Economic Illiteracy

Marc Thiessen, SFB bootlicker, takes aim at Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez in his WaPo opinion piece today.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an economic illiterate — and that’s a danger to America

The left complains that conservatives are “obsessing” over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Well, there is a reason for that: Ocasio-Cortez is driving the agenda of today’s Democratic Party — and her economic illiteracy is dangerous.

Case in point: Last week, Ocasio-Cortez celebrated the tanking of a deal negotiated by her fellow Democrats in which Amazon promised to build a new headquarters in Long Island City, New York, right next to her congressional district. Amazon’s departure cost the city between 25,000 and 40,000 new jobs. Forget the tech workers whom Amazon would have employed. Gone are all the unionized construction jobs to build the headquarters, as well as thousands of jobs created by all the small businesses — restaurants, bodegas, dry cleaners and food carts — that were preparing to open or expand to serve Amazon employees. They are devastated by Amazon’s withdrawal.

Ocasio-Cortez was not disturbed at all. “We were subsidizing those jobs,” she said. “Frankly, if we were willing to give away $3 billion for this deal, we could invest those $3 billion in our district, ourselves, if we wanted to. We could hire out more teachers. We can fix our subways. We can put a lot of people to work for that amount of money if we wanted to.”

[It continued.]

Pogo says:

Says the trump bootlicker who apparently has no problem with a $399B deficit increase to pay for a tax cut that disproportionately benefits the wealthy since SFB took office, representing a debt to GDP increase of from 3.1 to 4.0%. Which, btw, Marc, affects all of America, not just Queens.   Talk about your economic illiteracy?  You personify it.  

That said I can’t imagine why she was opposed to Amazon locating in Queens.  The DC area will benefit from that decision.  But she is not the leader of the Dem party.

So what do you say?


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!

It is all fine and well for Democrats to propose big ideas in preparation for election 2020.

The Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Infrasturcture spending, and Tax Fairness are all ideas whose time has come.

What no one seems to see, hear and much less speak about is a twenty two trillion dollar national debt that will have a negative impact on every big idea democrats can put foreword.

Sooner or later someone is going to have to grapple with a debt that is unsustainable and the solutions politically unpopular.

We have kicked the can down the road for too long. Economics has failed us or we have failed economics.

What say you trail mixers? When and how should we address this problem?


Hearing his masters’ voice

Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, who took over the bureau after President Trump fired James Comey, claims Donald Trump dismissed US intelligence on North Korea because Russian president Vladimir Putin had given him different advice. ‘The president said he did not believe that the North Koreans had the capability to hit us here with ballistic missiles in the United States … because President Putin had told him they did not,’ McCabe told CBS’ 60 Minutes on Sunday night.