Sunday Serendipity

Our disc jockey and soul mate Jace is on a higher trail. A message from his daughter-in-law:

Good morning Craig,

I don’t know when this message will be read, or by whom, but your frequent contributor and author of the Sunday Serendipity, known as Jace, passed away in May, shortly after his last post. I know he shared a little about his cancer journey on the blog, but it returned rather aggressively last May and he beat every odd fighting it the past year. 

I came to your blog to scroll through, what I assumed would be, his older posts, only to find he was still engaging and writing up until his last week of life. What an amazing surprise and connection to him! I wondered if you could post a final Sunday Serendipity in his honor and let his online comrades know he won’t be posting anymore? 

I’d like to nominate All Good Gifts from Godspell. It was the finale at his senior vocal recital and his musical offering on our wedding day. It also seems to be the most fitting testament of his person and how he lived day to day, extremely observant, but enamored with the beauty of life.

Thank you for giving him a voice and a community to belong to. 


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