Is this 1992 all over again?

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

(L to R) Democratic vice-presidential candidate Al

“Riding the bus may seem like a throwback, but Democrats say it is the wave of the future in Presidential campaigns. It is more successful than the conventional hopping from airport to local television studio, a technique perfected by the Republicans and copied by the Democrats to bypass the less flattering national press.”

This quote, from a 1992 NYT article, describes the media-enthrallment with the post-convention midwestern bus tour of the Clinton-Gore campaign.  This weekend the Clinton-Kaine campaign began a very similar tour by bus, starting in Pennsylvania and then on to Ohio.

Rachel Maddow just reported that the Trump-Pence ticket has ZERO campaign events scheduled for this weekend.  Huh?

With the “Big Dog” helping with the campaign strategy for the general election, how much similarity will we see with his 1992 campaign, and how might the Clinton / Trump campaigns differ (including their message) from each other?


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  1. wouldn’t mind a replay of 1992 results but not 2000… as in this

    scary, scary from wapo:

    “What would be very troubling would be somebody hacking into the actual voting databases or network systems in which ballots are sent to the central database, and either altering results or raising questions about the integrity of the results,” said Michael Chertoff, former homeland security secretary. “That would take the ‘hanging chad’ debacle of 2000 and make it seem trivial. This would become an issue of electronic hanging chads.”

  2. “Rachel Maddow just reported that the Trump-Pence ticket has ZERO campaign events scheduled for this weekend.  Huh?”

    dv, maybe Rachel & co are heeding fearless leader’s call to boycott all things drumpf until his tax records are released. ’til then we see nothing, we know nothing 🙂

  3. 1992 was a fun campaign. Didn’t know a lot about that guy Clinton, but he was fun to watch on the campaign trail.

  4. Off shortly to spend the day at a wine and jazz fest. You know, dirty job but somebody has to do it.

  5. meeting up with BlueBronc for lunch today, looking forward to it

    thanks for the post DV — “how might the Clinton / Trump campaigns differ?”

    just like how their presidencies would differ: frightening chaos vs. boring status quo

  6. Not sure Patd – but I would guess that Trump will tweet some rude remark and wham – all over the news.  I would guess that there’s stuff in Trumps returns that are so damning they would punch the Clinton-Kaine lottery ticket.  So Trump won’t release them, ever.  Better to go down in a non-transparant cloud than in a ball of fire.

    The Trump campaign site has him doing campaign appearances in Pennsylvania and Ohio on Mon-Tue, with Pence working Nevada.  It looks like the Trump campaign decided to take the weekend off to rest (and perhaps re-group).  That says something by itself – who wants this more?

  7. Pat, your picture of FDR on the rear deck of his campaign train reminded me of the Freedom Train that came through Cleveland in ca1948. Mom took me down to view it and the throng surrounding it; very impressive. Wasn’t until years later that I learned that segregationists were adamant that ‘this’ wasn’t what freedom meant. Down South, separate tour times were established based on race. Still not good enough for Birmingham so the train skipped that city.

  8. Trump and Pence taking the weekend off. One thing is for sure, HRC may not out glitz them but she will damn sure out work them.

  9. A totally disillusioned Conservative movement Republican. Trump has removed his blinders and  he doesn’t like what he sees.
    Read it all

    This revisionism, according to Roy, points to a much bigger conservative delusion: They cannot admit that their party’s voters are motivated far more by white identity politics than by conservative ideals.
    “Conservative intellectuals, and conservative politicians, have been in kind of a bubble,” Roy says. “We’ve had this view that the voters were with us on conservatism — philosophical, economic conservatism. In reality, the gravitational center of the Republican Party is white nationalism.”

  10. “there’s stuff in Trumps returns that are so damning”

    dv, only a hunch but I think it’s not a fear of losing the campaign because of something in the tax records as much as a fear of going to jail… and loss of wealth.  Bernie madoff and his family come to mind. will the trumps face a similar fate? I suspect that he can’t release them until the current lawsuit is settled (next hearing not until November last time I heard) as there may be something in them that contradicts testimony and evidence.
    course too, there’s always that questionable Russian connection (a record release might expose) that could lead to more legal problems for him and his.

  11. Jack….  a big thank you for linking that Vox article.  I wish they allowed for comments…  I’m sure they’d be interesting too.

  12. Lunch with Blue Bronc …that sounds like fun.

    Campaigning with Trump not so much –maybe Mike Pence has had enough of changing his positions so he can be Pence lite


  13. from wapo’s look at the recent no. Carolina and Wisconsin voting rights cases:

    The rulings — along with that of a state court that halted an attempt in Kansas to require proof of citizenship to register — marked important wins for opponents of restrictive voting laws that are being challenged throughout the country ahead of November’s presidential election. Put together, the decisions suggest a growing judicial suspicion of the wave of voting-restriction legislation passed in recent years by ­Republican-led legislatures that said it was necessary to combat voter fraud.

    The decisions are likely to prompt the states to ask the Supreme Court for emergency action. But it is far from clear whether the eight justices, evenly divided between conservative and liberal, would get involved. The proximity of an election is often reason for justices to let an appeals court ruling stand.

  14. mediaite:

    Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said during a Friday radio discussion with Hugh Hewitt that he’s holding discussions to do away with Donald Trump‘s campaign blacklist on news outlets.

    Trump has a rough relationship with many in the media due to his perception of unfair coverage, and his campaign actively shuts reporters from Politico, Washington Post, and other organizations out of his events. Pence sat down with Hewitt this morning, where the radio host pointed out that suppressing the press is “not in the American tradition.”

    “Will you argue with him to lift that ban, because reporters are part of the game,” Hewitt asked. “We shouldn’t ban, Republicans should not be afraid of reporters.”
    Pence defended his relationship with the media, and said his legislative contributions to protect reporter-source confidentiality is proof that he believes in a free press. Hewitt noted that the ban is seen by many as an “unnecessary diversion,” but Pence insisted he was looking into it.

  15. Jack,

    Thanks for the link. If the premise of the article is correct. It goes a long way toward explaining the fear fest and hate mongering that was the republican convention. The GOP has been in search of an identity for some time. Trump’s rise is just an indication that they have thrown up their hands and given up the search. They didn’t find him, he found them and they were an easy mark.

  16. Rachel Maddow just reported that the Trump-Pence ticket has ZERO campaign events scheduled for this weekend. – Pat

    That hasn’t happened since john kerry took a vacation during his swiftboating, following the Dem convention of 2004. It’s an omen.

  17. In the WaPo article that PatD cited in her earlier comment lies what we should fear tremendously: The vulnerability of our electronic voting system to malicious intrusion, or innocent glitch. At least, in Florida, there were punch cards from which voters’ intent could be reconstructed. I know that in my small city I would always look at my punch card to verify that the punched holes matched my intentions.

    One day, after serving on a jury, I walked over to the Supervisor of Elections domain. She walked me through the procedures used in Pinellas County. I was totally satisfied and especially impressed by the tallying room enclosed by window-filled walls where _any_ citizen could view the tallying in action. I called it her Glasnost Wall from the inevitable nose marks on the windows.

    I felt confident that my county’s submitted tallies would reflect the actions of the voters when they punched their ballots.

  18. Seriously  he is going to come in third and all the goops who supported and praised him should have to commit seppuku or at least leave public life

  19. we only watch msnbc to get going in the morning.  It makes me want to get up and runaway

    whoever is their editorial director is an idiot and I would think the on-air talent would not like it but they go on

    as if they were speaking the words of a brilliant analyst instead of copy from Drudge and tweets from Trump


  20. I really do hope she proves me wrong if she is elected.  I hope she does a good job for America.  I hope she doesn’t break your hearts.

    Happy lunching.

  21. “there’s stuff in Trumps returns that are so damning”

    Obviously the deadbeat and his shitty empire hit the skids in 2009, during the bushcheneyscalia republican depression. trump walked away from the family business and russian oligarchs (read B!LL!ONA!RE gangsters) took it over.

    As part of the deal, the oligarchs hired trump as their spokesbigot. He gets a monthly paycheck,and a clothing allowance, and is allowed to use mar-o-lago, a Manhattan apartment, and a company jet, as if he owned them. Melania’s jewels and gowns are on loan from the Hermitage. 

  22. DV: Nice post! Look how young and fresh faced they all were.

    I, for one would love to see some good old fashioned campaign stumping.
    Stump speech: From Wikipedia
    Of course in this day of instant everything, they would have to change up their speeches a little more than they did 100+ years ago. Could you imagine twitter if someone used the same speech twice LOL! But I do like that Hillary’s doing it and getting down among the people.

    Jamie: I signed the petition

    I don’t have a lot of hope in it succeeding and changing the current debate system. It was bad enough before the donald, but with him trying to dictate events as he does it’s even worse. Sadly, most of his supporters can’t even spell Oxford and wouldn’t know Oxford style debating if it kicked them in the head…and, most likely, wouldn’t even watch. Debates used to be interesting looks at the opposing candidates but they’ve devolved into slugfests which is definitely more Trump’s style.

    Jack: Love the VOX article! The Lincoln to Trump video on the bottom was excellent!

    I think this paragraph really summed it up:

    “…in reality, it created the conditions under which Trump could thrive. Trump’s politics of aggrieved white nationalism — labeling black people criminals, Latinos rapists, and Muslims terrorists — succeeded because the party’s voting base was made up of the people who once opposed civil rights.”


  23. Blue

    Whatever anyone thinks of Hillary, there is one thing we do know.  Trump would be hideously bad for the country.  Stein has a bit of a screw loose.  Good on the environment but not on all 50 state ballots so can’t possibly win.  Libertarian sounds good as an idea but simply doesn’t work in any population greater than a pioneer village. Even then there is a reason that three of our oldest colonies are designated Commonwealths rather than States.

    So Hillary is the best available, with the brains, education, talent, experience and historical importance.  She might not be perfection but she will be a more than adequate and possibly even great President.


  24. I wouldn’t mind going back to’92. I’d liquidate everything, and put it into TWX. In the summer of ’96, I’d trade my TWX holdings for Yahoo. In 2000 I’d cash in and buy San Diego.

  25. DV

    The picture with your post reminds me of the day I was waiting on a Vice Presidential appearance & speech.  The busses pulled up and a host of young interns & general cheerleaders poured off to martial the waiting crowd.  I turned to a friend and said, “Oh my baby politicians.  Somebody drown them before they breed.”


  26. It is so nice being able to read George Will as he has clearly seen the light when it comes to Trump et alia. The paragraphs below are taken from his current piece in WaPo. Fair use is claimed.

    By George F. Will Opinion writer July 29 at 8:51 PM

    To gauge the opportunism and hypocrisy that define Donald Trump’s Republican Party, consider this: Imagine the scalding rhetoric that would have boiled from the likes of Newt Gingrich, that Metternich of many green rooms, if Hillary Clinton had offhandedly undermined the collective security architecture of U.S. foreign policy since NATO was created in 1949.
    Vladimir Putin’s regime is saturating Europe with anti-Americanism, buying print and broadcast media, pliable journalists and other opinion leaders, and funding fringe political parties, think tanks and cultural institutions. (Putin is again following Hitler’s playbook; read Alan Furst’s historical novel “Mission to Paris,” set in prewar France.) Putin is etching with acid a picture of America as ignorant, narcissistic and, especially, unreliable. Trump validates every component of this indictment, even saying that the U.S. commitment to NATO’s foundational principle — an attack on one member is an attack on all — is not categorical.
    Gingrich, who is among the supposed savants who will steer Trump toward adulthood, flippantly dismisses Estonia, a NATO member contiguous to Putin’s Russia and enduring its pressure, as “some place which is in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.” Gingrich thereby echoes Neville Chamberlain’s description, three days before Munich, of Hitler’s pressure on Czechoslovakia as “a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing.”

  27. ….. the party’s voting base is made up of the people who still oppose civil rights.”



    I made an edit to your post — I’m sure they were typos in the original article

    Another thing -goopers do not own the American flag or patriotism another pile of poop

  28. An email ccd to us by a friend of ours :
    I have been a member and ardent support of AARP for twenty years and I am appalled that AARP would
    join and become a sponsor of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization that
    aggressively practices and advocates discriminatory, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, age-biased, extreme
    right-wing, un-democratic and un-American legislation at the state (in all 50 states) and national level.
    I will not renew my membership and I strongly believe that those within the administration and
    leadership of AARP who made this decision should immediately step down and resign.  What an
    embarrassment for AARP, for its members and for what it allegedly stood for.  (past tense intended)
    Shame on you. . . How dare you?

  29. pogo, did the little boy you get to wave to lady bird when she did her whistle stop tour thru the south?

    On October 6, 1964, Lady Bird Johnson boarded the Lady Bird Special in Washington D.C. to travel 1,682 miles by rail through eight Southern states to campaign for her husband’s 1964 presidential bid. She was accompanied by white-gloved “Ladies for Lyndon” who worked the crowd and charmed local leaders.

    Along the way they faced both enthusiastic supporters and hostile crowds angry at the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but through it all, Lady Bird was courageous and tireless in her efforts to take the Johnsons’ message to the South.

    be sure to listen to bill moyers starting at 1:14 minutes in on the above.  very moving.

    btw, flatus, that earlier photo I posted was of Truman’s whistle stop tour in 1948…. or at least that’s what the caption said.

  30. XR, I went to the Southern Poverty Law Center and found no mention of that group there. I think there’s more to the story

  31. flatus, here’s nbc story yesterday: Mike Pence Praises Controversial Conservative Group ALEC

    INDIANAPOLIS — Mike Pence addressed the national gathering of the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) on Friday in Indianapolis, telling the group, “I was for ALEC before it was cool!”

    Thousands of state legislators from across the country pay into the conservative group, meeting among one another with corporations that also pay to attend. ALEC serves as a conduit for creating model legislation that its member legislators take back to introduce in their respective home states.

    But the organization, amid scrutiny for some of its perceived political positions and proposed bills that came from its sponsored meetings, has seen a drop off in corporate sponsors in recent years, including Google, AOL, Yahoo, Yelp, eBay, BP and Facebook.                     

    The group has been behind state-passed voter ID measures, stringent immigration-enforcement laws and “Stand Your Ground” legislation. It’s also come under criticism for what was seen as an environmental agenda that denied climate change.
    But Pence, who returned to his home state from the campaign trail for, in part, his keynote address, spoke highly of the group’s efforts.


  32. PatD “…btw, flatus, that earlier photo I posted was of Truman’s whistle stop tour in 1948…”

    Aw, shucks. I looked at the really old speakers and the solid piece of sheet metal blocking view of his legs then ASSumed it was FDR. As always, you are surely correct.

  33. xr,  could be aarp role is as an undercover mole.  hope they’re not using my membership fee money to fund any participation in alec unless it’s to turn that despicable group around…. or expose it if not.

  34. kgc, were you still in the south during lady bird’s train travails?

    sure hope everybody listened to the moyers description on that video…  wow. given those times, she was indeed courageous.

  35. now msnbc is jumped every possible shark the last panel was nothing but Hillary haters – they put together an bunch of cretins using fantasy versions of actual public events to maintain the fiction that there will be a horse race when every trend shows something entirely different

    and rather than less of coverage  they are covering him even when he isn’t doing anything

  36. McGinty is plus 7 over Toomey

    Portman’s numbers are starting to tank after a nice come back and I think Kasich and the Ohio GOP will dump trump to try to save portman and because Trump apparently didn’t understand satisfaction of revenge

    Ron Johnson is HISTORY

    Ayotte is barely hanging on   oops not hanging on down by 3

    and that is four


  37. patd

    I only have a southern taste for food I lived Kentucky as a very young child but no place else in the south …well DC as an adult


    Trump’s path to victory is there are more racists in the US then not

  38. Well, I am pleased to report Blue Bronc is every bit as delightful in person as you would expect. David and I just got back from a totally fun 2-hr brunch with her. My kinda conversation: everyone has interesting things to say, but also good listeners.

  39. Wisconsin is just the latest downticket race in which the democratic candidate appears to be getting a boost from nationwide backlash against republican nominee Donald Trump, who appears to be in danger of taking the entire republican party down with him as his campaign verges on unraveling. Russ Feingold is popular enough that he was likely to have had the edge in the Wisconsin race regardless. But the growth of his lead suggests a larger trend in which other downticket democrats may also benefit from the unique circumstances of the 2016 election.

  40. “Hillary needs to work hard but has a real path to victory”

    kgc, bite your tongue! complacency is the hobgoblin of small turnouts.  no “real path to victory” unless strewn with the bodies of people who’ve voted their hearts out and taken ten more with them to the polls.

  41. my point is Trump is at 31% and falling

    Clinton is at 46% in this poll  – she needs to keep it up but the media needs to be honest about Trump he has a small core of racists and the Republican or die groups.  The media is trying to pretend he can win. He can’t.  Clinton needs to turn out voters for sure and will but the media has to stop pretending he can win.  There aren’t enough stoooopid, racist white men to that.

    Going into the goopers convention she had bad time but she has recovered and I’m sure she is not going to be riding around in a tank and I’m pretty sure the Dem convention showed they will not be out law and ordered.

    Our real enemy is the lying sacks of shit that pass for the media and they need to be held accountable for all their crap

  42. So here’s what we’re going to see.  As the new polls come out – Clinton moves up, Trump moves down.  Most of the discussion I’ve heard is that she will be at 51%, with Trump around 42% to 44%.  When (if) this happens, the media will begin doing everything they can to tell us this is a razor thing election.  They’ll bring anti-Clinton spinners onto the shows, say the numbers are soft, everything they can to keep ratings high.

  43. dvitale300

    I don’t think he will be cracking 36 by labor day –kind of hard to spin that


  44. KGC

    You are on a roll,  keep it up.


    I have to go back to that very surprising Missouri poll that had HRC and Trump tied , HRc-41, Trump- 40, libertarian- 9 Stein- 1, undecided-9

    Ihave to wonder  how many of those undecided are Republican women and how many of them will just stay home. Mrs Jack has a co-worker(Nancy) who hates HRC but can’t vote for Trump, she says she is staying home.

    So Trump could be a disaster for down ticket Republicans if their are a lot of Nancys out there.
    BTW that poll was taken after the Republican convention and before the Democratic one.




  45. Jack

    The poll was conducted on 7/29

    (DES MOINES) – Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has opened a significant lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump, now leading him by 15 points, according to a new online nationwide survey conducted on Friday, July 29th by RABA Research, a bipartisan polling firm.

  46. So do you think it’s true Bernie will try to become majority leader if the Dems take the senate.  That’s silly but he might like a big powerful committee

  47. KGC, he may try, but he won’t succeed unless Pelosi get’s killed by falling blue ice from a jetliner.

  48. The other Democratic Senators aren’t all that fond of Bernie either, so I would think Chair of a committee where he has been an existing member is about all he can expect.  It’s either that or retire and start collecting speaking fees from the “Movement”.

  49. I think Bernie should be made chair of whatever committee  gives him the best and biggest platform , make Jennifer Granholm head of the DNC and we could get some things done.

    I think Obama made a mistake by not keeping his base motivated and involved.

    He shouldn’t have misled (lied) to the marijuana people.  I think he has done a lot but could have done MORE by not being so cool


  50. Give Bernie lots of power keep those Berncrats involved and that is a lot of people pushing at a recalcitrant congress or better supporting a willing Congress

  51. Humayun Khan’s parents response to Donald Trump’s hateful, disgusting tweets about why Mrs Khan was silent while Mr. Khan spoke at the convention.

    I’m sorry, anyone voting for Trump is an equally huge garbage pile.  Stay home, write in, whatever.  You don’t have to vote for Hillary, but be civilized enough to defeat that trash in a major way.


  52. Yikes! Mark Cuban at Clinton Pittsburgh rally just called Trump a “jack off”

  53. Last Winter, and despite being a Sanders supporter, I predicted a 2-1 blowout, w/Dems takingthe House and Senate. I’m sticking with those predictions.

    As Pat says, my predictions won’t come true unless Dems work like hell. But, trump gives me the incentive. He should do that for all sane Americans.

    My new neighborhood, misrepresented by redfootball-carrier and hater-of-our-veterans, john cline, will turn BRIGHT blue this fall.

  54. If nothing else in this campaign guess we’ll learn a lot more about insults. Turns out Mark Cuban called Trump a “jagoff” — Pittsburgh slang — not sure I get the difference really

  55. “KGC, he may try, but he won’t succeed unless Pelosi get’s killed by falling blue ice from a jetliner.”

    I trust you mean Schumer rather than Pelosi.

  56. okay, time for really important stuff.   what is the correct pronunciation for harry potter’s cursed child… “curst” or “curs-sed”?

    inquiring minds need to know.

  57. boss, if you don’t think it will give him even more free publicity, how about running a countdown of days clock atop the daily thread that says something like:

    only 99 days left and still no release

    what are you afraid of, Donald?

  58. jag off  just another euphemism

    isn’t the point here that it is an inside Pittsburgh joke

    the Trump base racists and opportunists

  59. OK – so this is a bit wordy (that’s me!!!).  But I got to thinking about communication strategy and offer these thoughts on my observations about the Clinton / Trump campaigns.

    As we move into the official general election campaign, understanding and analysis of the ‘horse race’ so to speak, should be done by all of us intelligent critical thinkers.  Fairhurst and Sarr (1996) discuss a number of conversational framing techniques which include; metaphor, stories, tradition, slogans and jargon, artifacts, contrast and spin.

    As we watch the Clinton campaign, it is noteworthy to observe the slogans / jargon that take place; ie. “I’m with her”, “Hillllllary”.  Yet it is utmost critically important to pay attention to the “stories” that show us how the Clinton campaign is framing their message.  The stories (myths, legends) component of framing techniques addresses the idea of framing a topic via a narrative in a vivid and memorable way.

    The Clinton’s have been diva’s at this for decades.  Bill Clintons’ 1992 campaign was flooded with stories about people he has met in his lifetime that have given him the energy and effort to run for President.  His entire “I feel your pain” was interlaced with personal stories of interaction with those facing challenges in life.  The story of his mother and his father who died before he was born.  The story of his handshake with JFK.  As he gave his speech last week, one must remember that it was framed in its’ entirety as the “story of his life with Hillary”.  He went so far as to give a year to year chronography in this story of his life with Hillary.

    As Hillary gave her speech, one can only notice the overabundance of stories – all based on showing the audience her lifetime; her interactions with others, her friendships, her efforts to help others, etc.

    This methodology/approach is working quite well for the Hillary Clinton campaign!

    As we watched Donald Trump we didn’t see this.  We really didn’t witness much of the story of Trump as a father, a loving husband, at employee events hugging his employee of the year / or the employee who had to retire with cancer being flown on the Trump jet to Cancer Treatment Center of America.  We didn’t hear the story of his life growing up, his relationship with his father and mother and siblings.  Or at the least the story wasn’t told by those players / actors in Trumps life. Did you know that Trump has 4 siblings, 1 dead (from alcoholism) and 3 living? What are their names? What do they do?

    Rather, what we saw was a “what’s wrong with xxx” approach to political communication.  The challenge was placing any kind of ‘pin’ in the Trump approach.  While Trump uses a modicum of jargon and many contrasts regarding personal traits, his general ‘spin’ of positions and issues leaves one thirsting for something to dig one’s teeth into.

    Whether it’s the Police Chief of Dallas County or Mr. and Mrs. Khan, the Clinton approach has proven to be an effective and well received strategy for her campaign.  It would behoove her to continue that approach, embracing those who are parties to her stories, as she moves forward on the campaign trail.  The formula for success is right there in front of her eyes!  It’s up to her and her campaign staff to recognize the fact.

  60. from “The most-read independent website by and for Lib Dem supporters. Not paid for by trade unions or millionaires” Tales from Cleveland – Part 2:

    The unthinkable happened in Britain, and a vote for Hillary is a vote to protect the modern liberal order from people who would turn away from the world. He wouldn’t make America great. He’d make it smaller and more insular on the world stage. That’s why Putin is rubbing his hands with glee about Trump’s candidacy.

    On a more personal note, there are so many people here that don’t have the luxury of a protest third party vote. Many of our activists would be directly victimised by the Republicans, whether that be recently married LGBT couples whose futures would look uncertain, or BAME people who are at risk from police violence.

    I would appeal to my fellow liberals: you may not share my love for Hillary, but there is only one viable candidate who gets the importance of gender issues, who will act on gun violence, and who understands foreign policy. I am proud to have campaigned for her and to have met all these people who are passionate about defending a progressive and outward-looking programme for America. There are many things we could learn from the Ohio Democrats – but that’s a post for another day!

    * Hannah Bettsworth is VP Comms of Liberal Youth Scotland and on the Executive of Scottish Liberal Democrat Women. She recently spent a year studying in Salamanca and is a former member of the Liberal Youth International Committee.

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