A Political Ponzie Scheme?

No one enjoys the Bernie show more than me, but it is getting to the point that his campaign seems more like a political Ponzi scheme than a credible bid for the Democratic nomination, taking money from donors in order to run a campaign that is going nowhere other than to raise more money from other donors to pay the bills funded by other donors.

Sanders could always remain on stage by morphing his campaign committee into a vehicle for advocating his issues and supporting other candidates.

It’s great to have a message that a lot of people want to hear, but isn’t it becoming obvious he can’t get nominated? Perhaps the New York primary offers him a chance to change this scenario, but if he gets get clobbered, what then?

credit: CheapShot by Sunil Adam
credit: CheapShot by Sunil Adam

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  1. re above statement from bernie that hillary said he was not qualified…  can’t find that.  she did say he wasn’t prepared, hadn’t done his research, etc but can’t find anything beyond that.

  2. Before I get into the fray for the day.  These are just for our resident song & dance man XR



  3. OSH

    Major speech last night to crowd of about 10,000.  That piece was rebroadcast on Maddow.  Kicked off the firestorm on Twitter for the rest of the night.

  4. pat- got the firestorm and all, was wondering where your link went – its blank

  5. Thanks, Jamie !

    Now all I have to do is, do what Fred and Sammy do, and stop doing what I do. Piece o’ cake. Easy as pie.

    1. No more cake.

    2. No more pie.

  6. Huh?


    Never worry seems lots of politicians we all have supported disappoint.. I will say i’m really so totally shocked this Bernie exists.. Never has he sounded like this on “Brunch with Bernie” . Maybe its went to his head?

  7. Why that woman who yelled at Florida Gov. Rick Scott should be your hero

    by Michael Hiltzik

    ” Scott hasn’t supported Medicaid expansion for Florida under the Affordable Care Act, with the result that more than 560,000 Floridians who would have been covered with health insurance are left uninsured, according to an estimate by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Only a few weeks ago, he signed an anti-Planned Parenthood law that could deprive thousands of women of healthcare from that organization.  
    That’s what makes Scott’s encounter Tuesday with a stay-at-home mom named Cara Jennings look so much like rough justice. A video of the encounter, which has gone viral, is below, and can also be seen here. It’s rare that the average citizen gets a chance to tell a governor what she thinks, face-to-face. It’s plain that Scott didn’t know what hit him.”

  8. “VAN JONES: Can I say a couple things here? New York City is the war to settle the score inside the Democratic Party. The Clinton forces understand there is a rebellion in this party. Under ordinary circumstances, it would already be over, because the big donors would have taken the checks back. There are no big checks. This is a people’s movement. They are going to have to bury this movement in New York City, and they know it. You’re going to see a vetting of Bernie Sanders like you’ve never seen. You’re going to see the mainstream media go after him. Now there’s blood in the water on specifics. They’re going to go after him on specifics, you know, way beyond anything any candidate has had to address. And people are going to have to—I mean, he’s going to have to step up his game, because you can’t, you know, write excuses for people. He’s got to be able to answer those tough questions.”

    This Van jones quote from CNN says it best..

  9. sea, that hulu link takes some time to show up, but it does eventually.  here’s another from cbs morning show coverage on bernie’s charge.  nancy cordes noted that hillary never said bernie not qualified and that her campaign staff demanded he take back his words and accused him of inventing grievances.  yesterday on mojo when asked if bernie was qualified, Hillary said she would leave it ” to voters to decide who of us can do the job that the country needs”


    The main source of “He’s not a Democrat” Hillary supported Democrats for 40 years. Bernie waited until he was 40 to even vote.


  11. Can’t disagree with some of Bernie’s points, especially on foreign policy, but he goes too far with the tag line “she is not qualified”

  12. Craig

    He might even have “two” points in going “too” far?  ?

    Your friendly neighborhood proofreader


  13. blueid and our other mixers who feel the bern, you will like this even tho she does say “i’m not against hillary”

    Sarah Silverman explains why she’s voting for Bernie Sanders and why, whomever you vote for, you should vote

    coincidentally she refers to our thread topic of the day when she says at 4:40 in “don’t be suckered into a ponzi scheme”… totally agree with her about not getting suckered by a Ponzi schemer and that’s why i’m voting for hillary.

  14. Ha Jamie, gotta love the edit button.

    Rachel and Van Jones right about a new turn here. For several days now this has been feeling less like a rivalry and more like a blood feud that can’t be healed in anything like the way Clinton and Obama mended fences

  15. To try and translate Bernie’s “not qualified” line, it seems to me that what he is saying is that if Hillary disagrees with him on policy matters and doesn’t run her fundraising as he does, she is unqualified to be president.  I would think that makes Bernie the touchstone for qualification to be president, at least in Bernie’s mind.  I’m sure I haven’t seen anything in the Constitution that supports Bernie’s opinion about what would serve as Hillary’s lack of qualification to be president.  Bernie’s argument should have been that in his opinion, because of her positions on the Iraq war, Wall Street and campaign financing  she is unfit to be president.  Policy positions do not bear on one’s qualifications to be president.

  16. For all those who say Hillary Clinton only because a “Progressive” recently, remember she voted with him (or he voted with her) 94% of the time.  So maybe he is the one just now getting around to being Progressive.



  17. Blood feud is right. It may be time for HRC to kill him with kindness.

    ‘Not qualified’ is joke and it smacks of desperation. Very poor choice of words especially in a state that sent her to the senate twice.

  18. sorry about the length of this, but it makes me wonder why nothing more has been said about the mystery in the media given the seemingly available info. from gobling:

    Bernie Gets $10 Million in Mystery Donations from Washington D.C.
    Posted on February 17, 2016 by Grace Laine

    Paperwork submitted on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ political action committee shows over $10 million in unnamed contributions pouring in from the nation’s capital.

    The mystery money appears on a Schedule A-P filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign committee with a receipt date of 30 June 2015. The report shows $10,465,912.39 in “Unitemized” receipts for the Primary election. (Transaction ID VPF7BEDRRH8E, page 9845.)

    This report highlights the already problematic donations to Bernie 2016. On 11 February, $23 million was cited by the FEC as in violation of campaign finance regulations.

    The federal form states that the $10 million is an aggregate of individual $35 donations, all with the same date and all originating from Washington, D.C.  This would require 299,026 separate donors, which equals roughly half the population of the capital.

    Under federal campaign finance law, disclosure is required on contributions over $200. Thus, the $35 donations do not appear in violation. However, given the relatively small population of D.C. and the lack of support for Sanders among legislators, the 300K individual contributions do appear highly questionable.

    Under campaign finance law, government contractors are also prohibited from making donations to political campaigns.

  19. Patd, have any of these articles included a response from the Sanders camp? Very curious what they’ve got to say about it, but haven’t seen

  20. The Pragmatic Tradition of African-American Voters
    by Jonathan Chait

    “African-American support for Hillary Clinton asserted itself again in Wisconsin and accounts for her firm command of the Democratic primary. It is likewise the source of befuddlement and consternation among Bernie Sanders’s supporters. Sanders has energetically promoted racial justice and attracted numerous high-profile black surrogates, all of whom earnestly see his brand of left-wing politics as a natural fit for their community. And African-Americans form the bulwark of the Democratic base, just as white southern Evangelicals do the Republican base.”


  21. craig, haven’t seen anything but this yesterday in daily caller:

    The Sanders campaign has not yet responded to a Daily Caller request for comment.

    it could easily be just an errant typo 23 instead of 3 million and they haven’t gotten round to finding who to blame.

  22. Patd, I note that the 43 page FEC letter required a response by March 16.  Curious that no response has been leaked.  I also have not seen anything that suggests that the Clinton campaign got a similar letter alleging tens of millions of dollars of illegal donations – I feel certain that if such a letter was sent it would have been held up and waved around by Bernie as evidence of her corrupt campaign contribution machine while he screamed about one of his 3 campaign issues.

  23. pogo, you asked the other day about the necessity to carry your birth certificate with you when you need to visit the necessity.  trevor answered last night.  also told us about the new Kansas approach of paying kids who id any trans they see in the john.
    North Carolina and Kansas pass legislation that prohibit trans people from using restrooms that reflect their gender identity. (4:39)

  24. march 1st burlington free press had this quote:

    Sanders campaign spokesman Michael Briggs wrote in an email that such inquiries are “standard” and the campaign would address the FEC’s questions. He noted that 85,391-page report covering the month of January listed over 125,000 separate contributions.

    “Inevitably there are questions that the FEC staff will have,” Briggs wrote Friday afternoon in an email.

    Hillary Clinton, Sanders’ opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination, submitted a 18,642-page report for the same filing period. The FEC had not questioned the Clinton campaign’s report as of Friday afternoon.

    Briggs said the contributions in question involved about 200 donors who appeared to have gone over the contribution limit.

    “This happens all the time in campaigns, and the FEC’s rules explicitly allow 60-days from receipt of an over-the-limit contribution for campaigns to remedy the excessive portion of the contribution,” Briggs wrote.

  25. nate silver predicts: “Ted Cruz, Not Paul Ryan, Would Probably Win A Contested Convention”

    ….the “establishment” won’t pick the party’s nominee. The 2,472 delegates in Cleveland will. And most of them will be chosen at state or local party conventions a long way from Washington. Few will be household names, having quietly attended party gatherings in Fargo, North Dakota, or Cheyenne, Wyoming, for years with little remuneration or recognition. Although the proverbial Acela-riding insiders might dream of Ryan or Kasich, there are indications that the rank-and-file delegates are into Ted Cruz — and they’re the ones who will have votes in Cleveland.

  26. excerpt from one of  wonkette’s more tho’t provoking bits called  “Hillary Clinton, Bad Feminist”

    You might think Hillary Clinton is a feminist, but you are wrong. This week, she said “the unborn person does not have constitutional rights,” and said “person” instead of “fetus.” Then she said you can be a feminist and be pro-life. She did not even say the moar correcter “anti-choice”! HILLARY. If you don’t take off your granny bra and burn it right now, we are going to take away your subscription to Ms.

    My mother didn’t stop being pro-life when we both stopped believing in God. She even thinks the little girl in Brazil, forced to bear her stepdad’s child at the age of 11, won’t suffer too much harm from it. Does my mother go and God-bother Planned Parenthood? Hell no, they cured her teen daughter’s chlamydia. Does she vote for Jim Lankford or other deeply evil people, so she can save a baby? Of course not, they’re bad. As a pro-life Democrat, she may be a statistical outlier, but she believes in feeding that baby even after it’s born. She believes in making its mom’s life better, not screaming at her that she’s a “taker” and a whore. The vast majority of her convictions are served better by the Democrats than the GOP, and so she disagrees with them on This One Thing.

    Hillary Clinton said person instead of fetus. She said you can be pro-life and still be a feminist.

    And Hillary Clinton — fighting for decades to make abortion “safe, legal and rare” and boy, that pissed people off too — is right.


  27. “This happens all the time in campaigns…”

    Bernie’s campaign’s new standard for acceptable donation limit violations.

    (I do have to say that it appears in some cases the Sanders campaign is sending the excessive donations – the amounts over $2700 – back to the donors)

  28. I think Bernie needs a few days off.

    Daily News: How? How does a President turn to JPMorgan Chase, or have the Treasury turn to any of those banks and say, “Now you must do X, Y and Z?”
    Sanders: Well, you do have authority under the Dodd-Frank legislation to do that, make that determination.
    Daily News: Well, it does depend on how you do it, I believe. And, I’m a little bit confused because just a few minutes ago you said the U.S. President would have authority to order…
    Sanders: No, I did not say we would order. I did not say that we would order. The President is not a dictator.

  29. Pogo

    I’m wondering if Bernie was having a grandpa moment.

    Yeah a little afternoon nap, get to bed early, be sure to eat your morning oat meal.

    Everything will be better tomorrow.



  30. Appointing SEC officials who do their job and use the powers they have over corporate governance would be a simple answer for Bernie to give for how a president can make change without legislation. I won’t go into the laundry list now, but I have one from my own campaign research, will pull it together for a post sometime. Essentially, we have a situation where CEO’s have diluted and in some cases damn near eliminated the powers of their boards to oversee them, in ways that can and should be restricted by the SEC.

  31. So Bernie had a few people go over the limit to the tune of $10 million dollars?

    Sure I believe that, happens all the time.

    Just ask Nixon.


  32. I suspect that the problem is sloppy accounting and a clueless person in charge of keeping track of donations.

    One thing HRC knows is that she needs to get it right the first time cause nobody is going to give her the benefit of the doubt. So i am not surprised that she didn’t get a letter.


  33. I did not support our entry into Iraq and so stated that position in the Newsgroup in which I participated at that time. In coming to that position I believed then that Iraq possessed WMD in the form of prohibited chemical agents which it had previously used in combat against Iran, and in counter-insurgency against its Kurdish subjects. I am somewhat surprised that no WMDs were found after the invasion.

    I believe that Senator Clinton’s vote was driven largely by SoS Colin Powell’s detailed presentation of Cheney/Rumsfeld generated intelligence describing the current WMD disposition and threat. I know Gen Powell to be a man of unimpeachable character who would never knowingly utter an untruth in testimony such as this. Sen Clinton undoubtedly knew him both by reputation and as a constituent whose family emigrated to the Bronx.

    I do not fault Sen Clinton for her decision. She had no responsibility for the actual conduct of the subsequent invasion and failed occupation.

  34. I think Bernie does believes if you accept corporate money you should not be president.  He thinks it corrupts the system.   It for sure guarantees uneven access

    I think this is a media generated kerfuffle – he’s been saying the same thing all along

  35. jack, I’ve always liked the aphorism “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” and am prone to employ it in the case of Bernie’s missing 10 millions.  since the questionable fec report figures seem to revolve around 13 something million vs 23 something million, it’s more than likely a careless (very very careless) mistake/slip-of-the-pen kind made in the middle of the night at deadline by an over-worked, sleep-deprived campaign volunteer.

    but why are they compounding it by not responding with a fast “oops, my bad” up front?

  36. Wow…  I come home from our usual Thursday going out to breakfast with friends to find here and all over the net abuzz with a Sanders/Clinton catfight.   Hey Bernie…  you’re a house cat…  she’s a tiger!

    Seriously…  up until this week, I liked Sanders.  Now I’m afraid we’re seeing the real Bernie coming out.  That’s ok…  I’d still vote for him if he was the Democratic nominee…  thank god he won’t be.

    And one reason I don’t want him is because of something Jack said in the last thread.  That in order to get anything done locally, one needs relationships.  Yup…  except that pertains to all politics.  Bernie doesn’t schmooze well.  He doesn’t get it that in politics (and in real life) one needs allies.

  37. A ponzie-scheme…….do you mean a “Fonzie-scheme”….and both party’s are in on the joke.

    I hope that Clinton will change her mind once she is in office about backing up Israel 100%…….she needs to exert her influence on them……..she could start right now…..and demand that they release over 400 children that are prisoners held by the Israeli Military……Im not concerned about what she is going to do, or not do about anything….b/c if anything that ive learned about the last Democrat in office……..is that they will do nothing for the common man……they are not going to end the wars that they started……the US military contractors…..just sold about 600 billion out of 1.7 trillion of world sales……..you think that she in going to cut back on that?……

    .I highly doubt that she is going to give any troubles to our large corps….wall st…Pharmaceuticals……or anyone else.  But time will tell…….and if she fails to make major changes in the way that we live………Please dont go around saying that she did what she could…or that she was hampered by the R…s or that what she did was better than nothing……..she needs no excuses……she is wonder women………


  38. I recall Blue saying on Monday or Tuesday that the Panama story was playing right into Bernie’s hands.  Well, if so he must be talking about other countries. John Schuppe’s article.

    One of the many remarkable things about the massive leak of documents known as the Panama Papers is what’s not there. Americans.

    4/4/16, 4:17 PM ET
    Panama Papers: world leaders’ accounts leaked

    The documents, related to a Panamanian law firm that specializes in creating shell companies for many of the world’s richest people, provide a glimpse into how secret fortunes and ill-gotten gains are moved through a shady financial network, according to The International Consortium of Investigative Journalism, which worked with news organizations around the world to analyze the files.

    The clients and connections included current and former world leaders, famous athletes and billionaires, but also notorious underworld operatives. But nowhere among the bold-faced names are any that live in the United States.

    I saw on the MSNBC crawl this morning that among the list are expats and retirees who bought houses in other countries (Panama I presume).  Not sure how that plays into Bernie’s hands.

  39. She could help crack down (obama did nada so far) on these rogue cops……….a cop in texas body slammed a 12 year old girl onto the concrete floor…….hard…  She was handcuffed  and then body slammed….things are going to get a lot worse……what will they do the help the helpless…….what will she do? I consider this police brutality a major problem…


  40. Pogo

    It might have been a story if Bernie hadn’t stepped all over it by calling Clinton George Bush.


    I thought the American names were coming later.  I gave up Nilla Vanilla Wafers to guarantee the Big Prick would be on the list

  41. ugly out there on twitter today- hillary haters out in full force attacking her supporters.


  42. Bernie doubles down – the first sign that their campaign is coming to an active end

    Clinton says she would vote for Bernie over Cruz or Trump

  43. Pogo

    There was a blurb that I caught in passing that said the American names would come later.  We shall see.

  44. WE had a Minority as potus….the first black person……..as a minority…..i feel very let down by him……sure it could have been a lot worse…..have an R as potus………..but it could have been a thousand times better if…………now we will have a women….which is great….wish it was E. Warren instead……but Hillary out lasted everyone, she has to be the most patient, ambitious women on the face of the earth……and the ability to brush off every insult by others…..Obama….and others like him……..just to get what she wants…..is nothing short of ……………..At her age, I have to wonder what makes her want this position…….wait that is very open to the usual bs……my take……is power and greed……and to show her husband that she is just a good as he is……….but she is not……..she will never get away with the the things the he did…….her every move will be scrutinized by all……….he was pretty much of magician…..while looking at what he was giving us….we did not see what his other hand was taking away from us………I will be looking at both her hands, not her eyes or hear her words very closely…..just like the  whole world is going to  do……..I don’t envy her on iota…..later

  45. Flatus

    “I know Gen Powell to be a man of unimpeachable character who would never knowingly utter an untruth in testimony such as this. ”

    I was opposed to the Iraq invasion as well, but equally impressed by Powell.  I fully understand why Clinton would put more weight for Powell’s testimony than what could well have been her own inclinations.  In either case, it is long past time for recriminations and decidedly time for someone with the capacity to bring it to an end.  That means Clinton not a professional protestor.

  46. Let’s say that Bernie shutters his campaign and you guys get your wish: Hillary, Dem nominee for POTUS

    How is she going to motivate all of those who are/were supporting Bernie because she is everything they don’t like; fossil fuels, Wall Street, war, etc.?

    Especially, but not exclusively, those who are new to politics…how will they ever be convinced to stand in line to vote for her this fall?

    Bernie is only one symptom of what ails her campaign.

    BTW, Happy Anniversary week (I think) to Craig & David.

  47. Do the math and see who voted in 2008 and what groups put Obama in the Whitehouse And either Republican is weaker then John McCain or Mittens

    Why would she spend time on people who have already said they would never vote for her


  48. bId,

    I think Bernie has been the Pied Piper of Hamlin to his young followers. Hooray! No more debt, etc. Jobs for all whether one is qualified or not. Stone anyone having anything to do with the financial underpinnings of our Country. Makes no difference if I can’t keep my own books in order! Scream!

  49. Blue,

    I never thought I would be saying this:…….for the first time….voting for the lesser of two evils makes the world of sense to me….i see the Supreme s as the only reason to vote for a Dem…….two, probably three justices would be replaced by her……the question is…..with whom….she is not very liberal to me…she is a conservative through and through…..

    Having said all of that……i think that most of Bernies nut jobs….will come to the realization that there is simply no one that is even remotely plausible……I came to that conclusion very early so that i would not make myself go nuts fighting it…..but she could still make me vote for none of the above if she pisses me off by military stance……….

    Would all of the innocent men, women, and children….that were killed in Iraq….give Kolin Powell and Hillary a pass on there decision to invade them….send them fleeing into other countries…..destroy them to the point of where we are now…….where we are now is an extension of the invasion…….our go west mentality wont change if we justify the unjustifiable ………If so…..lets give other Nations that invade other countries…a pass also…..and at what point do we hold them accountable…..after we invade a few more…….oh wait …..we are already doing that, with the same justifications…..both the R.s and the Ds are firmly committed to invasions of those that make good chess moves at the time…..All of them expendable……..later



  50. Here we go.  Clinton campaign donor tied to Panama Papers: Farhad Azima

    It is going to take time to unravel all the bits.

    That…is how it plays into Bernie’s hands.  The 1% have ways to hide their wealth from ye, olde tax collector. They use some of that wealth to prop up lawmakers who will do their bidding and keep life cushy.

    By the way, Jack, The Clinton Foundation is under scrutiny, too. If the sunlight ever hit that, the Clintons and their cronies would burst into flames like vampires.

  51. The Clinton Family all powerful, responsible for all the evils in the world

    Absolutely no redeeming value

  52. Crackers – I didn’t say that, but they are definitely  part of the problem.  HRC is not the solution.


    Solar – I hear ya.  I wish a better choice existed for you.

  53. My mother loved the clintons….my whole  family loved them…..i loved them also…..What wasnt there to love?  A country boy that made good….he did not have a silver spoon handed to him…….an suburban middle class girl that made good….she worked hard all her life for what she believed in…..i was proud that she was from Il….and married someone like B. C……love them for the first 4 years with everything i had….it was just after those first 4 years that they started changing…….or a little bit after………and now i don’t see to much of those people any more…..sure things, people change………..if what they really want is to make life better for the American People……we will see…..but im to old now to love someone blindly anymore….

  54. Just saying:  There is many a slip, between the cup and the lip……………..

  55. Brian ended up being a scroll by mostly too but was at least more entertaining somehow……

  56. It was 90 here yesterday and today it is 70 and overcast

    It’s the SF Giants home opener and so far so good

    Bill Clinton such a mixed bag as a campaigner

  57. “The Clinton Foundation is under scrutiny, too. If the sunlight ever hit that, the Clintons and their cronies would burst into flames….”

    bid, you must have missed or scrolled by the info linked the other day about the clinton foundation’s quarterly reports listing all donors.  also various watchdogs of philanthropies give the foundation good reports.  87.2% of all funds go directly to program services which currently (according to clinton foundation) are “11 initiatives working in the areas of global health, climate change, economic development, health and wellness, and girls and women.”  8.6% goes to management and general expense, 3.7% for fundraising.

    that 87.2% to services is just under the red cross’s 90.3% and docs without borders 88.7% but better than Oxfam’s 77.3 and nature conservancy’s 70.7 according to charity navigator

    the clintons and the foundation have been hit so much by the sunlight they’re sunburnt.

  58. Yeah Blue you are right, The Clinton foundation is just a crooked tax scheme, that is why Bill  Gates launders so much of his charitable contributions through them.

    off ssarcasm


  59. more from wonkette:
    This week, Bernie Sanders’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, warned that Hillary Clinton was in danger of destroying the Democratic Party through her ambition to become president.
    “Don’t destroy the Democratic Party to satisfy the secretary’s ambitions to become president of the United States,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver told CNN.

    “We want to have a party at the end of this that we can unify,” he added.[…]

    Weaver said Sanders and Clinton should generally enage in a “tough debate” on issues, but he added, “Let’s not denigrate other’s supporters and tear the party apart.”


    Your Wonkette is officially neutral in the Democratic primary because THEY’RE BOTH FINE! THEY’RE BOTH GOOD! …. We try to be very fair! We don’t like when the candidates attack each other! When Sanders wins, we give him a golf clap and a hearty hale fellow well met! When Hillary wins OH MY GOD SHE IS A CORRUPT THIEF OF CORRUPTION AND THAT IS THE ONLY WAY SHE IS WINNING IS BECAUSE SHE STEALS ALL OF THE THINGS AND OH MY GOD SHE RAISED MONEY FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOES HER CORRUPTION KNOW NO BOUNDS?

    Yes, I was dismayed to learn this week that raising money for the DNC and state parties is proof positive that Hillary Clinton is trying to steal the election … by trying to strengthen the party so she (OR BERNIE SANDERS!) can have a Congress she (OR HE!) can work with, and state legislatures that might possibly unfuck the districts Republicans have gerrymandered so grossly this decade.

  60. anyways, the day here started out great- with one of craig’s classic  ahead of the pack analyses.

  61. The rampant misogyny of the Sanders campaign is getting really hard to take.  I keep trying to figure out how she can be both ambitious and nervous at the same time.  Such an unusual condition that all of us females have to vote with our vaginas to make any sense of it all.




  62. Lets see,polls say  28% of bernie supporters are Hillary haters.

    And the numbers…. one third of the country is democrat, Bernie has been getting half (not really but let’s pretend) of those so bernie supporters make up a 16.5 %  of the electorate divide that by 3 for the one third that really hate HRC and you get 5.5% of the voters are libs who really hate HRC.  About the number who voted for Nader.

    Now the question, how many of those are still stupid enough to do it again? Say 3%?

    I think HRC can pick up that many Republican women voters.

    So  to the 3% I say screw em.

    Let them wallow in their sillyness.


  63. A Political Ponzie Scheme?


    Thanks for posting the info on The Clinton foundation.. I was just going to go on a search for a link to provide Blue to read.. The level of scrutiny the Clintons are under is intense and i’m fine with that.. I just wish there wasn’t a double standard. Imagine if Hillary gave such an Interview to the NYDN that was so lacking in detail??? Hillary get away with the Bernie balloons and rainbows for all, lol, NEVER.

  64. jamie- hear, hear! my head, my heart and my vagina..

     baby girl /pirate queen/surfer chick sent me a photo today of herself in a burka thing as she flew to malaysia for visa reasons- could have crowned her-message hollered – “i’m here doing what I can to get the 1st woman president elected for you and your children and you’re going back to the middle ages”  she laughed , promised she wouldn’t leave the airport and won’t be returning again. now  back to bali.  endless summer = endless worry

  65. so Bernie’s guy weaver said “Let’s not denigrate other’s supporters and tear the party apart.”  guess he didn’t mean that included denigrating the other candidate… just her supporters. [btw, was that before or after his boss dumped on her?]   I don’t think that calling her “ambitious” was meant as a compliment.  sounded a bit derogatory and denigrating to me, jeff….

    sorta on the order of the Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears thingy about noble bernie and i
    Hath told you Caesar was ambitious:
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously hath Caesar answer’d it.  

  66. A Political Ponzie Scheme?

    Yes, Jamie,

    I’m still pissed at that Weaver on CNN the night of Wisconcin. Weaver not only used misogyny “ambitious women” against Hillary but threatened a brokered convention.. They always say ”
    A fish rots from the head down”

  67. od- thanks for the postcard- such a lovely town you live in!

    x- so you mean i’ve been hollering at 2 different men? had no idea.

    jack- like those numbers and your figuring.

  68. Tony, Pat

    Under 501c3 rules they don’t have to disclose their contributors just where the money goes. But they do it anyway, going up and above what they have to do , then get kicked in the teeth  for doing so.

    Usually by groups using the “education” clause of the 501c3 to promote a political agenda and hide where the money comes from.


  69. Jack sez, “Now the question, how many of those are still stupid enough to do it again? Say 3%?”

    Great question – wish I’d’ve asked it.

  70. Jack

    Be careful of those 501c3 thingies.  Just using a search term engine to find any groups with “liberty” or “freedom” in the name to find the “educational” frauds almost landed Lois Lerner in jail.


  71. I watched the clip of ol’ Bernie doing the Bern.  Someone needs to keep a blood pressure cuff nearby.  The dude keeps going closer and closer to the edge, and the edge is making him sound like the weird hair guy.  Even though I cannot see him as a Democrat, I at least considered his socialist party background would keep him from going off the edge.  It is starting to look like he is running with a leap.

    and in celebration of the Koch bros buying a law school, and even if I am a day late,

    The Koch bros #assol.

  72. Pogo – I haven’t been able to link with my phone. It always loses the connection, which also happens on the trail if there are a lot of comments.   (THAT’S the thing about me that annoys you? LOL!)

    jack – Why would Republican women vote for Hillary???

  73. Again, if HRC becomes POTUS, I hope I am completely wrong about her so you guys can do the  told-ya-so dance in years to come.

  74. A Political Ponzie Scheme?


    Have you tried restarting your phone? Is it Apple or Android? Who is your carrier? Is you’re 4g indicator on? Maybe data settings need adjusting? Try putting wifi if you have it..

    I very much want the links too.. I understand if it’s the phone as it can be costly to fix or replace.. Hopefully an easy fix..

  75. pogo- have been wondering about that- if my memory serves me – we used to be strongly encouraged to post links when throwing down “facts”.    it was so intimidating to me when i first stopped lurking and started posting.

  76. “Again, if HRC becomes POTUS, I hope I am completely wrong about her so you guys can do the  told-ya-so dance in years to come.”

    Lol, no dance from from me.. You are wrong about Hillary though, yes my opinion.. Hillary is good I know this in my bones.. Look, i was wrong about Obama.. I thought he was an empty suit.. President Obama has turned out to be a decent President who tried his best in the face of great obstruction and racism..

  77. Blue

    There will probably be at least a 25% crossover of GOP women to Hillary.  They won’t talk about.  In fact, I think a lot of them will lie through their teeth, but both Trump and Cruz will be offensive in two vastly different ways.

    Trump is total creep who makes sexual remarks about his female children.  Cruz is so far to the right that only the most ardent evangelical & rabidly pro-life will vote for him.  That makes someone as competent while being perceived as basically moderate as Hillary looks good once you are inside the voting booth.


  78. The Sanders Campaign’s Sexist New Argument: Hillary Tries Too Hard
    By Rebecca Traister

    “It was a small comment, in every sense. A throwaway bit of nastiness coming from a campaign manager in the late stages of a long and hotly contested primary battle. But the line, which overtly cast Clinton’s political ambition as a destructive force and framed her famous drive and tenacity as unappealing, malevolent traits, played on long-standing assumptions about how ambition — a quality that is required for powerful men and admired in them — looks far less attractive on their female counterparts, and especially on their female competitors.
    Weaver’s language made explicit a message that has, in more inchoate form, been churning through the Sanders campaign’s messaging in recent weeks.
    As Sanders’s staffers spin the story of how they got to this point in the race — with a candidate whose success has been unexpected and thrilling, especially with young Democrats and independents, but who has failed to win over voters of color and older voters, and remains badly behind his tough opponent by nearly every metric — they seem to have been working on a new framing of Hillary, one that relies on old biases about how we prefer women to conduct themselves and how little we like those who flout those preferences.”

  79. The main reason I’m backing Hillary to the hilt is that she has been in the limelight for 40 years and has everything including the kitchen sink thrown at her and she is damn well not only still standing but thriving and rising.  I can’t think of a single male politician who could take half of what she has without crumbling.

    So in her honor:  Carol Burnett doing “I’m Still Here”

    The intro explaining the song and the rehearsal are worth watching, but the actual performance starts at about 2:30


  80. Tony, I hope your bones are right about Hillary. (BTW, I think those bones were right about Obama being an empty suit.  My opinion of him is still just that.  So, maybe that bodes well for HRC.)

  81. Bernie Sanders picks a dangerous New York fight with Hillary Clinton

    Johnathon Capehart

    ” And so the 2016 presidential contest is taking over New York, a city and a state where politics is played with brass knuckles and brickbats. The press is relentless. The pressure is intense. And on a scale of 1 to 10, the likelihood of a candidate slipping up or overreacting is about a 14.
    Case in point: Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) over-the-top, Donald Trumpian assertion that Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president.”

  82. Clinton needs to appear as presiential as possible during this dust-up with Bernie

  83. Test

    I don’t know if this image will enlarge properly.  Long form not on Twitter that probably lays out what none of the media talking heads will say.


  84. A Political Ponzie Scheme?


    It enlarged fine for me. Thanks, good reading and so true..


    I think you’re right on acting Presidential. I think she did that with her response today to the press regarding Bernie’s classless remarks about her..

  85. Blue, yes, aside from the fact that you’ve been a bit of a _____ (hmmm, what non-anatomical noun fits here? I don’t want to be too offensive.) lately, your utter failure to cite to the source of your “facts” about Clinton is annoying as hell and more than a little bit trollish.

    Can someone tell me when Bernie decided it’s a good thing to cite a “quote ” of a newspaper headline as an accurate “quote” of Hillary? Hint – Hillary did not question your qualifications for president, Hillary questioned your preparation and your own plan for the singular most important and most centrally featured issue of your campaign.   Take a nap and try again.

  86. Can someone tell me when Bernie decided it’s a good thing to cite a “quote ” of a newspaper headline as an accurate “quote” of Hillary?


    Exactly! I been wondering all day how a politician for 30 years doesn’t have a clue here? I think the guy just hasn’t been vetted.. Now he’s in New York and he’s getting pushback from the press so he throws a tantrum directed at his opponent.. Not very presidential. Same ole same ole with Bernie, no one but him is pure enough, qualified enough..

  87. Dear Bernie, I suggest you consider reading what others,  not Hillary,  had to say about your words about your campaign issues.  The Wapo editorial board is one example. This is NOT Hillary talking. Get back on message and stop trying to do the angry old man act. ‘Merida ain’t looking for an angry old man to lead the country.

  88. “Why would Republican women vote for Hillary???” – Ms Dallas

    ‘Cuz she isn’t a sexist, racist, religious bigot, isn’t a serial spouse & adulterer, isn’t a foreigner or a multiple bankrupt, and doesn’t plan to give the saudis nuclear weapons or create an anti-environmental Protestant theocracy.


  89. I know that many of us Trail Scouts are fanatically devoted to one candidate or another, but can’t we all love at each other despite that ? Pol1 or Pol2 may stumble and make a nasty remark; the campaigns have been infiltrated by saboteurs and thugs, but both the candidates and the vast majority of their supporters mean well. And, of course, so do all of us. Let us resolve to keep the trail friendly and fun.

    WtF would ever have thought that xrepublican would write such a rant ? But, I have. So there.

  90. this thread started with this row and now can end with it:

    Charlie and bernie last night on cbs evening news

    SANDERS: She has years of experience. She is extremely intelligent. You know, I have some experience too. I have a pretty good record in Congress, as a senator, as a mayor. I think I am qualified to be president. And so to answer your question, you’re right. We should not get into this tit for tat. We should be debating the issues facing the American people. All I am saying, if the people are gonna attack us, if they’re gonna distort our record, as has been the case time and time again, we’re gonna respond.

    ROSE: People are saying the tenor of this campaign has changed, and it’s sounding more and more like the Republican campaign.

    SANDERS: Let’s not go that far.

    ROSE: But take a listen to this, this is what you’ve said. You said that, “Clinton should apologize for Iraq war deaths.”

    SANDERS: This is after I was asked to apologize for the tragedy in Sandy Hook. You know, put these things into context.

    ROSE: Tit for tat.

    SANDERS: It is tit for tat. But I’m responding to attacks that are being made against me.

    ROSE: I’m asking where the tenor of this campaign is going. And is that going too far to say she bears responsibility for Iraqi war deaths?
    SANDERS: Do I bear responsibility for the tragedy and the horrors of Sandy Hook? So, you know, let’s get off of that. Of course she doesn’t bear responsibility. She voted for the war in Iraq. That was a very bad vote, in my view. Do I hold her accountable? No.


    ROSE: Come November 2016, if Hillary Clinton is the nominee you will be supporting her?

    SANDERS: Sure, I will. Look, as I said a million times, I think the idea of a Donald Trump or a Ted Cruz presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for this country. I will do everything in my power and work as hard as I can to make sure that that does not happen. And if Secretary Clinton is the nominee, I will certainly support her.

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