Oyez! Oyez!

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

Here come da judge, Here come da judge, Oyez.

With just two words, Neil Gorsuch assured his confirmation.  CNN: Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch told a US senator Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s tweets about the judiciary are “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”


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  1. ON THE OTHER HAND AND FOOT may I add from politico:

    Still, while a handful of Democrats were satisfied with the distance Gorsuch had put between himself and the president, others insisted it wasn’t enough.

    “To whisper in a closed room behind closed doors to a senator that ‘I’m disheartened’ and not condemn what the president has done to the judiciary and not do it publicly — what he did does not show independence,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday.

    When Schumer met with Gorsuch earlier this week, the New York Democrat privately implored the judge to condemn Trump’s remarks. But Gorsuch declined, according to one senior aide who said Gorsuch’s comments would not be sufficient to persuade Democrats.

    In an interview Thursday after Trump attacked him, Blumenthal said he didn’t understand the tactics so far used by Republicans. “If there is a strategy to attract support, it isn’t working. It hasn’t attracted a lot of support from our side of the aisle.”

    Blumenthal said Gorsuch had to publicly disavow the president’s attacks and answer more questions on issues like worker safety, the emoluments clause and the travel ban. “If he fails to state his own views, Judge Gorsuch must be assumed to fit Donald Trump’s views,” Blumenthal said.


    But other accounts of private meetings during which Gorsuch made similar remarks — such as one with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) — also trickled out. Sasse said during a Senate floor speech Thursday that he pressed Gorsuch specifically on Trump’s tweet calling a federal judge who issued a nationwide injunction on his controversial immigration executive order a “so-called judge.”

    “He got a little bit emotional, and he said that any attack, or any criticism, of his ‘brothers and sisters of the robe,’ is an attack or a criticism on everybody wearing the robe as a judge,” Sasse recalled.

  2. speaking of courts and being in them, here’s cnn:

    The Justice Department has a variety of options for how to proceed next to try to persuade another court to grant its emergency motion to “stay” (i.e., stop) US District Court Judge Robart’s temporary restraining order suspending key provisions of the travel ban.
    One option would be to try to file a “petition for rehearing en banc,” which would seek a reexamination of the case by a larger panel of 9th Circuit judges in the hopes that they would reverse their colleagues’ decision.
    Or the Justice Department may opt to skip another round with the 9th Circuit and try to appeal directly to the Supreme Court.

    At the moment, there are only eight justices on the Supreme Court. That means the Trump administration would need to convince five justices to grant the government’s motion to stay Robart’s decision, which is unlikely given that it was a temporary restraining order and not a ruling on the merits of the executive order. And if there is a 4-4 split, then the 9th Circuit’s ruling will be the law of the land.
    But whatever route they choose, the overall constitutionality of the travel ban has yet to be determined.

    for a run down on the ban/no ban opinion see today’s wapo: “Federal appeals court rules 3 to 0 against Trump on travel ban”

    and in response to twit’s latest tweet, not hard to imagine judges cross the country muttering under their breath “exactly, see you in court, mr prez”

  3. Shout out to our fellow Americans in Utah who did what every citizen should do: hold our Representatives accountable.

  4. Although the 9th has put a block on the EO there are many options for it to be cleansed.  The most obvious is to rescind it and replace it with one which the 9th said might pass Constitutional muster.  But, Mr Peebody has set his marker and damned if it be changed.  He is too stupid to do what the court recommends.  Looking deeper at the situation requires us to acknowledge and accept that the floater is a dictator and what he says is the law.  The republicans so far have been quick to do so.  For the most part the Dems are not following suit.  And, the third branch of our government has said “no”.  It is for them to continue saying “no” and for the U.S. Marshalls to back them up if the floater decides to ignore the Constitution.

  5. Interesting tidbit: David Brock is interested in creating a “Breitbart- style” media for the left. Keith Olbermann was the featured speaker at Mr. Brock’s recent retreat for Democratic bigwigs.

    Not speculating. Just stating facts.


  6. if, as he tweets, “THE SCURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE” then why was the ban not global?  not just applicable to 7 countries.  it would be a more convincing call if immediate beefing up of vetting were applied to everyone coming in.

    bbronc you’re right about  The most obvious is to rescind it and replace it with one which the 9th said might pass Constitutional muster.  that would be the more sensible and least expensive time and money-wise way to go.

  7. Can’t let this one go by without a tip of my topper to my beloved Sammy Davis, Jr.

    I know to you I may look old, but I hope this statement ain’t too bold

  8. indeed, the security of our nation IS at stake…. our nation of laws, not despots, that is.


    Threats against more than one judge involved in legal challenges to President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration have prompted federal and local law enforcement agencies to temporarily increase security protection for some of them, according to law enforcement officials.
    CNN did not learn how specific the threats were, but law enforcement agencies treated them seriously and out of an abundance of caution, the US Marshals Service and local police increased patrols and protective officers to provide security for some of the judges, the officials said.
    A spokesperson from the US Marshals Service declined to comment directly on the threats but said that while “we do not discuss our specific security measures, we continuously review the security measures in place for all federal judges and take appropriate steps to provide additional protection when it is warranted.”

    The threats come as Trump continues his verbal criticisms of judges — something that has drawn concern from former law enforcement officials and others who fear that public officials should not target a specific judge, and instead base their criticism more broadly on a court’s ruling.

  9. A hardy morning glory to the trail.  A warm thought for those in the snow…we will reach eighty degrees today in southern New Mexico.  (Gray lady down, I am recovering from a tooth/bone infection, so catching-up on the trail.)

    Missing Military Drone found in Colorado.  Flying the coop from Ft. Huachuca, AZ a drone with a mind of its own. The Shadow Drone was found in a tree, missing a wing.

  10. toby and gale storm and all our other 4 footed trail mixers out there, please make sure your human watches the above ko vid.   the security of your life is at stake to paraphrase you-know-who.

  11. patd…Ms. Bologna thought trump was full of baloney because of his intense dislike of the natural living world and Mother Nature (she is way past her prime).  This is a guy who thinks natural bathroom functions are disgusting.  Perhaps, we should rub his face into his own poop!  trump will poison us all and the innocents will suffer first.

  12. tower trash family…sues for fortunes and sells china dirt for upscale prices.  Our flotus is a serial suer claims millions for her image.  What happened to the cyberbullying fight promise?  I doubt she will work for ‘free’ for the American people.  As empty as palin’s promise to work relentlessly for special needs children whether she was elected or not.

    In my fantasy world, Michele Obama told melania there were ghosties in the WH…scared her from running into the bloated and bald derelict said to be roaming the WH halls.

  13. patd…   did you give Brady an atta boy when he didn’t go to the Obama WH…

    I don’t mix politics and sports….   it almost always leads to “don’t like this guy cuz he’s for so and so…   do like this guy cuz he’s for so and so”.   For me…  not everything is about politics.  When I watch sports it’s to see competition and good plays…  I applaud them even if done by the other team.

  14. renee, touché 🙂

    there was many a year I cheered for fsu despite my disdain for Bowden’s politics. guess i’m just too caught up now with the scary scenarios to allow drumpf any ego boosting ops.

  15. bw, how are the media in nm in your neck of the woods covering the likelihood of more of these cases?


    Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos went to Mass and said a prayer before her immigration check-in Wednesday in Phoenix.
    It was her eighth visit since her 2008 arrest and conviction for using a fake Social Security number. After each meeting, the married mother of two was released and went back to her family.
    This time was different.

    The undocumented immigrant was detained Wednesday and deported within 24 hours to her native Mexico, in what her lawyer claims is a direct result of US President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials claim there was nothing special about her case. She committed a crime, was placed under a deportation order, and her time had come.
    Whatever the reason, Garcia de Rayos, 35, said she has no regrets. Not about coming to the US as a teenager in search of a better life nearly two decades ago, or staying illegally and working under a fake Social Security number. Not about going to her immigration check-in despite the risk of deportation under the Trump administration’s executive order.

  16. Too bad for drumpf that there weren’t 3 bad high school students on the panel.

    “See you in Court.” He thought he was where exactly when his EO was being argued in the 9th Circuit COURT of Appeals? Washington’s solicitor general responds, “Yep, just did.”  BTW, is that what he meant by winning?  State of Washington must think so. But for drumpf, he’s lost in what, 8 of 9 courts that looked at the issue? (Fair warning – that number is a Wild Ass Guess).

  17. Flatus – It was great for about 30 minutes. Now the cloud cover has come back and taken away the blue sky and sun. But it was joyous while it lasted. I’m hoarding the energy now to dole out in small bits.

    The good news is that we’ve started looking at the logistics and finances of moving out of here down to Arizona to be closer the the folks. Preliminary time table is mid-2019 for the move. Sooner if we can swing it.

  18. RR,

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m sick of sports becoming such a political forum.

    I would love to tell the sports and entire entertainment industry.

    1) I don’t care what you think about anything.

    2) I don’t care who you voted for.

    3) I don’t care who you sleep with.

    4) I pay for and want only one thing from you……to be ENTERTAINED……..

    So please…..just shut up and do your job


  19. sj – MSNBC was created to counter to Faux Noise.   That kind of came off the rails.

    I’m not sure an alt-left B’bart would even be possible, let alone necessary or desirable.

    Would it be fake news opposing the right?  Would it just be real, unbiased news?        Is there such a thing anymore, or, is everything editorialized?

    By the way, way to go Nordstrom’s! Dumping Ivanka worked wonders for their business.  Boycotting all things Trump might just send him over the edge.

    Like I said, not a hot pretzel from a street cart will the Trumps be able to sell when the dust of his prez’duncy has settled.

  20. Something interesting is brewing in the drumpf swamp.  It could be Flynn could be tried for treason for violating the Logan Act.  And, he has implicated Pence in the action.  Any bets on a pardon from the prime stink water inhabitant?

  21. 4) I pay for and want only one thing from you……to be ENTERTAINED……..
    So please…..just shut up and do your job

    Jax…  if only that B movie actor from California and the original host of Celebrity Apprentice had followed your advice…

  22. It wouldn’t be treason, however it would be a felony charge. sessions would crush it and the Fed Atty who made the charge. Double indemnity would then take effect.

  23. The squishy soft Obama Admin failed to charge trump last summer, and 47 Senators back in ’15. Those were huge mistakes.

  24. For those longing for some semblance of the “Good “ol Days” MTV is back.  MTV Classic is all music videos of the past 30 years or so.  Check your cable providers.  Comcast/Xfinity carries it which means I can watch on TV, Computer, kindle or phone  (shades of the now way too connected days).

  25. I subscribe to the views of my learned collegue, Jax, as he so elegantly expressed them @ 1:25 pm.

    Ms Renee, I agree, plus toss in  james janos (alias jesse ventura), jim ryun, and jack kemp.


  26. Just got dad out of the hospital and he is getting his first real sleep for a week. Might not see him for a couple days. You know how those hospitals are.

  27. Logan act prosecutions are extremely rare. In fact, the  only indictment ever brought under the act was in 1803. So what do you think the likelihood that Jeff “what me worry?” Sessions would possibly prosecute Michael Flynn under the Logan Act? I rate it at remote at best.

    So, blue, you still think we’ll be a-ok under trump?

  28. yep xrepup my friends and family are sick of listening to my ravings about our Orlando VA hospital. Which is how it should be put because it’s the only one I know. And it is one of the newest and best rated, so i cant speak to the rest of the system. But the level of care is phenomenal. And even superior in several ways to our very fine local private hospital where my mom was admitted many times.

  29. Feds, Trump attorneys wrangle over president’s D.C. hotel lease

    Federal officials have held private talks in recent days with attorneys for President Trump’s real estate company to address a potential violation of Trump’s lease with the government for his new luxury hotel near the White House, but the two sides have so far failed to reach a resolution, according to documents and people familiar with the discussions.

    At issue is a clause in the lease barring an “elected official” from receiving “any benefit” from the agreement, which Trump signed with the General Services Administration in 2013 long before he became a presidential candidate.

    The uncertainty of the status of the lease drew the attention this week of a top Republican lawmaker, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, who sent a letter Thursday to the GSA’s acting director inquiring about the agency’s plans.

    Chaffetz told reporters this week that he was interested to learn how officials intended to grapple with the potentially awkward situation in which the Trump-led government intended to negotiate with a business controlled by the president’s family.

    “His being both the landlord and the tenant is something that we’re curious what the GSA’s opinion of that is,” Chaffetz said.


    Dan Tangherlini, the former GSA administrator who oversaw initial lease negotiations with Trump for the Obama administration and left the government two years ago, said he was not surprised the agency has not acted.

    “Anything they did would have been viewed through a political lens,” he said.

    As Trump appointees begin filling jobs at the agency, Tangherlini said he expects career GSA staff to do what they are told by the new leadership.

    “They are awaiting instructions,” Tangherlini said. “And if the answer is, ‘Write me the memo that says this is okay,’ they will go ahead and do that, and it will be subject to whatever legal and political scrutiny that comes with it. Or it’s ‘Write me the letter that says it’s not okay.’ So I think they are waiting for someone to give them instructions and make a decision and be accountable for it.”

    That leaves Democrats to press Trump appointees and career bureaucrats whose jobs — leasing office space for government agencies — typically remain several rungs below the political radar.

    As part of their efforts to put pressure on Trump’s company and the GSA, the Democrats released data they had obtained from the agency late last month showing that Trump had lost more than $1.1 million in the period the hotel was open from September to October — a potential embarrassment to the president, who has called the property “one of the great hotels of the world.”

  30. Cbob was right, of course……..hell is coming to breakfast.


    You exist to serve this ship.  Row well and live.

  31. I think the Romans are currently at odds with the alt-barbarians……within the parameters of the current administration.

  32. “David Brock is interested in creating a “Breitbart- style” media for the left.”

    There already is media for the left: it’s called “the news”.  Only conservatives want dedicated channels to feed them lies.

  33. pogo -Nope.  But if he hadn’t won, I could never have imagined all of the wack-a-doo goings on of Trumpco…and I’d prolly be wondering  about which corporations & foreign states on the Poedesta list she was serving.  I still say Bernie could’ve beat the orange turd, but it is what it is.

      If BananaNazi was out of the picture & someone else was feeding his ego/pulling the strings, I wonder what he would do?  Does the Time article on BananaNazi in anyway prove him to be an enemy of the state?  He wants war.

  34. The string pullers can work Pence, or Trump, either one……..both are chumps………both prime GOP presidential timber……..

  35. The battle lines are being drawn within the GOP ………

    democrats?  they are in the bleachers going yahhh yahhhh yahhhh

    while the game is afoot among the GOPhers

  36. Blue, glad to see you’ve regained something akin to clear political sight.  It would take someone either completely blind or politically stupid not to see what kind of havoc is being wreaked by the orange one.

    Sturg, my FIL was one of those Romans – glad we let them in.  I kinda like his daughter.

  37. Yeah, thanks for helping us get into this mess, Blue, so glad you’re seeing clearly enough to recognize you’re an idiot.

  38. Bonk – I live in TX.  It’s a red state.  As Sea told me, I don’t matter. Hillary was never going to win.

    Pogo – Not completely, just close.:)

  39. patd…in answer to your question about raids…none yet in NM.  No road stops either as in Austin.   I am sure our time will come and I do remember the old INS raids of the past…mostly workers in the building industries…hammers went quiet for about a week.


  40. Patd, thank you for incontrovertible evidence that Trump is scum personified. He cares only about himself; why would he care about our pets?

    The sooner Mephistopheles drags him down to the 9th Circuit of Hell, the better.


  41. Click Your Heels Three Times!

    KellyAnt’s $3,000 Chanel Biker Boots! The best goose-stepping ever!

    The woman (Denis Leary in drag) has no ethics or fashion sense.

  42. Here is KellyAnt in her black leather ensemble giving the come hither traitor stink-eye to Michael Flynn.

    Her clothing is as ugly as her soul.

  43. Craig,

    I feel the same about Tacoma General, St. Francis, and Allenmore … Pick a hospital – the care is amazing and if you are a Vet, Madigan is just down the road a bit.  Even Seattle doesn’t have it this good.


  44. blueINdallas,

    msnbc lost all credibility at exactly 9PM January 21,2011. The people with integrity & decency left; those who remain …. hey, they’re company gals & guys. Keep that paycheck comin’


    We are lucky to have this little corner of the internet where intelligence & civilized dialogue thrive. Glad you’re here, along with everyone else.




  45. OK, watching Apollo 13 for the eleventy billionth time. Not ashamed to say I cry every time when the capsule breaks through the clouds & the parachute unfurls.

  46. flynn, trump, and ryan should be made run the news media gauntlet over flynn’s violation of the Logan Act and failing to register as a russian agent.

    If nothing else, pursuing this latter day alger hiss could keep the trump fascists from promoting themselves as national saviors.

  47. uk’s daily mail:
    From Russia with love: Putin ‘considering returning Edward Snowden’ to the US as a ‘gift’ to Trump

    Edward Snowden’s lawyer, Ben Wizner, said he’s unaware of any plans to extradite his client 
    Juan Zarate, a former deputy national security adviser, said the Trump administration should be cautious in accepting any Snowden offer from Russia
    The US Justice Department said it would welcome the return of Snowden 
    Snowden has been charged under the Espionage Act and could face decades in prison
    He was working as a contractor at a National Security Agency facility in 2013 when he exposed widespread surveillance on ordinary Americans

  48. from above:
    The Trump administration should be cautious in accepting any Snowden offer from Putin, said former deputy national security adviser Juan Zarate.
    ‘For Russia, this would be a win-win. They’ve already extracted what they needed from Edward Snowden in terms of information and they’ve certainly used him to beat the United States over the head in terms of its surveillance and cyber activity’, said Zarate.
    ‘It would signal warmer relations and some desire for greater cooperation with the new administration, but it would also no doubt stoke controversies and cases in the US around the role of surveillance, the role of the US intelligence community, and the future of privacy and civil liberties in an American context.
    ‘All of that would perhaps be music to the ears of Putin’. 

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