Hugging the Pander Bear

By PatD, A Trail Mix Contributor

Not on the endangered species list is the pander bear, the political pet of all potential potentates. So bear with me and prepare to bear out the season and hunt the critter where ere he/she be. Mixers, let’s see how many we can run up a tree.

Panda-bear1For example, take last night when “BET Explores #BlackLivesMatter With Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
Are the candidates pandering, promising, predicting, preparing, portraying phony selfies and/or all the above?


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  1. Other than his early visitation to an event in WA 50 years ago, Bernie doesn’t have much to show on Civil Rights front either in activism or laws.  Hillary did good work with the Children’s Defense Fund and has remained friends with many from that era, but they weren’t happy with her backing of the Welfare Reform Bill

    It doesn’t help Bernie that one of his spokespersons accuses the current President of “niggerizing” The White House while Hillary’s supporters tend to be from an older generation that might not appeal to the  Black Lives Matter activists.

    All in all, I find Hillary more believable & sincere if somewhat out of touch while Bernie may have an edge on the economic front.  Barring some major event, I’m pretty convinced his campaign will creak along but never amount to much from this point on except as a media driven “We Want A Horse Race” to the nomination.

  2. “If you trust me with your vote,” says Cruz in the ad, “I will fight day and night to return full control of Nevada’s lands to its rightful owners, its citizens.”

    teddo, you mean these rightful owners? The original inhabitants of the area that is now Nevada.


  3. in salon last month

    Marco Rubio, conspiracy theorist: Now he’s targeting the wacko vote by pandering to the Jade Helm crowd
    Rubio’s struggling to get any kind of edge, so he spent the GOP debate trying to win over conspiracy nuts

  4. Bernie’s huge problem is that true or not, the perception is that HRC, of all the people running for president, is perceived as having been more involved in supporting the black community than any of the rest and Bernie is perceived as having no real record of promoting black interests.

  5. This subject is good timing.  I weave scarves using hand painted rayon yarns.  I name the scarves whatever the person who dyed the rayon called her work.  What am I weaving today is a yarn painted with white, black, and soft grey colors entitled Panda Bear.

    All candidates pander to their voters.  If not… IMO, they are lousy campaigners.  Those of you who are screaming at Hillary for practicing this time honored tactic…   suck it!  🙂



  6. renee, and when does trying to solve constituents problems and make things better for the public good become pander?  it matters from whose point of view.  was it my candidate or their candidate?  was it someone I detest, don’t trust anyway no matter what truths might be coming forth.  pander or promise = glass half empty or half full

  7. Bernie has one issue but he believes solving that one issue and getting money out of politics will solve the other problems

  8. With these guys for leading candidates, you could almost feel sorry for the Republicans … Almost



  9. Jamie….  sorry?…  hell, not at all.  That is exactly what the Republicans have courted.  Too bad…   so sad…   a divorce is not forthcoming.


  10. oh, the three stooges! yuk, yuk, and yuk! which one is moe, the smart one? or was that curly…no shemp? hmm more like the keystone kops.

    I for one feel sorry for those few moderate to progressive gopers that are left. they must really really feel depressed.  it was a grand old party there for awhile back when …. whenever that was.

  11. Dallas election news:

    Brawl between two contestants in a local race who were debating…on a gospel radio station.

    Oh, John Wiley Price.  You never cease to amaze me.

  12. Crackers – Bernie has more than one issue including my favorite, energy.   That’s actually the one issue that, if handled correctly, would fix so many other problems; energy independence, jobs, healthier environment.

    I wish the candidates would pander to Mother Nature…well, actually I wish it was more than that, of course.

  13. Pat,

    A very nice post.  But there is no pandering in baseball (crying)… is all just a show, a dance of sorts that the two party system uses as an illusion for keeping us from really knowing that we are nothing more than little chess pieces to move around.

    There are only two kinds of people in this her world….always was, always will be

    One kind is those that take what ever they want…not matter what………the other kind, are the ones that let them take what ever they want….simple no?

    Tha Rs and the Ds are one and the same……just takers……..the lower income people are there for the taking….of what ever they cant hold onto……..the middle class gives to both of them…….so the top % ers and the bottom feeders…..are both takers……the middle class are the working army of ants…..just don’t see that changing……no matter which person is anointed.

    I have never voted for an R or  an D… I dont consider myself a taker…..but will fight to the last breath those that are……………We lost a chance with J. W…….imo.

    This is the trouble with belonging with one party or the other for life……makes enablers out those that can not see past partisan choices……..from time to time.

    Unfortunate for us all is that we have painted ourselves into this corner… we are forced to wait for the paint to dry……..pass the popcorn….

  14. …..dont like Hillarys answer to the insurance question…..after thinking about it….she won’t build on obama care at all.  Where would she start…it is so confusing and intricate on purpose.

    Friend of mine did all the right things…so he thought…..went to the hospital that his ins co approved….even checked to see that the doctor was approved by his ins co………………….he thought that he had thouroly researched everything that there was to………..then he got a big bill a cpl wks after his operation…….turns out the Anesthesiologist that they used was not approved by his ins corp………

    If she is just going to “build on it” little by little…she is just lying her ass off….she will throw a bone to us all here and there to keep up the charade…..but will she….ask your self with out any doubts….will she fix it….and how.?   Kinda have to go with the other only hope that there is ……Barny was the only hope for single payer….but i don’t think that he can win……Trump……maybe he won’t give so much money to country’s like Israel, Egypt….and others……he  is a cheap ass imo….later

  15. But he is not cheap with other peoples money…….we need someone with a different kind of approach to it all………….we need some one to promise….pinkey promise…is the best….we need him/her to run on three things…..legalize M J,  legalize prostitution….legalize off track betting……keep these taxes away from the military complex, pharms….and any other  welfare sucking large corp………

  16. How are we going to find any solutions……if all we do is elect the very same people that are responsible for leading us into the middle of a sea of quick sand……… ok im done……..never mind….ill do it for you…..GO HILLARY…….

  17. Purple,

    Hope that helps you out a little…..some great links that you provided….im not going to get too involved…i dropped out for a while to chase some other interest that demanded all of my attention….returned cos i wanted to share some of these new things…..that would eliminate doctors and ins corps a great deal……

    Our politicians are not up to mind/body/vibrations and a cpl of other things that would harm their bottom line…..bad timing …..will wait for the right time…….later

    Anon Paranoid…….would be one example….a very nice man….that can be helped by many alternative methods….even cured i dare to say….but the vodoo doctors have him in a bind….along with the ins corps……ok over and out for sure







  18. Solar, too obtuse for me.  You aren’t voting for HRC because you don’t think she can fix Ocare and not for Bern because he can’t win and that leaves Trump, or am I missing something? Was that go Hillary bit real or not? It posted while I was drafting this.

  19. Pogo,

    i wont vote for any of these people…..will figure it all out when the time comes….but as in the past…i have never regretted voting for the best person that i have felt to cure what is wrong with our country….in the past….the person that i was convinced that would do this…without one iota of a doubt…was John Haglein of the natural law party…..

  20. Solar – Yes, alternative medicine is helpful without the bad side effects.  My insurance used to allow me to get physical therapy and acupuncture…until Obamacare jacked with the whole system and premiums skyrocketed.  My employer went for a crappy plan (one that was originally created because of the ACA) and now PT & acupuncture are buried behind the deductible.  Basically, you pay premiums plus the deductible before you get to the benefits (which still cost a co-pay and are limited in number).

    Hillary  will be four more years of Obama’s policies.  She has nothing to offer.

    At least Trump wants to increase competition among insurance carriers by erasing state lines.

    Still, single-payer would be best.  Watch Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko,” about the difference between our country and the rest of the first world.  (Another interesting movie about alternatives, the mainstream medical establishment and insurance companies is called, “Doctored.”)

  21. And then if we didn’t import China didn’t produce carcinogenic, laminate flooring (as reported on “60 Minutes” a long time ago, as well as many other things  (remember the toxic pet food ?), maybe the need for medical services would decrease.

  22. Blue,

    Yes and that is only a small part of what we can do…..there is so much more…..that is FREE.!!  We in our brain hold the largest, bestes pharmacy store that there is…..mother nature saw to this……what we need to do is learn how to summon up the chemicals that we need…..have a headache….learning how to go into your cabeza to cure it is the best and natural way to do this…….I havent seen a doctor now for 2 years….will talk about  that a little later on

    Will give you a miracle cure for many thing right not…..drink hydrogenated water….for most of the day…it keeps me feeling like 40yr old….the other thing that is just as strong… the proper way to breath…….this alone can build up oxegyn in the body to cure and or prevent illnesses……

    Ok, talking way too much…..and that leads to oxygen depletion…..

  23. Allowing insurance companies to cross state lines at will would:

    1. Result in less competition

    2. Destroy state regulation of insurance carriers in enlightened states like Oregon

    3. Give the Koch brothers and their massive United Health Care the mechanism to absorb or destroy regional and state carriers

    That is why conservative Republicans always push this horrible idea as their health policy.




  24. patd – Ifor one feel sorry for those few moderate to progressive gopers that are left. they must really really feel depressed.  it was a grand old party there for awhile back when …. whenever that was.

    These are the people forming the right of center Dems, or indies who vote Dem.  They vote D but may keep their R.  Some of my best support came from them.

  25. solar, like pogo said in so many words  you are a very complex piece of work.  thanks for the compliment but as for the “go hillary” i’m on to you… you really meant it as a directive… “go (away) hillary”.  sneaky.

    agree with you and blueid on the less use of meds and the more use of the just “breathe in, breathe out” cure.

    blueid, you are right about the china products… simple solution for consumer: just say no.

  26. big dawg does laredo ….the couple’s footprint in South Texas is more than four decades old, dating to Hillary Clinton’s time spent registering Latino voters for presidential candidate George McGovern in the early 1970s. That history alone makes rival Bernie Sanders’ task of chipping away at Clinton’s “firewall” of support among this crucial voting bloc much more difficult, experts and pundits said. [….]

    “There are people who want to build walls. Hillary wants to build ladders to opportunity and empowerment,” Clinton said with a quick swipe at Donald Trump. “I want you to look to the future with confidence and embrace change, not run from it.”

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