum rules outlined in the rules book, a technical foul was assessed to Northwestern head coach Chris Collins for coming on to the floor to argue the non-call while the ball was in play.”

  10. Jace: Absolutely beautiful! I fell in love with Concierto de Aranjuez when I first heard it in Brassed Off! Or as the late great Peter Postlethwaite says in the film: “Orange Juice to you lot!” This is such a soft, light, exquisite rendition and the stunning art works beautifully with it. I hunted down the artist, he is an American painter named  Henry Asencio. Some info on him here. I think you can buy his art there as well.

    Jamie: Thanks for sharing that Berry letter from Carl Sagan! I’m enthralled thinking of Johnny B Goode floating around in the universe forever!

    RIP Chuck Berry the first, and one of the last rock and roll legends! According to some reports he was about to release a new album that he recorded with his family. That will probably sell out quickly if it gets released posthumously.

  11. Our Gamecocks women’s team got off to a good start by taking UNC Ashville by 50-points. Our first quarter was marginal as we tried to sort things out with the absence of our center, Alisha Gray, to a season ending ankle injury. In our final home game we will be playing Arizona St in round 2 then it’s off to Stockton. We have tickets for tonight’s match.

  12. Thanks all glad you enjoyed the music.

    Never knew quite what to make of Chuck Berry, but oh my I thought he was cool. For me at least he was a complete original and a special talent. He was a unique and special jewel in the rock and roll crown.

  13. Probably in 1960 I went down to the Music Hall in Cleveland where they had set aside an intimate setting for an Andres Segovia concert of guitar solos. It was something like the music on this recording that I’m listening to for the first time.

  14. aaaaahhh…   now that I’m back from having breakfast with friends….  I’ve listened to the piece, Jace….  just beautiful!

    BlueB….  I stopped watching the Sunday morning news/political programs about 5 yrs ago.  David Gregory has come and gone from MTP and I saw none of it.  When I did watch…  all they did was rehash the week’s news stories.  Now Sunday morning is for being with friends…  doing a bit of blogging…  and reading a good book.   Off to that book!

  15. Flatus – Congrats on South Carolina’s win yesterday. The Gamecock fellas play Duke later this evening.

    Patd – I was watching that game. From the camera angle on the play, I didn’t catch it live that the Gonzaga player’s hand was inside the cylinder. It sure was clear on the replays though. That was a tough call to get wrong at that moment in the game. It’s too bad Chris Collins couldn’t have showed a little more restraint. The call was a bad break, but the TF on Collins dumped all the momentum Northwestern had built up and allowed Gonzaga to regain some composure. I love Collins’ passion, but you can’t charge the referee like that even when you’re absolutely in the right. Hopefully lessons learned all around.

  16. BB – I enjoy bicycle racing too. I wish I could find it more often on TV. I look forward to July every year for Le Tour. Who are some of your favorites? I like Peter Sagan, the Yates twins, Dan Martin, and Team Sky.

  17. renee, you are so right about not wasting sunday mornings on the news shows when you’ve a friend to break bread with or a doggy to walk in the woods; but if one finds oneself homebound with the sniffles or otherwise out of sorts, it’s nice to spend sunday mornings with cbs “sunday morning” which is comfy and gently informative softly anchored now by jane pauley who succeeded a very civil tongued charles osgood who succeeded a very fun and thoughtful charles kuralt.  now that’s a good sunday fall back imo…. good music and art work too.

  18. the intro and then the conclusion from a blogger article at lawyers guns money:

     I imagine some day someone will paint a picture of Trump voters that will not be infuriating. Maybe it’s something that will have to come with time and distance. Maybe when Trump is out of office I’ll be able to read about Trump voters without  feeling a seething rage. Maybe I’ll even get my snark back. It seems to be depleted these days. Some day I may be able to read about Trump voters without wanting to throttle everyone in the MSM or the Bernie-or-Busters. But today is not that day.


    I just want to thank every media outlet, every activist and every pundit who made sure to hammer home how flawed Hillary was. How there was a “cloud” over her. Who implied that she was hugely corrupt. Who implied that her flaws were in any way commensurate to Donald’s. You did a great job.


    I share that blogger’s pain.

  19. Patd, the bad call on the goaltend and compounding bad call on NW’s coach may not have swung the outcome of the game, but I tend to think it did. It was an embarrassing call that points out why some refs generally think their shit don’t stink. Oddly enough those like that should know better since generally they have their heads up their asses. Rather than moving from 5 to 3 down with 5 left they went to 7 down. Definitely shifted the momentum.

  20. get the hook, bong the gong, buzz the loser buzzer and bronx cheer the raspberry. time to get off the stage.


    President Donald Trump‘s approval rating has hit a new low, according to the latest Gallup poll.

    As of Sunday at 1 p.m. ET, Trump’s approval rating has sunk to 37 percent, while those who disapprove of the president’s job stands at 58 percent. His approval rating stood at 45 percent one week prior.

  21. Garrison Keillor: American health care is the survival of the fittest
    It would appear that the Republicans believe the Right to Life ends 15 minutes after birth.
    When it comes to saving money on health care, it is so true that you can save a bundle by eliminating the sick. They’re tiresome, always complaining, they smell bad, and they’re ruining it for the rest of us. Put the seriously ill out of their misery, get them to die 10 days earlier than they normally would, you can run the system at a profit. Simple as that.
    Shooting them won’t work — the media is bound to report it and even though it is FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS, some faint-hearted limp-wristed congressmen are going to hold hearings about it and bring in weepy relatives to talk about how wonderful Gramps was until the death squad came. Suffocation, though, is quiet, clean, easy, efficient. Plug their noses, stuff a rag in them, shoot them up with powerful sedatives, and they go beddy-bye, no muss, no fuss. Goodbye, life support, hello Jesus.

  22. Mr Sturgeone,

    My grandpa got to play a little ball w/Nellie Fox on a promo tour. Gramps thought the world of that kid . . . if only he’d known that NF only talked with people when paid to do so . . . .

  23. Well, to be fair he seemed to be suffering from some terrible internal demons……the jerk……

  24. I escaped baseball kind of early and relatively unscathed, but have always felt so fortunate that my uncle took me to the Birmingham Barons game to see Jimmie Piersall act like a monkey at the umpire and get tossed from the game……..

  25. My Uncle:  Watch him! Watch him, now……he’s going to act like a monkey!  That’s Jimmie Piersall, watch him, he’s going to act like a monkey!

  26. 1800 Sunday 19MAR17 is how long I made it before reviewing my favorite site.

    Travis, there are several ways to view bicycle racing.  In the U.S. NBC Sports is the exclusive purveyor.  If you use a VPN (I use HMA) you can go to free sites in countries which do not use a fee, such as UK, to watch live racing. Cycling news sites are useful too.

    Peter Sagan is great.  One of the fun things is to compare the NFL “analysts” to the bicycle racing analysts.

  27. B.B. Back in my college years I worked ina bike shop and was a weekend racer. Rode a Bottecchia that I loved. Still have it as a matter of fact. Always thought Paris-Nice was the greatest challenge. I got hooked on cycling news and followed it in Cycling News until the TDF, and then Tour of America made it to tv.  Watch the tour every year.  That was back when Eddie Mercx dominated the sport. Have loved it ever since, even through the Armstrong and Landis era.  I’d still like to meet Armstrong although LeMond is my American cycling hero.



  28. Patd….  Sorry to read you aren’t feeling well….  Hope you feel better soon.  When I don’t feel good, I like to watch crappy movies…  The crappier, the better.

  29. I’ve been reading that NBC Sports is working to broadcast more international events. I caught a bit of Paris-Nice last week. And I think Paris-Roubaix will be televised here in the states in April. Looking forward to that. I’ve mostly followed the stage races, so it will be interesting to view a one day classic.


  30. Flatus – Great win by the South Carolina men tonight. Impressive defense that just wore Duke out. And it helped that they shot the ball so well, which I understand is kind of out of character for them. But they got it done.

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