Message to Congress

“You can’t go back home to your family, back home to your childhood … back home to a young man’s dreams of glory and of fame … back home to places in the country, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time – back home to the escapes of Time and Memory.” [from “You Can’t Go Home Again” Thomas Wolfe]

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

Also because only 18% of the people approve of how you’ve done your job
(Gallup). 78% disapprove of the way you are taking their hard-earned money for barely showing up to work and for doing so very little when you do. That leaves 4% who don’t seem to know any more than you do about your responsibilities.


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  1. Jamie, that powell email seems too good to be true for hillary.  sure would like to hear flatus tho’ts on it.  doesn’t make sense that he came out so adamant denying he gave her advice on a personal server.  hope this isn’t a ruse.

  2. daily kos: Supreme Court vacancy watch Day 206: Harry Reid flexes Senate rules to push Garland action

    Minority Leader Harry Reid has a plan, which he announced on the floor Tuesday.

    To show the American people’s absolute disgust with how Republicans have treated Merrick Garland’s nomination, starting today, I’m objecting to committees meeting for other purposes until the Judiciary Committee schedules a meeting to consider Judge Garland’s nomination. If the Republican leader thinks there is a committee that needs to meet because of extraordinary circumstances, I would be pleased to consider his request. But in the meantime, as of today, we’re objecting to committees meeting, in line with the rules of the Senate.

    Seems perfectly reasonable, but perfectly reasonable won’t sway McConnell and really won’t matter two months ahead of an election, when McConnell’s perverse idea of winning is continuing to practice his favorite hobby—obstructing President Obama.

  3. great posts…comments….hope all is well Craig…class reunion!   Stay safe mixers…I am being hounded via email because I did not sign bernie’s birthday card!  bernie who?

    trump continues to be an insulting and thoughtless man…assange continues to be putie’s pawn….trumps’s ragged campaign’s axis of evil drags Amerika through fake russian caviar.  Oh the smell.

  4. as an independent, registered voter?  I received my first survey from DJtrump….and hubby and I filled it out together….we checked the boxes for Hillary and wrote all over the survey…plus blocked out the computer code, so the form would be rejected and hopefully read by a human.  Funny stuff.  When I used to run direct mail campaigns with return postage envelopes?  We would get some large packages of gross things….sometimes rocks to increase the cost of postage.  I did not do that to trump or curse on my comments.  A professional response.

    Our arroyo is running for days….hurricane Newton has replenished our water table.  We are ahead on rain this year…woo-hoo.

  5. show us your taxes…dem women need to get the t-shirt!   a publicity stunt worthy of an empty-headed trump…he is beauty contestant smart.  And women across America should start a hairstyle with bangs…to show solidarity for Hillary and the tough decisions in Benghazi.

    frozen face gone from Faux News, KGC.   She climbed to fame with her reporting on OJ and I remember her biting interview with Mrs. herman ‘999’ cain about measuring drapes for the oval office.  seriously…Faux news crumbling under the weight of ailes’ chin.  Jon Stewart used to call out gretchen Carlson for reporting on Faux News…she was accomplished, a beauty queen and musician…all sullied before the great ailes chin.  Look, Jon, she really cleaned-up on the money…an exacting revenge for the chin.

  6. kyforward: Bill Straub: McConnell’s effort to put Senate back to work doesn’t include passing clean Zika bill

    As is their wont, congressional Republicans expressed limited concern about the outbreak and blanched at the price tag. So much for protecting the “general welfare.’’ On May 19, after the usual bickering, the Senate agreed to a $1.1 billion package in a 68-29 vote. Every Democrat supported the measure. All 29 votes in opposition came from Republicans, including Sen. Rand Paul, R-Bowling Green.

    Now keep in mind Senate Democrats have already compromised, knocking $800 million off the original request. But that was only the beginning of the GOP games playing.

    The House, once described by Mark Twain as that “grand, old, benevolent national asylum for the helpless,’’ originally proposed spending $622 million on the problem – a sum that would hardly pay for an NFL stadium these days. After some thoughtful consideration (pause to let the laughter subside) the lower chamber on June 23 accepted the $1.1 billion sum and sent it back to the Senate with all sorts of weird funding mechanisms attached.

    Now it’s McConnell’s turn. The Republican leader offered a bill with new terms that Democrats couldn’t, and shouldn’t, abide. The measure failed to attract the 60 votes necessary when it was first offered in June and then again on Tuesday with Democrats leading the opposition.

    “It’s hard to explain why, despite their own calls for funding, Democrats would block plans to keep women and babies safe from Zika,” McConnell whined.

    Well, senator, let’s give it the old college try, first by noting that it was a majority of your GOP colleagues, including your new BFF, the man who would be president were it not for the voters, Rand Paul, who opposed the original $1.1 billion package. Were they also involved in a conspiracy “to keep women and babies safe from Zika?’’

  7. wptv (w palm bch) : After senate blocks Zika funding bill, Florida lawmakers on both sides demand action

  8. cbsnews: How Donald Trump is making money off his presidential bid

    In 2000 Donald Trump told Fortune magazine, “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”

    During this primary season, Donald Trump made a point of not taking outside donations, but now he is. Some of Trump’s campaign money is making its way back to the candidate himself, because unlike any other candidate in modern history, Trump is using his businesses for his campaign.

    Legally, Trump has to pay no more than fair market value, so we crunched the numbers to see how much he’s essentially paying himself, reports CBS News correspondent Julianna Goldman. 

  9. patd…  great posting!

    Because of my book club running a bit late, I missed most of Hillary’s spot last night.  But I did catch drumpf’s.  I strongly believe in everyone’s right to choose their preferred candidate.  But… after watching that performance last night…  I’m with KGC…  one has to be a moron to vote for Mr. Orangutan.  Either that or they’re willfully blind.

    On a better note….   football season begins tonight…..   YES!

  10. thanks, renee. hope the critters get the underlying message that they shouldn’t go home again until they finish… well, “do” is more accurate…their work and meet their responsibilities.  this congress goes down in history as being on vacation more than being on the job.  have they no shame? and I guess we should ask ourselves the same question for sending them there.

    btw, Hillary had a presser. here’s one of her responses reported by nytimes “Highlights of Hillary Clinton’s News Conference”:

    • Responding to the suggestion from some Republicans that she had not smiled enough at the forum, Mrs. Clinton said she was “talking about serious issues last night.” Asked if she was held to a double standard because she is a woman, she said, “I’m going to let all of you ponder that last question. I think there will be a lot of Ph.D. theses and popular journalism writing on that subject for years to come.”

  11. Hello all from Renfro Valley KY. Here is view from our cousin’s lake house, generously provided for our week stay. Have been watching eagles dive for their breakfast this morning. (Lake Linville)

  12. PatD 

    They weren’t communicating.

    Powell was living in the 300/1200-bps dial-up modem world and was flummoxed by the rules and regulations surrounding all the newer crap that was infiltrating ‘his’ workspace and world.

    I see the cautions in Powell’s email. And I can see it through Hillary’s eyes where she is looking for ratification of a proactive solution in the face of challenging technology and an obtuse bureaucracy.

  13. Patd & Flatus

    I hate to bring it up but there is the matter of age and comfort with technology.  My son teases me that I blog, tweet, google, send emails, link TV and computer blah blah blah but I need his help to program my phone.  So Hillary requested and got the equipment she knew how to use and depended on assistants to help her with the bells & whistles of technology.

    That was on the leading edge when all of those possible switches from simple phone & secretary screeners plus maybe a desk top computer with dial up to all of the gadgets that over connect us to a high speed world where there is little time for reflection.  To turn this into a crime of treasonous dimensions is just plain stupid.

  14. BW

    Greta Von Cess Pool leaving Fox..where can she go — The Blaze!   No other network should touch her after her phony claim she knew nothing about the climate of harassment at Fox…..pretty lame for a “journalist”

    I find her conservative naivete to be disingenuous at best and probably just an act.  She is disgusting and if any other outlet hires her — they will be touched by her special brand of shit

    I for one would watch nothing on any network that would hire her. I never watch Fox or the Blaze and if she turns up on something else I’m sure I wouldn’t mind giving it up.

    She pretends that facts that would prove her various idiot ideals are not in evidence. So she is either incredibly stupid or just Liz Trotta jr with a slightly better face lift. What a big fat phony.

  15. “Powell was living in the 300/1200-bps dial-up modem world and was flummoxed by the rules and regulations surrounding all the newer crap that was infiltrating ‘his’ workspace and world.”

    flatus, thanks for the response. as Jamie pointed out, Hillary could have been (and might still be for all that matter) just as “flummoxed” as the good general. these are people who were professionals at work during years when only staff touched keyboards, phone buttons, turned gizmos off and on… and sometimes in early years even the staff had to rely on the not-so-helpful help desk wizards who spoke in unknown tongues.

    head honchos usually only this close to IT functions:
    “get so and so on the line… send a message to whats his face… don’t bother me with the system’s down crap, get him in here!”

  16. “she knew nothing about the climate of harassment at Fox”

    kgc, come on, cut her some slack. those guys just might not have found her “foxy” enough to waste their obnoxious moves on.

  17. Both candidates were asked to talk about their specific plans, attempting to avoid attacking their opponent — yet the vast majority of Trump’s answers were nothing more than the usual attacks against President Obama and Clinton rather than offering any substantive answers to any of the questions he was asked. One of the most embarrassing moments for Trump came when Lauer asked him if he really believed he knew more about ISIS than “the generals” (something he claimed earlier in his campaign), and he essentially talked down about our current military leaders, clearly implying he knew more than they did. Another absurd couple of moments for Trump came when he not only tried to claim he opposed the Iraq War from the beginning (he didn’t) and he said that Clinton’s decision to go into Libya was a disaster — even though he’s on video saying we needed to remove Gaddafi. Read more at:

  18. hah! pot kettle battle!

    media matters: Trump Campaign Runs With Alex Jones Conspiracy Theory About Clinton “Earpiece” During NBC Forum
    Republican nominee Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is running with the Alex Jones-fueled conspiracy that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was fed answers through a secret earpiece while participating in NBC’s September 7 “Commander-in-Chief Forum.” is run by Jones, a conspiracy theorist who believes the government was behind the 9/11 attacks and other national tragedies. Jones recently said he’s been advising Trump. Infowars posted a September 8 story headlined, “WAS HILLARY WEARING AN EARPIECE DURING LAST NIGHT’S PRESIDENTIAL FORUM?”

  19. Hey, them old folks have their hearing aids and obviously last night no body was feeding Trump any answers. It was him in his stupid glory.

  20.  no body was feeding Trump any answers. It was him in his stupid glory.


    Hmmmm Jack does have a point.

  21. I had no idea what the “CiC Forum” was, heard nothing about it, didn’t know how to find it, saw you people discussing it, tried to find it on NPR and some other net channels…


    So, it was some fake pseudo-debate on NBC, exclusively, hosted by dumb former carpentry-hack turned hack-infotainment-journalist Matt Lauer?


    I’d ask if we’re doomed, but…

  22. usatoday: Paul Ryan is tired of Trump questions

    poor baby, but not as tired as we are about the 24/7 coverage on the drumpf and only on the drumpf.

  23. I have questions for trump

    so far what Hedge Fund guy hates you and isn’t your top staff associated and frequently paid for by a hedge fund guy


    So if you will say something nice about anyone who says nice things about you.  Are you really that needy

  24. ny times:
    Republicans may have thought that the issue of Judge Merrick B. Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court had faded away like a summer hydrangea over the congressional recess. Democrats, however, are making sure that President Obama’s pick stays in the news.
    On Thursday, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will be on Capitol Hill to join congressional Democrats at a news conference where they will push for a vote on Judge Garland, who was put forward by Mr. Obama in March and is now the longest pending Supreme Court nominee in American history.

  25. Here is my prediction.  The end of the Trump “surge” is here.  There will be some lingering hangover but not much and not for long.

    Now that the media (sic) is sort of doing its job (only for the purpose of being self congratulatory)  Trump is being exposed for the loser he is

  26. Government is not business, they share in common that they should both be well run but the definition of what is well run is very different for government than for business.   Even if you are good at business which Trump is not — that doesn’t mean you will be good at government

    The recent experiments in running government services by private enterprise have been disastrous and in the case of ambulance services people died.   Of course, some would say that is just the cost of doing business

  27. Hey Colin Powell  stfu  she never said your advice was why she did it

    in the end you are such a gooper – and now rump is saying you failed to stop Bin Laden something he and “his generals” would have done.


    Do you think he was planning on resurrecting Patton?

  28. What Powell finds uncomfortable is that the email hints that Powell avoided archiving his emails just like the rest of the Bush administration.

    There was rampant avoiding the law in that administration.


  29. BTW this releasing of emails that contain discussions and advice really limits the ability of future SOS to get information out side the State department bubble.


  30. Trump wouldn’t have went after Bin Laden any more than Bush did, because as all Republicans knew at the time Bin Laden was just a fantasy Clinton concocted to distract Republicans from their real job, impeaching Clinton.

  31. If I were a Republican I think this is the point at which I would say enough is enough
    If we continue on the Trump Train there won’t even be ashes left.
    The media has turned on Trump and that was all he had that and his lying team of
    Character assasins.   Republicans have to tell Trump to stay out of the gutter.   Once the
    first Bossie ads are released there will be no turning back and the Republican Party will
    left a waste land and you won’t be coming back.   Separate yourselves now or be
    explaining your support from now until the 12th of never.

    Let’s start with – do you believe the current generals in charge are incompetent?

  32. kgc, doesn’t look like he’s dumping on her in this quote. he also acknowledges he sees himself accountable for his actions.

    cbs news:

    “As noted by the FBI and Congressman Cummings in his comments about my exchange of emails with Secretary Clinton in 2009, Secretary Clinton has stated that she was not influenced by my email in making her decisions on email use. I was not trying to influence her but just to explain what I had done eight years earlier to begin the transformation of the State Department’s information system,” Powell said.

    He then explained that emails he sent to a public email account from his public email account did not go through State Department servers.

    “With respect to records, if I sent an email from my public email account to an addressee at another public email account it would not have gone through State Department servers. It was a private conversation similar to a phone call. If I sent it to a address it should have been captured and retained by State servers. I was not aware at the time of any requirement for private, unclassified exchanges to be treated as official records,” Powell said.

    He added that he stands by his decisions and is “fully accountable.”

    The department’s regulations regarding email at the time Powell served as secretary of state, however, were much looser and more vague than they were during Clinton’s tenure.

    His statement comes a day after Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, the top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, released an email exchange between Clinton and Powell from two days after she took over the cabinet position in 2009.

    Clinton wanted to continue using her Blackberry in her new position and Powell responded saying he didn’t have one and developed another system instead that allowed him to communicate with people without it going through servers at the State Department.

  33. He is also quoted as saying he wasn’t the reason – implying she had said he was

  34. this as reported by npr to me is more interesting that the media has ignored since reading the fbi document release

    Clinton, who described herself as a “berry addict,” had asked Powell for advice about her own mobile device.

    “What were the restrictions on your use of your blackberry?” she asked Powell, in an email dated Jan. 23, 2009. “Did you use it in your personal office? I’ve been told that the DSS [Diplomatic Security Service] personnel knew you had one and used it but no one fesses up to knowing how you used it!”

    Clinton also noted that President Obama broke new ground by carrying his own, secure BlackBerry. “I just have to figure out how to bring along the State Department,” she added.


    also, media always looking to stir up a feud or hint at Hillary hatred ignored powell’s last line which would dispel any hint of bad feelings between them: “You will find DS driving you crazy if you let them,” Powell wrote. “Their job is to keep you hermetically sealed up. Love, Colin.”

  35. kgc, some pundit did the implying.  not powell.  do you see any implication by him here in his statement today:

    “Secretary Clinton has stated that she was not influenced by my email in making her decisions on email use.”

  36. jack & renee, just think, if there had been no star trek we wouldn’t have had

    Pigs in Space is a recurring sketch from The Muppet Show, featuring the exploits of Captain Link Hogthrob, First Mate Piggy, and Dr. Julius Strangepork leading a crew of pigs aboard the Swinetrek. The sketch, in concept, is essentially a parody of Star Trek, Lost in Space and other space operas of the 1960s and 70s.

  37. More recently, Powell told People magazine in August that Clinton’s team has been trying to “pin” Clinton’s use of a private email server and the controversy on him. In that interview Powell said Clinton had already been using a private email address for a year before he mentioned it to her.
    Powell said in an email Wednesday night that he had no comment on the email exchange.

  38. Donald Trump and grading on the curve


    And we arrive at the way in which Trump, consciously or not, may be graded on a curve. The assumption in mainstream media coverage of a general-election campaign is that, in the 21st century, neither major party would nominate someone for president who espoused racist views or welcomed foreign espionage or demonstrated breathtaking ignorance on important policy questions. When Trump says egregious things, the media reports it in a perfectly straightforward manner. But there’s a default setting that there’s no way Trump actually believes the racist stuff, or that he’ll bone up on the policy stuff.


    Grading Trump on a curve means it is assumed that as the GOP nominee, he will be up to the task of being president whether or not that is actually true. As a close Trump watcher for more than a year, I see no evidence that this is true. But when you read about Trump “maturing” as a candidate, or see news anchors discuss his myriad “pivots,” you see the curve at work. Because if there’s one thing the mainstream media cannot say explicitly, it is that the Republican Party willingly chose an ignorant bigot as its nominee.


  39. time: Joe Biden Joins Democrats to Criticize Congressional Inaction

    this is telling that the first 12 minutes nothing happens. it’s just them standing around waiting for people to show up

  40.  Because if there’s one thing the mainstream media cannot say explicitly, it is that the Republican Party willingly chose an ignorant bigot as its nominee.  Jack


    And willing to stay on the Trump Train to disaster

  41. It just occurred to me that I hadn’t seen Luke Russert in quite a while so went looking for the reason.

    Why Luke Russert Decided to Leave NBC

    Article sounds a bit like really needing the time to make decisions about his life with probably a touch of what many of us are feeling that the takeover management changes have not been an improvement.

  42. They don’t think we can handle a full English. (laughs like Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple)

  43. good segment tonight on trumps taxes by pbs newshour:

    Donald Trump stands alone as a presidential candidate who refuses to release his tax returns. The GOP nominee says he is waiting until the Internal Revenue Service finishes its audit, a process that could last as long as seven years. Hillary Clinton and her supporters say he must be hiding something. Lisa Desjardins offers some context behind the headlines.

  44. Bink

    For all of those lovely British series (UK Scotland & Australia)  that neither BBC or PBS carry, there is a $5 a month source on your computer either straight from them or through Amazon:  Acorn TV

    I’ve been binge watching Midsomer Murders having discovered that the original Barnaby left the series in year 11 and his cousin Barnaby took over and now up to year 18.  They now have mobile phones and everything … lol


  45. Fear of a Female President
    Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has provoked a wave of misogyny—one that may roil American life for years to come.
    Peter Beinart

    At the Republican National Convention, this fervent hostility was hard to miss. Inside the hall, delegates repeatedly broke into chants of “Lock her up.” Outside the hall, vendors sold campaign paraphernalia. As I walked around, I recorded the merchandise on display. Here’s a sampling:
    Black pin reading don’t be a pussy. vote for trump in 2016. Black-and-red pin reading trump 2016: finally someone with balls. White T-shirt reading trump that bitch. White T‑shirt reading hillary sucks but not like monica. Red pin readinglife’s a bitch: don’t vote for one. White pin depicting a boy urinating on the wordHillary. Black T-shirt depicting Trump as a biker and Clinton falling off the motorcycle’s back alongside the words if you can read this, the bitch fell off. Black T-shirt depicting Trump as a boxer having just knocked Clinton to the floor of the ring, where she lies faceup in a clingy tank top. White pin advertising kfc hillary special. 2 fat thighs. 2 small breasts … left wing.
    Standard commentary about Clinton’s candidacy—which focuses on her email server, the Benghazi attack, her oratorical deficiencies, her struggles with “authenticity”—doesn’t explain the intensity of this opposition. But the academic literature about how men respond to women who assume traditionally male roles does. And it is highly disturbing.

  46. So Trump is praising an old KGB communist and trashing the Military……….

    time for RR jokes


    California has a new power source, they hooked Reagans casket to a generator


  47. FCC moves forward with plan to crack down on set-top boxes

    by Seth Fiegerman
    The days of renting pricey cable boxes to watch your favorite TV shows could be coming to an end.
    Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, put forward a final set of proposed rules on Thursday that would require large cable and satellite TV companies to make their content available in apps on competing devices.
    Instead of paying to rent a box, a Comcast subscriber would have the option to stream shows through a Comcast (CCV) app on a number of devices.
    “If you want to watch Comcast’s content through your Apple TV or Roku, you can. If you want to watch DirectTV’s offerings through your Xbox, you can,” Wheeler wrote in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, announcing the rules. “And if you want to watch your current pay-TV package on your current set-top box, you can do that, too. The choice is yours.”

  48. Clinton: I can’t blame people for thinking I’m ‘cold’

    By Hanna Trudo

    Clinton opened by recounting a jarring experience from her law school career. “I was taking a law school admissions test in a big classroom at Harvard. My friend and I were some of the only women in the room. I was feeling nervous. I was a senior in college. I wasn’t sure how well I’d do. And while we’re waiting for the exam to start, a group of men began to yell things like: ‘You don’t need to be here.’ And ‘There’s plenty else you can do.’ It turned into a real ‘pile on,’” she wrote.
    “One of them even said: ‘If you take my spot, I’ll get drafted, and I’ll go to Vietnam, and I’ll die.’ And they weren’t kidding around. It was intense. It got very personal. But I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t afford to get distracted because I didn’t want to mess up the test. So I just kept looking down, hoping that the proctor would walk in the room.”
    Clinton, who currently holds a 54.8 percent “unfavorable” rating on the latest Real Clear Politics polling average, suggested that her coolness was a protection mechanism.
    “I know that I can be perceived as aloof or cold or unemotional. But I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions. And that’s a hard path to walk. Because you need to protect yourself, you need to keep steady, but at the same time you don’t want to seem ‘walled off,” she wrote.
    “And sometimes I think I come across more in the ‘walled off’ arena. And if I create that perception, then I take responsibility. I don’t view myself as cold or unemotional. And neither do my friends. And neither does my family. But if that sometimes is the perception I create, then I can’t blame people for thinking that.”


  49. Tony

    X-Finity (Comcast) is already doing it.  I can access everything from the box on TV, on my computer, and on my Kindle.  I assume when my new phone comes in, I’ll be able to watch there as well.  As a result, I plan to turn it all off this weekend and read a book.


  50. Jamie

    That’s great. Saves all them rental fees and taxes.. I haven’t had cable in years. I have my PC hooked up in the entertainment system and to the Samsung 65 4 K. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse.. Also use Roku. The apps i use are Sling TV which gets me some of the cable stations as well as ON demand. Hulu and Netflix with an over the air antenna for all local channels in HD.. More TV than i can possibly ever watch :0)… I have a few clients that have Acorn Tv and they love it..

    Good idea turning it all off for a weekend for a good book…

  51. I’d kill my television, but it has so many nice little British people living in it.

    Or, in the case of Midsomer, dying in it.

  52. tony, thanks for the reinart piece (and all the others too). got to thinking mankind hasn’t gotten very far from the days where they really did “lock her up” in chastity belts.   hmm, still do in a way with cultures requiring the burka, chador, abaya or niqab

  53. the guardian:
    9/11 tapes reveal raw and emotional Hillary Clinton

    For the 15th anniversary, we partnered with WNYC to look back at Clinton at Ground Zero – a far cry from the controlled figure now a step away from the presidency

    It was 26 August 2003, almost two years since 9/11, and the sickening plume of smoke that hung over Ground Zero in lower Manhattan had long since dissipated. But steam was rising from the steps of city hall, three blocks away, where Hillary Clinton was venting her rage at the Bush administration for having lied to the American people.

    “I don’t think any of us expected that our government would knowingly deceive us about something as sacred as the air we breathe,” she said, her voice tightening in anger. “The air that our children breathe in schools, that our valiant first responders were facing on the pile.”

    Surrounded by firefighters and the doctors who were treating them for respiratory and other illnesses incurred when they worked on the massive mound of Ground Zero rubble – the “pile”, as it was known – the junior senator from New York was incandescent. Audiotape recorded at the time by WNYC, the city’s public radio affiliate, captures a Clinton quite unlike the controlled public figure who is now a step away from the White House.

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