To Salad Or Not

Kim Jong-in is playing with rockets again. Media reports are that Donald Trump was about to dig into an iceberg wedge salad dripping with blue cheese when he got the call.

My first thought, after making sure that North Korea’s latest ballistic missile traveled only 310 miles before crashing into the Sea of Japan (it would take another 2100 miles to reach Guam or Alaska), was whether Trump finished that salad.

It’s something of a presidential test for me

When George W. Bush got the spooky CIA briefing in Texas that, had it been taken more seriously, hinted at planes being used as bombs, he went fishing, tasking Condi Rice with making sense of it (who apparently never got around to it). Only a few weeks later came 9/11.

For me it would be a tough call. I love blue cheese on my salad (with a touch of balsamic vinegar).


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  1. hey, easier to eat a salad than read a kiddie book when the missiles fly…. either way it’s mighty uncomfortable with sh*t in pants

  2. Steven Miller’s comments yesterday included this:

    Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.

    Really?  Be afraid, be very afraid.

  3. The current President is looking for an incident.

    Easy way to put everybody to work & help the rich get richer.

    Buy the right stocks.


    Rachel Martin of NPR’s Morning Edition was the latest victim of the current President’s plague of spokes-skeeters’ gobbledygook. Sebastian Gorka answered (?) most questions with the Corporal Schultz defense. Not my department; I know nothing.

    I’ll give $20 to the first news person brave enough to play a loop of Curly going woo-woo-woo when introducing any administration reps. Would be far more entertaining & informative.

    Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.


  4. oh I so can’t wait to see big strong frump’s manly response…

    Sturg…  you were right about CBob being right….  hell is definitely coming to breakfast…

    patd…  you asked about voter fraud here in NH…  really?…  you really asked that as a serious question?…   silly girl :)…     of course not.

  5. I know we aren’t supposed to say this, Godwin’s Law and all that, but Stephen Miller’s performance can only elicit one response:  Sieg Heil!!!

    The tendencies of this White House have passed autocratic and zoomed right in on dictatorial.  They are learning well from President Putin.

  6. renee, but the prez and all the prez’s men said that ma invaded nh by the bus loads AND that everybody in nh knows it. how audacious for the rest of us to question the wizard and his blue smoke machine.  🙂

    toto, where are you when we so desperately need you to pull back the curtain?

  7. An overweight, mentally-unstable despot with bad hair recklessly jeopardizing global stability with overt threats of nuclear aggression.


    …but enough about our President, what about Kim Jong-Un?

  8. Bink, I nominate you for a gold star or your 8:30 post.

    Well, the daffodils are a little confused.  There’s about 6″ of foliage poking up now and we have a forecast of only 2 nights dipping below freezing this week and next – and they are only down to 26, so it ain’t a hard enough freeze to kill em off.  One day people will stop listening to an obese rodent’s weather prognostications.

  9. The Godzmiller Report

    The MAzi’s mechanized voteskrieg attack swept through New Hampshire in a mere two weeks !

    The enemy moved so fast that the ayotte defenders were unable to take down a single license number.

    But, anyone who has driven in New Hampshire for years as I, Godzmiller, have, will tell ya.

  10. Something tells me that this is the beginning of frump trying to take away NH’s first in the nation primary….     vindictive small minded(and hands) effing prick…

  11. I love the wedge salad and bacon is a plus but instead of balsamic vinegar, I use a little rice wine vinegar.

    Donald Trump looks like he leaves a clean plate

    So Foulplay Flynn is the first to be fired. I learned that Mike Pence will only lie for Trump

  12. If you missed the Jim Webb Meet The Press interview with Chuck Todd, here it is

    My tendency to spit, growl and throw things at the screen when either of these Misogynistic Mansplainers appear, interrupted my view of events.


  13. Kim is trying to portray himself as the legitimate successor to Mao. He has enough nukes to cause genuine trepidation in Beijing. Currently, the South Korean presidency is effectively vacant because of Park’s impeachment; and, millennials are waving flowers in the Streets of Seoul–no help there.

    Japan has nothing.

    The U.S.? Lots of Americans in Korea and some in Japan and China. Evacuating non-essentials might send a cautionary signal to Kim. Sending in another 40,000 troops w/equipment would be meaningful. Getting Japan to okay nukes at our airfields in their country would be worthwhile; no point of doing it in Korea–they’re more trouble than they’re worth there.

    Close the bamboo trail between Karachi and Pyongyang. Cut-off all imports. Period. No more cash or credit. Period. For either country. Period. Let India get involved.

    Shoot Flynn after a pro-forma court-martial. Send Trump on a tour of the DMZ. Show him some NKorean tunnels under it.

    Film him as he soils his trousers and cries in despair. Also film the G.I.s whispering behind his back as they move away from him.

    God, this sucks.

  14. Today’s reading has been quite informative and down right makes me angry.  If any of us, except for the dear leader and his buddies, had left a key out we would have had a reprimand if not losing a clearance.  If any of us, except for dear leader and his buddies, had an open discussion regarding classified material we would face dismissal, loss of clearance and possible trial.  What he has done in a period of days should be at or near the top of the list of impeachment points.

    I have a pear tree with buds swelling, about a month early.  I trust it will be very happy with an extra month of growth.

  15. Bronc

    If you want to watch my son turn purple just mention some of the shenanigans of the current WH denizens.  Even the Trump people he works with on the base are starting to get very nervous and they practically worshiped at the shrine prior to the election.


    Talk about prescient.  Berkeley Breathed in 1990 when Donald Trump took over the body of Bill the Cat


  17. I’m betting a burrito lunch on Mr Pogo’s tab that general flynn won’t make it to the end of trump’s first month in office.

    Any takers ?

  18. bid, my tho’ts exactly.  iceberg has gone the way of the store bought tomato… no taste, no substance. iow,  drumpf.

    however, a gourmand-ish friend of mine suggested a rather tasty way to up the bland wedge with simple elegance is to anoint it with a fine oyster sauce. low calorie and good for you too.

    my druthers are all the other lettucae out there like romaine, leafy, butter etc.

  19. flatus, I join x-r in his subscription; however, a bullet AND a court-martial (pro forma or not) is an extravagant waste of taxpayer money.

  20. loved the observation on mojo this morning that miller’s comments sounded “better in the original german”…. miki kept giggling about it

     more on what they said alter-net:
    ‘Morning Joe’ Schools Trump Adviser Stephen Miller on the Law: ‘The White House Has Got to Stop Embarrassing Themselves’
    The only thing worse than Miller’s performance was the fact that Trump praised it.

  21. wapo:

    Sunday night, CNN reported details of the moment that Trump, joined by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, learned about a missile launch in North Korea. Trump and Abe were enjoying dinner at Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida at the time, but, CNN reported, began to discuss the details of this international incident right there at their table.

    “As Mar-a-Lago’s wealthy members looked on from their tables, and with a keyboard player crooning in the background,” CNN’s Kevin Liptak reported, “Trump and Abe’s evening meal quickly morphed into a strategy session, the decision-making on full view to fellow diners, who described it in detail to CNN.”

    Earlier in the week, Trump had been criticized for leaving intelligence documents vulnerable to people without security clearance. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) noticed that the president kept the key in a secured bag while hosting people in the Oval Office, which is a bit like leaving your house keys in your front door while you’re having a party in your backyard. There’s no indication that anyone saw anything confidential in this incident, but this, Heinrich suggested, was “Classified 101.”

    Compared to holding a national security conversation over dinner in the public dining room at his private club, though, the lockbag incident pales.

    It’s not clear that anyone heard particulars of the conversation, but other diners certainly noticed. Richard DeAgazio was in the room and posted photos of the moment to Facebook.


    Precautions weren’t taken. One of DeAgazio’s photos shows Trump using a phone at the table, within view of other diners (and while sitting next to a foreign leader). It’s not clear what phone Trump is using in that picture, but it’s known that he uses a relatively old Android device, even while serving as president. As we noted last week, Trump generally uses that device when he’s not in the middle of a work day. Shortly before the dinner with Abe, he tweeted from it.

    The problem is that Trump’s Android phone would be very simple to hack to provide precisely the sort of access described above. NPR dug into the question of how secure that phone might be, and Berkeley computer scientist Nicholas Weaver was blunt.

    “Donald Trump for the longest time has been using a insecure Android phone that by all reports is so easy to compromise, it would not meet the security requirements of a teenager,” Weaver told NPR, and while he couldn’t say for sure, “we must assume that his phone has actively been compromised for a while, and an actively compromised phone is literally a listening device.”

  22. tsar vladimir can spare a man to deal with the embarrassing flynn situation. A short walk in the woods and then trump needs only to airbrush all the photos.

  23. So. The deadbeat’s phone is a listening device for kim jungun, ISIL, tsar vladimir, and Saturday Night Live.

    Why don’t the electro-whizzes on this Trail hook into the groper’s phone and scoop all the main sprung mememedia ‘reporters’?

  24. XR, I’d take that bet (after all what do I have to lose?) but I agree that’s likely – he’d have to survive another week for someone to win that one against your bet.

  25. Yes, they could have him in for tea, stuff the remains into a dip pouch bound for Iceland, and have the pouch tossed into the volcano.

    Or, flynn’s kayak overturned in the Potomac ? Na, that has been done to death already, so to speak. cough, cough.

  26. For those of us able to shop at military exchanges, the extremely full military version of Office365 is on sale for $50. It can be had from It’s the 5-user ver that includes everything. I got two packs, one for this year and one for next.

  27. Mr. P, if I win, you can invest my burrito dinner in a good stock. By the time I remember to collect, I’ll be dead and Li’l Pogo’s burrito inheritance will be big enough to pay for your grandchild’s White House run.

    Just another exciting financial service from your friend in Minnesota.

  28. By the way, what’s up with our stringers in Canada and Straelya ? Have they laughed themselves to death ?

  29. Ms Cracker, I think you have a quality money-making idea there. There must be dungeons in Venezuela, Moldova, north Korea, or Sudan where flynn would be a very popular commode . . . uh . . . commodity.

  30. from fox news:

    Real Clear Politics editor A.B. Stoddard said that if President Trump does not fire National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.] for allegedly lying to Vice President Pence about a phone call with the Russian ambassador, he wields more executive branch influence than Pence.

    “There’s a good bet that President Trump will keep General Flynn on [the job],” Stoddard said.

    As Jennifer Griffin reported, Flynn apologized to Pence for claiming incorrectly that sanctions were not discussed in a pre-inauguration phone call with the Russian ambassador, after Pence said publicly that Flynn assured him so.

    Relieving Flynn at this point will result in “bad optics” for the administration, which Trump tends to avoid at all costs.


    wonder if colin powell ever got an apology for being lied to.

    bet he could really give some good advice to pence, maybe a “there there” pat on the head with condolences to lost creds.

  31. raw story:

    The website Axios reports that the President and his confidants are sending cryptic signals that suggest chief of staff Reince Priebus and national security adviser Mike Flynn might be in danger of losing their positions.

    In one telling sign, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy—and Trump confidant—made a TV appearance where he chided Priebus for his work so far.

    “The White House is showing not the amount of order that we need to see. I think there’s a lot of weakness coming out of the chief of staff,” Ruddy said on CNN. Politico also reports that aides have started making suggestions for possible replacements.

    “These people are insecure because Trump does not respect them,” a West Wing source told Axios. “He does not because they have not made any money. He respects [Stephen] Bannon and Gary Cohn because they are financially successful.”


    vanity fair:
    Is Donald Trump’s Inner Circle Already Collapsing?
    The knives are out for Mike Flynn and Reince Priebus.
    “I think there’s a lot of weakness coming out of the chief of staff,” Trump’s longtime friend and Mar-a-Lago member Chris Ruddy, the chief executive of Newsmax Media, said Sunday on CNN, after meeting with the president for drinks on Friday. “I think Reince Priebus [is a] good guy, well-intentioned, but he clearly doesn’t know how the federal agencies work. He doesn’t have a really good system. He doesn’t know how the communications flow,” he said, before adding that Trump wasn’t getting “the backup he needs from Priebus.” In a subsequent interview with The Washington Post, Ruddy reiterated his critiques of the former Republican National Committee chairman. After asserting “it’s pretty clear the guy is in way over his head,” Ruddy told the Post, “he botched this whole immigration rollout. This should’ve been a win for Donald, not two or three weeks of negative publicity.”
    Later on Sunday, Ruddy walked back some of his remarks about Priebus after speaking with the embattled chief of staff. “Reince just briefed me on new WH plans. Impressive!” Ruddy tweeted. “Told him I have ‘open mind’ based on his results.” But in Trump’s, mind the damage was likely done. On Monday, Axios’s Mike Allen reported that Trump is already soliciting names to replace him in a “smooth” transition that could take up to a year and potentially end with Priebus moving into another Cabinet position. To add insult to injury, Priebus’s job could be taken by top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, who may be angling for the position. Politico reports that Trump aides have begun putting together a shortlist of potential candidates, including Conway, Rick Dearborn, and David Urban, as well as Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn, a Democrat and former Goldman Sachs president who has been flexing his muscles within the administration. Another possibility could be White House Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller, whose string of Sunday show interviews was widely seen as a tryout for a more prominent public role.
    In the three weeks since Trump was sworn in, a narrative has emerged that Flynn is unfit to head the N.S.C. According to the Times report, Flynn was unaware of how to call up the National Guard and was unaware that the State Department and Congress play a crucial role in technology transfers and foreign arms sales. Under his leadership, N.S.C. communications have also been disorganized—explaining, in part, why Defense Secretary James Mattis and C.I.A. Director Mike Pompeo didn’t see a number of Trump’s executive orders before they were issued. Last month, the Times reported that Trump’s controversial decision to give former Breitbart executive Stephen Bannon a seat on the N.S.C.’s principals committee—a move that, the Times later reported, was orchestrated by Bannon without Trump’s explicit understanding—may have been in response to “a staff leadership vacuum created, in part, by Mr. Flynn’s stumbling performance as national security adviser.” (A senior administration official told CNN on Sunday that Flynn has no plans to resign and no expectation that he will be fired.)

  32. as for bannon?  here’s usnews and world report: Steve Bannon Flies Close to the Sun
    President Donald Trump’s shadowy chief strategist is being cast as the man behind the White House curtain. But could that burn him in the end?
    As members of Trump’s top team scramble for clout with a pliable president, the question for Bannon is whether he’s already been cast as an outsize character who is dangerously close to rivaling his boss. After all, working for a temperamental president who craves the spotlight can be risky business.

    “Because Trump reads everything about him, Steve will tactically withdraw in the present time,” predicts Kurt Bardella, a former spokesman for Breitbart who worked with Bannon for two years. “But inevitably, something will happen to forge him to the forefront again.”

    While Bannon isn’t actively courting media attention, it is advancing toward him nonetheless.

    Two weeks into the new administration, Time magazine slapped Bannon’s – not Trump’s – mug on its cover, labeling him “The Great Manipulator” and asking, “Is Steve Bannon the Second Most Powerful Man in the World?”

    The New York Times editorial board opined in a piece titled “President Bannon?” that the White House counselor “is positioning himself not merely as a Svengali but as the de facto president.”

    And when Trump granted Bannon a permanent seat on the National Security Council, it was dubbed a “quiet power grab.” Shortly thereafter, #StopPresidentBannon trended on Twitter.


    A developing popular parlor game in Washington is predicting which top Trump staffer will be the first to fall. Initially, much of this chatter surrounded Spicer, who has had a rocky few weeks at the White House podium and been hit by leaks that Trump is unhappy with his performance and embarrassed by McCarthy’s scorching “SNL” impression.

    This week, the betting pools have turned to Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser who is facing accusations of lying about the subject of his discussions with a Russian ambassador.

    Rarely does Bannon’s name emerge in these discussions, given his determined, if discrete, nature, but also due to Trump’s perceived reliance on him to form a governing agenda.

    Ironically, with Trump, it’s Bannon’s unique clout that ultimately could endanger him, if Trump sees the media assigning his chief strategist the bulk of the credit for any successes achieved.

    “I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. Some FAKE NEWS media, in order to marginalize, lies!,” Trump tweeted last week, following the drip of Bannon-based stories and an “SNL” sketch characterizing the counselor as the one in the White House with real power.

  33. The deadbeat points to the Great Wall of China as having deterred ‘barbarian’ invasions. Of course, that didn’t work in the 7th, 13th, 17th, or 20th (twice) centuries.

    In fact, the porous wall(s) were meant to prevent foreign rustlers from escaping with herds of horses, camels, cattle, or sheep. To be successful the rustlers would have to outrun the intercepting Chinese cavalry to the openings in the wall.  Trying to outrun a mounted enemy when one is burdened with herds is a foolhardy exercise. Because lifting camels over 20′ high walls is time consuming and expensive, especially in a treeless region, rustlers were pretty much skunked along more than 1,000 miles of the Chinese wall.

    Along the Wales/England borderland, Offa’s Dike served the same purpose. Along the Romano-British/Scots/Picts borderlands, Hadrian’s and Anoninus’ walls were also erected merely to prevent rustling.

    trump doesn’t know his ass from a whoopie cushion.

  34. NBC the network of criers and liars
    they are playing the false equivlency game with Trump and tryng to normalize him one of the worst is Tweety

  35. parD – We call it that because the only ‘nutritional’ value is in the pesticides they use to grow it. (Which, of course, is none.)

    Now they are messing with quinoa.  Removing the bitter taste which prevents critters & such from eating it, so’s it’ll be sweeter for us hoomanz.  That means they’ll have to use pesticides to grow it. GMOs are a lose-lose.

  36. My money is on flynn to collapse first, leading prince rebus by ten days.

    At the end of the 1st month, with flynn gone, trump favorables will be less than 50%. Therefore, spice girl will go 3d, within an hour of rebus.

    By March 20th, the trump business investigation will be up and running. kellyannegate will end on that date with her resignation.

    Next, trump will try to fire pence.

    By April 20, trump will be openly ‘dating’ a Belorussian prostitute. Melania will file for divorce on May 1st.

  37. News of the Future – Today !

    In his memoirs, pence will mention a mid-April, 2017 breakfast meeting between the deadbeat, bannonov, adelson, and himself.

    We will learn that between sips of his valium soda, bannonov turned to trump and hissed, “In order for us to accomplish my goals, we may have to eliminate you, too.”

    Whereupon adelson choked and expired face down in his pork sausage and cheese omelet.

  38. of interest are the mixed outputs from the WH rental units.  One says Flynn is alive.  Another says buy flowers for the grave.  Wanna bet on which is correct?  Me neither.

    My guess is the grifters will be gone by the end of summer.  All the little r’s will have their hate and discrimination acts signed.  At which point they will impeach the old loser guy.

  39. Greta Van CessPool just said Ivanka Trump is the face of women’s rights

    get rid of her

  40. Flynn is a happy, willing resident of crazy town and I’m sure they could find worse but I’m willing to take the chance

  41. BananaNazi already said that Trump is just a blunt instrument he needs to achieve his objective.   Grim Reaper.  SNL got their casting perfect.

  42. Not that my opinion matters, but I didn’t want to call for the impeachment of President Trump until and unless there was a valid reason beyond legitimate policy disagreement, but I’d say that his knowing inclusion of a foreign agent in his administration is tantamount to treason, and should qualify for an impeachment hearing.  To not begin that process is dereliction of duty by anyone with the capability to do so.  Impeach President Trump.

  43. Keith O. says Flynn’s resignation changes nothing; calls for his arrest.

    This makes me think of Churchill’s mother, Lady Randolph Churchill: when a broken ankle turned gangrenous and required amputation, she said “make sure you cut high enough.”

    Doubtful this Russian business stops at Flynn; Trump is putinous and needs to go for the good of the country.

  44. Pogo, what do you bet KellyAnne says Flynn was hounded out by a lying, ungrateful press?

    And it was the presswho kept after Flynn (helped by a bakers dozen of leakers). It certainly wasn’t @Jasoninthehouse.

  45. Mr. D, I’d say there’s a better than even chance of that.  All I have to say is that Obama and Sally Yates were right. Drumpf on the other hand was wrong. No surprise there.

    Mango values loyalty over competence. This is symptomatic of what we’ll see. Drumpf was warned a month ago by Yates – who he fired for disloyalty- a couple of days before the 9th halted the travel ban. Good god. If judgment was dynamite drumpf couldn’t blow his nose.

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