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  1. KGC

    I can do it ????? Right hand on head, left on belly. Confuses the brain so you can get away with it.

  2. Excuse me Blue but I am now firmly convinced Sanders is an ******* That was an awful lot of donor money for a courtesy handshake.

  3. My deepest sympathy to the people of Ecuador.  Now we need to ask what is setting the Ring of Fire on fire?


  4. Neil Young always gets me in the heart.

    This morning’s Religious Town Hall was about raising the smoking age.  Pretty amusing.

    When asked if college kids would revolt, the Luthern representative said they wouldn’t care about cigs, because they were more concerned with pot.

    Then the AE Methodist representative said we are here to do God’s work on Earth and we can best do that if we are healthy. The Luthern chuckled and agreed, but reminded him of the line in Jeramiah about the temple being filled with smoke.  🙂

    Of course, they all agreed smoking isn’t good for anyone (my mom died in her 50s), and maybe it would have some impact of the smoking age gets raised.

    Expecting 5 – 8 inches of rain over the next 48 hours.  Skeeter season is on the way.


  5. jace, thanks.  nice way to start off the day


    Jamie, I agree “That was an awful lot of donor money for a courtesy handshake” but given that jane is catholic it might have been for more than that…. special dispensation, special blessing, assurance of self-righteousness?  who knows what lurks in the hearts of the berns and what it’s worth to them or their donors to pay for.

    however, the efficacy of a pope’s blessing for ecuador’s prez correa during the same stay portends a questionable beneficiency.

  6. After putting Windows 10 on my computers and using it for several months, I have come to the conclusion I do not like it.  I do not like what happened to the Start, I really do not like Edge and how it mucks up Office.  Going back is not the answer.  Making a computer version of Windows 10 and a tablet version is the best solution.  We do it for websites, MS can do it too.

    Spring time is here, the body is aching from all the outside yard work and changing the brakes on my F250.  Oh pain.

  7. Watching Willie Geist’s new show. I don’t understand the mustard yellow bar that moves up and down across the backdrop.

  8. Jamie, od, kgc, bethyboo et al in the ring, earth calming tho’ts being sent your way as best we can.

    from earthsky:

    Two powerful earthquakes rocked separate nations on Earth this weekend, causing deaths and much destruction. A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck north of the city of Kumamoto, on the island of Kyushu in southwest Japan on April 15, 2016. On April 16, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck offshore of the west coast of northern Ecuador, near the coastal town of Muisne. Although the earthquakes took place across the Pacific from one another, both large earthquakes took place along what is known as the Ring of Fire, a region of tectonic activity encircling the Pacific.

  9. yep, Jamie, you were right about the ambush….“This morning as I was leaving, Senator Sanders was there,” Francis said. “He knew I was coming out at that time, and he had the kindness to greet me.”

    from cruxnow:

    ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE — Bristling at impressions that his brief greeting of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday ahead of a trip to Greece was a political statement, Pope Francis called it merely “common courtesy”, and said anyone who sees it differently needs “a psychiatrist.”


    On the Vermont senator, Francis said he greeted Sanders on Saturday morning as he was leaving the Santa Marta, the hotel within Vatican grounds where the pope lives.

    Sanders was staying at the same residence, because that’s where all participants in the Vatican conference he attended on Friday were spending the night. The only exceptions were Presidents Evo Morales of Bolivia and Rafael Correa of Ecuador, who stayed at their country’s embassy in Rome.

    “This morning as I was leaving, Senator Sanders was there,” Francis said. “He knew I was coming out at that time, and he had the kindness to greet me.”

    “When I came down, he introduced himself, I greeted him with a handshake, and nothing more,” the pope added. “It’s common courtesy, this is called common courtesy.

    “If someone thinks that greeting someone is getting involved in politics,” he said, “I recommend that they find a psychiatrist.”


  10. Many Democrats want to face Trump in November. They’re wrong.

    Dana Milbank

    “Trump has talked blithely about ordering the military to do illegal things; his bravado suggests he’s not inclined to let small things such as the separation of powers get in his way. He concurred with a supporter’s labeling of Cruz as a “pussy” for being insufficiently committed to torture. And Cruz hasn’t joinedTrump’s lawless call for killing the non-combatant relatives of terrorists: “We’ve never targeted innocent civilians, and we’re not going to start now.”

  11. Tony, to be honest, I stopped following Dowd when she discontinued the photo-art that accompanied her columns–you know, the shot of her draped on her stairs.

  12. Beautiful morning. One of the best things about Spring is waking up to a bird serenade. Prettiest music around.


    blueid & sjwny & dex & other berns on the trail, this one’s for you guys in the spirit of  dem-oraderie

  14. Hi all,

    Been traveling most of the week and feel like I’m completely out of touch. Is there any late, reliable polling on the NY primary? Haven’t seen or heard  it.

  15. patd,

    Great cartoon 😉

    For the sake of disclosure & honesty, I’m for Elizabeth Warren. I respect Senator Sanders & any citizen who puts themselves forward as candidates, Secretary Clinton, Mr Trump, etc included. Even The “Rent Is Too Damn High” guy. My activity politically this year has been in support of Zephyr Teachout’s Congressional Run. I guess you can say I like the nerdy cool girls. Warren/Teachout 2020. That’s the ticket.

  16. sjwny, glad someone is looking out for the down tickets.   time to roto-rooter the radicals from the house and time to put mitch out to pasture.  let’s make america work again, congress critters.

  17. Trump Family Values
    Frank Bruni

    “DONALD TRUMP gazed upon his infant daughter, Tiffany, and wondered about the kind of future she’d inherit, the sort of person she’d grow up to be.
    Would her world be a safe one? Would she find happiness?
    At least I’m assuming that he asked himself those questions. I know that he asked this one: Would she have large breasts?
    He did that on television, in 1994, when he appeared on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and was quizzed about how Tiffany resembled him and how she took after her mother, Marla Maples, who sat next to him.
    “She’s got Marla’s legs,” he said, in a video clip shown recently on “The Daily Show.” Then he moved his hands toward his chest, cupped them and added: “We don’t know whether or not she’s got this part yet, but time will tell.”
    Dads will be dads. And Trump will be Trump, his oversexed outlook and quickness to objectify women manifest even in the way he talks about his daughter. Excuse me: daughters. Over the years he has marveled repeatedly — and publicly — over what a babe he finds Tiffany’s older half sister, Ivanka, to be, suggesting on two of those occasions that if she weren’t the fruit of his loins, she might be the candy on his arm.”

  18. carl Hiaasen’s Free tuition? Bernie, what are you smoking?

    Grand and unattainable promises are a staple of politics, but both Bernie and the Big Orange Trumpster advertise themselves as anti-establishment mavericks, the straight shooters.

    Both of them are running on hype.

    Their most hardcore fans have in common a fervor that’s doomed to be deflated.


    The fact is, no president can tackle those problems without Congress and the courts, or even begin to try. Movements start with big and improbable ambitions, but to succeed they need a political pathway.

  19. Tony,

    Thanks for the link. It would seem that HRC is in pretty good shape if the voters do what the polls suggest they might.

    So we can begin writing the headlines now.

    “Hillary bests Sanders by 12 points, doubts persist about the viability of her candidacy”

  20. PatD – “Demoraderie.”  I like that as much as  your “the trail abides.”

    Have a good week everyone.

  21. I suppose I should have included a quote from the article I linked to above…

    The process in both parties isn’t “rigged,” but it’s not purely about the popular vote, either. It offers a sensible, blended approach weighted toward voters, yet it leaves room for elected leaders, party officials and activists to have a say in the outcome. This scheme prioritizes “the will of the people” while imposing checks and balances, taking into account issues such as a potential nominee’s electability and suitability as the party standard-bearer. The system is fair-minded and responsive to voters, activists and party officials alike.

  22. frp, the guardian ‘s “George Clooney admits money he raised for Hillary Clinton is ‘obscene'”

    On NBC, Clooney, who said he would fundraise for Sanders if he won the nomination, rejected accusations from some protesters that he was a “corporate shill”.

    “That’s one of the funnier things you could say about me,” he said.

    He said that most of the money he had helped raise for Clinton would actually go to down-ticket Democrats running for Congress. If a Democratic president could get the right justice appointed to the supreme court, he argued, then the US could again begin to separate money from politics.

    “We need to take the Senate back because we need to confirm a supreme court justice, because that fifth vote on the supreme court can overturn Citizens United and get this obscene, ridiculous amount of money out so I never have to do a fundraiser again.”


    Clooney was also asked if he had ever met Sanders.

    “I met him once,” he said. “I was sitting down at a table. He was nice, and we talked a couple of times I think, and then he went on Larry King and told everybody I was very short.” The actor laughed. “I said, ‘Well I met you sitting down.’”

    Showing the same appetite for self-deprecation, Clooney said of the pro-Sanders protesters in San Francisco: “Their T-shirts said, you know, ‘You sucked as Batman’.

    “And I was like, ‘Well, you kind of got me on that one.’”

  23. The moment when Bernie fans find out the event they are attending is funded by Bilionairs?

    Gotta love it when George Soros is blamed for what amounts to a GOP hit piece.

  24. The Campaign That Keeps On Taking:  Bernie’s Greed Machine

    Once again, Bernie 2016 has problems. This time, there are a lot of problems – 270 pages of problems. Bernie’s money machine can’t seem to get it right. If anything, the responsible committee is getting worse at its accounting, worse at its disclosures, worse at its arithmetic, and much worse at accepting donations far exceeding the $2700 limit for the primary.


  25. from  politicususa:

    George Clooney is being attacked for participating in Democratic Party fundraisers with Hillary Clinton, but Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has raised no money to help Democrats retake the House and Senate in 2016.
    em>STEPHANOPOULOS: ….You just heard Secretary Clinton right there. Implicit defense of her fundraisers in California last night saying she’s raising money for Democrats. By contrast, her campaign has said that’s something you haven’t done.
    SANDERS: That’s not accurate, George. We have over the years sent out a lot of letters for Democratic candidates.
    STEPHANOPOULOS: Not in this campaign.
    SANDERS: No, not in this campaign.
    Bernie Sanders has built an incredible online fundraising machine, and he could generate a lot of goodwill by doing a little fundraising to help Democrats retake the Senate.
    Sen. Sanders is fond of saying that no president can do it alone. This is true. It is also true that no presidential candidate can do it alone. Bernie Sanders is a good man who has run a great campaign, but there is no way that George Clooney should be raising more money for down ballot Democrats at this point in the 2016 campaign than a man who has hopes of being the Democratic nominee.

  26. Thanks to the Arkansas Derby, Creator moved up and Cupid moved down

    Derby Horses / Update

    BRODY’S CAUSE – Renee
    LANI – Chris & Lani
    CUPID – Craig
    MY MAN SAM – Harbor Woman

    Also Eligible

    MO TOM

  27. BB
    I saw earlier that you had mentioned discomfiture with the start menu in Win10.  Are you accessing it by pressing the window symbol on the far left of the taskbar with the right rodent button depressed? I’m able to do what I want including command  line actions and searches, etc. Whatever happened to Lotus? I found one their beta tester for Lotus for windows in my shirt drawer a couple of weeks ago. Still have their disks-360s.

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