I Didn’t Realize Who I Was

… until I stopped being who I wasn’t. — Unknown

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

Each year on November 20 the transgender community around the world comes together to hear the names of transgender people murdered during the last fifty-two weeks.  It is a recognition that we are often targeted to be attacked and killed for just living our lives as we are.  The list is never decreasing, this year the murders reached a new high in the United States, at least twenty-five transgender people killed.

All transgender people know someone who has died.  Some have died by their own hand and others by a murderer.  It is common knowledge that transgender people have an extraordinary rate of suicide. What is not known is how assault and murder rates are higher than the general public. Many police departments do not report the deaths as a transgender person killed, and the crimes are often not reported or charged as a hate crime.

The TDOR events are important for the community, often the only time many transgender people get together with other transgender people during the year.  Each event is unique with only one common act, the reading of the names of the dead. Some Transgender Day of Remembrance events read the names of those who died by suicide, others do not.  We all will die, many of us too early.

Please visit the Transgender Day of Remembrance website for the names of those killed during the last year.  It is always nice if you join us for this important event on November 20.  You will need to do a search for Transgender Day of Remembrance 2017 for your local area, as the list was not created for some reason this year.

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