Send In The Clowns

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

Sunday Serendipity.

A grand song by a Grand Lady. One of my favorite of all time. Soon to be the theme song of the GOP convention. Enjoy the music and enjoy your day.


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  1. jace, thank you. one of my favorites too… and so goper appropriate in the 5th verse:

    Don’t you love farce? My fault, I fear
    I thought that you’d want what I want, sorry my dear
    But where are the clowns? Send in the clowns
    Don’t bother they’re here

  2. Jamie, pretty much what you’ve been saying in this piece from bloomberg:

    As the race for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination heats up, Hillary Clinton made a rare jab at Bernie Sanders for not being a longtime member of the party and for not fundraising for other Democrats.

    “I am also a Democrat and have been a proud Democrat all my adult life,” Clinton said at a campaign event in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on Saturday. “And I think that’s kind of important if we’re selecting someone to be the Democratic nominee of the Democratic Party.”

    Clinton added that being a strong candidate for president ”also means…I know how important it is to elect state legislators, to elect Democratic governors, to elect a Democratic Senate and House of Representatives.” 

    The Hillary Victory Fund, which raised almost $27 million in 2015, divides up cash between Clinton’s campaign for the White House, the Democratic National Committee, and nearly three dozen state Democratic parties. 
    Sanders’ small-donor-driven campaign raised $44 million in March after bringing in $43.3 million in February, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.  

    Asked this week on MSNBC if he would begin fundraising for other Democrats, Sanders said “we’ll see,” adding that he’s focused on winning the Democratic nomination. His campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

  3. patd –

    I am also a Democrat and have been a proud Democrat all my adult life,” Clinton said at a campaign event in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on Saturday. “And I think that’s kind of important if we’re selecting someone to be the Democratic nominee of the Democratic Party.”

    HRC hit it right there.  Recently Sanders updated his Wiki page by adding “Democrat (2015- )”  That change occurred in 2016.  I still fail to understand why the DNC allowed a life long non-Dem to run as a Dem.  Sanders caucused with the Dems, but as an Independent.  To me, he is an Independent who became a Democrat to take advantage of the Democratic Party so he would be on ballots.


  4. sea, here’s both of them… 45 minutes worth

    Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) delivered remarks at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s 2016 Founders Day gala in Milwaukee.

  5. thank you jamie.  about to paint stairs- music to my ears while i work.  are you up on the nevada fiasco?

  6. pat- got me swinging.  seems like its time to at least call him in for a meeting- talking to.

    posted this the other morning- just before a new post.

    Purity? Please he is so void of it that he drops his Independent status for the DEM money and support then acts righteous? After a career of proclaiming his Inde status it seems like the biggest most fundamental sell out of all to me

  7. sea, sorry but that was only Bernie’s speech even tho’ they labelled it as both.  my bad. I should have listened all the way thru.  must have been a Bernie dirty trickster.

    here’s Hillary

  8. my apologies- didn’t know you posted it.  i searched around this morning and did the same thing- didn’t find hill.  thanks!


  9. Jamie & sea, glad that she repeated her plans re making corps pay for moving overseas (about 8 minutes in) and for making things tougher for wall st.

  10. OSH

    The Nevada delegate count for Clark County (the biggest Las Vegas area) is a real mess.  Lots of cross messaging going on in a Twitter storm and a demonstration of the fraud at the heart of the whole caucus system.  So far no one has a hard count on whether or not the votes have changed and whether or not the Sanders team screwed around with false messaging to delegates and stuffed the hall with supporters.

    There is a whole lot of smoke but without the official count no way to prove who did what to whom so no fire.  Need to wait and see.

  11. Frank Bruni nails it here,

    It takes forever in this country to build a new bridge, tunnel or train line, but it took no time flat for politicians in the Tar Heel State to convene a special session, formally ostracize North Carolina’s L.G.B.T. voters and wrap conservative Christians in a tight embrace. Who says America’s can-do spirit is dead?”



  12. When it comes to political shenanigans, the song from A Little Night Music that says it all:  A Weekend In The Country.

    Trump Does It His Way
    Maureen Dowd

    “When I told him that Hillary called him “an id with hair” at a New York fund-raiser, he was subdued. “Yeah, what is that all about?” he said. “Huh?”
    And Rosie O’Donnell was there and compared him to a Harry Potter villain. “Give me a break, Rosie,” he said. “I won’t comment on Rosie. I wish her the best. See? In the old days — tell your sister, I’m making progress.”
    I mentioned that Megyn Kelly wants him on her show. “I think I’d probably do it,” he allowed.”

    The softening of Trump? Ha, its bullshit and Dowdy treating him with kid gloves the way she would never treat Hillary.. Just a mean girl!

  14. It’s Probably First Ballot Or Bust For Donald Trump At The GOP Convention
    By Nate Silver
    “Let’s say that Trump ends with exactly 1,200 delegates after California. He’d then need 37 uncommitted delegates to win on the first ballot. That might not seem like such a tall order — there will be at least 138 uncommitted delegates, according to Daniel Nichanian’s tracking, and Trump would need only 27 percent of those. But most of those delegates4 are chosen at state meetings and conventions, the same events producing unfavorable delegate slates for Trump in Massachusetts and other states.
    Alternatively, Trump could try to broker a deal with another candidate — Kasich, for example — to get to 1,237. But that isn’t so easy either; whether Kasich could instruct his delegates to vote for Trump on the first ballot would vary depending on the rules in each state, and some delegates could become unbound instead of having to vote Trump. Trump and Kasich could also try to strike a deal on the second ballot — but by that point, most of their delegates would have become free to vote as they please.”

  15. Trump’s abortion gaffe highlights the GOP’s intellectual dishonesty

    By Ruth Marcus

    ““Of course we shouldn’t be talking about punishing women,” Cruz smarmily proclaimed in the aftermath of Trump’s comments. “We should affirm their dignity and the incredible gift they have to bring life into the world.” Oh yes, let’s “respect” women and “affirm their dignity” by denying them the freedom to choose what to do with their own bodies.
    Or, as Trump put it, once he got his act together, “The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb.” Poor woman, too weak or emotional to know what is in her best interest, or to be held legally responsible for her choice.”

  16. Oh and Stephen Sondheim is a freaking genius!!!!!”


    You got that right. Big smile.

  17. Tony,

    Maybe the senator from Alaska is worried about a Palin challenge.

    The other senator is from Kansas.  ’nuff said.

  18. At rallies, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are looking for logic, not passion

    Stephanie McCrummen

    “Rose Smith, 55, took one and glanced over at the Trump yellers, which included a man with a Smith & Wesson 9mm strapped to his thigh shouting that Clinton should be “taken down a notch.” She did not yell back.
    “Trump’s angry; Bernie’s angry all the time,” said Smith, a retired elementary schoolteacher who said she was not angry other than whatever frustration she felt toward the other candidates and their followers, which she sublimated. “Just realistically, I think it’s not a matter of pumping the team up, it’s a matter of playing the game. You can’t have that kind of demeanor. I can’t imagine these men being in the room when some crisis really happens. Is emotion going to rule them, or are they going to have a level head and make calm decisions?”
    The man next to her was nodding.”

  19. Trump’s many racist supporters

    by Dana Milbank

    “Trump’s supporters overall tend to be older, disproportionately male, less likely to have a college degree and more likely to be suffering economically. But race is an ever-present factor among Trump supporters. Trump support, it has been shown, is high in areas where the number of racist search queries on Google is also high. The Post’s Jeff Guo has documented that Trump, in GOP primaries, performs best in areas where the middle-aged white death rate is highest — that he effectively channels “white suffering into political support.”
    Various polling of more dubious methodology has found that Trump supporters are more likely to support the Confederate battle flag, oppose Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and support the Japanese internment camps of World War II. But Thursday’s poll by nonpartisan Pew, a well-respected outfit, finds antipathy towards minorities as well: Sixty-nine percent of Trump supporters say immigrants burden the country, and Trump supporters are significantly more likely than other Republican voters to want illegal immigrants deported, to favor a wall along the Mexican border and to support extra scrutiny of Muslims in the United States solely because of their religion.

  20. I usually miss the first, few minutes of George Stephaoopahoo.  I don’t remember the announcer sound like he was hyping a monster truck rally.   Very tabloid/over-the-top.  The only thing missing was the “Sunday-Sunday-Sunday-only” with reverb.

  21. Labels and affiliations aren’t everything.  What matters is behavior.  HRC is fully-entrenched  in the Republican military mindset.  She is  unapologetically beholden to the overlords on Wall Street.  She is a Republican in a Democrat’s clothing.  She is a candidate for the status quo.

    I stand with Bernie.

  22. The local show was really push Ted Cruz this morning.  More than I’ve heard them do in the past.

  23. Great. The BP ads are starting, as we near the 6th  anniversary of the disaster in gulf.  Easy for me to remember because my kitty died and I became a vegetarian that week.

  24. More Than Just a Symbol
    Millennial women resent being told to vote for Clinton because she’s a woman. That’s why they should look at her career fighting for women.
    Li Zhou

    “For decades, Clinton has prioritized bills and policies promoting family leave far more so than Sanders.
    This is not to say that Sanders has not supported such legislation or practices. The key difference is that, for him, they simply haven’t been as much of a priority.This very distinction is the reasoning that Planned Parenthood and offered when they endorsed Clinton as the Democratic candidate earlier this year—while still acknowledging that both she and Sanders have held strong positions and voting records on abortion rights. As noted byKaylie Hanson, the NARAL Pro-Choice America national communications director: “His voting record is sufficient, but it doesn’t make him a champion for women. That champion is Hillary.” And while this perspective may seem like a matter of opinion—especially from organizations that Clinton has long had close ties to—it’s further evidenced by the way each candidate has run their campaigns and addressed the issues. A January Time article describes the Clinton campaign as making reproductive rights the centerpiece of her policy plans, while Sanders has been criticized by the president of Emily’s List, Stephanie Schriock, for neglecting to “mention anything about abortion, contraception, or reproductive care anywhere in his entire health plan.”

  25. Why Do Voters Say Hillary Dishonest

    Good article with quotes. Apparently it is because they actually believe the 25 years of crap the right wing has been shoveling in their direction.

    Even using objective measures of trustworthiness, like Politifact’s Truth-O-Meter scale, she rates as the most honest compared to every other candidate in the 2016 race. (Let’s not even go into the GOP frontrunner, who’s entire candidacy is based upon saying the most outrageous lie he can think of in any given moment.)

  26. from realclearpolitics

    Hillary Clinton tells Meet The Press host Chuck Todd that she “feels sorry” young supporters of Bernie Sanders who believe his “lies” about her taking money from the fossil fuel industry, without “doing their own research.”

    HILLARY CLINTON: When people make these kinds of claims, which now I think have been debunked –Actually the Washington Post said “Three Pinocchios”– and the New York Times analyzed it. Independent analysts have said that they are misrepresenting my record.

    I’m just not going to —

    I feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this, they don’t do their own research. I’m glad we can now point to reliable, independent analysis to say: No. It is just not true.

  27. Clintonia needs to roll out her surrogates saying this is Republican rubbish and it what they always do and other Democrats should not hop on the bandwagon each time.  But rather use the opportunity to innoculate herself against gooper accusations.

    She does not want to start a blood feud with the Bernits

  28. The upshot on the Nevada brouhaha in Clark County is that Bernie gained two delegates but Hillary still wins total 18 to 17 instead of 20 to 15 reported in original count.  All of this could change at the state convention for the 12 delegates to go to the national depending on who wins at stuffing the boxes.  Ah the Caucus system.

    Report with current delegate count statewide

  29. And Bernie’s supporters feel sorry for Clinton’s supporters who refuse to admit that she is a Wall Street-supporting, warmongering, liar.

    Now, see how condescending her comment about Bernie’s supporters seems to us?  She is in panic-mode because he’s doing so well, and she  is tone deaf.

    I know where Bernie stands.  I stand with Bernie.


  30. All that woman asked Hillary was whether she would reject fossil fuel contributions. Why not just say yes, since her campaign is insisting she doesn’t take that money anyway. And I really don’t understand broad brushing all Sanders supporters as not doing “their own research.” What did she gain from that remark?

  31. I think Bernie should stay in the race but Clinton needs to stop letting Bernie drive the conversation whether he starts it or she does.   Time to rally the troops for November.

  32. Craig

    Quite frankly, I think Hillary just finally lost her temper.  She has taken blow after blow 85% of which is totally made up or unproven in any way.  Sanders has been both dismissive and outrageously sarcastic in his speeches playing to the adoring throngs but not offering even a smidgen of an idea about how well he will get anything done.

    You might want to take the time to read the above.  Sure it is favorable to Hillary by implication, but only because there are lots of skeletons in the Sanders closet and apparently no one of any real stature in the media wants to open the door.

    And he can damn well shut up about the fossil fuels until we see the income tax returns.  His wife does them and apparently is too busy issuing checks to all the family members and returning foreign donations to bother opening the file cabinet.


  33. “Why not just say yes, since her campaign is insisting she doesn’t take that money anyway.”

    boss, that’s a “have you stopped beating your wife” question.  so she says “yes” then the follow-up question of course is “when will you return that [$330,00 is it?] which you’ve already received [from those we the saintly say are the vassals of fossil fuel]?” and  that leads to more hassle and more nasty headlines.  

  34. Louie Gohmert should be an April Fools’ joke.  Unfortunately he is all too real. – Jamie
    Republican Demands women stay at home, opposes bill for girl’s science education

    ‘Women were created for one thing and one thing alone. . . . Nowhere in the scriptures does it say that women should be chasing after fancy titles and knowledge. The only knowledge they need is the one we men allow them to have.’

    gohmert would be my pick for cruz’ vp, if they weren’t both from the Holy Texan Empire.

  35. Louie “the Lip” Gohmert is a treat.  He is always a good reminder of why the Founding Dads built in restrictions in to the Constitution regarding voting rights.  Too bad they did not include what we could call the “Trump” test or the “Gohmert” test.  A couple of tests for having thoughts somewhere near low Earth orbit.

  36. Who lives in Louie’s district?  Why are they voting for him?

  37. Jamie, agree with your statement about surrogates. Let them handle the Bernie bashing. The candidate should not be doing the heavy lifting here, especially should not be insulting his supporters.

  38. The latest don’t do as I do, do as I say from the Sanders Camp.

    He has significant investments in a Texas Fracking Company (Diamondback Energy) courtesy of the Valic Aggressive Growth Fund.  Now this may be purely on the part of an investment broker, but now that he has to be aware of what is there courtesy of the vetting crowd, it would make sense to back up the rhetoric by divesting.


  39. “And I really don’t understand broad brushing all Sanders supporters as not doing “their own research.” 

    Craig-imo  because they are out there wanting to argue about things that are simply fact- they don’t seem to understand how progress evolves and that what was progressive only 20 years ago is not now as social mores have changed so much. Hard to discuss an issue when they often don’t understand the basics. Jamie mentioned 10 million in his budget for twitter aggrecation – guess its working!

  40. OldSea, fair enough. My only point is she should leave this to surrogates, who seem to me to be doing a fine job. The candidate should stay out of this and, as KGC wisely pointed out, stop letting Sanders drive the conversation. It’s Politics 101, keep the candidate on message and out of process bull shit.

  41. funny aside in wonkette’s coverage of the vid re Hillary “loses it” when they point out this about the group (truth revolt) that was responsible for the vid going viral:

    The plucky hypocrisy-finders at Truth Revolt note that for all their green talk, both Clinton and Sanders refuse to campaign using only bicycles, solar-powered teleprompters, and hemp yard signs:

    Despite their campaigns being moved by car, bus and often planes running on jet fuels, Democratic candidates have moved to distance themselves from an industry many in their base consider dirty without really thinking about all the products they use in their daily lives that come from oil.

    Now there’s a gotcha: if you don’t renounce all technology and live in a cave, you greenies are hypocrites.


  42. Craig- absolutely agreed.  i listened to her this morning with todd,  i imagine one’s patience wears thin, evidently the environment slams strike a nerve – and when she explained about her involvement working for Obama , which lead to Paris – i got it.  She hasn’t turned her back on Gaia.


  43. Patd: “she says “yes” then the follow-up question of course is “when will you return that [$330,00 is it?] which you’ve already received [from those we the saintly say are the vassals of fossil fuel]?” and  that leads to more hassle and more nasty headlines.”

    Pat, it is the Clinton campaign saying it is a lie they knowingly accept fossil fuel money. Surely then they can handle the follow-up questions. Unless, of course, their claim isn’t true.

  44. Both Jamie and Craig have asked if I am able to communicate. I can, but I am still towards the end of goodness-knows-what. I just arose from the couch a short while ago after having breakfast coffee w/Sue and her hubbie. They went outside to work on the yard and flower beds and I resumed my couch time. They were super quiet when they departed around noon. I will be better soon.

  45. Flatus

    Thank you for checking in.  We were worried about you.  Hope all improves soon.


  46. This is something I had hoped Hillary had overcome since 2008 when the Obama campaign refined to a science getting under her skin and provoking unnecessary unforced errors. She really needs to get a handle on this, find some humor in the situation and stay above it all.

  47. Craig

    The problem with anything about Hillary is the whole damned if she does damned if she doesn’t.  If she doesn’t answer a charge, it becomes “what is she hiding”.  If she gives a complete answer with citations in depth, she’s too “wonky”.  If she points out that no one else gets asked similar questions, she’s being evasive.  She’s shrill.  She’s angry.  She’s too female.  She’s not female enough.  She’s a warmonger and basically when all the peaceful actions on behalf of other human beings are pointed out, it’s but what have you done lately.

    After a certain point those of us who just see a brilliant, accomplished, experienced woman more than qualified for the job she is seeking who we may not agree with 100% of the time, just give a big middle fingered salute to all those who seem to want a headline more than they want accuracy while praising others barely capable of taking two steps in her high heels.


  48. So Bernie picked-up two delegates in Nevada. Was that before or after he announced his position on brothels in the state, whether the sex workers in the brothels should be restricted to US citizens, legal aliens, or illegal aliens?  Should health insurance follow these workers after they leave their jobs? Should brothels be allowed in other states as well? Come on, Bernie. give us your two delegates worth.

  49. For those with SiriusXM the 40’s Junction is celebrating Doris Day’s birthday with a Doris Day Day.  Nice material.  When I have been listening it has mostly been her pre-movie era songs, which I prefer.

    Happy Birthday to the songstress who kept my Father-in-law going through all of WWII.  From North Africa, through Italy, up France from Monte Carlo, and finally Germany.

  50. Send In The Clowns

    Well said, Jamie. Campaigning in our perverse, disengenuous and superficial world is not in her toolbox. All the more reason, in my view, for her to disengage from the drivel, laugh it off, and let surrogates do the dirty work.

  51. pat- neither of them are creating the carbon foot print trump is creating by going home every night in his jet.

  52. Also, no Amish are running for prez.

    Jamie – has an owl cam up; a chick has hatched.

  53. Flatus- so glad you are better!

    So I understand that Hillary didn’t sign an agreement with Greenpeace to return any oil money.  Bernie did though- sorry, no link- just listened to maria cardova on cnn debate this

  54. Mrs. Clinton should appear as presidential at all times now.  Ignore Bernie and all of those Republicans and talk directly to the American people.

  55. Send In The Clowns

    Poobah, absolutely.  There is no reason for her to address slurs slung by bernie’s folks. She should only answer when he is standing at his podium directly addressing the issue to her in the next debate.

  56. Ill have you know that Solar was never in a “brothel” heated or cooled……..well, there was this one time…..but was blinded and forced, gagged and tied….and……….

  57. Solar,

    I am sorry to read that you were blinded. In the future, I’ll type more loudly.

  58. HOUSEKEEPING TIP: All, please be careful about copying and pasting huge chunks of web site pages with lots of links. Our spam filter will not even let me approve some of them. Also, when you copy a website page that’s full of its own code that sometimes creates havoc here. Best to simply post the url and copy the quotes into your notepad or other plain text converter, then copy that and paste. I’ve had to spend a lot of time lately stripping bothersome html code out of comments that include pasted web pages.

  59. Flatus

    Your voice was immediately missed.  I’m glad you are on the mend.

  60. Xr,

    Thanks… going to learn how to talk with my hands also (im about 40% fluent)…….im a little  hard at hearing now also.  As I brush my chin with my finger tips…..means thanks…..


    I agree with all those that say that hillary should chill-out…..just ride it out now…..if she tells a joke, cracks a smile now and again. If she is as smart as everyone thinks she is…she will make (turn) false accusations into a teaching opportunity about herself….use it to her advantage, that way……I won’t feel so bad about having her around….neither will others that know damn well that she is the only one that is qualified to vote for……..calling  me stupid b/c i did not do my re-search is not the way to make me comfortable about ……………..having no other choice.

  61. patd – Sentimental Journey

    I have the 78.   It is one of the reasons I like her pre-movie era or time that Oscar Levant knew her. She was a singer and not having crappy movie songs to sing.

    A channel named “Decades” is showing her 1970’s television program.



  62. Thanks, folks, you all are so kind. It will be nice when I can spend more time here–I’m not quite at that point. I see just above me Solar talking about signing. Years ago when Sue was asked to choose a foreign language for her BA, she asked if it could be American Sign Language. The people at UNLV puzzled over that for a week or so, made a policy decision, and allowed it. She uses her fluency in ASL constantly. It provides her boundless joy helping others.

  63. All the more reason, in my view, for her to disengage from the drivel, laugh it off, and let surrogates do the dirty work.”


    Staying on your game and policy are priceless. For everything else there is the Big Dawg.

  64. Then there is this:

    #release the returns:  Bernie quickly learns what happens when you throw mud at Hillary

    Bernie’s ill-fated decision to go hard negative on Hillary is an object lesson in poorly conceived political strategy. His advisers should have spent more time studying her history of making attackers regret their actions.

    Fun article and quite accurate.  Naturally I helped…… A LOT  🙂  Anything that takes down Tad Divine is fine with me.  For all the grouching about the super delegates, they never mention that the $800K a month Divine helped design it originally.

    We have weapons, yes we do.  chortle chortle glee glee

  65. If Bernie is raking in as much money as he claims from small donations, he should highlight that and make the point that he can compete in spite of Citizens United and all HRC’s big boosters. It is an amazing accomplishment for which he should be justifiably proud. To attack Hillary for how she gets her money simply cheapens his accomplishment.

  66. He says it all the time.  In the beginning, the average donation was $33.  Recently, he’s said the average is $27.  That’s a lot of voters that Hillary would have to convince if she ends up with the nomination.

  67. But why wouldn’t he also highlight who is backing Hillary?  Especially when that is exactly the reason CU needs to be overturned.

  68. Very concerned this bitterness between Clinton/Sanders camps is reaching a point of no return, gnawing off their own limbs for nothing but parlor room debating points.

  69. Because a republican president is quite unlikely mention much less overturn CU. HRC and Bernie are looking for the same thing. Put the heat on the GOP and leave each other out of it. The courts will have to over turn Citizens United, and that will never happen with a republican president. Until then Dems. need to play the game as it is sketched out. Great ideas aren’t worth a shit unless you actually win.

  70. Except Camp Bernie believes HRC likes the way things are just fine.

    Yep, just pick a debate date already.  Enough with the pissing contest.

    Is the 72 hours up tomorrow afternoon?  Is this alleged list going to appear?

  71. If a football field is 120 yards long and  53 1/3 yards wide. Please explain to me why HRC should play between the forty yard lines and the hash marks and every one else gets to use the whole field?

  72. Jamie- you work with Peter Daou?    Love his articles, tweet him regularly.

  73. Sorry that my rnc email, wailing and gnashing teeth about missing their fundraising goal, got stuck in the filter. They titled the email BAD NEWS. I s’pose their presidensity candidates are sucking all the oxygen out of what’s left of the ‘pugniverse.

    Now it’s time for a yuuuuj cuppa coffee.

  74. If the neocons & the Christian Wrong can block trump at the convention, would that body select cruz ? Or, would they pass him over for kasich ?  If trump runs 3d Party, and kasich carries the repub banner, might not cruz also run on a Christian America ticket – just to show the repubs which lobe of the old party was biggest ?

    I could love an election with the ripper vote split 3 ways. Especially if it has disastrous consequences for them down ticket. Especially if the down-ticket consequences continue through the next midterm election.

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