Open auditions are being held for the hottest show on Broadway — but whites need not apply.

Already the hottest ticket in town, rap-based musical “Hamilton” put out a casting call, seeking “NON-WHITE men and women” to audition for its Broadway run and touring companies. — NY Post

‘Hamilton’ Quota Mongers Open Auditions To Whites — Daily Caller


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  1. Jamie, cute but telling excerpt from your link re the mysteriously missing 10 million:

    Which leads us to the core of the problem: if by unitemized receipts the Sanders campaign means receipts that have not been itemized (but should be under the law) rather than contributions that legally do not need to be itemized, the campaign is concealing information the public have a right to know. What, precisely is hiding behind that smokescreen? Is it money from, gasp, those dreaded Super PACs? Is it money Bernie saved by selling half his hair? Is it more illegal foreign money?  Is it likeness royalties paid to Bernie Sanders by makers of all grumpy cat images ever? Is it bundled NRA contributions? Is it a transfer from his personal – I mean his wife’s personal – wealth?
    Or is it that awesome sauce from some of his highest profile celebrity supporters who also donate to Tea Party Republicans? (H/T Liberal Librarian)
    We just don’t know. For a candidate who is the supposed champion of transparency and campaign finance reform, there seems to be a whole heck of a lot we just don’t know about Bernie Sanders’ campaign finances, at the very least, $10.5 million worth of it.

    Out of sheer abundance of information, this amount is more than double the total amount the Sanders campaign is accusing Hillary Clinton and super PACs she has no control over of having taken from the “fossil fuel industry.” This is more than two-thirds the $15 million Bernie Sanders is accusing the same entities (mostly ones without Clinton’s input or control) of having taken from the big bad banks. And this is almost 50 times what Hillary Clinton allegedly raked in for her supposedly nefarious speech at Goldman Sachs.

    a little tarnish on the halo perhaps?

  2. I posted this comment in the previous article just before 0600, so to get max impact – here it is again:

    Phillip Bump (WashPo) runs the numbers on Sander’s “Momentum” in his column in The Fix. He points out quite well, Bump is a numbers/stats kinda guy, that Bernie has no win at the end of the campaign.

    Momentum feels important. It feels important to win states, just as it feels important to string together a number of singles and doubles in an inning even if you’re trailing by 11 runs. It feels like you’re getting somewhere.

  3. Movies and Broadway are doing better but they need to catch up to opera.  In opera, if you can sing it, you get the role.  After years of “Why is Othello played by a white man?”, it is now assumed that even Desdemona can be black … just sing lady!!

    There was just a big blow up over the movie Pan because “Tiger Lily” was cast with the very pale Rooney Mara.  It was a totally silly one due to Walt Disney making Tiger Lily an Indian when in the J. M. Barrie book she was called a “pickaninny” which is a very insulting term for a black child.  In the film, it became a tribe of many colors and was actually an improvement over both the book and musical.

    Hamilton is cast as black due both to actual history and the character’s Caribbean mixed race heritage and the author of the whole magnificent show being of similar “who knows what’s in there”ethnicity.  When you add in the requirement that you better be able to rap at a genius level, it’s a little hard to find white people to perform even the white roles.

    It was a mistake to put those requirements in writing, but “Can you rap your ass off while dancing up a storm” might not have been accepted for print.

    Show part starts after President Obama at about 8.30 minutes

    PBS Report showing some of the wild dance moves


  4. Jamie, and remember the brouhaha over tonto? questions posed by time in 2013:

    Is it O.K. for Depp to play Tonto? Is it ever O.K. for someone to play a race other than his own?

    Though American audiences are probably more familiar with the history of blackface, “redface” is likewise fraught territory. [….] there actually are some Native Americans who do praise the movie. One of those people is Comanche Chairman Wallace Coffey. [….]

    “I think it was a very realistic portrayal of a Native American. It’s got drama and it’s got a lot of comedy; it fits right in with Comanche culture because we are well known as a humorous people,” he says. “In some instances [at screenings], it was only the Comanches that laughed, because we could relate to it.” Coffey adds that he was pleased by the spiritual elements of the Tonto character, as an accurate enough nod to the relationship between a Native American of that time period and the environment in which he lived. Depp, who has said he has some Native American heritage (but unsure about tribe or extent), has also personally reached out to the Comanche people, an effort that Coffey says has been much appreciated. Depp was made an honorary member of the Comanche nation more than a year ago, and he attended the Comanche Fair last October as an honored guest.

  5. from last night’s pbs newshour Is Merrick Garland making headway with the GOP?

    GWEN IFILL: In your opinion, Senator Collins, is the opposition to Judge Garland rooted in principle, in policy, or in politics?

    SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: I believe that the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, sincerely believes that the next president should choose the next justice on the Supreme Court.

    I don’t happen to agree with him. As I look at the Constitution, the president has the right, indeed the obligation, to appoint judicial nominees, to nominate people for the courts, including the highest court in the land.

    And, after all, President Obama is our president right now, and will be until January of next year. So, we just have an honest disagreement about this issue. But I certainly respect and understand the contrary point of view.

    GWEN IFILL: Part of what Senator McConnell, the point he has made is, why drag Judge Garland through what he called an unnecessary political routine if he’s not going to be considered or confirmed?

    SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: Well, I don’t think Judge Garland views it that way, or he wouldn’t have agreed to be nominated for this important post.

    And he did agree to be nominated. He is making the rounds on Capitol Hill. And one encouraging sign to me is before the congressional recent recess, there were only two of us on the Republican side that were willing to sit down with Judge Garland one-on-one to meet with him, and now there are more than a dozen Republican senators.

    I believe that’s a positive step forward, and it is the way the normal process would work.

  6. Last night I was engrossed with a hockey game.  The Bruins and Hurricanes went into overtime and then a shootout.  My Bruins lost….   probably not gonna make the playoffs again….   sigh…   well…  that’s sports.  I completely forgot about the Wisconsin primary until I logged into this computer this morning.  Congrats to Bernie.

    Oh yeah…  the post is suppose to be about Broadway…   is that a sport?  I hear the tickets cost as much as a Yankees game.

    ps…  can’t wait to go to the off Broadway production (in Ogunquit Maine) of “Let It Be” next month.

  7. If Bernie’s $10 million in unidentified donations is the sum of below-$200 individual contributions that don’t have to be identified looks like they would just say so. This is mysterious.

  8. Craig

    What I find even more mysterious is the Sanders claim that “Jane handles that” as if his Presidential campaign were some sort of mom and pop store.  So he can’t give us copies of five years of tax filings because “Jane does that and she’s pretty busy right now”.  Or answering three months of FEC questions … Jane will get to it.  Basically like when he was on stage and shoved her out of the way, now he seems to be throwing her under the bus.

    All of this is going on while the nurses PAC supports his campaign and Karl Rove’s PAC shoves money into commercials to support Bernie while slamming Hillary.  Then dear Mr. Divine pulls down 800K monthly for his sage advice (not to mention salaries for various family members and in-laws).  If you are sitting on a cloud polishing your halo, it might be a good idea to clean up your financial house before attacking that of someone else.



  9. Hillary Clinton has had enough of Bernie Sanders
    In an exclusive interview for POLITICO’s ‘Off Message’ podcast, the former secretary of state compares Donald Trump to foreign demagogues and says she’s not even sure her primary opponent is a Democrat.

    By Glenn Thrush

    “These days, they told me, her pique is turning outward: She expected the Vermont senator to fight on, but has been aggravated by Sanders’ aggressiveness and how willing his team is to go after her by name (“There is, as you well know, a very negative, intense barrage of attacks on anybody who supports me. I did not see that in ’08,” she said).
    But when Clinton complains about Sanders, she’s really just expressing her desire to move him out of the way so she can focus all of her attention on an enemy that poses a far more personal threat – Donald Trump.”
    Read more: 

    Joan Walsh is correct, this click bait title of the piece doesn’t capture how fascinating the piece is. Good read

  10. Don’t do it, Bernie!: If Hillary wins the delegates race, a contested election is political suicide
    Despite last night’s win, the path to victory is narrow. Why is his campaign manager talking contested conventions?
    Bob Cesca 

    “Granted, Weaver didn’t outright pledge that Bernie will try to contest the nomination at the convention if Hillary surpasses the required threshold, but the very threat of a contested convention is a terrifying idea in the face of a calamitous GOP fracas, especially knowing that the Democratic convention will take place after the Republican event this year, giving the Dems a serious opportunity to outshine their opponents. A contested Democratic convention, however, will only drag Hillary and Bernie down to the level of the mud-flinging GOP lunatics in Cleveland, offering little contrast and fueling the false equivalence that both parties are equally self-destructive, thus mitigating the chaos on the GOP side.

    Simply floating the idea is is bad enough. Weaver has single-handedly legitimized this unrealistic and ludicrous scheme in the minds of supporters, and with this knowledge in hand, Bernie diehards will proceed through the next several months pushing for it as if this is a reasonable or feasible option, only to have their hopes dashed in the end, further disillusioning young people to the process and fueling an alleged conspiracy by Hillary and the DNC to thwart Bernie. Sure, we all get the idea of a revolution and how the establishment needs to be upended in the process, but it won’t help anyone if Democrats are irreparably split and a not insignificant number of voters stay home in November, bolstering the GOP’s chances in the general.”

  11. Tony

    I’ve maintained for years that you can’t really be Pro Life UNLESS you are Pro Choice.  If you are really pro life then you do everything possible to make sure young women are encouraged to make wise life decisions, get an education, have access to birth control, and should they get pregnant and not want an abortion, they have a safe and nurturing place to be that doesn’t rob them of that choice.

    Unfortunately, the Pro Life crowd seems more in line with keep an aspirin between your knees.

  12. The mysterious $10 million will remain an issue – as it should be – as long as it remains an issue. Nothing in this day & age can be hidden, nor should it be. Remember that saying: Do they not know we can see them?


  13. Bernie believers are Hillary Haters, now they are taking of their disguise

  14. Huh?


    In my gut i felt this from the beginning based on my clients and friends who support Bernie and their feelings on Hillary from 2008.. Take Steve, lifelong Dem, 73, lawyer, sexist.. Never has ever had a good word to say about Hillary, even blames her for Bill’s indiscretions with other woman.. Loves Bernie but mostly it’s about hate for Hillary.. Loves Obama too, even said what are Hillary’s qualifications to run for President, no kidding.. I told him, wait, you never asked that about Senator Obama??? Yes, you are i’m afraid spot on..

  15. Maybe Dr. Jill Stein will offer Bernie a spot on the Green Party ticket since party affiliation means nothing to Bernie.

  16. At some point it seems almost fraudulent to me for Bernie to keep taking money, no matter how small the donation, when they know this isn’t going to work in the end. If she blows him out in NY he really out to step down.

  17. Another problem about NY just got pointed out.  It is a closed primary.  The time for Independent or Republican registrants to switch to the Democratic party happened weeks ago.  The time for new registrations closed on March 30.  That means that no matter how crazed anyone new may have become with Bernie, they just can’t vote for him in the Primary.

  18. Should Bernie stop fundraising?  What are the rules for leftover money?  Since he is talking about post-campaign organizing, can’t he use the money for that?  I doubt the people giving feel it is fraudulent, they want him to fight to the death.  These are people  used to losing as long as it moves them forward, at least, an inch.

  19. KGC

    The uses for leftover campaign funds can be a little loosy goosy.  Basically, it can be used for future campaigns, given to other politicians campaign funds, staff expenses for clean up after campaigns (even if related) or given to charity.

    Now if said politician happens to write a book and needs to make trips to support other politicians in raising funds blah blah blah, then all the expenses connected with said trip could be paid from those funds and if books got sold during the meeting and that income landed in the politician’s pocket well so be it.

    Every time Congress comes up with a way to close a loophole, some financial finagler will find a way to open a new one.


  20. morning joe does hillary
    Clinton: I have a record, a plan and I’m committed
    Hillary Clinton joins Morning Joe to discuss the Wisconsin Democratic primary and her loss to Bernie Sanders, her plans to reach out to Sanders voters and if Sanders is a Democrat. … more Duration: 11:51

  21. Great win for Bernie last night.  Mo is on his side, without doubt.  at yesterday’s rate, he needs to duplicate that vote margin 18 times to overtake Clinton’s popular vote total and 26 times to equal her pledged delegate lead.  There are 21 contests left.  Seems like a very TALL order to me.  He’ll probably do that in Wyoming on Saturday.  If he doesn’t do it in New York on April 14, the handwriting on the wall turns a flashing neon red.

    Among pledged delegates only, Hillary needs to win 746 to take half of the total pledged delegates, Bernie needs to win 999 to get to half, so he has to get 253 more of the remaining 1745 pledged delegates to tie Clinton’s pledged delegate total.  So after last night, Bernie still needs to win 57% of the remaining pledged delegates to tie Clinton among pledged delegates going into the convention.  (I italicized to make clear that I am only talking about pledged delegates.  The reason is that unless Bernie goes in with half of the pledged delegates he won’t IMHO be able to make a credible pitch to the superdelegates that they should switch to him from Hillary to him.


    Here is the score as of today in both total popular vote and delegate count


  23. starting about 6:56 in joe [above morning joe does hillary link] asks her if it’s “time for bernie to end his campaign and unite behind you”

    she answered:”i’m the last person who would tell anybody to walk away from a campaign….. i think that’s up to sen. sanders”

  24. I think Bernie should stay in until the convention.  I think the Democratic Party  should wake up and appreciate the far left wing as a vehicle to get things done and not be such wimps in Congress.

    To me, the most important distinction between Clinton and Sanders is the recognition of the size of change you are trying to make and history of the problem.    In Sanders case, I think he is willing to create a vacuum and is confident he can fill it in a satisfactory way. But he has no concrete plans.

    Clinton is too cautious.   The enthusiasm for the Sanders issues suggests a well-organized campaign can get those issues passed.   Why not?  She has well-thought out plans.  That is who she is.

    If I were Queen of the Clinton Campaign, I would have her give a speech highlighting her first day in office.   The first thing she dedicates her presidency to the issues of women and children.

  25. Stephen Stromberg’s piece in WaPo today, The Ideologues Win Wisconsin, pretty much sums up my own view of the two campaigns

    The ideologues prevailed in Wisconsin’s presidential primary Tuesday night. Take a moment to consider, relative to where things seemed to be a year ago, how astonishing these words really are: Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders won. Then take a dose of reality: The results are much more significant for Cruz, who has a decent shot at becoming the GOP nominee, than for Bernie Sanders, who almost certainly will not be the Democratic standard bearer.


    The two parties are not in an equivalent state of upheaval. The Democrats are having an unexpectedly spirited primary race that nevertheless appears on track to end in an orderly fashion. The positive scenario for Republicans, meanwhile, is that they nominate Cruz after at a rough convention and somehow avoid a civil war.

  26. OH  NO, I was actually planning to get Haggard tickets for a Kentucky trip next month. Must dig out my CDs for a tribute

  27. Bernie is not going away right now and if/when he does, Crackers is correct about embracing the far left.

    Here’s the problem.

    Hillary is a DINO.  She is pro-war and pro-Wall Street and pro-big oil.  She has only moved to the left because of Bernie’s popularity and her (so far) unsuccessful attempt to win us over.

    So, no, I do not hate Hillary.  I do hate her record of poor decisions and her true (pre-Bernie) stance on issues…but mostly, I hate being lied to about those things.

    If she is the nominee, it matters not one iota if a Repug ends up as POTUS.

    You can rail against Bernie and his supporters all you want; times are changing.

  28. It matters not one iota if there is a Republican president?

    The vacancy on the Supreme Court argues otherwise

  29. She will try to use that as a wedge issue.  Not everyone will follow her to the dark side based on that, alone.  A justice still has to do his sworn duty.  Cases still have to make it to the SC before they are heard.

    Nope.  Following Hillary is not in the cards.  She is not an agent of change.

    This country will look no different in 2020 whether she is at the helm, or if Paul Ryan is there.

    Not one iota of difference will it make.

  30. it matters not one iota if a Repug ends up as POTUS.

    Wasn’t that Nader’s campaign slogan in 2000…  gee…  that worked out so well.

  31. Clinton could say she is going to fully fund all the programs that assist families – food stamps, WIC, Headstart, medical services.  And everybody else has to get in line.   She going to get the justice dept to crack down on the people who target the most vulnerable.


  32. Casting SCOTUS appointments as a wedge issue is quite frankly ridiculous.  If you give half a crap about the issues that even Bernie supports and runs on, SCOTUS is the likely end of the line for each of them.  In our lifetimes most of the major decisions that we point to as defining our rights have come from that body.  I see 3-4 appointments in the next 4-8 years.  Wedge issue my butt.

  33. Clinton should appoint Richard Wolff as the head of her council of economic advisors.

    It seems to me that he has a better grip on how to handle the trade issues and job development then anyone else. She could be the president that created worker-owned companies as a way of life. An interesting study of a worker owned company is the Alvardo Bakery in Marin County.

  34. I do hate her record of poor decisions and her true (pre-Bernie) stance on issues…but mostly, I hate being lied to about those things.

    blueid, i am trying to understand why you said the above in context with what jamie pointed out “On virtually every major liberal issue her rating is 85-100%” and the only sense I can make of it is that you believe fervently either

    (a) hillary’s  recorded liberal votes in the past are all lies and were faked or (b) such liberal votes if the records are real were poor decisions.


  35. “…She is pro-war and pro-Wall Street and pro-big oil…”

    And so am I. Given the world that we have had in the past and now live in try eliminating any one of those three items from our plate.


  36. Flatus…. haven’t you heard…   you wave your magic wand and instantly your car runs on air and your investments go up.

    oh yeah…   and everyone just gets along… 😉

  37. I’m all for eliminating the burning of fossil fuels as rapidly as humanly possible and we are making great strides in the switch to renewables.  The people who work in coal, oil etc need to be retrained or paid off as redundant, but that will not happen overnight.

    As long as we have an overcrowded world with truly hideous people in charge of huge sections of it, there will be war and rumors of war.  The goal is to keep the bad things that go bang out of those hands and to help alleviate the ills and sorrow that war brings to people who threaten terrorism simply because they are miserable.  Again, not happening tomorrow

    Wall street needs to get the message that wealth flows up and you don’t get to keep it all for yourself.  Again limitations and restructuring.

    Somebody who actually understands this stuff had better be in charge.  Thank you Madam President … Good luck with that. I sure as hell don’t want the job.

  38. You could always count on Hag to come out with another great song to play in a honky tonk.

  39. After spending the last two days in a conference on the way to make the next generation of international trade work for importers, brokers, and software developers I find the nit-noy stuff a bit irritating.

    What does Bernie know about how imports and exports affect how the country works?  I know HRC knows from her life as next to Bill.  The Republicans have no clue if you listen to their words.

    Sanders is all about free college, health care and some other stuff (which I cannot discern at the moment).  Ask him about how imports and exports affect his supporters.

    Not one of the Republicans seems to even know there are imports and exports.  Especially the weird hair guy.  Raise a wall.  What if that wall blocks imports of car parts.  Oh wait.  Kill off the NAFTA so those car jobs return to China.  The world economy is more than spouting that you will return auto assembly line jobs to Detroit.

    It is not a American world.  It is a world with many partners.  You cannot just shout over or shut down other countries anymore.  You have to work with and negotiate with people.  Chest pounding and screaming gets no one anywhere anymore.


  40. I LOVE Capehart’s piece. If he wrote at the same level as people read, he’d be fired.   Yep, but his pieces would be much shorter.

  41. Huh?

    Hi Renee,

    Its nice to share my reading.. Makes life interesting and well informed.. Love reading you as well..Thanks for saying nice things.. Very kind..

  42. Tony

    Thanks for putting that up.  I thoroughly enjoyed the TV broadcast but hadn’t had time to find it for the enjoyment of others.  All the time she was screaming, I was mentally adding a few choice expletives of my own. ?

  43. Bernie Sanders latest speech now includes the claim that Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be President.   Oh this is going to go over well……… Somebody get me a medium, I’m calling Patsi.


  44. Oh no Bernie’s gone postal on Hillary.  He said she is not qualified to be president.

    The next debate should be chilly

  45. Yesterday, I helped in a friend work the polls  as a write in candidate for the school board election. It was a last minute thing as nobody filed for the position. He will be a good fit as he is a CEO of one of our neighborhood nonprofits that work with children.. We also got word that the school district and city  reached an agreement on the transfer of several properties from the school to the city( our park being one of the properties).

    On Monday we learned it was being voted on today

    so Yesterday  as I ran around delivering meals and water to the volunteers I had the good fortune to run into several people who knew the council members on the committee well enough to put in a plug for us. And at the post election party ran into the vice chair of the committee where we got a chance to introduce ourselves and chat a bit  of small talk and left with a see you tomorrow. Ask for no favors but we were obviously a friend of Johns.

    So today when we walked in she gave us a big smile.  Local politics are so much driven by relationships.

    Oh and the memorandum of understanding passed So we are another step down the road.

    Yes that is a big smile on my face.


  46. Hah!  As if Clinton is powerful enough to destroy the Democratic Party or rural American, for that matter!   Political polarization is approaching critical mass.  From Vox Polarchy —  a long read, but it has a few graphs to keep you interested.

  47. jamie- please where can i find their salaries? gonna have to start tweeting that for sure.


  48. Favorite Tweet tonight:

    First, they attacked her ambition. Then they said she’s not qualified.

    What’s next?  She slept her way to the top?

  49. Huh?


    Yes, i was cheering and saying tell him.. The most despicable man.. The young woman was perfect.. Told him what millions wish they could tell him.. Another tea party loon.. That he supports Trump is no surprise to me…

  50. It’s a darned shame. Florida has had some fine governors over the years. But, when we get a loser, why is it no surprise that a college kid at Starbucks can identify and humble him in just a couple of minutes sending him and his whole convoy packing.

    I bet she’ll be in Tallahassee before we know it.

  51. Once again, I find the pol I support embarrassing me.


  52. College/trade school is the pathway to a better future. We can never have too many trained minds. Our nation’s hunger for coal, oil, and gas harms our environment, making life forms sick and miserable. Our hunger for coal, oil, and gas also enriches most of the most brutal dictators and dictator-wannabees here and abroad. It unfair, not to mention politically impossible, to make the workers in coal, oil, and gas, bear the burden of our transformation from fossil energy to clean energy. We have to open paths for these people to move forward to a new and cleaner American dream, and education provides those paths.

  53. Ahhh, before I go….

    Maybe with some tanning I could pass for a High Yeller, but I can’t rap, and I can’t dance. I’m old, and can shuffle, just not in rhythm. I think I’d be found out pretty quickly. ah, poop.

    I’dah been a famous song & dance man, if only I could sing and dance.

  54. “she is not qualified if she is taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds”?  so is that where your mysteriously missing 10 mil came from too….freudian slip, bern?

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