HRC vs Trump

Hillary’s Nevada win, although narrow, put down the Sanders threat, simply because the map going forward presents no imaginable path to victory for him without a knockout tonight. Trump winning South Carolina means he only fails to win the nomination unless the GOP reverses its history of giving the nod to the winner of both NH and SC. Looks like the general election matchup is clear.


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  1. vrs bloomberg, vrs Sanders, vrs ?????

    have trouble believing this crazy season can be over.

    Buckle your chin strap.




  2. Craig,

    Not so fast for Trump.  Remember about 70% voted against Trump.  If Bush, Carson and Kasich drop out and if Rubio picks up 10% than Trump is now in 2nd place.  Last time around Newt won SC.

    So not so fast to all of the pundits.

  3. the problem for Rubio and Cruz is how finishing 12 points behind the winner makes them electable.

    These will be interesting speeches tonight.

  4. Matt Drudge tweet: “Clinton vs Trump is the race America deserves: EPIC, WILD, NASTY, FUN.”

  5. Yep.  All of those little Bush handprints and footprints in the WH Children’s Garden.  We haven’t seen the last of them.

    My prediction: President Trump

  6. For the Dems, tonight was the first step away from the silly season, Iowa and NH, and into running for office.  In particular the office of President of the United States.  That HRC won, is not a surprise.  Right now she is ahead in the delegate count, 501 to 50.  Sanders needs to come up with more than “I give you all your dreams and never have to pay for them” to win now.  He has not moved beyond his earlier pitch.  HRC has just started to run and her speech tonight was on target.

    For the Republicans.  Tonight is just another nasty looking pizza.  Lots of strange looking goo on top and a few, really sparse, slices of pepperoni and green peppers.  There are a few clumps of leftover things, but not enough to overtake the goo.  It is still not palatable to the world, the U.S. and Dems.  But, for this time of the election it is like a glumpy, gooey, and ugly piece of pie and those who like it that way are voting for it.


  7. Hi, my name is Marco Rubio. I lost to Donald Trump by 12 points tonight, but I beat Jeb Bush by 12 points.

    That obviously makes me the best candidate to take on the Democrats in November. Please send me all your money! Please.

  8. Ping Pong, so pleased to see you back on the trail challenging my views. And many thanks for attending my Mom’s church reception, was quite moved by that.

  9. HRC vs Trump

    Oh Blue,

    I hope you’re wrong about President Trump..Especially as a gay person i fear Trump picking SC justices.. I know you dislike Hillary a lot but maybe if she prevails her experience and compassionate wisdom will make a difference..

  10. Hi Ping…   yeah, but…  unless at least 3 of the Republican candidates drop out between now and Super Tuesday, Trump could be the big winner on March 1st.

    A 1-2 point lead is a narrow victory.  IMO, 5 points is a solid win.

    Jack…  I’m bucklin’ up as I type…

  11. Trump victory seems to be stepping on news of Hillary’s win, CNN hasnt mentioned her for an hour

  12. Tony, I don’t feel like Hillary won tonight. I feel like Wall Street won.

    I’ve heard Bernie supporters say if not Bernie, then Trump.  I’ve heard Trump supporters say, if not Trump, then Bernie.   There is a real hunger for real change.

    My view of Hillary has morphed over the years.  I didn’t want her shoved down our throats in 2008, until that empty suit, Obama, appeared.  Then I was all Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.  If Bernie hadn’t run, I wouldn’t have been excited for her to be the nominee given her performance as SOS, but…meh.

    But Bernie is running and, in contrast, she is such a glaring example of a bought-and-paid-for politician.  I just don’t have it in me to support her.  I’m more afraid of four more years of the same, than I am of Trump. I’m sorry.

    And I wouldn’t take what Trump said about SCOTUS too seriously.  He is just negotiating for the nomination.

  13. omg, just got home from one of the most uncomfortable birthday dinners, my bougie hipster son and wife smirking at me the entire night – i thought it was because i insisted on  bringing a birthday cake- but come to find out- as my phone was turned off that it probably had more to do with hillary winning! so to whoever is a hillary fan- let’s hold hands and sing!  and to the Sanders folks- i have spent a few hours very uncomfortable hours paying unknowingly (although my son is never without his phone) for Hillary’s victory.  anyways, we’re all dems right?

  14. To further support the 70% voted against Trump.  Now with a smaller field did Trump pick up more votes?

    At this point Trump has LOST position in the smaller field.  He has a very low ceiling and in a two man race cannot win the republican nomination.  He appears that he will end with a lower % then in New Hampshire.  Not trending up but down and as others drop out they do not go to Trump.

    Bush has now suspended his campaign – These will go to Rubio not Cruz.


  15. BlueB – I guess that would make Trump that orange, pizza grease one sops up with a handful of dinner napkins. 🙂

    oldSea – In the end, I just want what is best for the country.  I sincerely hope Hillary would be more than a puppet, manipulated by her benefactors.  Congrats on tonight’s results.

  16. And if Trump can maintain enough to win the nomination he will bring Rubio as his VP.  And if you are Marco Rubio you will take this all day long.  Trump runs for a single term and paves the path for President Rubio.

    Rubio provides Trump the Political intelligence and skills to navigate the congress.

  17. ROTFLMAO!  Rubio provides Trump the political intelligence!

    But I agree that if he is offered that deal, he would jump at the chance.

  18. I think Trump may pick Nikki Hayley as his running mate.

    I don’t know where he’d send half-baked Alaska.   You don’t need a Press Secretary going rogue.  He’d have to give her a task to keep her busy and out of the spotlight.

  19. Ping – I wasn’t laughing at you.  It was just the proximity of the word “intelligence” to Rubio’s name.

    He reminds me of a pageant contest who is not equipped for the Q&A portion.

  20. Trump speaks the reality TV language of our culture, while the politicians like Rubio, Hillary, Sanders all try to sound like an anachronism, sadly, that was JFK, who was a fresh voice in his day but a stale echo today.

  21. I’m guessing that Bernie stays in until at least Super Tuesday. After that, who knows? What I do know is that he really doesn’t have a path to the nomination at this point. Next week’s polls will be interesting.

  22. Very soon the GOP primary rules move to winner-take-all by state and congressional district. Rules meant to end the process quickly for an establishment candidate, but now it could mean Trump seals the deal.

  23. dallas- they weren’t my angry words- only a repetition of  yours. i hope you can find a way to be more positive.

  24. Thank God, I’m drinking decent Scotch, it’s the only way I can wash the taste of vomit out of my mouth after a Ted Cruz speech.

  25. Most heartwarming sentiment of the evening was by the Bush staff member who said she and others on his staff felt no obligation to vote Republican in the general and most likely wouldn’t.

  26. Ya know for Cruz and Trump the next one to damage  and knock out is Rubio. Remember how he couldn’t even handle rough handling from Christie How can he survive the double barrel attack by Trump and Cruz. One other thing, as bernie fades how many bernie bros will become enamored with Trump. I thought this was a funny idea until I talked to the kid down the street.

    Also Cruz signs are showing up in may Christian conservative yards.



  27. Re: Cruz and Rubio speeches:

    Could someone with more military experience then I, please enlighten me?

    At what point over the last seven years did the US military become second to any in the world?

    Last time I checked we were light years ahead of anyone else in the world, in both spending and capability.

    Did I miss the memo?

  28. Flatus – Do you think they would really stay home?  I always figured Repugs to be terrified of a Dem win, no matter who ended up as their nominee.

    Craig – Trump only became a reality show personality because of what he created beforehand.  He’s not like a Kardashisn or Real Housewife of…

    That seems to be why the MSM underestimated him.

  29. Ping,  I assume your comment about Trump’s low ceiling and inability to win in a two men race is wishful thinking. I on the other hand can only hope that whoever wins the Republican nomination is so unacceptable to the voting public that they can’t be elected.

  30. I think Trump can beat Hillary. Voters are fed up with “experienced” politicians pandering to their partisan interest groups, which is all she seems to know how to do.

  31. omg craig please dont go there but you know i love you xoxoxoxoxox i wanna hug this shit right out of you


  32. Yep, I think Bernie could beat Trump, just based on the millennials outnumbering boomers.

    Who wins in a Clinton/Castro v Trump/Hayley match?

    The best thing about Trump will be if he knocks Cruz out of the race.  That dude scares the b’jibberz out of me.

  33. Local news waiting to cover Hillary’s arrival at an event in Houston.

    Trump says he only sleeps a few hours a night (might explain some things).

    Bernie seems to be everywhere.

    How do these people find the energy???

  34. Poobah, of course it’s always possible you’re right, but thus far it looks like about a third of Republican voters are fed up with experienced politicians beholding to their benefactors and something less than half of Democratic voters are fed up with that. If you’re right for the reason you cite, shouldn’t Trump’s margins be higher as should Sanders’? I think there’s more going on than just a throw the bums out rush.

  35. “Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of another… There are just some kind of men who – who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results.”
    ~ Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

  36. Sorry Craig

    I don’t know when an almost 72 year old woman became an “interest group” but I guess in your mind I am.  That being said


  37. BiD – How do these people find the energy???

    They are the ultimate super ego Type A personalities.  Sleep is over rated anyway.

    Trump is 69, HRC is 69, Bernie is 74.  They are on the edge of being old or very old.  The average American male lifespan is 76 and for women 81.  Campaigning is high stress with a mix of every germ you can think of.  HRC does have years of experience in this marathon event, I think it might help her look and sound better after another couple months.

    That Trump might win the nomination could be impetus for something we, Dems, saw in 2004 during the Bush II run for the second term.  We had a huge flow of Republicans coming in to help campaign against him.  Trump running against Clinton could be a puzzler.

    I do not buy into the establishment v America the free meme.  I do like my politicians to be doers not burrow in for life.  I like them to work to the betterment of Americans, even if that is electing right of center people.  The concept of America is not great because we help our citizens and the citizens of other countries is false.  Using the premise that America is not great because of establishment politicians is wrong.  We are living the experience of non-politicians running the country with the Republican far right Koch bros group nicknamed Tea Party.  Electing Trump would finish the job of making the American experiment fail.

  38. poohbah, one man’s pander is another man’s promise.

    sure, it would be nice and easier on the ear to hear a simple one word call to arms, a single vision beautiful in its purity. but we live in a complex world with diverse inhabitants.

    btw, this old review from npr “Whom Do You Write For? ‘Pandering’ Essay Sparks A Conversation” is an interesting look at why some feed and hug the pander bear.


  39. Cruz & Rubio trying to usurp Trump, even if…  Nikki Hayley still may end up on a ticket if that happens.

    Wouldn’t that just show the ego/power of the party if they say the voters don’t know what’s good for ’em?


  40. poor baby, can’t you hear between the lines chris cillizza gritting and grinding his teeth while writing this last night:

    I’ve come to realize that Clinton’s best traits as a candidate are her resilience and her perseverance. She will not give up. She will not stop working because she is tired. She will not back away. Ever.

    Those traits were on display in Iowa and again today in Nevada. Sanders was the momentum candidate in each of those races. Clinton had the weight of expectations anchoring her. And yet in both instances, she found a way. Not by a lot. And maybe not exactly in the manner and style that some of her allies — or the broader Democratic party — will love.

    But she won when she needed to win.

    It doesn’t mean she will be the nominee. It doesn’t mean the race is over. What it does mean is that Clinton found a way when she needed to find a way. For that, she and her team deserve a huge amount of credit.

  41. HRC vs Trump

    Lol, so true about Cillizza.. The piece was good. Maureen Dowdy now, i’m sure she will find a way to get Hillary into her next column in a negative way for the 150th time..

  42. Well before we crown Trump as president for life remember he got less than 10% of the total  registered voters in SC, True they are strong vocal and loyal but in the end Trump still hasn’t expanded beyond that base. Bernie seem to be in much the same fix but at least Bernie is trying to expand his base. Trump seems happy getting his 30 to 40 %. In a three way race of equals it may be enough to get him the nomination.


  43. Nikki Haley – she is the one politician I think can run the Republicans.  She is not loud mouth Trump.  She maybe one of the most conservative of all the group, see how she got one of the most restrictive voting rights acts passed and implemented.  She, and I had to deal with this when I ran for office, can survive the all women running for office must pass the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover competition.  Even though many if not most women running for office and winning will not, it is one of those bumps in the road we have to go over.

    She is what HRC would have been in the 90’s.  That was a generation ago.  The U.S. has changed and so has the world.  At least Clinton has years of political, in the good way of negotiating the world, experience.  But, as a forty-four year old governor, Haley has governing experience, which is critical when running for president.

    I see Haley as the one person who could possibly win in 2020 against whoever is in the White House.  Unless she does something very stupid, which I cannot foresee, she is the future of the Republican party.  Remember, they went for Ms. Airhead, they will go for someone who has some smarts.

    Which returns to my chant: The Dems need a bench of young people (fortish- fiftyish).  There is no bench for anyone to sit on right now.

  44. For Hillary Clinton, a turning point
    by Errol Lewis CNN
    “I believe on Super Tuesday we have an excellent chance to win many of those states,” Sanders said, predicting that the long road to the national convention this summer will culminate in “one of the great political upsets in American history.”
    But that won’t happen unless Sanders can retool his message and convince voters that his big-ticket proposals are not only desirable but possible.”

  45. Trump’s campaign speech after he takes the nom:


    “See?? I SAVED you from all those GOP freak shows!”




    Sunday Serendipity.

    From a lesser known Russian composer. A Beautiful work for lent or any time. enjoy the music and enjoy the day!

  47. BTW all three candidates can do the math.

    For Trump and Cruz,  Rubio is the fair haired Threat.

    So it is going to get very hot for Rubio.

    Jeff Roe, Cruz’s campaign manager, is a local Missouri boy. Around here he has an earned reputation as a get down and dirty, win at any cost, gutter brawler. So Rubio may lose some of that child like innocence before this is over.

    BTW I bought me a new microwave popcorn popper and a bag of cheap popcorn. As I don’t have a dog in this fight, it should be fun.


  48. It didn’t help when Bernie Sanders people booed Rep. Dolores Huerta when she offered to be the Spanish translator when there wasn’t a Sanders’ one on site (if he had even hired one).  Yes she had endorsed Hillary, but there was no reason to suspect she wouldn’t translate speeches accurately.

    I wonder how many Hispanics in the room changed their vote because of it.  All white, English speakers booing someone who looks like you can’t help the campaign.

    Her tweet about the events: I offered to translate & Bernie supporters chanted English only! We fought too long & hard to be silenced Si Se Puede! #ImwithHer #NVcaucus

  49. I have an air popper, which I do like.  Th uwave style has intrigued me for a long time.  Never one on sale when I needed a new popper.  Another style for use when the power is out is one to stick over a fire.  The power is nearly stable now so it would not be used as much as a couple years ago.

    Phillip Bump, writer for WashPo, usually writes using statistics to explain what he sees in politics.  Excellent analysis, often presents multiple views of a situation.  I expect he will show the Republican delegate gathering process again now that Bush is out.  Nevada is up next.  Fivethirtyeight, Nate Silver, is showing a slight downward trend of the odds ofTrump winning, but winning never the less.

    There is a lot to the Trump has thirty-five percent of the Republican voters.  What are the others going to do?  Vote Rubio or Cruz?  This puts purity to the test, I know my Democratic grandfather would look at the options this way too.  Catholic vs Canadian vs Hispanic or the loud guy?  Or sit it out? If the RNC is going to get Trump out of the race, they need to find a way to bring more voters in for ABT.


  50. Yes, Katheleen, me too.. I’m on my second one.. Reminds me of the way we used to make it when i was a kid.  The drive ins, ha ha

  51. By Deborah Tannen February 19 at 7:59 PM
    Deborah Tannen is a linguistics professor at Georgetown University.
    Now we know that Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright don’t actually think that anyone should vote for Hillary Clinton simply because she’s a woman. Does that mean we can forget about Clinton’s gender? I don’t think so. But the question we face is subtler, more complicated and harder to address than “Do I vote for her because she’s a woman?” Rather, it’s “Can I be sure I’m judging this candidate accurately, given the double bind that confronts all women in positions of authority?”A double bind is far worse than a straightforward damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t dilemma. It requires you to obey two mutually exclusive commands: Anything you do to fulfill one violates the other. Women running for office, as with all women in authority, are subject to these two demands: Be a good leader! Be a good woman! While the qualities expected of a good leader (be forceful, confident and, at times, angry) are similar to those we expect of a good man, they are the opposite of what we expect of a good woman (be gentle, self-deprecating and emotional, but not angry). Hence the double bind: If a candidate — or manager — talks or acts in ways expected of women, she risks being seen as under confident or even incompetent. But if she talks or acts in ways expected of leaders, she is likely to be seen as too aggressive and will be subject to innumerable other negative judgments — and epithets — that apply only to women.An example: Anyone who seeks public office, especially the highest one, must be ambitious, yet that word is rarely applied to male candidates because it goes without saying. And ambition is admirable in a man, but unacceptable — in fact, downright scary — in a woman. Google “Bernie Sanders ambitious,” and you get headlines about the candidate’s ambitious plans. Try it with Donald Trump, and you find references to his ambitious deportation plan and ambitious real estate developments When the word is used to describe Trump himself, it’s positive, as in Trump is proud and ambitious, and he strives to excel.”But pair the word with Hillary Clinton, and a search spews headlines accusing her of “naked ambition,” unbridled ambition ruthless ambitions even of being pathologically ambitious. In a spoof, the satirical website the Onion exposed the injustice and absurdity of demonizing a candidate for this requisite quality through its own version of such headlines: “Hillary Clinton Is Too Ambitious to Be the First Female President
    Robin Lakoff, the linguist who first identified the double bind as it applies to women in her 1975 book “ Language and Woman’s Place,” has pointed out that it accounts for the persistent impressions of Clinton as inauthentic and untrustworthy. We develop these impressions, Lakoff notes, when people don’t talk and act as we think they should, given who they are and what we know about them. In Clinton’s case, she explains, they come precisely from the fact that she has characteristics, such as toughness, that we require of a candidate but that just don’t feel right in a woman.The trickiest thing about the double bind is that it operates imperceptibly, like shots from a gun with a silencer. “It has nothing to do with gender,” I heard recently. “It’s just that she’s shrill.” When is the last time you heard a man called shrill? “She should stop shouting,” another critic advised. How is a candidate to be heard over the din of a cheering crowd without shouting? Both these comments came from women. Surprising? No. Women are just as likely, if not more likely, to react this way. After all, it’s from peers that girls learn to play down their power lest they be ostracized for being “bossy.”This helps answer the question that Steinem and Albright brought into focus: Why aren’t more young women (or, more precisely, as Post reporter recently pointed out, young white women) flocking to support the first woman with a serious shot at the presidency? The double bind lowers its boom on women in positions of authority, so those who haven’t yet risen to such positions have not yet felt its full weight. They may well believe (as I did when I was young) that when the time comes, they’ll be judged fairly, based on their qualifications. They probably have not yet experienced the truism that to get equal consideration, a woman has to be better than her male counterparts — just as Clinton is, according to the New York Times editorial endorsing her last month, “one of the most broadly and deeply qualified candidates in modern history.”Voters of all ages must ask whether the lens through which they view Clinton is being clouded by these invisible yet ubiquitous forces. To make sure they’re seeing clearly, they need to understand — and correct for — the double bind.

  52. It’s time to face facts about Trump: South Carolina has sent him barreling towards the GOP nomination and there’s little standing in his way
    Trump’s erasing doubt he can win nomination after South Carolina victory; Clinton squashes Sanders’ hopes in Nevada
    By Amanda Marcotte

    ““I want to be completely clear with you about what this result means: Nevada was supposed to be a state ‘tailor made’ for the Clinton campaign, and a place she once led by almost 40 points,” Sanders wrote in a statement after the caucus was called. “But today, we sent a message that will stun the political and financial establishment of this country: our campaign can win anywhere.”

    But he didn’t win Nevada, which undermines his point about being able to win “anywhere.”  This matters, because the next few rounds of the primary look like they’re going to be punishing for the Sanders campaign. Clinton is ahead 24 points in South Carolina, who has their primary next weekend. She is leading by 28.5 points in the states that are voting on March 1, known as Super Tuesday. She’s way ahead in states that have massive delegate counts, like Virginia, Texas, and Georgia. She’s up over 40 points in the March 5 primary and 28 in the March 8th primary. It’s hard to imagine Sanders making up the difference in the next two weeks. Regardless of whether you support Clinton or Sanders, there was one result from Nevada entrance polling that should lift the hearts of liberals everywhere.”

    Did Hillary Clinton Just Finish Bernie Sanders Off?
    by Michael Tomasky

    “Takeaway 3, which is related to 2: It now looks like Clinton is going to be the nominee, and that this primary will be over sooner rather than later. She should win nine of 12 Super Tuesday states, and maybe 10; I think she could get Massachusetts, while Sanders holds in Vermont and Minnesota. But barring the email-indictment scenario or some totally unexpected thing (and of course those things could happen!), it’s hard to see a scenario where Sanders could steal away any delegate-rich states. So she seems to be on the way.”

  54. Why Sexism at the Office Makes Women Love Hillary Clinton
    By Jill Pilipovic
    “That’s part of what makes Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy so compelling for Ms. Sow. “I pray to God that one day we can field a female Bernie Sanders candidate, some disheveled lady yelling, and the country will seriously consider her,” she said. “But nothing in our culture indicates to me that that’s remotely possible right now.”
    It is possible that it will change, and that a 19-year-old aspiring lawyer who is volunteering for Mr. Sanders today will work for firms with more female partners and live in a world where the wage gap has shrunk. But the trendsshow that her experience in a decade is unlikely to be that different from mine.”

  55. When MoDo does her next Anti Clinton screed, would someone copy it here.  I’ve exhausted my Free NYT for the month and decided to pay for WaPo

  56. I’m a woman, but I don’t think Hillary would be a good prez.  At best, it will be like Obama never left.

    Given her performance as SOS (from the Russian “reset” to Benghazi), her disregard for security of sensitive information, and her ties to Wall Street, I think it could be very, very bad.

    The Sunday shows are hilarious this morning.  The Repugz are so terrified that Trump will be their nominee, that they don’t realize he is the one candidate who can beat her in the general.

    She would wipe the floor with Rubio (which is who the RNC seems hell-bent on being their nom); Cruz is no more trustworthy than she is, but he is a heckuva lot less likeable and, possibly, ineligible to serve.

    Shame on the Bernie followers who shouted down the offer of a translator  (I guess they missed Bernie’s multi-lingual posters last week “Not Me, Us”) but, “Si, se puede?” Really? Wouldn’t Cesar Chavez have preferred Bernie to Hillary?

    Cruz is the only candidate who truly frightens me, but he frightens the RNC, too, and won’t be their nom.  They’ll push Rubio, which is a mistake on their part.

    If the Repugz put up Rubio, Hillary wins. Best case scenario, we have four more years of the same crap and the slow death of the middle class will continue.

    Trump isn’t going to let the RNC walk all over him, though. He will push to be their nominee, and if that happens, the only one who can beat him is Bernie.

    My prediction stands:  President Trump

  57. BID

    only if Saunders and Bloomberg enter the race.

    The country club Reps and Suburban professional Reps will hold their noses and vote for HRC. They are practical people and she is the practical choice.



  58. Cruz is no more trustworthy than she is

    Blue…  I love you…   but equating Hillary to Cruz is as laughable as Ping’s putting together the word “intelligence” near Rubio’s name.

    Can’t wait to see the next GOP debate… which I think is this Thursday.  I’m with Jack…  since I don’t have a dog to hunt in this field…  I just want to be entertained.  After all, isn’t that the real point of Trump’s candidacy… entertainment.

  59. HRC vs Trump

    OH Blue,

    Lol on Trump but i’m sure if Hillary is the nominee Bernie will be campaigning and urging Bernie supporters to vote for Hillary.. My, you truly will have a dilemma, Trump or the woman you so intensely dislike.. I don’t envy you your choice.. I remember when i had to choose to vote for Obama kicking and screaming, at Hillary’s urging of course.. :0)

  60. HRC vs Trump

    Jamie, i can copy and paste the Dowdy piece.. You can always copy and paste the web address in another browser and get more free content.. Lol, i keep 3 browsers going full tilt, lol

  61. so you guys are giving up on “the little engine that can” as he calls himself?

    kasich on face the nation (quoting same in hill coverage) :

    “I’m the person that beats Hillary Clinton by more than any other Republican candidate for president. In the USA Today poll, I beat her by 11 points,” he said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” In that survey, Kasich earned 49 percent, compared to Clinton’s 38 percent.
    The Ohio governor added that he’s risen to third place in the national polls “out of nowhere” without spending much money.

  62. tony,  thanks for reminding those of us who were so angry in 2008.  it was a long time cooling down. still hard to forgive some of the things that were done to her and that now play into the hands of today’s dirty tricksters.

    I hope, blueid, you will forgive our enthusiastic celebrations at your expense. I very much recognize and respect your feelings of betrayal and disappointment and anger.

  63. Why the Results of South Carolina’s Republican Primary Should Worry Democrats
    Trump wins and Rubio grabs the establishment lane. Neither of them would be pushovers in November.
    By D.D. Guttenplan

    “We are about to find out. But Democrats can take little comfort from South Carolina’s result. Marco Rubio may be a fraud with a résumé thinner than Ted Cruz’s smile, but when he’s standing next to either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, the first things most voters will notice are his youth and energy. As for Trump, perhaps the laws of political gravity are merely in temporary suspension, and policy will soon matter more than celebrity once again. I’m not holding my breath, though. And if you believe the celebrity slugfest of Clinton versus Trump would be fought on ground in any way favorable to the Democrat, you really haven’t been paying attention.” 

  64. HRC vs Trump

    Yes, Pat it took a long time.. I def feel for Blue as well, especially if Hillary prevails and it comes down to the Super Delegates/ DNC shenanigans.. Very hard to swallow..

  65. Why Nevada was a bad sign for Bernie Sanders’s “political revolution”
    By Jeff Stein

    “It was bad news for Bernie Sanders that he lost in Nevada Saturday. But there may be a bigger crisis embedded in the loss: It suggested he isn’t delivering on a key ingredient needed for his “political revolution.”
    On Saturday, about 80,000 voters participated in Nevada’s caucus — roughly two-thirds of the total that came out in 2008.
    Sanders’s reason for running, as he describes it, is to upend how money and special interests shape American politics by empowering voters. This means bringing out an unprecedented number of people on Election Day.
    So as bad as it was to lose Nevada on Saturday night, the tepid voter turnout in itself is almost a more significant problem for him.

    Why low turnout is such a problem for Sanders’s candidacy
    Throughout the course of his campaign, Sanders has promised to transform American government by bringing “millions and millions” of new voters to the ballot box.”

  66. patD – No hard feelings.  I would be celebrating if Bernie had done better.    I’m enjoying all of this; either others are projecting something onto me, or, they are taking every moment of the race seriously.  Right now, I’m just enjoying the race.

    Tony – I only voted for Obama in 2008, because McCain put Half-baked Alaska on the menu.  I could not bring myself to vote for Obama in 2012.

    I can see myself voting for Trump, who is a right-leaning Dem in moderate-Repug clothing.

  67. NASCAR voters could no longer use the Confedrate flag as their symbol so they’ve gone to Trump instead.

    All Republicans should be embarrassed to have their national brand be represented by the White People’s Party candidate

  68. If you want to be beat Trump …be like Trump

    the old order ( the country club people)  should run a third party candidate if Trump is the winner of the official gop

    maybe they could get one of the Koch Bros  …or Jebbbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. HRC vs Trump

    Yep, KGC,

    They should be embarrassed and i’m sure some are.. Some of my Republican clients are and they don’t like racist Trump but they tell me he’s better than the crook, liar Clinton and the communist Sanders, no kidding.. Grace on the other hand doesn’t like Trump and is still refusing to vote for him… Although Grace defends Trump saying he could never disgrace the White House like Bill did with his sex act, yes, still..

  70. I got this from a friend
    Here are links to a couple of good columns I sent to some family members   Having once been an active Republican (as hard as that is to believe), it is difficult for me not to follow what they are doing in Washington and elsewhere. When I went to Washington in ’69 (to work, by choice, for the former South Carolina State GOP Chair and “Strom’s man in the White House”), the Republicans had just won the White House, the first branch of the federal government that they regained control of since Eisenhower was in the White House, eight years earlier. Those were very different times.  And very different Republicans, even the conservative ones, who were just in their ascendancy.  Now they are so alien to me, and they are getting uncomfortably close to possibly dominating all three branches of the federal government within a year, which will impact the country for the next half century.  . . . .

  71. from moyers & co:
    How Scotland Got Trumped
    Documentary filmmaker Anthony Baxter spent two years following Donald Trump’s efforts to build a golf course on the fragile sand dunes of northeast Scotland.

  72. patd… thanks for “How Scotland Got Trumped”.  Yeah… they tried to hit him with his support of eminent domain because of an impending pipeline going through several places here in NH too.  Didn’t matter.  People are gaga over his celebrity.  Trump said if he ever ran for prez he’d do it as a Republican because they believe whatever Fox Snooze tells them…   and by golly he’s doing it.  That’s why we all need to have our favorite popcorn machine ready to go!

  73. Pat

    I’m with BID

    Monday should be cherry pie day, George’s birthday. He would be 284 yrs old.




  74. Maybe there will be a 4 person general plus the greens …that’s the ticket

    If it’s Bernie he can go back to being a Democratic Socialist ..if it’s Clinton she could be the

    Practical Progressive with the slogan  “Get ‘er done”

    The goops — oh boy their alternative ranges from the Bat Shit Crazy Party to the Old School and of the the Church Is State party




  75. Also, I’ve always been willing to call any day cherry pie day if Some one bakes one and shares it with me.

    Jack. Who would not mind an Apple pie day or home made icecream day, chocolate cake day………….

  76. 53 years ago at 5:51 AM I was very busy having a baby.  I don’t remember a whole lot about the rest of the day.


  77. Jamie- thanks. That double bind is something else. People loved Kennedy’s roar so much he was the Lion.  And I still miss him and Tip too.

  78. Cherry Pie on Georgie’s B-day.  I now remember my grandmother doing this.  For many reasons I have not kept up the tradition.  I will make a batch of cherry cobbler to make up for missing so many years.

  79. Lol!!! I heard Rube say that Republican voters spoke yesterday and 67% of them said they wouldn’t vote for Donald. Now I’m not all that great at math but it seems to me that 77% of them said that they wouldn’t vote for Rubio.

  80. So I was looking at my cable line up yesterday and just about had a fit. Palladia has been replaced with MTV Live. Now, I’m a vh1 kind of guy and I was upset. Alas, a little research and I found out that Palladia is an MTV product, and the lineup for tonight is the same as it would have been under Palladia. Lol. I thought I was going to lose the artists den and live at Daryl’s house. That would be a huge loss for me.

  81. Pogo, I am so far out of television and cable I have no idea of what you wrote about.  I was working during the 80’s and I was doing my version of death during 90’s and have no remembrance.  At this time I am trying to catch up to the early 2000’s using Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    Would you be so kind as to do a translation for someone who was born when Truman was president?

  82. BB, MTV is music for the younger, poppier set.  Vh1 leans a bit more toward classic rock.  Palladia focuses on live music.  Live at the Artists Den got me interested when it featured Gary Clark Jr.  It has featured Clapton,  Joe Bonamassa, music festivals etc. It is where I watch Live From Darryl’s (Hall) House.  I was pissed when it was replaced in the lineup with MTV Live.   Turns out I think they more or less just changed the name. Bonamassa,  Claptons Crossroads Guitar Festival  (2007) and Live From Darryls House is on tonight. All is well.  Hope that helps.

  83. purple, tony et al in the sec, batten down the hatches.  from the weather folks:

    The southeastern and southern mid-Atlantic regions of the United States will face the return of severe weather, including tornadoes, this week. [….]

    After rain and thunderstorms start the week, severe thunderstorms will erupt across southeastern Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi on Tuesday before spreading to the Southeast and southern mid-Atlantic on Wednesday into Wednesday evening.

    Locally heavy thunderstorms will first ignite in south-central Texas Monday night.

    Cities in the threat zone include Houston; New Orleans and Lake Charles, Louisiana; Jackson and Gulfport, Mississippi; Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama; Atlanta, Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida; Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; and Richmond, Virginia.

  84. well, she just lost the kkk voters.

    that latest morgan freeman ad made me wonder if we’ll see anything like that on the goper side…  you know, jeb looking on approvingly while standing next to a prez donald or marco?

  85. Bernie Sanders Hits a Roadblock
    by Charles Blow

    “According to entrance polls — which may have had some problems of their own, problems that we’ll discuss shortly — Sanders’s appeal is not broad enough among key groups that traditionally make up the base of the Democratic Party.
    He lost among women, blacks, nonwhites, and self-described Democrats. But the loss was even more troubling for his camp than that. He also lost highly educated caucusgoers with postgraduate degrees, both the poorest and wealthiest groups, and moderates. He lost those who saw health care and the economy as the most important issues of the election, even though those are key parts of Sanders’s platform and issues on which he is most eloquent and persuasive.”

  86. craig, should john oliver be accused of pandering to non-whites with the above bit?  just asking ’cause hillary’s ad sure will be painted with that broad brush.
    and why not apply same to Bernie for his latest show of more people of color on the podium with him?

  87. Somehow I don’t think many of these will be voting Republican

    The Single American Woman

    “Single women are also becoming more and more powerful as a voting demographic. In 2012, unmarried women made up a remarkable 23 percent of the electorate. Almost a quarter of votes in the last presidential election were cast by women without spouses, up three points from just four years earlier. “

  88. Watching the morning shows these days is a bit of a trial.  Since I won’t be voting for any of them, but I’m having trouble deciding who offends me most between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

  89. Jamie, here’s what oliver said about the big d (applicable to any “d” word appropriate)  only a few months ago.

  90. from wonkette’s witty wind-up story “Your Post-Nevada, Post-South Carolina, Post-Bushpocalypse Caucus/Primary Wrapup!”:

    Trump, for his part, couldn’t get through his victory speech without lying like a lying liar, which is so completely the norm that the only question is “Gosh, what is Trump lying about this time?” Let’s see if you can catch the slight deviation from the truth here:

    “I have thousands and thousands of Hispanics… I lead with the Hispanics. I’m leading in every poll with Hispanics,” Trump said. “They love me, I love them.”

    Or maybe he’s a little less popular with Latinos, like having an 80 percent unfavorable rating in a November poll. From a certain perspective, we suppose that could be seen as “leading” with The Hispanics, in that they can’t stand him the most, so why quibble over little nuances of meaning?



  91. I watched Oliver last night and he was brilliant.  I hate it that he’s on for 30 minutes once a week late on Sunday night.


  92. Jamie… for me it’s Ted Cruz.  Trump is playing a role…  Ted means what he says.  Trump has never said he wanted to shut down the government.  Cruz has already done it.  Trump knows how to do a deal.  Cruz doesn’t care about the deal.   And those in Congress and the Senate have said they’d prefer Trump to Cruz.  They’re not sure about Trump.  But they know they hate Cruz.

    I would never vote for either one of them.  But for me, Cruz seems the most dangerous.

  93. Well Trump is the only Republican candidate who is not either God besotted or pretending to be.  That alone might make him marginally less offensive.

  94. I am so tired of the forecasters.   They are wrong everyday.   No one knows what is going on and their models and futurecasts are so out-of date!  Climate change…I can’t get a decent weather forecast from these professionals.  Everyone is behind the eight ball.

    The same crap is going on in the election…who can predict on old info, old standards.  The baby boomers are dying out and as I posted on Jamie’s blog, the millennials now out number the baby boomers.   Feeding past data into models is plain worthless.

    Just interesting to watch the pundits flounder and adapt new theories about the candidates.  I enjoy Faux News so much more and the latest is that Trump will pick Rubio as his VP?  We may be looking at a Celebrity President this time next year as Trump is the master of having it both ways.  I just do not like his creepy relationship with his daughter.  His daughter, Ivanka, is his confidant, not his wife.  He kissed her first when he announced his run.  Seems a bit like passive incest.



  95. Jamie,

    I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone call Trump less offensive when compared with just about anyone before. If there’s one thing he is consistently it’s being the most offensive in a match up with anyone else.

    This morning Halperin said what I said yesterday – Rube’s comment that 70% of the Repug electorate said (through their votes) that they won’t vote for Trump, but if you apply that to Rube, 80% said they won’t vote for him.

    BTW, of the next 18 primaries, HRC is ahead in the polling in 16 of them, although OK is probably close to tied in the recent polling.

  96. Meanwhile, back at the DNC house, Sanders continues to stuff cash into his pockets, his bros have hacked into the computers, left the toilet seat-up, drank from the milk container and are harassing the old women smoking pot outside.   I will be happy when they are gone, but I like the idea of the dems letting the bros in.  It should get young folks registered to vote and out to the polls.  Let us hope that the overstayed house guest and the bros and their (it rhymes)  will vote dem in November.  As for the old ladies?  They have been on a quiet revolution for over 45 years!

    Socialists like spending other people’s money, too, maybe even more so than real estate moguls.

  97. The part of the media that supports Trump is now trying to make him seem not so scary

    when Sarah Palin was a candidate people turned over every rock why hasn’t that happened with Trump

    plenty of rocks to look under the man is the living embodiment of pond scum

  98. Celebrating that it is National Margarita Day is enough.

    BW,  if weather forecasts are what you are complaining about, I echo your complaints.  The Friday forecast for Cleveland for Saturday was mid fifties – it got up to 71.  The Saturday forecast for our little town for Sunday was mid 40s.  It was 57 when we got home at 4:30.

    The polling data in the nominating contests is a moving target.  The big Mo is at play, especially for Sanders and the pugn 2 & 3 losers.  I really can’t figure out which way the wind is blowing in the run-up to Super Tuesday and the next two weeks following.  I can’t tell if all this “beating expectations” stuff is having any effect or whether the voting public is following the Patton “America loves a winner” line.

  99. I saw Judy Collins last night…her first time in Las Cruces and it was at our historic Rio Grande theater.  The only existing two-story adobe theater in the US of A.   At 76, Judy was amazing and I enjoyed her voice and gossip about Steven Stills and Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.  It was the crowd that shocked me…the average age must have been 75.  There were so many wheelchairs, canes and crutches.  We sat in the balcony.  From above the shock of white hair was brilliant…like a sea foam of heads bobbing to the music.  Aging America…a sight to behold.

  100. There is a very good reason I do not read the National Review.  This article trying to debunk climate change research, such as it is, illustrates my position perfectly.  It quotes 2 words from Roy Spencer, former NASA meteorologist, man made global warming denier and intelligent design believer in one of the 2 paragraphs (of 7) in the article that actually addresses the issue.

  101. Trump on Global Warming!

    Last year, I watched a bit of the Celebrity Apprentice.   If you want to get to know the man and his winning strategy?  …watch some episodes.

  102. Bob Woodward – the inflated David Brooks sounds so reasonable but is just another gooper mouthpiece



    WaPo on the Dem race:

    “He listed five Super Tuesday states in which he said he has “a good shot” March 1: Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont.”

    I think he’s right about MA, VT and OK.  CO & MN don’t have solid polling to venture a guess. Hillary beat the RCP average in NV by more than double – a 6 point win with a 2.8 polling average before (weighted).  Depends what you call narrow I guess.  From a counting delegates standpoint it was 19/15.  – that’s an 11% margin.  Frankly I think the SC & NV results start to cool the Bern.


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