Here Come The Russians (Again)

Now that President Trump has greenlighted more Russian cyber-attacks, and as we get new evidence about 2016 congressional campaign interference, the Midterms are vulnerable as ever.

Among the revelations in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s latest indictments are allegations that Russian spies targeted congressional races. And top U.S. intelligence chiefs are warning it’s happening again.

“I’m here to say the warning lights are blinking red again. I believe we are at a critical point. The digital infrastructure of the U.S. is literally under attack.” — Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.


I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am

— Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Suess

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

Life is good.  The weather is less so.  This morning I enjoyed a breakfast of real back country Virginia dry cured ham.  It has been a long time since I enjoyed the tang and enjoyment of eating it.  I have seen the hams in stores over the years, but refused to pay ten or even twenty dollars per pound.  Finally in a small town grocery store the hams I have been looking for were in a bin. Poking around the pile I spotted the price.  A price I knew was realistic, two dollars and twenty-nine cents per pound.  So I picked out one that fit my storage space and I happily paid the price.

What does a decent priced ham have to do with the world?  A lot.  Right now the world has started raising tariffs on American products, and pork products are at the top of the list.  The moron’s ignorant trade war is causing a lot of pain on the farms. We are going to see lots of food prices going down as farmers reduce their animals. Then we will see them rise as shortages happen.

A few farmers are starting to reconsider their vote for and support of the orange one, but not many.  I spend many hours in Virginia and Maryland farm country.  I like to talk to farmers, learn about how they are doing.  This comes naturally as my grand-father was a farmer and I spent much of my early life with farmers.  So when talking to them I have a lot of empathy for their lives.  Being able to discuss crops and livestock breaks many barriers the farmers may have with this big blonde with a real bad voice.

It looks like a drought may be starting on the mid-Atlantic region.  Crops are drying up as the moisture from the heavy May and June rains leaves the soil.  A few farmers had planted corn early and it tasseled and can be harvested for a good price.  Others delayed, and the corn stalks are skinny and without any ears formed. Those might be harvested for turning in to feed.  Seedlings are not growing but are drying up.

The moronic administration is floundering around without a clue about world economics and world trade.  The entire concept of destroying America and returning to the good old days of the nineteen-twenties, of white supremacy and build everything in the U.S.,  is causing bad things to happen, not only to the minority of voters who voted for him, but all of us.  The concept that the world has moved on about one hundred years does not resonate in the alternate universe the White House contingent.

Farming is always a gamble — sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  It is worse when you have a low intelligence person trying to bully the world and failing at it – like everything else he has touched.

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