Faux Outrage

By WhskyJack, a Trail Mix Contributor

So Donald’s aide pulled a reporter out of his face after she aggressively pushed passed his security. LoL

I wonder how many bruises her elbows left on her fellow reporters as she worked her way into position?

I don’t think that is going to lose him any votes.


If he had punched her in the face, stomped on her a while? Maybe.

For Trump supporters this is just the establishment faking up a controversy to drag down their candidate.

In my opinion there is more than just a little faux outrage going on here. But then that is the modern campaign.


Trump, Abortion Foe, Eyes ‘Punishment’ for Women, Then Recants (NYT)

By Craig — Trump walking back abortion punishment statement recalls Bush Sr. on punishing women who get abortions (1988): “Of course there’s got to be some penalties to enforce the law, whatever they may be.”

Unlike with Trump, GOP elites rushed to the microphones to revise, extend and clarify Bush’s remark.


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  1. whskyjack,

    To quote the great George Costanza: Remember… it’s not a lie if you believe it.



  2. Yeah… when I saw Anderson Cooper open his town hall segment with Trump by asking about this crap, my first thought was…  there goes the media trying to start a food fight again.

    I actually agreed with Trump when he told Cooper “I’d rather talk about the issues”.  Of course when they did get down to it, Trump once again proved that he’s absolutely certifiable.

  3. faux news, faux outrage, why not faux pols?

    In the wake of accusations against his top advisor, Donald Trump has devolved into a cartoonish version of himself. So Stephen invited a slightly less cartoonish version of Trump to appear on the show: Cartoon Donald Trump.
    cartoon drumpf appearance starting at 5:25 minutes in.

  4. Lewandowski’s been charged with a misdemeanor. He’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting a misdemeanor charge that probably never should have been brought.  Blame the cops for that.  Donald will pay for it. Is it faux outrage? I don’t know maybe maybe not, but it appeared to me if he made those bruises to be excessive. Nothing on the video shows she had to fight through reporters, she was standing next to that plump lady with the white jacket with the pleasant expression and stepped next to Donald as he passed and walked with him. Hardly the stuff of WWE fame.

    Did anyone catch the debate between “donald” and “bernie” on Comedy Central’s @midnight last night? What a freakin hoot.

  5. Many years ago when I was alone in a joint campaign headquarters when a candidate running in the same race as my candidate’s (4 to be elected to Board of Ed) told me to get one of our supporters to “lay-off” working some of the endorsements and if we didn’t I would be sorry.   It scared me and made me very angry.    I think that to diminish this woman’s injury and call it political is wrong.  You have bought into Trump’s version not what this woman said at all. She was just doing her job.

    The saddest part of all of this is that Trump is setting the agenda  and everyone else just follows along.  He assaulted her he was not protecting anyone  Trump is a compulsive liar

  6. tony, Nate’s analysis is much more incisive than mine from yesterday, but the bottom line is the same.

  7. What gets me is that there was the Trump follower who pepper sprayed and molested a protestor, but not one word about it being unacceptable from Trump and almost no media coverage.

    Then there is all the hounding of the other Vermont senator for supporting Hillary as a superdelegate by people who don’t have a clue about how the system works.  Nor do they mention that Bernie has raised zilch dollars for Democrats while Hillary has raised millions for down ticket so why would a superdelegate switch?

    Selective and mythical coverage all the way around.


  8. “….it appeared to me if he made those bruises to be excessive”

    pogo, his lawyers probably are combing her medical files (ill-gotten of course) for possible long history of bruising and/or self-destructive masochistic personality syndrome. that plus she’s media and what can you expect from reporters behavior wise…  slam dunk dismissal. 🙂

  9. I predict he will be found guilty as he should be.  You cannot go around man-handling people just because you are a representative of Donald Trump

  10. alexandra petri:

    Sometimes people confuse objectifying women with not liking women.

    These are two very different things! It is possible to love women the same way you love expensive wristwatches: you want to surround yourself with them to seem impressive, but you would never ask one to tell you its thoughts. Indeed, you can love many things that you do not see as people: marble pillars, casinos with your name on them, brass railings.

  11. patd, prolly.  I doubt that any conviction will result, but cops, prosecutors & judges make those decisions. WND is reporting that the prosecutor is a Hillary supporter. And that means exactly what?

  12. The most likely outcome is a deal to plea to a lesser crime and pay a fine

    Personally I hope he gets life.

    His lawyer is a sleaze and the longer it goes on the more embarrassing for Trump

  13. “…the prosecutor is a Hillary supporter. And that means exactly what?”

    maybe that she’s sane?

  14. nate silver 538:  How Trump Hacked The Media

    For all the recent debate about what responsibility the media bears for Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican Party’s nomination race, there hasn’t been a lot of evidence presented on how the media has actually covered the campaign. So I scoured through more than nine months of headlines since Trump’s presidential bid began.


    Sunday marked the 286th day of Trump’s campaign, which began June 16. From the start, he’s been a media phenomenon. According to The New York Times, Trump has received the equivalent of $1.9 billion in television coverage while having spent only $10 million on paid advertising. By contrast, Trump’s Republican rivals combined have received slightly less than $1.2 billion worth of television coverage, meaning that Trump has been the subject of the clear majority (62 percent) of candidate-focused TV coverage of the Republican race.

    There’s a perception that Trump has dominated television coverage more than coverage in print or digital media outlets, but it’s not clear that’s true. A study we conducted in December found that 54 percent of newspaper stories about the Republican candidates were about Trump, not that far from his share of TV coverage. (For transparency’s sake: Among stories FiveThirtyEight has published where a Republican candidate’s name has appeared in the URL — which most often mirrors the headline — 43 percent have been about Trump.)

  15. Not only more coverage but not very good coverage    Failure to call him out on anything he said

    The final death of the main stream media  nothing but lap dogs to Trump

  16. Katie S. Phang, a Miami attorney with the powerhouse Berger Singerman firm, questioned whether Lewandowski should press his luck.
    “If the State Attorney’s Office files this charge, and Lewandowski pushes this case to trial, he better hope that a ‘jury of his peers’ drinks the Trump Kool-Aid, too. Because if they don’t, he just might be convicted,” Phang said.
    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/donald-trump-campaign-manager-assault-221353#ixzz44UbJ5dR7 

  17. Just for those who apparently think anything they don’t personally experience is a joke.

    Using physical size to intimate someone and physical aggression is not ok.

    She was doing her job and doing something apparently few other media was doing, trying to get Trump to answer a question.  Like the guy from Univision and a few other.  Bravo for her for being willing to put up with the abuse to stand up against a lying fatass bully.  And what does she get from the media, more factless drivel.

    Except for the fact she worked for Breitbart she sounds like an ok person to me.

  18. Reading Extraordinary Lives:  The Art & Craft of American Biography  where William Zinsser interviews famous biographers of famous people.  Just finished the one for David McCullough interviewed about Truman.  It closes with a gift that was given to Truman as a boy that contained a letter by Robert E. Lee to his son.  Probably should be required reading for all politicians.

    You must be frank with the world.  Frankness is the child of honesty and courage.  Just say what you mean to do on every occasion, and take it for granted you mean to do right.  If a friend asks you a favor, you should grant it, if it is reasonable.  If not, tell him plainly why you cannot.  You will wrong him and wrong yourself by equivocation of any kind.  Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or keep one.  Above all, do not appear to others what you are not.


  19. I don’t see what Lewandowski did as a joke.  He was clearly out of line.  One of the biggest ironies I saw in this is that after all the hooplah drumpf made of the fact that she had a pen (Secret service wasn’t happy about that?  My ass) what was trump doing while he was walking through the crowd? (Hint it rhymes with WRITING) Trump’s fatuous assness is shining through all the BS smokescreen he’s blowing out in his reaction.  I saw him do the same pivot with Matthews last night he did the prior day with Anderson Cooper from Lewandowski grabbing her to Isis beheadings and people drowning in steel cages. Neither of them stopped him and said that one had nothing to do with the other.

  20. Where was breitbart’s felonious colleague o’keefe when this alleged horrid atrocity was committed ?

  21. When bad things happen to bad people sometimes it is hard to do the right thing

  22. I didn’t say what the campaign manager did was a joke.  He was, however, charged with only a misdemeanor.  To me it’s a matter of degree.  You don’t hit a nail with a sledge hammer.  Did the manager do wrong…  yup.  Was Trump an asshole for denying any wrongdoing…  yup.  I’m just much more outraged at his comments of wanting to give nuclear weapons to other countries.

    IMO, the first thing is weaselly….  the second thing is totally bat shit crazy and scary as hell.

  23. What is stunning me at present is all of the media types who have been engaged in trump hype seem to be suddenly discovering that the Emperor has no clothes.  Hanging around this place has gotten me spoiled by thinking people.  I find it stunning, that anyone could be deluded about how limited Drumpf’s awareness of history, facts, and world conditions actually was not to mention his obvious huckster “Elmer Gantry” style salesmanship.

    They promoted him as the second coming while all I could see was a total sociopath.


  24. Oops, I got caught tossing spit balls and now am in front of the class, lol


    “Except for the fact she worked for Breitbart” 

    LOL, now we are defending the tactics of Breitbart?

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

    All I can say, is my point’s been proved. All that bunch has ever done is engage in fakery.  She set the trap and the  Trumpistas fell into it just like numerous left wing groups have in the past.  I’m looking at you PP.

    There is the story that’s  not being written and much more fun too.

    But it makes little difference as Trump will still get his 35% who aren’t going anywhere. They will indeed riot at a brokered convention and  Trump  won’t have to say a word.

    Mean while, I need to go to the store and buy another bag of popcorn.



  25. KGC

    This isn’t some newbie intern innocent.  Even more important she is not even a reporter if she is working for Brietbart. This is a grown adult  playing  a very rough and tumble game  most likely (given her employer) attempting to  create a  provocative incident.  She got it done and the press (and it looks like you) have swallowed the bait hook line and sinker. In other words , this is just politics not some noble cause.



  26. How Nixonian

    so to paraphrase

    “If only you were as smart as me you would see it’s all fake and therefore all of it should be treated that way.  I know it’s fake because I have secret informtion of the true story that can never be told”

    The Secret Service has already said there NEVER was any threat to The Fat Ass

    Trump has already said he is fine with Putin killing reporters.


    Faux Outrage

  27. I’m gonna side (slightly) with Nedermeyer on this one.    He reacted to someone headed for Trump, where that someone was not supposed to be.    (Also, I’ve gotten  worse bruises at a concert, and, there is no proof that those bruises were from that interaction.)

    So, it was unwanted touching, but he reacted to an unknown someone making a beeline for his boss.

    It’s all the talked about when the had Trump on the phone for The Today Show.  Gee, Donald is showing loyalty to an employee.  What’s they gonna do to him at the polls?

  28. breitbart didn’t stand by its employee.

    d.t. became a major funder of the breitbart crime family last year. Ergo, breitbart stands by its meal ticket.

  29. I subscribe whole-heartedly to the opinion expressed by my distinguished colleague, Rebellious Renee, on March 31, 2016, @ 12:21 pm.

  30. I guess she asked for it too



    Teen Girl Pepper Sprayed At Trump Rally (VIDEO)
    A 15 year-old political activist claims she was sexually assaulted by a Trump supporter. While she was arguing with the Trump supporter, she was pepper sprayed by different man wearing a “Make American Great Again”  T-shirt

  31. blue

    The filing papers arrived a day late.  The campaign went out with press protest before the powers that be had come to a resolution and had already stated that he would be on the ballot without any problem.

    Usual scream and shout run all about and then go oops no problem


  32. Ms Cracker,

    I’ll stipulate that the former breitbarter was roughed up by the hairball’s mgr.

    However, I don’t feel sympathy, let alone outrage.

  33. very poor choice of words by “the source, who was not authorized to speak on the record” makes one wonder about the subliminal message sent and the personal bias of the sender.  not at all surprised that it’s quoted and headlined by faux news

    “In a case like this you get one shot at the queen,” the source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, said referring to Clinton, the former secretary of state and current front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. “The pressures are enormous on the agents, as the case has to be airtight and perfect.”

    hope ag lynch and fbi director comey have at least lectured the perp re proper professional behavior if not ordered a transfer to lesser siberia, ak. 

  34. I’m not all that up on these things, but if they are considering filing charges against Hillary, I believe they would typically send a target letter before talking with her.  There’s a world of difference between conducting an investigation in general and conducting an investigation to bring charges.

  35. Nedermeyer trained to be s police officer.  Let’s just be glad he decided to work for the Trump campaign instead of being on the street.

    He saw movement and moved in on her; he wasn’t looking for credentials.

    Is it normal for the press corps or other “civilians” intermingled in the crowd to be able to get to a candidate making an exit/not doing a meet-and-greet?  If not, where was the Secret Service?

  36. The Secret Service has already said there was no threat to the candidate and they were there

  37. KGC – A long time ago in a different universe (when I was running for elected office) I owned most domain name variations of my name and state because I was running for office.  A politician was nominated by the gov to replace a senator who was nominated by the prez and who became a secretary.  I offered the replacement a few of my domains to be returned later in the year when I was running for office.  He refused to talk to me. I did this twice over a month.

    Over the year I had threats from his campaign to give him my domains.  Eat a horse apple is sort of what I told them.  I owned the domain names and because they matched my name and I owned them before he came on board – tough toe nails (or something like that).

    I held on to those domain names until I moved to my new home.

    I never had someone ask/tell me to stop getting endorsements.  I had been called an embarrassment to the Democratic Party, but then I almost won and her candidate was DOA out of the starting gate.


  38. How about this.

    Five key members of the U.S. women’s soccer team have filed a federal complaint against the U.S. Soccer Federation to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging wage discrimination. In the complaint, the players cite USSF figures from last year showing that they were paid nearly four times less than men’s players despite generating much more revenue.

    Considering the relative success they have had by any measure as compared to the men’s team – really, there is no comparison – they are right to shake things up.

  39. The Dangerous Donald
    by Dana Milbank

    “He’s right. So how about a brand for Trump? I suggest “Dangerous Donald.”

    This label has the virtue of being supported by many of Trump’s fellow Republicans. “I don’t know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the button,” remarked Cruz, his GOP rival, echoing a common complaint of many Republicans. “I mean, we’re liable to wake up one morning and Donald, if he were president, would have nuked Denmark.”


  40. Boy howdy that Trump Koolaid mus be  tasty a lot of people are slurping it down

  41. Ultra-conservative pundit Ann Coulter, meanwhile, has gone out of her way todefend Trump countless times. But it appears even her support has its limits. Appearing on a podcast hosted by Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, Coulter said Trump had crossed the line with his tweets about Heidi Cruz.
    “Our candidate is mental,” Coulter said. “Do you realize our candidate is mental? It’s like constantly having to bail out your sixteen-year-old son from prison.”
    (However, as she wrote in a column Wednesday, Coulter still believes Trump is the GOP’s only hope for securing the White House.) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-upsets-conservatives_us_56fc35a2e4b0daf53aee8e7c

  42. Jamie,  that is a truly disturbing case.  Aside from potatoes is there anything good to be said for Idaho?

  43. Faux Outrage

    Pogo, I love RCP as well as Nate Silver.. Yes, Hillary has received over 2.5 million more votes yet Bernie says its because he didn’t compete in those mostly Southern States that are red anyways.. Doesn’t Bernie or his campaign get how that looks to the African American and Latino communities????? Now the latest after decrying Super delegates initially the Bernie campaign saying Super delegates will and should change to Bernie to make up his losing delegate deficit, fat chance as Jamie said earlier..

  44. Ms Cracker,

    I freely confess that I am a terrible Buddhist. I’m a pretty poor specimen of a Sunni. In fact, my shamanism is also sub-par. As a religious guy, I’m pretty much of a washout. sigh.

  45. We all know I thoroughly detest Drumpf but I’ve honestly tried to set the prejudices aside for this newest commercial.  Is it just me or is this thing as screechy stupid as I think it is?

  46. Jamie, you need to complain to cbs about their misuse of term in the 1st paragraph 2nd sentence.  nifty village folks tho’ with good sense of humor and music.  check out the video.

    cbs evening news:

    On the path to the Republican nomination, 19 of 29 states have gone toDonald Trump. But we wondered if “The Donald” is “The One” in the old sod.

    There are plenty of reasons for singing laments about the hard life up on the Isle of Lewis, off Scotland’s wild northwest coast.

    But in the town of Stornoway, the boys in the pub have got a new lament — Donald Trump.

    They did meet Donald Trump once, when he paid a brief visit to Lewis. He stopped at the house his mother Mary Anne MacLeod grew up in before she left for New York seven decades ago.

    At the time, Trump said he was “just happy to be back here.” The happiness, though, isn’t mutual.

    Local author Ian Stephen summed up the islanders’ attitude toward Trump’s run for president. “There is this irrational sense of guilt. What have we spawned?”

  47. Craig

    She wasn’t lying.  Individual contributors must list their occupations.  Just being employed by a fossil fuels company is not the same as a corporate contribution.  You can see the totals by PAC & Individuals here


    Even among those contributions, they are nowhere near her major sources of funding.

    Now there may be large donations to the PAC such as the recent Clooney fundraiser, but the majority of that money goes to DNC & State Parties not to Hillary.

  48. X-R

    And yet you are a good and moral person.  Go figure

    i thought the big fat ass liar didn’t have a PAC the Trump ad is paid for by a pac

  49. Yes, and if there is another debate, well there are a lot of folks upstate in NY who have a problem with fracking.

    Pogo – Even though the women’s team has a better record than the men’s team, what is the difference of cash raked in to put butts in the seats?  Perhaps the endorsement deals of individual players benefits the association in some way?   I’m just wondering how the financial contribution of the two teams compare.

  50. Oh, brother.  Of course the corporate affiliation of individual contributors matters.   If I work for ACME OilCo, am I going to support a candidate who wants to regulate the crap out of my meal ticket?  Those folks are probably donating to the least green Dem candidate, just to hedge their bets.


  51. Chris Hayes is doing a great interview with Eric Boehlert on The Plot to Stop Hillary.  Pretty much lays to waste all the right wing imaginings that have gone into the pipeline to be endlessly repeated and never proven because they are basically imaginary.

    The most recent one being the 147 FBI agents investigating the emails that has now be reduced to less than 50 in corrections and retractions with the number shrinking almost daily.

    Of course the true believers are expecting her to show up in an orange jump suit any day now.  Guess what?  That isn’t true either.


  52. Jamie,  I didn’t say she was lying. My point is it was dumb for her to accuse a Sanders supporter of lying when that person was correct. Unforced error.

  53. And no donation guarantees the candidate will vote the way you want them to.  Even the largest contributors state that they are buying “Access”.  Hillary has absolutely no record of changing a vote for the sake of money.  On Fracking she is not as blanket as Bernie because again she frames it in the realm of the possible.

    It is almost impossible to wipe out a whole industry with a wave of the Sanders’ wand.  She has stated, no community should have fracking if it doesn’t want it (i.e. City of Denton that was overruled by State of TX) and would favor that legislation.  Proponent of clean energy to replace fossil fuels and retraining of workers so families don’t suffer with attrition of fossil fuels jobs.

    IOW she doesn’t want perfect to be the enemy of the good.


  54. Tony,

    ann coulter likens her candidate to a teenage felon, and still supports him ?!?

    I’m going to venture an unlicensed diagnosis : coulter is one very creepy person. Prolly, a borderline personality disorder case, lacking social conscience, narcissistic, and predatory. I’m inclined to view her as dangerous.

    You seem to know what makes people tick/kick/sick. Was she a nazi breeding experiment, raped in the cradle, raised by wolves, schooled at Summerhill ? What’s your opinion of her ?

  55. Greenpeace.org has a nice run-down of Hillary’s fossil fuel backers, as well as her record.

    Not only isn’t she perfect, but she’s not even in the same time zone as good.

  56. Well I heard Sea World Supports Bernie Sanders  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  57. Hillary gets plenty of money from corporate America.   Save your money.  She only speaks for the big donors.

  58. Jamie, all the woman asked her was  whether she would “reject fossil fuel money” to  her campaign. There was no implied criminality and the woman certaintly wasn’t screaming. Hillary overreacted, which is OK, lesson learned, I hope.

  59. If I may again come to the aid of Candidate Clinton, it is damned hard to remember minor details in intense moments. While the item may mean the world to the single issue anti-fracker, in the fog of war, and having taken scores of positions, often based on hairline fine judgements, the candidate is liable to err on occasion.

    The candidate is always better advised by the speech coach to answer to the critic’s values and passion, rather than to make a stand on a possibly half-forgotten detail.

    “It’s an important point, and I’m glad that you feel so strongly about it. Sometimes we politicians make our decisions and take our sides based on matters that aren’t the most important. People do that, and I’m people too. I always want to be better today than I was yesterday, and to do better tomorrow than I am doing today.

    You know, Big Oil men have accused me of murdering our old friend Vince Foster, and of murdering our Ambassador to Libya, just to destroy me. So please, don’t think for a second that they are on my team, or vice versa.”

  60. Anyway, if there is a fault, I think it is with the prep work and coaching rather than Ms Clinton.

  61. XRepub, that might be a bit overwrought for a rope line, but you’ve got the right idea. Anything would have been better than lashing out at Sanders supporters for “lying” and inviting scrutiny of her donations from oil and gas lobbyists/execs . Still, nothing but a heat of the moment unforced error, it shall pass

  62. Indeed it shall indeed pass, Craig – except for the woman who asked the question. And, Clinton is probably over-tired and damned grumpy about being repeatedly called the Wicked Witch of the East.

    For a ropeline, yes, my answer is overwrought.

    For a candidate who hopes to establish rapport with the electorate through a speech, press conference, or debate, it may be a fair display of humility, disarming some opponents.

  63. I mean she’s beat the poor man, now is the time to move on and embrace his supporters, not insult them. Concerned about the self-defeating instincts she demonstrated in this liitle episode.

  64. Faux Outrage


    And she gets most of her money from people like me over $600 so far and adding up.. Oh and she speaks greatly for me thank you very much..Where are your factual links to support such claims???  You never miss a Hillary slam it must give  you a great pleasure???????? Carry on..

  65. http://trailmix.cc/home/2016/03/31/faux-outrage/#comment-16075


    I think she’s been embracing his supporters all along and i see no evidence to the contrary.. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard her answer a question on why the young people aren’t with her and she says but i’m with them anyways.. This so-called division with Bernie and his supporters makes good press headlines and clicks and in the end it will be like the so-called Puma’s they will mostly all be Hillary..

  66. Tony, she just called them liars. What evidence to the contrary do you need? That’s what they’re going to hear, an impromptu youtube moment from the gut, not the scripted, focus-grouped, teleprompted happy talk.

  67. I hope she’s kicking herself over this one and gets back on script. Thats what her legions of script writers are for, no more saying what you really think. As a veteran Clinton watcher going back to 1991 my concern is they have a tendency to surround themselves with sycophants who only tell them everything they do is perfect. This incident was NOT perfect.

  68. Faux Outrage


    I do agree there, it would be nice if Hillary or for that matter any of them could stay on script and not get angry like Hillary did earlier.. I just think it will happen to all at some point not that it will help their cause, true true..

  69. Craig,

    Lol, a Cha Ching for you too as you got a donation as well.. Thanks very much for Trail Mix.. :0)

  70. A few last thoughts about  faux outrage and that is all it deserves.

    First, I finally found time to watch the video. It was even less than I imagined. he grabbed the back of her jacket and stopped her. Didn’t drag her down as she first reported and doubtful as there being any bruises.

    It also makes the transcript she released of a conversation right after the event with Wapo journalist much more interesting.

    final thought:  if this keeps playing out as it has so far Jeff Roe  may  be a unanimous pick for the political tricksters hall of fame.

    Watching him dismember the MO Democratic party has  given me great respect for his abilities but to pull a dirty trick like this that combines two weaknesses of your opponent (in this case the Trump campaign’s disdain for reporters and women)and then to have the public ultimately believe it was done by another? Price less.  Because as KGC is showing here , the left wing of the Democratic party is taking this and running with it, thus owning it.



  71. she never said he dragged her down

    the twists and  turns of those whose ethics are determined by indigestion


  72. Cha ching, tons of tweeting  and an evening of phone bank calls! A busy day- Thats what unthoughtful comments here inspire.  The sanders trolls were out in full force today- am thinking they didn’t much like today’s Quinnipiac poll.  Falling asleep earlier I heard another poll quoted with even greater leads for Hillary.clinton, trump have big leads in the primaries

  73. Early AM, warming up functional brain cells with lots of hot coffee.  Heard several radio and television news readers state the jerk was charged with assault.  He was charged with battery, which is the touching part of the phrase “assault and battery”.   It may be a misdemeanor, but it is a charge which carries jail time.

    Missed the current “HRC is a bitch” thing.  I think she got pissed off by something and was caught on camera.  Without knowing anymore I can say I give her credit for not flattening a bunch of people every day.

    Life is very good, but then I have not started working today, that is in fifteen minutes.  Early this morning Customs and Border Protection made filing import “paperwork” for wood and wood products mandatory using the new system, Automated Commercial Environment.  I will see how well that is going when I log on to the work computer.  I am not CBP.

    The most amazing thing about the Republicans is their complete and total success in getting rid of moderate Republican candidates.  Congratulations boys and the two women still holding in there.

  74. so if she had mealy-mouthed an inanity she would’ve been accused of inauthenticity and if she expresses her feelings, she’s accused of being an uncaring, unpresidential bitch.  whereas the guys get away with using the “liar” accusations [see various bern , don and unted statements] on every podium at every stop.


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