The Blessing Of The Fleet

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

From the first time man (or woman) tried to go farther than his arms and legs could go, and found some reeds or a log or something that floated on water it was time for blessing of the fleet.  Nowadays it is for recreational purposes and for commercial fisherman (neutral term) to not sink or to find fair havens or better shrimp, fish or crabs.

Blessing of the fleet may seem weird for those who are not religious, but it is not — if you believe there be a god or goddess. One of the better parts of the blessing of the fleet is it won’t hurt, and it might even be good.  And, it is an excuse for those so inclined, it starts the opening of the beer, wine and hard stuff before noon.

A week after the floater lost his fleet, CVN-70, it seems it is still not off the coast of crazy and starved N. Korea.  When I was in the military Korea was a 13 month combat zone.  Later it changed, but right now I am guessing some are looking at making it a short tour combat zone tour again.

Did you notice how fast the senile old man dropped attacking Korea?  Did you notice how fast he has dropped all sorts of things?  Yeah.  He writes an idiotic tweet and drops it a day or so later.  His short term memory seems to be really short.  There seems to be only a couple channels of long term memory too.

It is important for the country to know that this federal government shuts down April 28 midnight unless a couple of R’s change their minds.

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Hating Trump Isn’t Working

[cross-posted via HuffPost]

Despite his unprecedented unpopularity for any modern president’s first 100 days Trump’s voters are unfazed. Asked if they’d vote for him again, 96 percent said yes. Only two percent regret their vote.

At first glance, of course, it’s easy to dismiss that number by saying ‘Oh that’s just his base, not surprising.’

But we’re talking about 96 percent of all voters who elected him. Indicating that he’d likely win again. Not all of his voters are part of his core base, the rally-goers and other diehards you’d expect to stick with him.

I had assumed there would be more slippage at the margins, among the less committed Trump voters who were holding their noses on Election Day. But 96% would vote for him again? That’s higher than I expected. I expected that kind of number only among his core believers.

This goes to show that trashing Trump has minimal effect on his voters beyond his base. It suggests that hating Trump won’t stop him, unless a lot of Trump haters who were absent in 2016 show up in future elections. It means that Democrats will need to significantly boost turnout to overcome Trumpism.

The more Washington elites trash him (especially the press corps) the stronger he gets. That’s how much they’re hated. And it sets up a scenario for him where anything that goes wrong he can blame on Washington and get away with it. So long as he is seen fighting the status quo, with or without results.

Trashing Trump appears to be ineffectual because his voters are convinced the system is rigged against him — and them.

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You Gotta Have Heart

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

“Here, everything, pretty much everything you do in government involves heart, whereas in business most things don’t involve heart,” Trump told The Associated Press. “In fact, in business you’re actually better off without it.”

Too bad he didn’t think of that when he picked all those business men for his cabinet posts and his top how-to advisors.

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Free Murder

By Xrepublican, a Trail Mix Contributor

Successful criminal defense all depends on how the authorities construct strictly the cases that would inevitably follow passage of the Florida Prosecution-Free Murder Bill. We also know that Strict Construction and Legislative Intent are living ideologies that mutate over time to fit the needs of each new day, and each new and innovative channeling of the minds of legislators and Founding Fathers. Heraclitus would advise you that you never think the exact same thought twice, for thoughts are always coming upon you, and they and circumstances flow and swirl. For example, you’ll never be able to understand why you took up smoking, a lethal exercise that over decades cost you a fortune and ruined your taste buds, arteries, esophagus, heart, and lungs. So it is with Original Intent.

Now, the immediate question is, can a white male successfully defend himself in court on the ‘Stand Your Ground’ plea if he only pistol-whips his victim to death, or must he actually kill by shooting a bullet into his opponent? Can a white man carry a bazooka, or drive a tank down the street, by the Right of Open Carry ? Must enforcement authorities determine that landmines placed under the front lawn are to be construed as legally concealed weapons, to which the owner is entitled? Finally, does a white male defendant at the end of a 1st degree murder case have the right to shoot the judge, because he fears that judge will apply the death penalty?

Well beyond the immediate, someday the armaments companies may decide that they are neglecting a potentially lucrative market – the non-white population. Then, armalite, colt, smith and wesson, sig sauer, glock, and other companies might send waves of heart-wrenching amicus briefs to criminal courts, whose judges are up for re-election, in support of non-white defendants who used firearms to wound or kill people. Judges of that future day might be swayed by newer and more innovative strict constructions of the original legislative intentions. Therefore, it is conceivable, albeit barely, that someday even the blackest of black men might have the right to murder with impunity, using charged weapons such as firearms, landmines, grenades, bombs, etc.

Now, regarding sarin . . . .
Yours in Jonathan Swift,

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Lost At Sea: A Vivid Metaphor for Trump’s America

By eProf2, a Trail Mix Contributor

July 17th is “wrong way Corrigan” day in Texas. Douglas Corrigan crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed in Ireland although his flight plan had him scheduled to land in California. Roy “Wrong Way” Reigals picked up the loose football in the 1929 Rose Bowl and ran for all he was worth into the wrong end zone for a touchdown for the other team. Defensive end, Jim “Wrong Way” Marshall, of the Minnesota Vikings did the same thing in a professional football game in 1964.

Throughout their lives, these three men (and many more) were forever known as “wrong way.” Move over gentlemen, the USS Carl Vinson will be forever known as the “wrong way” aircraft carrier.

By now, just about everyone in the world has heard of Donald Trump’s message to North Korea about sending an “armada” to the Japanese Sea to threaten the Kim Jung Un regime should they continue developing nuclear weapons. The world held its breath as the president of the United States said he was sending an aircraft carrier with nuclear weapons, as well as nuclear armed submarines, to use if necessary in retaliation for a North Korean attack anywhere in the north Asian region.

Top Trump administration officials, including the Secretary of Defense, the Director of the National Security Council, and the White House spokesman, lent their voices to what sounded like an eminent military event; namely, the stationing of mobile nuclear weapons in the Sea of Japan. The armada would be there in two or three days to off-set the optics of military weapons of Kim Jung Un on parade that same weekend.

The problem, of course, was that the US Navy either didn’t get the word or Trump and his minions forgot to tell the carrier group to change course and go north immediately from their Singapore area position. Instead, the “armada” sailed the wrong way south toward Australia, for a joint sea operation with the Australian Navy.

South Koreans, Japanese, even the Chinese, were left bewildered and feeling that a key component of their security was not only missing but heading the wrong way.

The US Navy wasn’t very happy about this either. The whole affair left them looking like they, too, were just another part of the “keystone cops” in the White House. As of today, the carrier group, led by “wrong way” Carl Vinson, is still not stationed off the coast of North Korea. Ironically, it might arrive on station around the 100th day of the Trump administration.

The “wrong way” affair will have lasting implications for more than just sending an aircraft carrier in the wrong direction. Who will believe top officials when they say anything about any policy without asking themselves what is the truth? Only true believers and the gullible.

If there is a lasting image of the first 100 days of the Trump administration, it will be a photo of the USS Carl Vinson heading in the wrong direction.

The whole “wrong way” affair is an apt metaphor for the Trump administration thus far in the governance of the United States. Flip flops on promises, reversing long standing policies, the failure of the health care repeal and replace, the Muslim ban on travel to the U.S., will surely be remembered in the first 100 days of this administration.

But, will the “wrong way” USS Carl Vinson be soon forgotten? Not in the long pages of the history books. After all, they still celebrate “wrong way Corrigan” day in Texas more than 78 years later!

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